Enrique Gutierrez Arochi

The escort whom accompanied Christina Morris to the parking garage in Plano Texas is Enrique Arochi.  We have not named him openly to date.   This is an extract from our post of 5th October 2014  where we interpret his natal chart (see below).

We know from the midpoint of the transiting Sun/Moon (3°Libra) that the tension between the focus of the event of the disappearance is highly likely conjunct this young male’s natal Moon. If not exact, then it is absolutely; 100% under tension no matter what time of day or night that this young man was born.

A Pisces Sun and Libra Moon blends the emotional sensitivity and understanding of a Pisces, with the courtesy and friendliness of Libra. There is nothing base, crude, earthy, ugly or terribly heavy about this personality.

Generally, people respond naturally to this mix of Sun and Moon because they freely offer a ready ear and a bright, optimistic outlook and non-threatening demeanor. They’re not known for taking action, but rather for planning and preparing.

A Pisces Moon has the driving need to be accepted for their sensitivity.  This young man is nothing like Christina’s boyfriends, when it comes to being assertive. If Christina had indicated that she was prepared to go her own way, a person with this Sun-Moon mix would have stepped back from any responsibility or assertiveness about insisting that he escort her to her car door.

Of course we do have a synchronicity with the other case players with the gift of hindsight – natal Mars/Venus midpoint = 3°Aquarius.  We interpret this aspect as suggestive of inhibition on this occasion due to the fact that his ‘romantic nature’ is exact conjunct Christina’s natal Saturn. She would have not warmed to any romantic approach by this young man if he had offered it.

  • tr Sun (orange) quindecile natal Sun in 9th house (higher purpose) – transiting Sun identifies the date on the calendar.  The ego is obsessively seeking a higher purpose for his actions (or lack of, depending on your perspective).  PLUS
  • tr Mercury (yellow) opposite natal Sun (in 9th house) – ditto
  • tr Moon square natal Mars at the descendant/7th house of public relationships – driving need to take action.
  • tr Venus (pink) quindecile natal Venus – obsessive peer pressure.
  • natal Mars at the descendant is the most dangerous aspect; cusp of the 7th house of relationships and opposite the ascendant – macho man.

357-MorrisEscortclick on charts for full size

With the original midpoint for the event of the disappearance within range of this young man’s natal Moon, this suggest to me that he may have offered to drive Christina to collect her dog and she declined his offer.  Did Christina have other plans and he insisted?

Back to the asteroids and we note that this lad’s Lunar nodal axis is also being nudged by Mollypetit #20472 at 17°Aquarius.  Any wonder Molly is the party drug of choice by this age-group; that and amphetamines.  These drugs will create trauma for many, I have no doubt, especially considering that the nodal axis is in the mix generating anxiety and trauma.  We could suggest that he is ‘off his tree’.

Again I reiterate, that all astrology interpretation on this blog is for study purposes only; is not accepted in any law court in any country and can only be viewed as opinion.  Astrology is a pseudo science, so please remain skeptical of all interpretation.

EA-parentsThese pair of charts are EA’s parents natal charts viewed through the perspective of the 3:57am video footage of their son and CM enroute the parking garage in Plano, TX.

Astrology note: Charts of those whom are part of a Latino culture usually reveal that the matriarch has the most to tell us.  This is confirmed here.

Father on the LHS first:

  • tr Jupiter (green) opposite natal Jupiter in the 7th – likely pushed by wife to take action
  • natal Saturn at the descendant – paternal role steps in immediately
  • tr Sun (orange) conjunct natal Pluto (not a tight aspect) in 2nd house – date on the calendar; this man’s self-value is empowered within the family as he takes the lead
  • tr Saturn square natal Lunar nodal axis – traumatic experience as a result of brush with the grim reaper in his home (4th house); i.e. too close for comfort.
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) in 6th house – this would be the lawyer-ing up communication probably.

Mother on the RHS:

  • Midpoint natal Mars/Jupiter=Ascendant – getting things done; NOW.
  • tr Moon square natal Mars – emotional conviction; family first  PLUS
  • tr Saturn square natal Mercury (yellow) – voicing concerns no doubt
  • tr Mars conjunct Lunar nodal axis – exhibition of personal power
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) – ditto

Note: For those whom are interested in matters of karma – this lady has it big time – Neptune exact conjunct Lunar South node in her natal chart. This could manifest as highly phobic, or deeply religious.  However, that’s none of our business.

Enrique Arochi has a brother – Carlos born 14th July 1996.  We can view as to whether Enrique Arochi confided anything of a sinister nature with his 18 year-old younger brother.  There would be significant emotional reaction in a bi-wheel if he did.

This doesn’t appear to have been likely as the only transiting planet with any input is Pluto; power/powerlessness.  Plus all the tension is generated from the 6th house of everyday matters.

357-CarlosArochiThis young man appears to have been given a better dose of common sense that his brother – Mercury quindecile Jupiter in his natal horoscope; a  compulsive talker.

Natal Moon is opposite Jupiter giving him a need to excel at what he does – Jupiter often represents sporting activities and so this would be the field he would naturally follow.

Both Sun and Moon are in Cancer which identifies a naturally timid, yet emotional person and so much of this chart interpretation would be mental activity and not necessarily expressed; a self-protective shell – borne out by the natal planets in the 12th house of the mind.

  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Jupiter (green) in 6th house – likely more occupied with his own everyday matters in relation to sport, than his brother’s activities.
  • tr Pluto quindecile Mercury (yellow) – hyper active mental activity present.
  • tr Pluto opposite natal Moon – driving need for power with exaggerated new plans.
  • tr Pluto square natal Lunar nodal axis – thrust into the public arena

Comment – there doesn’t appear to be any degree of closeness between these brothers and we now know in hindsight that they are normally separated by distance – one is in Texas and the other, Oklahoma.  Carlos was just home for the holiday weekend.

On file: Searchwarrant-Arochi PDF file of search warrant for his home premises plus vehicle.

Arrest for aggravated kidnapping of Christina Morris at 7:50am, 13th December at his home address 1218 Harvard Lane, Allen.

750-ArochiInteresting timing folks.  Police likely left their station at dawn as the sun rose at 7:25am.  Once again we have to check the subtleties; the midpoints in the astrology, due to his lack of an strong emotive response to the arrest.

The inner wheel is the timing of the event and the outer wheel is the natal chart for Arochi.  So as we would expect the action is in the 1st and 2nd houses – his physical self and his pocketbook.

  • Natal Sun (orange) is in the 3rd house (communication) off-sided by the transiting Sun and Mercury (yellow).  He’d be wanting to be on the phone calling his lawyer, I would imagine. Perhaps LE are making him wait until he reaches the station.
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Venus (pink) – the arrest (Mars) likely affects his family as well as his pocketbook (both are Venus symbols).

Midpoints tell us the subtleties of the event in relation to the person.  These are the actions of the event of the arrest and give us the detail of what the arrest is for.

  • tr Mercury/Neptune (inner wheel) = natal Mars – communication (Mercury) re disappearance (Neptune) affecting the actions (Mars) of the individual.
  • tr Sun/Mars (inner wheel) = natal Neptune – loss of vitality; difficulty concentrating.  This suggests that he is slow to react most likely; slow to wake up perhaps.

So no great revelations there.  He’s not rattled enough to indicate that he is likely to reveal more to LE at this stage.

When we check the family’s charts, we can see the devastation this arrest has brought on the family.  I have no taste to victimise them and so only provide the basics of their emotional reaction.

EAarrest-familyclick on chart for full size

The trio are mother, father and brother of Enrique Arochi.  The inner wheel is the time of the arrest of their son and brother and the outer wheels their individual horoscopes.

  • Mom’s personal needs; her Moon (blue in the outer wheel) are focused on her family; Venus (pink) in the inner chart.
  • tr Neptune conjunct natal Sun in 9th house.  I would suggest that she is seeking solace with her religion

Father’s reaction is stronger as it has affected him personally as we would expect, with him as head of the family.  Again we have Venus featuring strongly.  Family is his main concern.

  • tr Saturn square natal mid-range Moon (blue in the outer wheel)   PLUS
  • tr Jupiter (green) conjunct natal mid-range Moon – he is highly emotive about the consequences that face his son.   PLUS
  • tr Moon conjunct natal Pluto – he is powerless to protect his family

Enrique’s brother Carlos is traumatised when we see that his natal Lunar nodal axis is in the mix.  Still a young man, we can expect some genuine upheaval in his public life as a result of his brother’s arrest.

  • tr Sun (orange) opposite natal Mars – likely very angry
  • tr Uranus conjunct his Lunar nodal axis at the South node – karmic connection was inevitable and will be a challenge for him to overcome.
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Jupiter (1st house) PLUS
  • tr Pluto opposite natal mid-range Moon – highly emotional.  This young man’s focus in on himself, rather than his brother.

Further information is to hand by the release of previously sealed documents.

5:32am – Enrique Arochi Rincon:

532-EAdaddyThis is Enrique Arochi’s father’s bi-wheel at the time that his son likely arrived home. The 5:32am time comes from the phone ping as provided from LE statement.

From this chart we can see that natal Lunar nodal axis is at the horizon, plus natal Neptune is at the IC. The angles are exact at this time; not a coincidence when we are viewing through the forensic astrology lens.

Despite the fact that he and his wife were out of town, this is a highly emotive event in his life.  He would face the consequences of his son’s actions when he came home.  This is a freeze-frame in time so the energy carries across time for us.

  • Highly traumatised is the Lunar nodal axis at the ascendant and personal relationships are on the agenda.
  • Neptune at the IC – indicates disruptions on the home front.  This is suggestive that this man did not have prior knowledge of what was to confront him at 5:32 in the morning of 30th August, 2014.
  • tr Jupiter (green) opposite natal Jupiter in 6th house – likely inflated mental stimulation of ‘what to do now’.
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal Neptune – ups the ante; the grim reaper walked in the door in the company of his son. The classic interpretation is ‘suffering as a martyr to the cause and wanting to give up under the stress.’  Why didn’t he?  Was it a family conference (Mercury) that created the next step that he took?
  • Venus-Mars-Sun-Mercury are all in the 5th house; his children PLUS
  • tr Pluto is conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) giving him the power to persuade.  So it would be his decision of what likely followed.

The asteroid Hygeia #10 plays a large part in this man’s astrology.  Hygiea (hygiene) ie think clean-up chemicals etc.  The synchronicity tells the story.

  • On the date Enrique Rincon was born:
  • asteroid Hygiea was transiting at 11° Capricorn
  • planet Mercury was at 11° Capricorn
  • On the day Christina Morris was born:
  • planet Uranus was at 11° Capricorn
  • On the night Christina Morris disappeared:
  • planet Pluto was at 11° Capricorn

5:32am – Carlos Arochi:

532-CarlosAThis is Enrique Arochi’s younger brother whom was home for the weekend from college in Oklahoma.  It is a bi-wheel at the time that his brother likely arrived home.  The 5:32am time comes from the phone ping as provided from LE statement.

We note that the activity is driven from the 5th house (transiting Pluto) and Carlos is receiving direction on the other side of the chart; following direction from someone else; big brother.

  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Jupiter (green) – highly inflated by the situation PLUS
  • tr Pluto square lunar nodal axis in 3-9 house axis – identification with the group (family focus) in communication; the huddle includes him in the discussion PLUS
  • tr Pluto opposite mid-range natal Moon (blue) – his personal needs are uppermost to him; extreme emotional intensity about how this will effect him. PLUS
  • tr Pluto quindecile Mercury (yellow) in 12th house (mental activity) – obsessively demanding new perspectives endeavouring to persuade; include his input.  etc etc.

As for Enrique Arochi himself, we have two phone pings – one at 4:56am in the area of the Shops on Legacy where this all started.  It appears that he returned to the general area before going home 5:32am phone ping.

  • Enrique Arochi phone ping 5800 Granite Parkway, Plano – 4:56am
  • Enrique Arochi phone ping 1500 Block E.Bethany, Allen – 5:32am

4:56am – Enrique Gutierrez Arochi

456-EAAt 4:56am when Arochi’s phone pinged off the Plano tower, we have transiting Jupiter (green) at the ascendant 10°Leo. The asteroid at the ascendant at this time is Christine #628 at 9:48°Leo.

This asteroid has been exact Jupiter (inflating) in the heavens all night.  I don’t think we need an interpretation, do you…

  • transiting Sun/Moon midpoint (in the inner wheel) is the main focus of any event chart – it is within range of Arochi’s personal driving needs (his mid-range Moon)  If he was born in the morning hours it would likely be exact, so we can interpret as likely being an accurate interpretation; that his needs were paramount.
  • The other angle of significance at this time is the IC. the lowest point of the chart; base instincts.

As for the midpoints they tell the subtlety.  This man lack the emotional input; likely socially challenged, therefore we need to look deeper with his charts.

  • tr Lunar node/Saturn = IC – self-control is likely rattled and doesn’t know what to do; i.e.looking for ambition (what now?).
  • tr Saturn = natal midpoint Lunar nodal axis –  in a lonely position
  • tr Venus/Pluto = IC – decision to head home likely for peer group (family) support.
  • tr Moon (blue) is now exact his natal Mars – he’s likely highly agitated at this time.

He heads home…

Trial has been set down for 30th November 2015.  We will continue our discussion… Arochi trial under the stars.


2 thoughts on “Enrique Gutierrez Arochi”

  1. Carlos tweeted “I thought this day would never come” at 4:02 pm on 12/13/14. It sounds as though he is relieved that Enrique was arrested. Then at 4:08 pm he tweeted “I wish I could go to the game.”

    I assume the time stamps are Central time zone since he’s in Oklahoma.


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