Dasha Graafsma

impact-DashaThere is so much negativity/belief system bias in relation to the word ‘suicide’.  I would not call this case a suicide.  I would ‘call’ this as a psychosis episode resulting from drug-induced mental aberration.  That is what it is, IMO.  There are not classic flags for a what is culturally accepted as ‘a suicide’ present.

I’ve used the train impact time – just because I prefer to use authoritative times.  Inner wheel the impact with the girl and the outer wheel her natal chart.  Notes as follows.

  • natal Moon square Mercury = strong need to communicate and likely a problem in her life.
  • Moon in the 1st – overly emotional at this time about the above – I stress this as natal Mercury is exact the MC.
  • transiting Saturn (self-control on this occasion) is conjunct natal Pluto – often a spontaneous suicide will believe that the only thing that they can control is their ‘body’
  • transiting Neptune (drugs) square Saturn in the heavens that night.
  • transiting Neptune square natal Pluto.  Drug toxicity together with an overly emotional psyche has triggered a psychotic episode.

2am-4:45am  28th November 201 – utilising the transits in hind-sight with the knowledge of the outcome’ combining astrology and classic psychotic behaviour.  The following has to be accepted as subjective only.

2am-holland2am:  click on charts for full size

  • Lunar nodal axis is at the horizon along with Vesta – time to get out of a confined space and get some air (claustrophic).
  • Transiting Juno-Vesta is 150º apart – “who me?” in relation to self-worth (2nd house) and a relationship with a life-style partner (7th house)”   I would be asking at this point in relation to the company that Dasha was in – is there a romantic connection that has just outed, or she’s been ostracised ?? (the 3rd house is busy).  Also note that Saturn is square Neptune.
  • Mars is in the 1st  square Pallas – inner warrior is being activated to take action.
  • Mercury quindecile MC – likely public announcement ‘I’m outa here’.

As for Dasha’s natal input in relation to 2am – natal Mars and Pluto are still in the 3rd house.  Her personal needs are in the 2nd house so whatever the challenge was, which created her leaving the company she was in was related to 2nd house matters.

Her natal Saturn is at the cusp of the 8th house 17ºTaurus – seeking transformation.    Saturn stayed in this house until a short time before she was to meet her demise at 4:45am.

  • Between 2am and 4:45am, her needs were 2nd and 1st house matters.  ‘All about me’ and unfinished business in emotional childhood behaviour; nurturing baggage.
  • Natal Mercury 5ºLeo remains in the 10th house – she’s out in public and in IMO alone.


Note the angles again.  Transiting Juno is right at the ascendant – this would be the culmination of a psychotic episode involving a relationship – perhaps Dasha could not see any future for herself.

Note: Dasha has Juno EXACT Chiron 27:54º Scorpio in her natal chart.  This event on 28 November 2015 is a karmic event – relationships.