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Focus on a particular person of interest……

Astrology is a pseudo-scientific method of profiling and is therefore not accepted in any court of law. The interpretation from classic texts is considered to be opinion.

Teenagers, Libby German and Abby Williams’ bodies were recovered in a wooded area near the Delphi Historic Trail, approximately one-half miles upstream from the abandoned rail bridge over Deer Creek the day ater they disappeared. The autopsy results were not released to the media.

  • Libby German – DOB 27th December 2002, 12:01pm
  • Abby Williams – DOB 23rd June 2003
  • POI Gabe Ellis – DOB 7th November 1976
  • Date of murders – 13th February 2017
  • Missing Person Report filed – 5:30pm

Order of intensity ‘triggers’ of behaviour:

  • Midheaven (where) together with the mirror of IC.
  • Ascendant (when) together with the mirror of Descendant.
  • Malefic planets – Mars,Saturn,Pluto.

Orbiting asteroids (numbered according to astronomy/science).

  • Dejanera #157 – Sexual assault
  • Dunke #6865 – drug of choice/meth amphetamine
  • Gabe #21701 – POI, Gabe Ellis
  • Libby#5672 – victim
  • Photographica #443 – images
  • Prey #6157 – predatory behaviour
  • Ragazza #1839 – young girl
  • Roach #5945 – predatory behaviour

Mathematical positions according to the timing (ascendant):

  • Arabian Part Fortuna – destiny
  • Vertex – life-changing event

Our work starts with the Missing Person Report time of 5:30pm; the incident chart.

  • Apart from the change of houses in the chart (rotation of the Earth over the intervening time), we note the mathematical changes of Vertex (life-changing event) and AP Fortuna (destiny).
  • Vertex 14:17°Capricorn is squeezed in between Juno (a man) and Ragazza (girls) plus quindecile (compulsive behaviour) with Dejanera. Sexual abuse has likely occurred.
  • AP Fortuna (destiny) is now conjunct Chiron 23°Pisces (one drama after another) in 8th house (transformational). This aspect is unfortunately quincunx Jupiter, which is indicative of disregard for a resolution; not considered a priority, perhaps.

Midpoints of particular relevance for this chart identify potential for drug involvement.

  • Descendant = Pluto/Neptune – the gate to the underworld as a result of subversive activity with the focus on ‘the choice’.
  • Neptune= Mercury/Mars – making of plans in relation to Neptune’s activity.

We now bring the characters into our incident by alignment to the backdrop of the zodiac, thereby generating a bi-wheel. We continue to adhere to the same criteria.

Missing Person Report chart together with the date of birth for POI; 5:30pm – Gabe Ellis. We ask the primary questions in relation to the crime…

Where is the POI (midheaven) – natal 7°Scorpio Uranus is exact the IC mirroring the MC and therefore also the midpoint of South Node/BML – the exposure of his character weakness, however also in turn weakens the ‘putting him in the picture’.

  • The timing (ascendant) has 15°Leo; natal Saturn (primary malefic) EXACT
  • Transiting 12°Aries; Mars mirroring natal 12°Libra; Pluto as well as conjunct natal asteroids 12°Aries; Prey and Eris.
  • Transiting 3°Pisces; Nessus (abuse of trust)-South Node is conjunct natal asteroids Photo-Libby at 2°Pisces
  • Transiting asteroid Gabe at 9°Scorpio (at the IC) is working with (trine/120°) natal asteroid Gabe 9°Cancer in the 11th house.

MPR chart together with the natal chart for Libby – 5:30pm-Libby German reveals the drug connection with Jupiter-asteroid Dunke EXACT the ascendant.


  • Midheaven EXACT natal Alekto
  • Transiting Dejanera conjunct natal Saturn – death during sexual assault
  • Transiting asteroid Gabe EXACT natal Juno
  • Transiting Juno EXACT natal AP Fortuna
  • Transiting Ragazza-Vertex EXACT natal Sun
  • Transiting Roach EXACT natal Chiron
  • Transiting Sun conjunct Uranus-Pallas
  • Transiting Venus conjunct natal Ceres

The evidence of the malefic tension is absolutely overwhelming with the astrology indicating that this POI is  the person wanted in connection with the deaths of Libby German and Abby Williams.


Note – elements of this page will be deleted as the posts are written – Part 1; the synastry…..