Jennifer Sophia Marteliz

Stacey has made a request for us to discuss this case:

Jennifer Marteliz was last seen walking to her home in Tampa, Florida.

Her friend walked with her most of the way and watched her walk a little while longer and then turned away for a moment and she was gone. Also, a neighbor said they heard a car speed off right around that same time, they felt she was likely kidnapped at that time.
The first of two suspects was Jennifer’s neighbor. Thomas Welnicki.
He told police that he had a psychic vision – that 2 men had kidnapped and killed her. Welnicki fitted the description of the “younger man” but at the time, the older man was unknown (no detail provided).
Law enforcement dismissed the whole thing as there was not enough evidence and Welnicki denied that it was him.
Statement analysis determined he was being 100% truthful and he was in fact that “younger man”

Fast forward about 20 + years.

A woman who was a child at the time that Jennifer disappeared had a neighbor move-in; Steve Visnosky. Visnovsky lived there during the summer and had his main home in Tampa Florida…. 5 BLOCKS from Jennifer’s home.

She described Visnosky’s behaviour to her when she was a child…

“She remembers games that turned to “struggles,” inappropriate touching and horrors she doesn’t want to explain………She and her older sister, Tania, endured three years of abuse at his hands. She calls now refers to Visnosky as a “pedophile.”

So, where it become clear he could be involved…..

The time that Jennifer was kidnapped, Visnovsky had been in Tampa. Alone. His family remained in PA. When he returned back to PA shortly after the kidnapping, told her and her sister about Jennifer and even had the newspaper article up in his home. He also told them he knew Jennifer.  Later the kids saw him pulling a large garbage bag from his trunk and sternly told the kids to stay away from it.

They had also seen some holes dug near their properties that were quite large. Like graves almost. At the time she said she was scared the man planned to kill her and her sister and bury them.

He took this bag to the woods and returned empty handed. When the kids later looked in the woods, the holes were now filled with dirt. They were sure he had buried that bag in those holes. She did tell her parents who did contact authorities on the Jennifer case but they never heard anything more so figured they looked into it.

Years later as an adult, she decided to google the case to find out the case was still open and the child had never been found…..and again she decided to contact authorities.

Since she knew some specifics about the case that she would not have been able to research, they felt it was worth searching. And the fact that he had a home just blocks from Jennifer at the time she was kidnapped and was at that home at the time (also mind you that his wife and kids remained in PA when this occurred so he was alone) is to me, way too much of a coincidence.

The biggest thing was that the car he drove back then that she described matched the description of the car seen driving from the scene where Jennifer went missing. That was the main key from what I understand that sold the cops on a connection.

They did a search near where they could recall the holes had been, but the property is vast and they were not able to find anything. They said they were coming back the next spring as dogs could pick up a sent best that time of year but I have not been able to see anything about them returning. This first search was July 2012. So they would have returned in Spring of 2013 which has long since come and gone and I have seen no further information on this.

Frank Visnovsky had already died when this all went down so there was never any opportunity to talk to him.

  • Missing child:  Jennifer Marteliz
  • DOB: 06/09/1975
  • Date she went missing: 11/15/1982
  • Kidnapped From: corner of 15th St & 109th Av in Tampa, Florida at 3pm. This was approximately one block from her home.
  • POI #1 Thomas Peter Welnicki
  • POI #2 George Frank Visnosky – lived in both Tampa and PA Born July 16, 1921 in Kansas City, KS

Address where the remains may be: 622 Rankin Airshaft Road, Uniontown PA
Address in Tampa is not known other than he did live 5 blocks from Jennifer and Thomas


Note:  The following is a forensic astrology enquiry – all results are subjective and offer suggestion only.  All interpretation is from classic astrology.

3 December 2013 

Note: Without the birth date for Thomas Peter Welnicki, we are not able to include him in this enquiry.

Event Marteliz-VisnoskyBi-wheel #1

This is a bi-wheel generated from the 3pm time on 15 November 1982 when Jennifer was last seen.  The inner wheel is a chart of the heavens at the time of her disappearance and the outer wheel is the natal chart for George Visnosky as provided.

There is only one hard aspect in this chart and that is Mars in the inner wheel (the event of the disappearance) and natal Mercury (yellow) in the chart of G.V.

This aspect indicates that this person communicated about the event of the disappearance, nothing more.  I have not generated a map as there is nothing sinister to tell.  There are no forensic indicators to suggest that this POI is involved in the disappearance of Jennifer Marteliz.

Bi-wheel #2

Event-MartelizThis bi-wheel has the same perspective as the inner wheel and the outer wheel is the natal chart of Jennifer Sophia Marteliz.

  • Transiting South Node quindecile natal Mercury (yellow) in 3rd house.
  • Transiting stellium of planets in the 9th house is conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis.
  • Transiting Saturn-Pluto conjunct natal Uranus.
  • Note natal Pluto is close to the descendant.

Due to the lack of forensic indicators, I would suggest that the child knew the persons she left the scene with.

We are unable to continue this case without further data.

5 thoughts on “Jennifer Sophia Marteliz”

  1. Very interesting. There was such limited informatiion on the case. But I just found some parts of the moms book.

    Now, from what I have read (only excerpts are on line) I still struggle to think the mom is involved.

    Do you see any death indicators on Jennifer?

    And could “maternal” mean the step mom was involved? It sounsd like (again from limited sections of the book I just read) she didnt like Jennifer and came from some sketchy family. Possible child porn connections.

    I am going to buy the book now…
    I need to read this.

  2. Stacey, I can only reiterate what I have written above – “Due to the lack of forensic indicators (she was not murdered at the time), I would suggest that the child knew the persons she left the scene with.”

    If the planetary tension is not in the chart, it is not there. I cannot help any further without birth data on persons of interest.

  3. I just saw this I would love to talk to you my email address is [edit out] and when you email me I will give u my phone number sorry I am Jennifer mom

    [Kathy we do not work with family members and cannot help further, sorry.]

  4. Stacey, you ask why I don’t involve family members… it is my personal policy, that I do not involve family members in any discussion relating to these cases. That decision has not been taken lightly, trust me.


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