…This page is work in progress.  It will be updated as information comes to hand with charts replaced at our discretion. All data has come from the public record, or been provided to us for this investigation from private sources.

Our aim is to share the interpretation of planetary positions in the heavens at a given point in time in an effort to understand the ’emotive reaction’ in individual charts. Please be aware that as this report is on the internet, it is also now on the public record.

Astrology is a pseudo science and as such is not accepted in the realm of science, nor a court of law. We are guided by classic astrology texts and ask that those who read here, keep their skeptic hat firmly planted on their head.

kyleQPS are investigating the double tragedy of an Australian outback ‘hunting’ trip in a case that has baffled residents in Mount Isa, Queensland. The family, friends and entire community are on the case; social media spreads the word.  Police co-ordinated one of the biggest searches for the region in the past decade following the disappearance of Kyle Coleman and what territory QPS or the SES volunteers haven’t covered, family and friends have, I am sure.

Seventeen year-old Kyle Coleman, vanished without a trace after he allegedly returned from a ‘shoot’ at the cattle station, Undilla with a mate and partied until dawn at his mate’s suburban home in town. Four days later, this hunting companion and workmate – who was the last to see him alive and helped launch a full-scale police search – committed suicide.

For us, as a result of this information, we have to discount this mate’s entire story as being reliable for the sake of our particular enquiry. Despite the report in the media that the manager of Undilla Station saw the lads, we need a timed event in order to conduct an astrology enquiry. The best we have is when their vehicle left a Mount Isa truckstop at 11:45am on Friday 21st February, 2014 – as reported in the media.

Initially we only had the birth data of the missing teenager, however we now also have the data for his mate, James Michael Coleman (thanks IR and SA).  We can now use the two charts to corroborate what the heavens would have us report.  We do not have the time of birth for either individual and so birth charts have been calculated in order to give us a mid-range natal Moon.

Note: Should we achieve locator angles of interest, we have to accept they can only indicate a general direction to search and not ‘X’ marks the spot as to where events may have occurred.

21Feb-K-Colemanclick on chart for full size

We generate bi-wheels as is our regular method of enquiry of the heavens.  The first is for the missing lad, Kyle ‘Jacko’ Coleman from the perspective of our timed event revealing the mid-range natal Moon in the first house, opposed by transiting Saturn.  This gives us our first indication that all is not well.

Note: In forensic astrology Saturn represents the final relinquishing of control/ end of life.  If we were to investigate a premeditated event or a crime of passion, then Saturn would represents two things – firstly the presence of the grim reaper and secondly as a body locator.  We do not suggest that this is such a case.

The hard aspects reveal tension, whereas planets in trine, support each other. Trine aspects, by nature, are accepting of a situation. They allow us to accept others, ourselves and situations.  In this enquiry we have included the trine aspect in order to reveal what planetary energies are working together to create this event, as it appears to be more complicated than a matter of a crime having taken place. That said, we continue…

The most significant aspect at the time of an event is the Sun/Moon midpoint. That narrows things down to a spotlight /a laser beam of energy focused on the sensitivity to fulfillment of needs. The midpoint of Sun/Moon = 7° Capricorn in the heavens and at this time on the clock, 11:45am in the astrological 8th house of death and transformation. We are not likely to be the bearer of good tidings in this case.

Key: Sun – orange; Moon – blue; Mercury – yellow; Venus – pink; Mars – red; Jupiter – green; Saturn – red; Uranus – red; Neptune – turquoise; Pluto – red. The inner wheel reveals the transiting planets in the heavens and the outer wheel a snapshot in time on the date that Kyle was born; his natal planets.  

  • Midpoint transiting Sun/Moon in the inner wheel = natal Jupiter 7° Capricornboundless enthusiasm
  • Midpoint transiting Moon/Mercury = natal Jupiter 7° Capricornoveractive communicating about plans
  • Transiting Sun square natal Pluto – the date on the calendar indicates the tension – ultimate loss of power; his life.
  • Transiting Mercury square natal mid-range Moon – this likely indicates the method of death. I choose not comment in this regard.
  • Transiting Venus trine natal Moon –  Kyle is not in this situation against his will. Venus indicates that he is among his peer group.
  • Transiting Jupiter quindecile natal Neptune – in the 9th house this is indicating ‘a high’ we have to ask whether substance abuse is involved in this situation ie drugs or alcohol or is it the lesser ‘high’ of self-delusion of his own abilities (all are symbolic of Neptune influence).
  • Transiting Saturn square natal Venus-Mars conjunction – an awareness of socialising outside his age-group, transfers responsibility onto those whom are older.
  • Transiting Pluto trine natal Sun – personal ego and power working in unison; perhaps overly confident in own abilities.

duo-locator anglesclick on image for full size

When we bring the second natal chart into the enquiry, that of Kyle’s mate – James Coleman whom committed suicide some five days later, we begin to see the corroboration of emotive reactions, despite the fact that their birth dates are several years apart.  We put the two bi-wheels side by side in order to share the next step in this enquiry.

It is again from the same perspective, the truck-stop in Mount Isa as they left town.  The same midpoints are in the action, we have these two charts in accord; finally telling the same story, on the same page.  Apart from the obvious karmic connection (Lunar nodal axis-Jupiter 7° Capricorn conjunction in the outer wheel of both charts), we have a traumatic event taking place in a public area; i.e. out in the open, rather than indoors and it involved 8th house matters – death and transformation.   The right hand bi-wheel of the pair that we now interpret, is that of James Michael Coleman.

  • Transiting Moon square natal Saturn plus at the mid-heaven – being at the mid-heaven this is indicative of the primary reason for the activity being under this person’s control; his responsibility.  This may explain this young man’s later action by suiciding several days later.  We can do that chart as a post script.
  • Midpoint transiting Sun/Moon in the inner wheel = natal Lunar nodal Axis  7° Capricorn –  are these pair on the company of new ‘friends’?
  • Midpoint transiting Moon/Mercury = natal Lunar nodal axis  7° Capricorn sharing of thoughts with others.  This young man has told someone about what happened on 21 Feb.
  • Transiting Moon trine natal Sun-Moon  –  ditto, likely a female.
  • Transiting Jupiter trine natal Sun-Moon – enthusiasm for the friendship between the two mates.

These two trines in the heavens interacting with the natal Sun-Moon in Pisces create a ‘grand trine’ of self-sufficiency in the water element – Scorpio-Pisces-Cancer although the self-sufficiency can be a matter of bouncing off one’s inner walls of emotion in this case; bottling things up rather than being ‘self sufficient’ in a positive way.  Because the trine is in the water element, it is indicative of operating on instincts, rather than taking a rational approach to a situation – i.e. panic; when a cool head was needed.

  • Transit Saturn conjunct natal Pluto – 7th house of public relations – responsibility taken for the presence of the grim reaper.

Following on from these chart interpretations,  we now note that there are locator angles in-common and present.  The one involving transiting Jupiter 7° Capricorn-Cancer axis likely will reveal the location of the traumatic event and the second involving transiting Saturn is of secondary importance.  This may indicate that Kyle was moved following the event.  We again choose not to comment in this regard at this stage.

MAP#2Colemanclick on map for full size

We now bring the heavens down to earth (method).  Due to the fact that long ago when astrology and cartography parted ways and lost contact, they now follow different masters.

Astrology has north at the bottom of the horoscope and as we all know, a map of the land has north at the top – so we flip our chart (Kyle’s bi-wheel) and superimpose it over that truck-stop in Mt Isa in order to reveal an angle to follow in the search for this teenager – thanks go to Google Maps.

We note that a traumatic event has indeed likely occurred on Undilla Station, however Kyle’s body, or perhaps his swag (bed-roll) and backpack may be recovered elsewhere.  The secondary locator angle may be of more use once the gps coordinates are known; where their activities were focussed on Undilla Station.  Again we stress that these locator angles are general guidelines to follow and not specific points on a map.


Looking towards the heaven against the backdrop of the zodiac – at 7° Capricorn, we find the fixed star Facies in the M22 constellation of The Archer and close to his eye.  One thinks in terms of weapons immediately, be they man’s fire-sticks or nature’s.

“The nebula in the Archer’s Face is of the nature of the Sun and Mars, and causes blindness, defective sight (all nebula can cause blindness), sickness, accidents and a violent death.”  Robson, ‘Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology’; p.165.

As for the meaning of the word Facies, according to wikipedia:

“In geology, a facies  is a body of rock with specified characteristics. Ideally, a facies is a distinctive rock unit that forms under certain conditions of sedimentation, reflecting a particular process or environment.

streetview-BarklyHwayThe term facies was introduced by the Swiss geologist Amanz Gressly in 1838 and was part of his significant contribution to the foundations of modern stratigraphy, which replaced the earlier notions of Neptunism.”

There’s bound to be sandstone outcrops on Undilla station, plus all that red dirt in the area is indicative of ancient volcanic activity in the ancient past of Neptune’s realm.  I leave the symbolism of Facies being included in these charts to someone more local as to whether this is of any significance.

Review 30 April 2015

Following the discovery of some items in the outback, we have an opportunity to relocate our chart in an effort to help further, but first a little further information with the asteroids.  I cannot identify the gun that James Coleman was carrying, however in forensic astrology I use the asteroid Winchester#747 for a long-barreled firearm of any make.







blog-MAP-to useWith respect, we have removed the gps co-ordinates from this second map.  Those whom asked us to look further have the information.

6 thoughts on “Jacko”

  1. Kelly – There is nothing more I can add in relation to this case unless further information comes to hand. Was there something specific in relation to the astrology that you need further clarification on?

  2. Thanks MM, as always your work intrigues and fascinates me. I’ve not been able to get Kyle out of my head of late. I hope that the search party that headed out this morning will be able bring him and all of the answers home!


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