Fixed Stars – Christina Morris Case

Ancient History:

For those whom might be curious about the apparent conflict between the position of stars and position of current planets in different signs:

Before science and astrology parted ways, the ancients believed that the zodiac was a fixed point in the heavens. Understandable enough considering how slowly it moves. So once this fact was discovered that the constellations of stars did move through the heavens, then science was able to put up an argument that astrology was ‘wrong’ and threw the astrologers out of the ‘academy’. In fact the zodiac takes 24,000 years to rotate around the Sun i.e. about 2,000 years per astrology sign, so when I talk about a star being in Capricorn (as I will when we come to Christina) and a planet in Aquarius then don’t be confused. We astrologers still use the ancient texts.

The fixed stars and our known timeline:

canismajorRising in the East at 3:57am (CCTV footage) at 28°06 Cancer is the constellation of Canis Major (big dog) and specifically the star Aludra.  This star is in the tail of the dog so that is why I interpreted earlier in our enquiry as a dog wagging his tail.

We now know whom that dog was. The name Aludra is an extraction from Persian/Arabic with the translation being “the maidenhead” possibly inciting violent and dangerous passions.

By 4:08am (toll tagged EA on the freeway) we have a void at the 00°24 Leo ascendant between Canis Major and the next constellation, Ursa Major (big bear).

At 4:47am (Christina’s phone ping around Granite Parkway), constellation Draco (dragon) is in view at 08°30 Leo with the star in his tail Giansar our focus; informing us that Ursa Minor (the little bear) is close by.  Giansar is closely connected to the South Node and karma.

4:56am (Arochi’s phone ping around Granite Parkway) is the last flick of the dragon’s tail at 10°22 Leo before the constellation Draco rises in the sky to continue its journey across the sky.

argo-navis5:32am (Arochi phone ping; he’s either home or close to it) the constellation Argo Navis (ship) is in the east at 17°50 Leo.  The particular star is Naos; part of the rigging holding up the mast of this ship.

The man is on his fated journey across troubled waters.  There is no golden fleece awaiting him.

Christina Morris:

Christina’s natal Saturn at 3°37 Aquarius is conjunct the fixed star Dahib. This star is located in the constellation of Capricorn; the goat. In fact the star is at the base of the horn on the goat’s head. The name Dahib relates to the sacrificial kid (aka lamb); a ceremony in ancient times.

Dahib“In her shrine Vesta tends your fires and from her you derive your callings. You also give a fondness for clothes and wares which dispel the cold, since your lot falls for all time in winter’s season, wherein you shorten the nights you have brought to their greatest length and give birth to a new year by enlarging the daylight hours. Hence comes a restless quality in their lives and a mind which is often changed and floats this way and that; the slave of Venus.”

Summarized from Astronomica by Manilus (written in the 1st century AD).

The fixed star Markeb in the constellation of Argo Navi is conjunct Christina’s natal asteroid Pallas (the warrior) at 28°43 Virgo..  Markeb is a very ominous star, as it can portend death by drowning, when afflicted.

Enrique Arochi:

pegasusThe winged horse Pegasus was freed by Perseus when he severed the head of the gorgon; Medusa. In the constellation of Pegasus is the star, Markab. This star has been used in navigation by sailors for many a millennia.

Note: Fixed star Markab in the constellation of Pegasus is not to be confused with the Fixed Star Markeb in the constellation of Argo Navis.

Markab; in the constellation of Pegasus, can be translated as saddle, withers, etc. In modern times this star also relates to horse-power; the automobile. The star is a bright white light on the wing of the winged horse. Markab is situated in the zodiac at 22°Pisces conjunct Enrique Arochi’s natal Sun.

PavoNatal Saturn at 23°Capricorn is conjunct the star Peacock in the constellation of Pavo. In mythology this star represents the ship-builder, Argos.

This then ties back to the fixed star at the ascendant at 5:32am Naos (as does Markab).


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