Dedrick Bernard Smith

Note: This report has been updated on 25th October 2013 to include maps.  The page will continue to be subject to edit and additions as deemed necessary.

We are in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA discussing the event of the disappearance of 26 year-old Dedrick Bernard Smith.  This man lives with his mother and grandmother, however sometimes he stays at a friend’s home overnight.  This is one of those occasions.

On 3rd October 2006 at approximately 2am, Dedrick rang his mother to tell her that he would be home in the morning. It is suggested that he was alone at the time at this address – 2305 Booker Street, Winston-Salem; his female friend made a statement to the effect that she was not at home at the time of his disappearance.

Since that phone call there has been no known contact and no sighting of him or his car.  A missing person report was filed mid-morning 3rd October 2006 by his family.

His mobile phone was retrieved some time later; from the resident at the address where he was last known to have been; his female friend.  She had not returned the phone at the time of the missing person report.  The residence was not treated as a crime scene by LE and so no forensic report is available.

So for a forensic astrology enquiry what do we have?

We have the three legs of a chair so some balance can be had; the date of birth of Dedrick Smith, an estimated event time and the birth date of a POI – SL.

Please note that astrology is a pseudo science and is not accepted in a court of law.  We ask questions and make suggestions as per classical astrology interpretation, nothing more.

Hopefully we can give some insight into the disappearance and if possible indicate a possible direction to look for the missing person.

2am, 3rd October 2006 – the event:

Event-Winston-SalemClick on image for full size.

This can only give us a whiff of what is in the air at the time that the planets orbited over Winston-Salem. The Full Moon was only a few days earlier; unless there was dense cloud cover it would have been a bright night.

  • Moon (blue) opposite Saturn (red)– need for authority; listen to me!
  • Sun (orange) quindecile Lunar North Node (red) – obsessional emotional need by the ego.
  • Jupiter (green) conjunct Moon (blue) square Neptune (turquoise) – inflated need for secrecy.
  • Pluto (red) square Lunar nodal axis – traumatic indicator in relation to power/powerlessness (the loss of a life is ultimate loss of power)

This is not a night to run risks, out under the light of the third quarter Moon.


Bi-wheel of event-Dedrick Smith (methodology):

I do not have good news for the family of this young man, although considering that seven years have gone past, their hopes are not likely to be high that they find him alive.  Nevertheless the victim has a lot to tell us, through the heavens.

Event-DSThe inner wheel is the event, as discussed previously and the outer wheel is the natal chart for Dedrick Bernard Smith.  When we use the term ‘transiting’ we are referring to the planets in the inner wheel – the planet positions against the zodiac; orbiting at 2am.

The forensic indicator Saturn is the same in forensic astrology as it is in Greco/Roman mythology – the grim reaper; death.

Note that the red highlight identifies forensic indicators.

  • Transiting Saturn (red) conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis (traumatic event) – victim died as a result of a traumatic event.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis in the 3rd house conjunct natal Saturn – a traumatic event took the live of this young man.
  • Transiting Mars in the 3rd house conjunct natal Mars – original interpretation is a male-male confrontation, however after consideration of SL chart, I would suggest that it was likely a very aggressive personal confrontation.
  • Transiting Saturn square natal Uranus in the 4th house – death resulted most likely indoors.
  • Transiting Pluto square natal Saturn – victim is overpowered.

There are no indications of drug dealing involved in his death.


Natal horoscope of person of interest SL:

Note: As we do not have the birth time of this individual, we cannot interpret the angles or house in this chart and therefore do not reproduce a chart here for sake of confusion. We can provide it if need be.

Mercury conjunct North Node: Emotional security is tied to this person’s mind. When we are discussing the nodes there is always the swing between axis; a seesaw: They swing from one extreme to the other. This person of interest has:

1. A conjunction between Mercury-North Node indicates a closeness that can extend to a love-hate relationship with her mother. Is mother extremely ‘nit-picky’ of this daughter? Two peas in a pod?

2. The person of interest may be afraid to talk, or afraid to stop talking. Their verbal expression may be an indicator of their sense of safety.  Find what makes them feel safe and interview through this perceived safety-net.

Confrontation or direct interview is not likely to get a foothold with this person – SL needs to feel safe.  Please consult a professional negotiator as to how an interview might be best made.

We don’t know SL’s time of birth and so we are not able to determine what area of her life this swing manifests, however we know that the axis is Virgo-Pisces.  Virgo is the nit-picky details end of the seesaw and Pisces is the dreamer and often what is termed the trash-can of life.  It stinks.

Find what part of their life stinks and we’ll have the axis. I suspect that it is home/career, rather than relationships. If this is the case, then rather than a reward for information on offer, a ‘home of their own’ might get SL cooperating.  Again refer to a skilled negotiator.

Sun square Moon:  At the time of SL’s birth her parents’ relationship was in conflict; an unplanned pregnancy, however SL did not lack for a male mentor as a child growing up (Saturn is not in retrograde).

Mars square Jupiter:  This indicates a tendency to go OTT (inflated action).


Bi-wheel of event-LS:

Event-SLClick on image for full size. 

With Jupiter (green) at the ascendant we know that SL is totally out of control; OTT and very focused on the action in the 3rd house – communication.  As I am quick to add, in forensic astrology communication can take many forms, a knife, a gun or even a pair of hands, not just a tongue-lashing.

  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis is exact conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis AND natal Mercury (communication) – this is an extremely traumatic act of violence.

Putting on my academic hat, I must reiterate – consult a trained negotiator to handle any interview with this person or LS will clam up so tight – there’ll be no emotional reaction.  I might even suggest to sound-out the mother/daughter relationship for an angle.


Bringing the planets down to earth:

Astrology is a topsy-turvy world to our way of thinking – east is west and north is south.  Confusing unless you’re downunder as I am, so it’s second nature to me.

In order to superimpose an astrology wheel onto a map of the land ie astrology and cartography continue this conversation, we have to flip the astrology wheels vertically to get our locator angles working.


MAP-Smith, DBclick on image for full size

This is the bi-wheel of event-DS as above, flipped vertically and centered over the address where he was last seen.

We know that Saturn in the chart of our missing person is the indicator following a traumatic event. When we extend that line onto the map of the land we have a direction to follow in order to locate the missing person.

  • Our locator angle intersects the transiting Lunar nodal axis and Dedrick Smith’s natal Saturn.

On this occasion as we do not have the exact time of the phone call we have shaded the line somewhat to allow for an extra half an hour of clock time.  Note that this locator angle provides a direction not a precise location, however there will be a point along that line that will have relevance to the person who removed this missing person from his family.


MAP-Lindsay,SRclick on image for full size

This is the bi-wheel event-SL treated in the same manner.  On this occasion we have the identical locator angle although instead of Saturn as indicator it is Mercury.

  • Our locator angle intersects the transiting Lunar nodal axis and SL’s natal Mercury (communicator).

This time Mercury’s communication is for us, SL wants to tell us where Dedrick can be located.


MAP#2-Lindsay,SRclick on image for full size

Again from the perspective of the event-SL, this is an extended map of the area up to the border and beyond.

Note that Highway 52,  Highway 74 and Mt Airy in Surry County intersect the angle.

I trust that this report will prove of assistance to those who care about Dedrick Bernard Smith of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


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