Hillsboro, Missouri

For more than twenty years, the wooded hills and valleys of Jefferson County, Missouri have hidden a dark side of life; a drug problem so pervasive that some people call this rural area “Metherson County.”  Methamphetamine has a tight grip on this county south of St. Louis, according to law enforcement.

ICEIt’s harder to find meth labs in rural areas because there are no big-scale manufacturers, just hundreds of individual ‘mom and pop’ cooks, we were told back in 2011.

There still are a broad network of people who buy medications containing pseudo-ephedrine and sell it to the ‘meth cooks’; a practice called smurfing. Many heroin users have begun smurfing to make money, so they can buy heroin.  The drug cycle continues as long as there are buyers.  Plus not all cooks are users…

The case of missing person Ronnie Allen BOLIN:

Curtis Wayne Wright got into the meth game early.  As early as 1996 he was reported to have been wheeling and dealing, stealing and possibly even more when we look into the disappearance of Ronnie Bolin.

Originally a friend of Ronnie’s elder brother, Curtis Wright and Ronnie Bolin hooked up when Ronnie Bolin needed to bolster his weakened character following a divorce.  The connection is alleged to have been crystal meth, loans of money, computer technology, stolen computer hardware and a vehicle purchase.  This appears to be a common thread with many of the ‘inner group’; four of whom are known to us.

We begin our astrology profiling enquiry by generating charts in relation to the only time we have in relation to the disappearance of Ronnie Bolin in St Louis; 2:30pm 9th July 1996; a time related to the discovery of a vehicle he had recently purchased.

carwash-bolinclick on charts for full size

The inner chart is the 2:30pm perspective (blue) and the outer chart (red text) is the natal horoscope for Ronnie Bolin (time of birth unknown). Of primary importance in this bi-wheel (method) are the four angles.

  • Ascendant – conjunct natal asteroid Curtis#3621; 2:27°Scorpio
  • Descendant – conjunct natal asteroid Timothy#24123; 3:18°Taurus
  • MC/Midheaven – conjunct transiting asteroids Lie#26955 at 10:38°Leo and Timothy 13:13°Leo
  • IC/opposite MC – conjunct natal Saturn (grim reaper/death); 9:35°Aquarius

Note: Asteroids Ixion#28978-Curtis-Mony#7782 are right on the ascendant providing a likely motive for murder as money.

I have noted previously in relation to Curtis Wayne Wright, “The only fixed sign that CWW has is the planet Venus in the zodiac sign of Leo – that would indicate his bottom line is women and money. They would also be his weaknesses. If I wanted to rattle his chains, I’d have his woman ‘disappear out of contact’ for a while and all his assets frozen.

That’s the basics of this (likely) murder from the victim’s perspective; giving us ripples to follow.  We must remain cautious as the 2:30pm time is from media, not law enforcement.  It has to remain subjective rather than a fact.  We need much more than this to put ‘persons of interest’ in the frame for a capital offense.