Flight QZ8501

An aircraft has reportedly crashed in the waters off East Belitung, off the east coast of Sumatra, after authorities confirmed that AirAsia Flight QZ8501 went missing earlier today.

AirAsia flight QZ8501 out of Surabaya, Indonesia bound for Singapore disappeared off the Jakarta Flight Control centre radar screen at 6:18am SST on Sunday 28th December.

airasiaWe have learned that the Airbus A320-216; PK-AXC flew its maiden flight on 25th September 2008.  This is what we designate as the natal horoscope for this particular aeroplane.  154 passengers checked in with 23 no-shows. Together with pilots and crew the total missing are 162 souls.

  • 05:36 QZ8501 departed Juanda airport, Surabaya
  • 06:12 Contacts Jakarta center 125.70 at FL320, requests weather deviation left of M635 airway and climb to FL380
  • 06:16 QZ8501 still observed on radar
  • 06:17 Radar contact lost. Radio contact lost. Only ADS-B signal remained.
  • 06:18 All contact lost. Only flight plan view on radar screen.
  • 07:08 ATC declares INCERFA (aircraft position uncertain)
  • 07:28 ATC declares ALERTFA (emergency alert)
  • 07:55 ATC declares DETRESFA (emergency distress)

event-PK-AXCWe can confirm from the astrology that the plane has indeed, crashed.

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By generating a bi-wheel (method) at the time 6:18am SST and the maiden flight date of PK-AXC, we are able to interpret the astrology.  Natal Jupiter is at the ascendant.  The planet Jupiter represents flight in astrology terms.

The inner wheel shows the Sun in the 12th house.  It is post dawn as PK-AKC is climbing to the height of 38,000 feet. I should imagine it would have been quite bright outside the plane, should they break through the high cloud and reported bad weather.

  • tr Pluto (red) conjunct natal Jupiter (green) at the ascendant 14°Capricorn- an optimistic thrust for power; keeping in control of things. PLUS
  • tr Uranus at the IC (lowest point in the chart) – 13°Aries and square tr Pluto – Uranus infers that electrical storms are likely.  Indications are that there has been sudden changes in power (Uranus-Pluto).  Did the plane stall or possibly break up in an electrical storm?
  • tr Mars (red in the inner wheel) conjunct lunar nodal axis – in classic astrology this would reveal combined efforts paying off, however when we view this through a forensic astrology lens, it tells us of disaster in the 2nd house of assets (the plane itself)
  • tr Jupiter (green in the inner wheel) is at the deadly 22°Leo – not an auspicious day to take a flight in Serbian astrology terms.
  • tr Jupiter opposite natal Neptune (turquoise) – rumour and scandal is suggested in relation to this flight.

We do have a locator angle and so once we know the co-ordinates of the radar drop-out, we can generate a map and see what we can discover as to the location.

MAP#1PK-AXCWe have been provided with the co-ordinates 3.2466°S, 109.3682°E.   Generating a locator angle using ‘celestial navigation’ we  attend to a possible conversation between astrology and the map of the earth. (method).

This would indicate that the remains of PK-AXC and those aboard will likely be found NW of that GPS coordinate and along the locator angle as it continues onto the map of the ocean; indicated by the astrology.  As to how far from the location, we are unable to provide that information.


asteroids-PK-AXCclick on images for full size. 

PK-AXC: maiden flight date – asteroids over Europe at noon on that day as per Serennu.  Note that the chart starts from the Aries point – not the ascendant at the time of the disappearance.  The asteroids are the default set as per Serennu.

  • Ophelia#171 at 13°Aries in the plane’s ‘natal’ chart; exact conjunct the IC at the time of her disappearance – a cry for help (Ophelia is Greek for ‘help’)
  • Damocles#5335 in a natal chart will indicate where imminent peril will strike. The asteroid is at 16°Aquarius when PK-AXC first rolled out the hangar.  On the morning that she disappeared the transiting Sun/Moon midpoint (the main focus of any chart) was exact this point in the heavens 16°Aquarius.  As was Mars in the heavens, conjunct the ‘natal’ lunar nodal axis; all was as the heavens predetermined.

Serennu 28Dec2014 Disappearance: Serennu chart for the asteroids in the heavens over the location of the disappearance.  The first thing we look for when there is a plane crash is Icarus#1566 – the Greco/Roman myth of a boy (Icarus) whom flew too close to the Sun; his wings melted and he fell to his death in the sea.

  • Icarus#1566 at 27°Capricorn is exact the midpoint of transiting Sun/Mars – a possible accident is the classic interpretation of the Sun/Mars midpoint, so it is right on the money; the plane ‘lost its wings’ and fell into the sea.


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