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Christina Morris enquiry – that Independent Grind concert…

544929_10152847180099439_5055458647461204539_nAs we continue to search the paths of social media while others work the ground in Plano and surrounds, we have an image that is particularly revealing when we turn to the heavens for interpretation. I’m sharing here so all can see where I’m going with this.

Left to right as suggested: Hunter Foster, Christina Morris, Erin Jensen, Jeremy Dickerson and Branden Alberti.   I wonder whom took the photo?

We have Hunter Foster’s chart in our back pocket already in this enquiry. Erin Jensen’s chart is worth exploring as well as Jeremy Dickerson’s obvious natal problems; a stellium in Capricorn. Hmmm Branden Alberti’s chart reveals a serious spike of emotive reaction to the disappearance of Christina; demanding inclusion in this enquiry as well.  What a great future this group of five, don’t have…

Let’s start by generating bi-wheels (method) that reveal the relationship between Christina Morris and Branden Alberti.

  • The first chart is what is commonly known as a synastry chart; used by astrologers to indicate the expected tension (for good or bad) in a relationship between two persons.
  • The second chart shares the emotive reaction in the natal chart of this young man to the planets orbiting at 3:57am on 30th August 2014 – according to the guidelines of forensic astrology; the event of the disappearance of Christina Morris.

Note that astrology is a pseudo science so can only be accepted to be opinion in any common-law sense. Classic texts are used for interpretation of this tension.

We do not have Branden Alberti’s time of birth, however from the public record, we have a date of birth 14th October 1990. We elect to use a mid-range Moon placement (noon).

I’ve not highlighted the lines of tension (in the middle of the chart) in order to accentuate the obsessive, highly reactive relationship for everyone to see.  In fact I can’t remember seeing a bi-wheel so heavily aspected for quite a while.

Alberti-duoclick on image for full size

This is not a match made in heaven, folks – plenty of obsession, but no love lost between these people in the same ‘social’ group.

Everything is weighted in the lower half of the hemisphere in their relationship; unresolved childhood issues of both of them is the basis for all this tension.  They are triggers for each other; an unhealthy contact, is putting it mildly.

Note: What is sitting out there in isolation is his natal Mars at 14° Gemini in Christina’s 11th house (possible enemies).  The planet isn’t peregrine, however it is trine natal Mercury-Venus in Libra plus a sprinkling of natal Sun. This hints fairly strongly of a skewed idea of social idealism.  The Gemini Mars is a bit of a worry as well.  We have to flag that part of his horoscope for caution.

I’d suggest that this male is most likely linked to Hunter and obliged to ‘suffer’ a relationship with Christina as a result. I’ll leave the detail of the interpretation for now.  We can always return to it, if need be.

The second chart is from the perspective of the CCTV footage 3:57am 30th August 2014 with the natal chart of Branden Alberti on the outside.

  • tr Sun (orange) conjunct natal mid-range Moon (blue) –  date on the calendar  PLUS
  • tr Neptune opposite natal Moon – misunderstandings in relationships likely
  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal 4th house Sun (orange in the outer wheel) – is he entertaining at home?  PLUS
  • tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Saturn – in control of the environment  This is also a very dangerous aspect due to the possible interpretation of Saturn as the grim reaper.
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Neptune – amorphous states likely
  • Note Lunar nodal axis at 4°Aquarius flag (from other charts) in 7th house
  • tr Uranus opposite natal Mercury-Venus – feelings become dominant
  • tr Lunar South Node opposite natal Sun – Karma is holding up the mirror for him to see himself.  What goes around comes around, mate.
  • tr Jupiter (green) conjunct natal Jupiter – certainly pushing his luck I would imagine, on this occasion.

Notes: At this stage, it is fortunate for this male that his natal 14°Gemini Mars is not in the action – well not that I can see; yet. I also sincerely hope that Christina didn’t contact this young man on that night when she couldn’t get hold of Hunter, or Taylor. If only we had her phone records and audio of her phone conversations.

Erin Marie Jensen born 4 November 1992 has uploaded far too many pictures of herself and her love of marijuana and opiates onto social media to escape our attention. It’s the dark side of Neptune yet again.

With a Scorpio Sun and Pisces Moon, there it is for all to see.  What could rise to great heights sinks to the muddy mire of the stagnant pond. What a waste of a life and a limited future if the Serbian astrologers have anything to add.

Along with Branden Alberti, Erin Jensen’s chart reveals that karmic connection of the transiting South Node at 19°Aries in the mix.  In fact they all have it.  The image we have above is a karmic ghost.

  • Hunter Foster has natal Sun conjunct the transiting South Node .
  • Branden Albert has natal  Sun in the opposite position holding up the reflection; illuminating the node.
  • Erin Jensen has natal Jupiter in quindecile the Lunar South Node; obsessed by it.
  • Jeremy Dickerson has natal Neptune-Saturn square the South Node; offsided by the same karmic transit.
  • Christina Morris has her own Lunar nodal axis exact square to the transiting Lunar node.  She is the victim of the karmic trauma.

357-ErinJensenErin Jensen’s natal chart viewed through the perspective of the 3:57am snapshot of the transiting planets tells her individual story.  Her driving need; natal Moon is opposite the Sun. That’s a full moon event for Erin.

Is this her wake-up call to drag herself out of the mire and clean up her act; rise above her addictions?

  • tr Neptune conjunct natal Moon (blue) – subconscious awareness emerges
  • tr Venus (pink) square natal Pluto – peer group is powerless; another wake-up opportunity.
  • tr Sun square natal Mercury (yellow) – plenty to communicate with friends about the event (Sagittarius Mercury = opinionated)  PLUS
  • tr Neptune also square natal Mercury – alert imagination; fantasy.
  • tr Uranus square natal Uranus – chains have been rattled, that’s for sure.

357-JeremyDickersonThat brings us to Jeremy Terrell Dickerson born  18th December 1990.  I am loath to include his chart without a direct connection to Alberti on the night of Christina’s disappearance, so will just include the chart with no interpretation.  We can return to it later if necessary.  The reasons are obvious to the eye of an astrologer.

At this stage I would absolutely recommend that both of these young males’ alibis be checked, checked and re-checked.  Might be handy for us also to know their current residential addresses.


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