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25th January 2016 – 9:47am- LE announce the upgrade for Jessica Mitchell and DeOrr Kunz from POI to suspects in the disappearance of their child.

I would suggest that they are suspects in relation to the aftermath of a traumatic episode/death of DeOrr Jnr, rather than what is at the midheaven (asteroid Ixion), however we must remain open to the astrology result.

suspects-mountaintimeThere is a Fire Grand Trine in this chart which would only last for the day of 25th Jan, as it includes the Moon (fasted cosmic body).  There is no release valve in this chart and so it is likely intended to create pressure in the characters of interest to us.

  • The three corners of this Grand Trine are – Eris (trouble and strife) –  Ixion (murder) and Moon (needs/emotions).  Note that the Moon can also represent the missing toddler. The peak energy/overhead is asteroid Ixion – exact the midheaven/MC.

The announcement of the parents as suspects would be purposeful by LE –  we note that Jessica Mitchell (baby DeOrr’s mother) and Robert Walton (her grandfather) both had birthdays in the last week.

  • Mars and Juno are in the 8th house of transformation 11°Scorpio.  This is likely intended as pressure on a male in relation to his spouse.  I guess I’m stating the obvious, however am interpreting the astrology straight up as it presents to me.
  • Pluto is now conjunct Mercury (yellow) – the announcement is delivered from the 11th house; an appeal rather than a statement.
  • Also in the 11th house, asteroid Child is EXACT Pallas – inner resolve in relation to a child “Hey, we’re still on the case folks…”
  • Asteroid Borasissi EXACT Chiron in Pisces at the ascendant – lies we tell ourselves in relation to one drama after another. That aspect would mean more in a bi-wheel if someone has tension with this point.

Note the arrow pointing to Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) 5:35°Libra.  This is symbolic of the destiny of this media release in particular.  Rather than generate a heap more charts, I’ll list the conjunctions to this AP Fortuna.

  •  Robert Walton (gramps) has natal asteroid Ixion in his horoscope at 5:27°Libra EXACT  transiting AP Fortuna
  • Jessica Mitchell (Baby DeOrr’s mother) has natal asteroid Nessus (abused trust) in her horoscope at 4:55°Libra – conjunct transiting AP Fortuna
  • At the time baby DeOrr was born, the asteroid Child was transiting at 5:15°Aries – exactly opposite this AP Fortuna.  This does not mean opposition in a ‘team’ sense; it identifies the tension.
  • The toddler also has natal Uranus 4:45°Aries.  This is creating quite a buzz…

4th Feb 2016

foxesSo why are we hearing so little of Robert Clinton Walton, when the astrology indicates his involvement in the demise of DeOrr is so obvious according to his chart?

RCWalton-astronatalRobert Walton’s natal astrology chart (with a selection of asteroids) has been generated, in order to interpret some of his natural characteristics (before any transits create tension) in order to make some assessment of ‘weaknesses’ that could come into play when under tension.

This is the horoscope he was born with; a snapshot of the heavens in the date of his birth and in the region of his birth.  We are not aware of his actual time of birth and so there are no astrology houses in this chart.

My attention is drawn immediately to the thin blue and red lines creating a cat’s cradle pattern in the heavens.  This man likely plays games for his own entertainment and I don’t mean with pieces of string. They would be woven from (turquoise) Neptune (subversion/delusion) and Pluto (power-driven).  Note also that his natal Sun (orange) is exactly opposite to Pluto.  He may be an Aquarian Sun sign, however he sees himself in the mirror as a powerful Leo type (likely tyrannical).  Leo is also known to be full of ‘pride’.

  • Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee (his weakest point) is EXACT his natal Sun (orange).  The Sun equates with his ego and so he would be easily manipulated and open to flattery…
  • Asteroid Pholus is also involved here by quindecile with natal Pluto – power obsession is where Walton shoots himself in the foot: every time.
  • Moon (blue) opposite natal Neptune – delusions of grandeur are what he ‘wants’ to be, meanwhile he appears to need to be the undercover agent; the sly fox.  Let us trust that LE are not fooled by his detailed ‘performance’.

I’ve highlighted Uranus and South Node EXACT at 13Taurus as this indicates a family trait inherited from his mother, which alone would fill pages if he were to open up to a psychologist.  This would likely be an avoidance attempt; abrogation of responsibility for his actions. I suggest this as…

  • Asteroid Madhatter 28Taurus is opposite Borasissi EXACT Mars at 27Scorpio.  The astrology would therefore indicate that the man lies to himself in order to maintain a false sense of happiness and so with asteroid Madhatter in the mix, these contrived lies become his belief system – by choice.  This is where he differs from Isaac Reinwand.  Reinwand is psychotic (a mental illness) whereas Walton is neurotic and knows at some level that he is lying.
  • Asteroid Madhatter is also quindecile (obsessive) with this ploy in public I would suggest.

Whether he pulls this ploy off with LE, or I am mistaken in my interpretation, it is not for us to say.


Looking ahead and speculating – note speculation for March-April 2016.  These are ‘models of reality’ and hopefully more useful than weather models…

10July-23MarchThere is a good deal happening in the heavens, not just social media.  I can share that there will be a total solar eclipse on 9th March; that Mars will be beginning to slow down on it’s orbit around the Sun. We’ll feel like nothing is happening fast enough, before Mars goes Rx in mid April and ditto for Pluto. So patience will be needed for the second half of March for everything we do.

The month of May will be a time for introspection that’s for sure. However back to March.

  • Two weeks after the eclipse, on the 23rd March 2016, we have a Full Moon at 3 degrees Aries, so the Moon and Sun (opposite to each other) will be right on top of the Lunar Nodal axis of the date that DeOrr disappeared. the previous July. Plus this Sun-Moon opposition will be EXACT square to Mercury’s position back on 10th July 2015.
  • Transiting Pluto will be EXACT opposite the position of the Sun on the previous chart/10th July 2015.
  • Transiting Uranus (sudden changes) featured strongly in DeOrr’s chart last July and so we turn to where Uranus is transiting at this Full Moon and we note that it will be quindecile the Moon in the sky. OCD behaviour will be o the agenda
  • In the heavens on 23rd March Sun will also be EXACT Mercury (yellow). That’s what is known in astrological terms as a bombast – common sense will be needed and feet firmly planted on Terra Firma.

The window of opportunity will only have a short time as Saturn goes Rx on the 25th March just two days later. Retrogrades don’t stop progress – just tend to put barriers in the way…

work in progress

One thought on “DeOrr Kunz Jnr”

  1. IR has Child 11:33 Rx Leo with Alekto (unceasing anger) transiting 11:42 Leo. He’s most likely experiencing this and is in a emotional state and opposing his Moon.


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