Jesse Leroy Matthew

JesseMatthewWorking page started 14:47AEST on 27th Sept, 2014 to explore astrology charts of outstanding cases in which Jesse Matthew may have been involved.  Please remain skeptical of all interpretation as astrology is purely speculative and subjective in origin. 

Jesse Matthew has been charged on 24th September 2014 with abduction of Hannah Graham with intention to defile.  

A person of interest – Jesse Leroy Matthew was born 14th December 1981

natal LJMatthewclick on charts for full size

This is a man with Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Leo; hence the orange-coloured car and the dread-locks; leonine symbols. A Leo Moon is always roaring – look at me; give me recognition.

Natal chart commentary:

  • Does he have a personality that reveals a lack of emotive expression?  It doesn’t seem so when he is out and about – according to all SM reports he is quite chatty.  That’s the Sun and Mercury in close company in his natal chart. A weakness for lying is evident by this conjunction as well.
  • Neptune is tucked in there between those two planets (Sun and Mercury).  I would suggest that perhaps a little ‘dutch courage’ provides this ability for social interaction.  Neptune is far too strong in this chart for addictive substances to be excluded from the discussion; from alcohol to medication to drugs.
  • The ominous 22 degrees is present – both his Sun and Lunar nodal axis.  This does not bode well for a happy life.  The 22° (Capricorn) brings Saturn into the picture – self-control or lack of self-control – both sides of the coin come into play.
  • Another point of weakness in the natal chart is Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter – Pluto is the midpoint of the outer two planets providing a dramatic thrust of self; need to be in control of a situation.
  • Mars is peregrine – unpredicable behaviour; potentially dangerous, depending on tension at any given time.
  • If we consider potential wounds he carries from childhood, natal Saturn is not Rx so that makes a welcome change and Chiron is at a tad under 19°Taurus

Sexual assault/ Rape – 17th October 2002: 

Rape2002-JMThe LE report was logged at 4:26am. Jesse Matthew was not charged, but was expelled from Liberty University, Lynchburg as a result.  He was not yet 21 years of age; a football scholarship/career thrown away.

We will get our triggers for any possible future actions by interpretation of the planetary tensions in this bi-wheel and we have plenty to share – with much obsessive-compulsive action. I would expect that his behaviour was highly erratic.  It would have been terrifying for his victim and yes there certainly was a victim.  This is not the chart of someone asleep in their bed.

  • tr Sun (orange) is the midpoint of natal Saturn/Pluto – self-destruction (this is in the 2nd house of self-value)
  • tr Sun square Lunar nodal axis – date on the calendar identifies a traumatic experience in a public place.The first of our FA indicators for a likely crime having taken place.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) in the 5th quindecile natal Lunar north node – compulsive action of subterfuge creating trauma; a public display under the fantasy of ‘giving love’
  • tr Neptune opposite natal mid-range Moon in 11th house – driving need for ‘love’ is behind the subterfuge
  • tr Lunar nodal north node of the axis is quindecile that flawed character traits Sun-Neptune-Mercury – this man lies to himself, not just others. Likely will claim that he was ‘told to do it by an inner voice/higher power’.
  • tr Saturn square natal Mars – this victim was very lucky that she wasn’t killed as this  aspect is a primary FA indicator. The planetary tension in itself is drawing attention to his personal lack of self-control.  PLUS
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Mars – drive to take action

Profiling warning signals:

Apart from the Lunar monthly cycle highlighting ‘needs’, any hard aspects by transit to natal planets will be of particular interest.

  • Natal Sun-Neptune-Mercury – 22-24°Sagittarius – ie same degrees in Gemini, Virgo, Sag, Pisces, or quindecile 7-10°Gemini.
  • Natal Saturn-Pluto – 20-26° Libra – ~mid October, January, April, July , or quindecile 5-11°Aries.
  • Natal Chiron – 18°Taurus any hard aspects to this point.

Possible victims:

The next step is to generate charts for other cases in the area that appear to require further enquiry after my initial check of the heavens on these dates and times.  I have a list of of as many as 50 to work through.

  • 12th April 1998 – Jaisle Elizabeth Thomas missing – Richmond VA. (possible; requires our checking)
  • 17th October 2002 – sexual assault 4:26am – attributed to Jesse Matthew at Liberty University
  • 19th October 2002 – sexual assault 10:40am – grad student, Hospital West, Charlottesville
  • 7th September 2003 – sexual assault (? time) – Christopher Newport University, Newport News.  There is also another missing person from Newport on this date; Sophie May Rivera.  (11pm is a maybe, but not a strong reaction)
  • 28th January 2005 – Vestora Leatrise Spriggs  missing – Norfolk, VA left home 2pm to go to the store – (highly probable)
  • 24th September 2005 Fairfax, VA rape. The victim’s name has not been released, however there is a DNA match with the Morgan Harrington case Charged  – plea of not guilty 14th November 2014 – trial to commence 9th March 2015 – CONVICTED June 2015
  • 26th August 2006 – Quaisra Khan missing – Alexandria left home 11:30am to go to the store – (possible; requires our checking)
  • 21st September 2007 – Sereda Jacquline McGlothin – missing – Carroll County – (possible;  requires our checking)
  • 10th October 2009 – Cassandra Ann Morton – body recovered 29th November 2009
  • 17th October 2009 – Morgan Dana Harrington – rape/murder body recovered 26th January 2010 – Charged – September 2015
  • 12th July 2014 – Bonnie Santiago was last sighted at 1am on Carter Mountain, Charlottesville (this is higher than possible;  requires further checking)
  • 13th September 2014 – Hannah Graham LE have charged Matthew with her abduction and murder.  Court hearing due 5th December 2014

A DNA Match:  since confirmed as linked to JLM

The two cases that we know are definitely related to the same perpetrator; a DNA match.  24th September 2005  around 10pm of unnamed victim in Fairfax City, VA and the violent rape and murder of Morgan Harrington on 17th October 2009. We immediately recognise that date 17th October as being seven years after the rape that ended his football career; 17th October 2002.

20th October 2014 – JLM charged by Fairfax County on 3 counts:  Attempted murder, abduction, rape on 24th September 2005. This doesn’t carry the death penalty as the victim survived with her life.   CONVICTED June 2015

Note: I would suggest that the rape in 2002 and the murder of Morgan Harrington could be related.  If so, then the revenge is likely not aimed at the victim per se – more the establishment whom expelled him from Liberty. We also know that Morgan Harrington’s violated and broken body was recovered on 26th January 2010 from property with a connection to Liberty University; 1864 Anchorage Farm Road, Charlottesville.

Fairfax-DNA-JLMThe first bi-wheel is the sexual assault and attempted abduction foiled by a neighbour in Fairfax City.  The second chart is the time that the last text was sent by Morgan Harrington as she set off to find her own way home after being separated from her friends at a concert; John Paul Jones Arena, Charlottesville.

Note the similarities of ascendants – both within range of that Gemini quindecile (obsession)  as noted above “Natal Sun-Neptune-Mercury” (see profiling signals).

  • tr Neptune is at the midheaven – abduction the intent
  • tr Sun conjunct Mars – date on the calendar  identifies a need action by the natal peregrine Mars: the  loner
  • tr Moon (blue) square natal Mars in 5th house – needs and action taken (5th house – casual sex)
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal mid-range Moon nudging the IC – cold and calculating.
  • tr Jupiter (green) square natal Lunar nodal axis – highly traumatic crime in a public place PLUS
  • tr Jupiter is midpoint of Saturn-Pluto (see profiling signals) – inflating the dysfunction of character; losing the will to fight his urges to overpower.
  • tr Pluto conjunct Sun (plus Neptune and Mercury of course as per profiling) – empowering this dysfunction; illuminating the ego’s wants.

The second bi-wheel has the same starting point.  If Jesse Matthews is indeed the perpetrator and from these charts it certainly does appear to be then this bi-wheel will be closely aligned with the rape 17th October 2002. We will need to put these charts side by side at some stage and compare for further profiling fine points.   But for now, we’ll interpret as an isolated case.

  • Ascendant quindecile Sun-Neptune-Mercury dysfunction/obsession
  • tr Sun-Moon dark night of a New Moon midpoint Saturn-Pluto (see profiling) – self-destruction revisited; wants and needs fulfilled.
  • tr Sun square Lunar nodal axis – date on the calendar identifies a traumatic experience in a public place.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) quindecile mid-range natal Moon – subterfuge used in communication
  • tr Uranus square Sun-Neptune-Mercury sudden changes; erratic activity in relation to dysfunction (see profiling). Highly volatile FA indicators.
  • tr Mars conjunct natal mid-range Moon – driving the needs of the Leo Moon.
  • tr Saturn (grim reaper) conjunct natal Mars – violence, cold and calculated.

Another Liberty connection:  LE are now checking

Cassandra Ann Morton was 23 years-old when she disappeared in Lynchburg, just one week before Morgan Harrington’s disappearance.  Cassandra’s remains were found 3:30pm on 29th November 2009.  Whether DNA was recovered from her body, we do not know.  She was found on Liberty University property; Candlers Mountain.

Mortonevent-LJMReports are that Cassandra was last in contact with family 10pm on 10th October 2009 and so that is our base point to build a perspective with Jesse Matthew’s natal chart on the outside of a bi-wheel.

Again we have that Gemini connection at the ascendant directly opposite Sun-Neptune-Mercury with the Sun conjunct the Descendant.  We have to ask if this is the warm-up for the vicious murder of Morgan Harrington, or did Cassandra experience an equally violent end?

The Sun and Moon in the heavens are off-side; at odds.  The Moon is transiting at 14°Cancer beginning to illuminate that ominous natal Lunar nodal axis.  Transiting Sun also is not exact a natal planet, however it is still highlighting  those planets of interest to us and exposing the building tension.  There is plenty of interest to us in this chart.

  • tr Sun conjunct Saturn – illumination of ambition; testing the waters.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis square Pluto PLUS
  • tr Mars square natal Pluto – ‘getting on the train before it departs’ – impulse to act.
  • tr Neptune quindecile natal mid-range Moon – subterfuge used in communication
  • tr Uranus square Sun-Neptune-Mercury – sudden changes; erratic activity in relation to dysfunction (see profiling). Highly volatile FA indicators.
  • tr Venus square  Sun-Neptune-Mercury chasing personal attention with impractical expectations
  • tr Saturn/Mercury (yellow) = Mars midpoint – making one’s point; turning drive into tyranny – no compromise. 

Out of synch with other cases:

108-LJMatthewThere is a completely different result in the following bi-wheel. when we consider the case of missing teenager, Hannah Elizabeth Graham.  She was last seen in the company of Jesse Matthew in the early hours of 13th September 2014 – caught on CCTV 1:08am.

My initial response was to discount Jesse Matthew, however that is impossible now, considering that he appears to have a history of sexual assault. That, together with his charge – ‘abduction and intent to defile Hannah Graham’ means we are obliged to continue our enquiry.

This chart / bi-wheel does not fit with the above MO, or profiling exercise. See Hannah Graham page for interpretation.  Was this abduction an opportunistic crime?

Note: From here we must consider all possibilities and walk down many paths.  Most of the fifty we had before us at the beginning will be set aside for now, however some will require that we take a deeper look under the FA microscope.  The following are those that are of interest to us.

A timeline of multiple cases:

Taking a chronological approach to this man’s astrology – apart from the 4:26am, 17th October 2002; sexual assault – attributed to Jesse Matthew on campus at Liberty University for which he was expelled from same university, we have  found the following astrology charts that are of interest to us.

At the age of 16…  Seventeen year old Jaisle Elizabeth Thomas disappeared when Jesse Matthew was just sixteen. Her vehicle was discovered abandoned on the Willey Bridge between Henrico County and Richmond at 3:20 pm on 12th April 1998

12Apr98-JLMWe have no idea of Jesse Matthew’s whereabouts at this time, nor whether he had the opportunity to be in the area, however we can take a step back in time; check the astrology and keep an open mind.

Judging by the astrology, this chart certainly is lighting up our interest.  That together with the known fact that this teenage girl’s ethnic origins are from the sub-continent of India; something that comes up later in this man’s history.  Was Jaisle the first rape and murder, that he wanted to recreate when he attacked similar women?  We can come back to this at a later date for full interpretation,  if needed.

1… The first chart since the turning of the millennium, that appears to have a strong connection to this man, is the report of an assault at 10:40am on 19th October 2002.  This event is two days after the sexual assault/rape at Liberty. Was Jesse Matthew playing football that Saturday, or had he been stood down from the team already after the sexual assault?

October 19, 2002

The Cavaliers were getting ready to take on the Tarheels at Scott Stadium. At 10:40am, a grad student rode her bike over to Hospital West. As she walked to the elevator, someone grabbed her from behind. She saw a black hand and screamed. The attacker ran.

19Oct2002-JLMWe have a timed event; a chart can be generated as if JLM is a possible perpetrator.

Putting aside a description of an older man by the victim, we know that this is just two days after the alleged rape event at Liberty, as discussed above.  So what has changed in the heavens?

  • The house placements; realms of action will likely be different.
  • transiting Sun will have moved on by two degrees
  • transiting Moon is the fastest and so it will have left Pisces and moved into Aries and we all know by now what that means…an Aries Moon brings ‘Numero Uno’ into play; me first; at it’s worst, arrogance and at its best; a leader.  We’re in the realm of finding traits so we’ll take arrogance as our first choice.

So for the house placements, we now have that troubling ego of Jesse Matthew, natal Sun-Neptune-Mercury in the first house, focused on self.  In fact all the planets are heavily weighted on the left-hand-side of the chart; defensive.  We would expect this two days after being confronted over an accusation of rape.

  • transiting Sun has eased off natal Saturn and now exact conjunct natal Pluto – empowering this individual to exhibitionism; illumination of power needs.  “See I can do whatever I want”. (Note he has yet to face expulsion from Liberty at this stage)
  • transiting Aries Moon creates a midpoint of interest – Moon/Saturn = natal Chiron 18°Taurus.  That’s focusing on wounds – needs and self-control.  In this case his wounds relate to a perception of neglect; of not being given enough; isolation.

Taurus represents material assets.  For a child this could be toys, or even having to have shared a bed/playpen with a sibling.  That perception of not being given enough, together with the Leo Moon, gives the immature emotional child a belief that he is ‘king of the jungle’.

This is a wound carried through life, unless the issue is resolved by the adult Jesse Matthew.  So whenever there is a hard aspect to 18°Taurus in the heavens, this man is prompted to reopen the emotions of the childhood wound.

2… Christopher Newport University campus – sexual assault/rape – 7th September 2003 (we do not have an event time for this assault, or report of.  It will likely be in the early hours of the morning, or the evening).  This assault led to Matthew’ s rather fast departure at the behest of CNU the following month.

.……continued if/when we get a time for an event chart

3… Vestora Leatrise Spriggs left home on Ballentine Boulevard, Norfolk to walk to the the store at 2pm on Friday 28th January 2005. This chart has to be considered as a HIGHLY PROBABLE victim, as Jesse Matthew did not have his taxi permit until 2007, plus we do not know where he was residing at this time or his movements..

Spriggs-JLMThat aside, could Jesse Matthew have had the opportunity to abduct this 31 year-old? The initial chart tells us that we need to check his whereabouts on this date.

  • tr Sun (orange) opposite natal mid-range Moon (2nd house) – highlighting driving personal needs in relation to self-value.  PLUS
  • tr Sun conjunct natal Venus (pink)  -ditto- among peers.  PLUS
  • tr Venus conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – has there been a challenge among his peers as to his prowess with females?  PLUS
  • tr Venus quindecile mid-range natal Moon (blue) – ditto –
  • tr Saturn at the ominous 22°Cancer conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – keeping company with the grim reaper.  Is this a lust to kill?  PLUS
  • tr Lunar nodal axis (south node) conjunct Pluto – (see profiling above)
  • tr Mars-Pluto (heightened masculine prowess) conjunct Sun-Neptune-Mercury – (see profiling above)

4… The Fairfax City, VA rape 24th September 2005 (CONVICTED)

5…  26th August 2006Quaisra Khan is a POSSIBLE victim.  She left home at 6200 block William Edgar Drive, Alexandria at 11:30am on foot; to go to the store. We include this chart as we have the extra input of the angles in the bi-wheel. Whether Jesse Matthew was in Alexandria at the time, we do not know.


We note that the action in this bi-wheel is on the left-hand-side.  If the event time is correct then this chart reveals an an assertive/defensive role.  As this possible abduction is in broad daylight; is that what makes it different?

Was it that it was a brazen abduction and gave that added impetus the the emotive reaction?

  • Mid-range Moon of Matthew is conjunct the MC and transiting Jupiter (green) is at the ascendant; (see profiling above)
  • tr Sun (orange) square natal Uranus – being oneself and getting away with it.
  • tr Mars square Sun-Neptune-Mercury – see profiling
  • tr Lunar nodal axis (South node in particular) square Sun-Neptune-Mercury – see profiling
  • tr Moon (blue)/South Node = natal Mars – this suggests there will be a connection that is karmic in this regard if this case is proven to be a victim of Jesse Matthew. 

Note: Is there something in common with this victim that indicates that he has been down this road before? We are in the 11th house of friends/enemies.  Had Jesse Matthew been rejected by someone similar to this woman? She is a native of the sub-continent of India – does that have any particular significance?

  • tr Pluto conjunct Sun-Neptune-Mercury – see profiling
  • tr Pluto square Lunar nodal axis – power and trauma combined.  This woman has never been found.

6… Sereda Jacquline McGlothin – 21st September 2007 – POSSIBLE victim. We DO NOT have an event time for this disappearance and so houses cannot be taken into consideration when interpreting.  It was a Friday; Carroll County is a two hour drive from Charlottesville.

McGlothin-JLMJesse Matthew was already driving taxis by this date, so we have to consider this at the very least as a possible victim of his.  We allow the astrology to reveal what it does…

  • tr Sun (orange) conjunct natal Mars – a date on the calendar to be assertive
  • tr Mercury (yellow) = midpoint Saturn-Pluto (see profiling) – morbid depression.
  • tr Mercury square Lunar nodal axis – Mercury relates to communication so…

Note: I would suggest that this case has been discussed by Matthew with others; if nothing more.  Was he interviewed perhaps?

  • tr Moon conjunct Lunar nodal axis – in public; likely a traumatic situation involving his personal driving needs being met.
  • tr Mars conjunct Sun-Neptune-Mercury – see profiling
  • tr Saturn square Uranus – the grim reaper’s presence with Uranus doesn’t bear contemplation of what might have happened.

7… Cassandra Morton – 10th October 2009 (see above ‘another Liberty connection’)

8… Morgan Harrington – 17th October 2009 (see above ‘A DNA match’.)

9… Bonnie Santiago was last sighted at 1am in the early hours of 12 July 2014 on Carter Mountain, Charlottesville; SE of the city. She has never been found.  Bonnie doesn’t fit the young university student type that this perp appears to target, however a victim can be chosen merely as a result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time; vulnerable.

12Jul-JLMThis case caught my attention as the locator angle for Hannah Graham certainly indicates this area as a place of interest to search.  Bonnie would not be far from where she was taken, if this chart is anything to go by.  We would need her birth date to take that case further. As we are on the tail of Jesse Matthew here today, hold that thought; if you will.

It is the night of a full Moon (transiting Sun is opposite Moon)

  • tr Sun (orange) and Moon conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – sheer lunacy
  • tr Mars = midpoint Saturn-Pluto (see profiling)  PLUS
  • tr Lunar nodal axis = midpoint Saturn-Pluto (see profiling) PLUS
  • tr Mars and Lunar nodal axis are square natal Lunar nodal axis – in public and likely a traumatic experience
  • tr Venus (pink) opposite Sun-Neptune-Mercury – see profiling  Note: Is this act a retaliation to his home situation with a girlfriend perhaps?
  • tr Mercury (yellow) square natal Mars – this case has been discussed by Jesse Matthew with someone in his everyday life. It will come to light.

10… Hannah Graham (see above ‘out of synch’)

20th October 2014  

Notes on the Serbian’s mark of the assassin 22°…

If I were a profiler I would sit down with Jesse Matthew and ask him to tell me about what was happening in his life around the time of his birthday in 1987.  He was just turning 6 years-old…

141287-JLMFor the astrologers amongst us – note where Saturn is transiting at that time –  conjunct Jesse Matthew’s natal Sun; 22°Sagittarius and pressing on those other planets in the trio; Neptune and Mercury.

That and a whole lot more.  I’ve generated this bi-wheel as the clock turns at midnight to 14th December 1987.  The astrology suggests that this is a significant time in the man’s life.

We cannot interpret the houses due to not having an actual event, however we can interpret the tension between the transiting planets and the natal chart of a six year-old child.

Again the profiling signals we are suggesting:

  • Natal Sun-Neptune-Mercury – 22-24°Sagittarius – ie same degrees in Gemini, Virgo, Sag, Pisces, or quindecile 7-10°Gemini.
  • Natal Saturn-Pluto – 20-26° Libra – ~mid October, January, April, July , or quindecile 5-11°Aries.
  • tr Sun conjunct Sun – a birthday PLUS the illumination of the first of our profiling signals
  • tr Saturn conjunct Sun – controlling the first of our profiling signals
  • tr Uranus conjunct Mercury – sudden changes in behaviour in relation to the first of our profiling signals
  • tr Venus (pinkl) square natal Saturn – what does Venus represent to a 6 year old? Did some family animals disappear, or was it something more sinister with someone in his peer group?  I’d be looking for juvenile records around this date.
  • tr Jupiter (green) opposite natal Saturn – inflation of other natal Saturn aspects,  PLUS the second of the profiling signals must be considered.
  • tr Moon conjunct natal Mars – emotional event; disruptive actions

Update September 2015:   Charged with murder of Morgan Harrington


9 thoughts on “Jesse Leroy Matthew”

  1. I had seen the two October 17 dates but it didn’t dawn on me right away that this could be an “anniversary” slaying. Just that the dates all seemed to have occurred in the Autumn.The news that Morgan Harrington was found on the property of Liberty is indeed chilling. I guess we’ll have to await the DNA results.

  2. Hopefully eventually all will be found. The Mercury square Mars aspect in the Bonnie Santiago case is encouraging. Perhaps someone walking these woods or grounds will help bring these victims home.

  3. Re your question about Quaisra Khan, as to whether JM had been rejected in the past by a similar woman, it’s my understanding that the 2005 Fairfax victim was either Indian or Pakistani. Perhaps that’s what you see.

  4. I had no idea you’d been so hard at work on JM & the possibilities he’s a serial rapist & murderer. How could he ever have stopped? Asteroid Skuld (the future) in his natal chart 19 Scorpio, was transited by Saturn (putting the brakes on, control) by an outside source. He got away with murder till Saturn hit the sweet spot – for women & girls.

  5. Hi MM
    Just a quick thanks for the detail you go into & the time spent on doing these charts. I try to have a look every few days.
    Thanks again for your postings 😄


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