Elaine Baden-Clay – mother

Elaine Isobel Nora Baden-Clay (nee Hughes) – mother of the accused

Born at Wavertree, Liverpool, England.  Married Nigel Baden-Clay in Bournemouth, England  23 August, 1969.

This chart has been rectified (unknown time of birth) to a relevant time of birth.

Due to the latitude this woman was born in – the 1st house (personality/ego) is extraordinarily wide, yet empty, apart from the Lunar South Node at the cusp – destined to deal with karma in a very public way.  We note also that the zodiac sign of Pisces is hidden in the first house – what you see isn’t what you get.

This also throws the 7th house wide open as well – the marriage. Leo cusp with a hidden Virgo –  frankly, all public relationships will appear to be ‘all sweetness and light’ but there’ll likely be nit-picking behind doors.

  • South node quindecile Mars in the 6th house – promoter of teamwork.  This is where the ‘us versus them’ mentality in this family, likely originates. 
  • South Node quindecile 7th house Jupiter – inflating that public disgrace ahead.
  • Pluto in the 7th house square natal Sun – aha… another blanket over a hand grenade (see Olivia).  Temper tantrums no doubt.  Would not be a good idea to put this loose cannon on the stand, that’s for sure.
  • Cancer Moon square Neptune, again in the 7th house although on the cusp of the 8th – driving need for privacy for her children (5th house) and marriage (7th); creating an illusion.

Elaine-duoclick on charts for full size

The combination of this Sun and Moon is somewhat contradictory and confusing. The Moon placement suggests that someone with such a mix would be sensitive, easily hurt and sometimes very resentful. The Sun, conversely, shows that she is not one to be pushed around easily and at times the matriarch could be downright stubborn.

Self-assurance, that may seem to be strong in her nature, is really only skin deep. Ambition usually rules the day, yet there is a tendency to be negative and pessimistic when things don’t go the way someone with this Sun-Moon combo would think they should.

10th June 2014:

Mother of the accused attended court with her husband, daughter, son-in-law and supporters; no doubt enjoying the attention. I can never get the memory of that granny-pash from the television news coverage out of my head.  There’s no humility with this woman.

  • Tr Moon opposite natal Sun – driving need for attention.
  • Tr Moon square natal Pluto in 12th house – intensity of self-application contained within the mind; a steel trap.
  • Tr Saturn square natal 1st house Jupiter (green) – self control of temper; having a ‘make it happen’ strategy.
  • Tr Neptune square natal Uranus –  irritability likely with court process of the trial.
  • Tr Uranus square natal Mars in 12th – a dominant will; again the steel trap. This can only lead to denial; a dangerous reaction.
  • Tr Venus conjunct natal Mercury – communion (in a religious sense) with family
  • Tr Mercury conjunct Moon – attention to personal needs; emotional support for HER.
  • Tr Mercury square natal Neptune (turquoise) – fantasizing an outcome to HER advantage.

There’s not a lot going on in that chart that reveals any support for her son in the dock.  It’s all about me, me, me.

10th July 2014:

The outer planet tensions continue with this woman under constant pressure. The stubbornness and dominance of will would certainly affect her blood pressure, if nothing else.

  • Tr Mars quindecile natal Sun in 8th house.  If that’s not a self-obsession I don’t know what is… A demand for ego attention; temper tantrum; feeling under attack.
  • Tr Saturn square natal 1st house Jupiter (green) – self control of temper continues to be an everyday challenge.
  • Tr Neptune square natal Uranus –  irritability continues, however the focus changes from the court process to ethics and morals matters.
  • Tr Uranus square natal Mars in 12th – a dominant will; shut down. This can only lead to denial; a dangerous reaction.
  • Tr Sun (orange) in the inner wheel conjunct natal Mars (exact would have been a couple of days earlier) – the date on the calendar reveals the matriarch in her element, demanding attention.

One thought on “Elaine Baden-Clay – mother”

  1. My husband and I cleaned Elaine,Nigel and Gerad,s cars for many years. Elaine was such a snob and always gave us the feeling by her words and action that she was superior to us even though we owned our car cleaning business. One day she had the hide to give us a lecture about marriage as there had a sticker on the car taking about the sancity of marriage while their son was having affairs. Often their would not pay for our services and had to chase Nigel for the money their owned us. Gerard was very arrogant man and I have no hesitation to believe that he killed his wife. From his behaviour I observed that he thought himself that he was gods gift to women. He sister was also very arrogant and full of herself. The whole family needs to be pulled a peg or two down.


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