Flight 9525

A plane crash in the French Alps…

Germanwings Flight 9525 took off from Runway 07R at Barcelona–El Prat Airport at 10:01:12 CET on 24th March 2015 and failed to arrive at Düsseldorf Airport by 11:39 CET.

cockpitphotoAt 10:31.02 CET, after crossing the French coast near Toulon, the aircraft made a slight course correction, left its assigned cruising altitude and without approval began a rapid straight-line descent. The aircraft then crashed within the territory of the remote community of Prads-Haute-Bléone, 100 kilometres  north-west of Nice.

During the descent, the pilot left the cabin for a break, upon which the co-pilot disabled access back to the cockpit  Evidence showed the autopilot was abruptly switched from cruising altitude to 100 ft, which is the lowest setting for the autopilot. We have a likely murder-suicide by the co-pilot.

Utilising our C21 profiling method by incorporating astrology into our toolkit, we begin our enquiry.  Please make note that astrology is not accepted in any current court of law.

  • Co-pilot: Andreas Lubitz DOB 18th December 1987 in Montabaur, Germany (noon time used for a mid-range measurement)
  • Incident: Loss of radar contact 10:43am CET 24th March 2015
  • D-AIPX maiden flight 29th November 1990

With our amended birthdate, we take a fresh look at Anfreas Lubitz’ chart.  Interacting with the tension on the date, he appears to have had a psychotic break.  Our perspective is of the event; the inner chart and the outer wheel is the natal horoscope for the co-pilot; Andreas Lubitz (noon used for a mid-range moon).

Immediately we note the planetary stellium; indicative of ‘a-social’ behaviour.  Led by Uranus-Sun-Saturn-Mercury, plus all in Sagittarius, we can see why the desire to be a pilot with Jupiter the planetary ruler of Sagittarius.  However a stellium does not work in favour of an employer in an elite industry.  It appears that company psychology tests hav failed to pick-up the abnormality of ‘a-social’ behaviour in this particular individual.

He would be highly unpredictable (Uranus); egotistical (Sun), domineering (Saturn), opinionated mental outlook (Mercury).  A stellium of planets is indicative of all these energies inter-dependent. So in astrology terms, we have a potentially mentally unstable, individual whom would be prone to depression.

Lubitz-duoThere is little tension in the natal chart; Lubitz is not in a highly emotive state – possibly medicated, or in an altered state of consciousness/psychosis. 

  • Personal needs (Moon) is focused on 6th house matters – i.e. flying routine management and driven from the 12th house Moon (blue) of the mind – purposeful ‘mis-management’.
  • tr Mars square natal Venus in 8th house – ‘passionate’ tension by this man on his peer group.

Two midpoints at the time of the incident are revealing with the subtle levels of transiting Moon/Lunar North Node=Descendant – the general focus is on the importance of interpersonal relationships. Plus the second midpoint of transiting Jupiter/Neptune = 25:36°Taurus conjunct the fixed star Algol. Jupiter is indicative of flight and Neptune; subterfuge and in the 12th house – evil pre-planned.

Those are the risks at the time of the incident; as for Lubitz we have his interaction with transiting midpoints:

  • transiting Moon/Neptune = 18:07°Aries;  conjunct Lubitz’ natal Jupiter – inflated by the idea of the subterfuge fulfilling his personal needs.
  • transiting Saturn/Pluto = 25:08°Sagittarius EXACT Lubitz’ natal Sun – fulfilling his wants to murder en mass; a power move for notoriety.

When we check the second chart and the asteroids therein, we can extended the story further. No need to guess where the stellium is located is there; the exit point of the descendant. Note that the transits are coloured in blue text and the natal are in red.  As the minutes ticked by and the astrology wheel turned, we see how Lubitz’ plan unfolded.

What is missing is as relevant with the astrology when we note that Icarus#1566 ; the indicator for a plane crash is NOT in the tension in any of the charts.  The plane didn’t crash as the result of something happening mid-air; it was purposely flown into the ground under the direction of the co-pilot.

  • Ixon#28978 – treachery
  • Pholus#5145 – shooting oneself in the foot
  • Pallas#2 – inner warrior
  • Hylonome#10370 – suicide
  • Andreas#17459 – namesake for the co-pilot
  • Atropos#273 – cutting of the life-line
  • Moirea#638 – the fates

The descendant: exit point

  • Transiting Ixion#28978 (blue) 23:26°Sagittarius crossed first – possibility of treachery in the air
  • Natal Mercury 23:15°Sagittarius conjunct Saturn 23:52° – making plans with the grim reaper; psychosis
  • Natal Sun 25:11°Sagittarius – ego steps forward with personal ‘wants’ in-control
  • Transiting Pholus#5145 (blue) 26:07° followed next, creating a regrettable opportunity – airlines will make changes as a result
  • Natal Uranus 26:51° identifies the mental aberration of rebellion in Lubitz
  • Transiting Pallas#2 (warrior) 28:01°Sagittarius opportunity for a warrior to act – both by the pilot in his efforts to regain access to the cockpit and also Lubitz’ ‘the rebellious warrior’.  EXACT the descendant at the time that radar contact was lost…
  • Transiting Hylonome#10370 at 1:31°Capricorn – moments later creates the opportunity for suicide.

Other asteroid tension of note is transiting Andreas#317459 at 14:47°Gemini lined up to conjunct natal Andreas 16:10°Gemini.  He got his name on the front-page.

  • tr Neptune 8:14°Pisces conjunct natal Juno#3 at 7:51° in 10th house/careers – subterfuge with his partner (pilot)
  • tr Uranus 15:42°Aries conjunct natal Eris#136199 at 15:48°- sudden changes in behaviour i.e. from friend to enemy; creates trouble and strife
  • tr Moirea#638 at 29:48°Leo PLUS transiting Messenger#7861 at 0:14° Virgo oppose the mid-heaven are conjunct Lubitz’ natal Hylonome (suicide) 1:31°Virgo.

We could suggest that being a messenger for the fates is part of his psychosis.

D-AIPX – the aeroplane

planecrash-aeroplane-duoEven the plane’s maiden flight tells us that a suicide-warrior is the cause of its demise – Hylonome exact Pallas#2 15°Virgo in the horary chart for the maiden flight.

This could indicate a terrorist attack as much as a personal vendetta of someone on-board.  It is only when we have the human component, that we learn the full story.

  • We also note that transiting Hylonome (suicide) at 1:31°Capricorn (at the descendant) is opposite maiden flight Atropos#273 at 1:69°Cancer. This suicide act will bring the plane down; end of the line, destroyed.

The first chart is an economical use of tension, but then we are dealing with a horary chart, not a person’s emotional reaction. We can only expect the facts.

  • A Jupiter return.. Jupiter represents flight in astrology.  The lifetime of the plane’s journey is shortened (3rd house). We cannot interpret this as ‘an incident’ for it is not.  This event was a controlled mass murder.
    • tr Neptune square natal Sun – subterfuge
    • tr Saturn opposite natal Mars – pulling the pin
    • tr Mars conjunct Moon – the emotional explosion; disintegration


2 thoughts on “Flight 9525”

  1. I used 10:01 am as the birth chart for the flight. Jupiter 12:58 Leo, opposes Arabic Part of Conquest 12:58 Aquarius. At 10:28 the Part of Fortune reaches 12:58 Leo, exactly conjunct Jupiter. It’s a done deal. The unfolding & future of everyone is in the hands of a maniac. Asteroid Silentium # 5710 at 24 Sag is trine Mars 24 Aries – no amount of pleading from the pilot will get him to open the door. His Pluto 11 Scorpio is trine Silentium 11 Cancer trine Juno 11 Pisces. I haven’t heard about a girlfriend/wife. I’d say he plotted this since/at least Feb. 27th. Jupiter Rx over his BML 14:44 Leo, asteroid “Wacker” 9 Capricorn transiting his 6 to 9 Capricorn stellium. He had a “Fini (the end) return on that day too. I wonder if he was ashamed/embarrassed to admit to family/employer that he was having a breakdown and just couldn’t face being exposed & losing his job?

  2. Sometimes you just want to cry when you see nothing can affect destiny – seems like fate is written. Andreas had asteroid “Skuld” (the future) at 5:14 Scorpio in his 2014 Solar Return – the POF (unfolding of life) of the take off chart of the airplane is 5:35 Scorpio.


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