Horary in crime

you-are-hereHorary astrology…

The word ‘horary’ has the same etymology root as the word ‘hour’; our time, the time of a crime and the timing of questions.  As we already know, an incident time is all important when we undertake criminal profiling enquiries.

Horary astrology methodology is considerably different from my general way of working with crime, so we use the two methods side-by-side.  I will restrict the use of horary to criminal cases only; retaining the decision as to which cases are answered.

Note: The methodology I shall use is that of interpretation (by others) of the medieval texts of Guido Bonatti and William Lilly.

  • I will cast a chart for a question in relation to a particular case that we are working with.  This is done not for the location of the crime, or a person of interest, or the person asking the question… but my local time here in Australia.
  • The timing of my acceptance that the essence of the question has been reached by the querent (the person asking the question),  is the time that the chart is cast.  Not when it is asked.
  •  Consider your question carefully before asking. Ask yourself, “Will the knowledge advance the case unfoldment?”
  • Frivolous questions will not be addressed.

We cast horary charts when needed in relation to a particular crime in our ‘closed’ Facebook Group.