Horary in crime

you-are-hereHorary astrology…

The word ‘horary’ has the same etymology root as the word ‘hour’; our time, the time of a crime and the timing of questions.  As we already know, an incident time is all important when we undertake criminal profiling enquiries.

Horary astrology methodology is considerably different from my general way of working with crime, so we use the two methods side-by-side.  I will restrict the use of horary to criminal cases only; retaining the decision as to which cases are answered.

Note: The methodology I shall use is that of interpretation (by others) of the medieval texts of Guido Bonatti and William Lilly.

  • I will cast a chart for a question in relation to a particular case that we are working with.  This is done not for the location of the crime, or a person of interest, or the person asking the question… but my local time here in Australia.
  • The timing of my acceptance that the essence of the question has been reached by the querent (the person asking the question),  is the time that the chart is cast.  Not when it is asked.
  •  Consider your question carefully before asking. Ask yourself, “Will the knowledge advance the case unfoldment?”
  • Frivolous questions will not be addressed.

We have been generating horary charts in our Facebook Group, some of which we will reproduce here.

Horary Q #1 from a member of our FB group, is in relation to the disappearance of Christina Morris and the question relates to the search team that goes out ever Saturday led by Christina’s mom, Jonni McElroy; Team Christina   

Q-teamchristinaQ: “Will Team Christina Morris ever find closure? Will she be found?”

Note: Closure indicates an ending – it could be by finding Christina, or breaking-up of the team for an either/or situation which horary is not designed to answer.  Nevertheless, we proceed to cast a chart.

This is a question in relation to a group of people and so they are represented by the 7th house cusp (green) Sagittarius – planetary ruler is the planet Jupiter (green) in the 3rd house.   This question likely relates to inter-communication within the group.

  • Jupiter is also the midpoint of the ascendant (the querent) and the descendant (the quested).  Jupiter is in its detriment in Virgo plus as it is quindecile Venus (pink), this reveals obsessive-compulsive behaviour in relation to the search.
  • Note that Saturn (red) is  at the cusp of the 7th house as well – individual self control is on the agenda.
  • Mercury (yellow) is at the mid-heaven approaching Cazimi and conjunction with the Sun – this is a bombast of communication.  The group is in minor danger of imploding; particularly so when we note that Mercury is Pisces is its detriment AND fall.

If the focus initially was ‘that there is no room for failure’; ‘we will find her’ – i.e. mind over matter, then this will weaken the participants over time and physical ailments are bound to result (apart from emotional breakdowns – that is obvious).  What cannot be processed by the mind will ‘out’ in any way it can – physical ailments, or emotional dis-harmony.

  • There could be other mitigating factors that can end any group. So we cannot address the two questions together. First we address the group as an entity and whether they will find closure and the answer the heavens indicate is – not in this current format.
  • This is an ethical and moral question that needs to be addressed.  I would suggest that a re-grouping process is needed.  I do not recommend a total closing down of the group – rather a dissolve and then re-group afresh with a less demanding focus emotionally on the participants.  The exercise will be a healing opportunity in itself.

In relation to the second question, the missing person is represented by the Moon (blue) which is in the 3rd house in the astrology sign of Virgo – an earth element; barren, dry earth.  The cusp of the 3rd is Leo and so the missing person is ‘hidden’ from the Sun (significator of Leo).  When Leo is included in relation to a missing person, the clue Leo gives is that the territory will be ‘feral’ – i.e. not residential, or cultivated land.

Again we note that this is in the house of communication; the group appears to be in ‘mind-over-matter’ mode.

  • The chart would indicate that the group sets off each week with the focus that the finding of Christina could be imminent.  This is an unreasonable goal for the emotional health of the participants.   As a result, the question is not open to consider the possibility that she may not be found (or found).

All of the above must be taken as subjective opinion by myself, however I have interpreted as accurately as my knowledge base has allowed.