Curtis Wayne Wright – trial

Arrested for the murder of Dr Teresa Sievers, Curtis Wright (Wayne) has been extradited from his home state of Missouri to Fort Myers, Florida to face charges of 2nd degree murder.

florida photCWWWe have written a post in relation to the Florida murder of Teresa Sievers, Thor’s Hammer. The victim was the wife of an old school friend of Curtis Wright – Mark Sievers whom was ‘conveniently’ out of town.

There are more than a dozen missing person cases in Wright’s home-town of Hillsboro, Missouri; eight of which we will investigate at length given the information we need to make enquiries. We will build those cases on a separate page Hillsboro.

Our astrology enquiry on this page can follow the trial of Curtis Wright in Fort Myers, Florida.  Jimmy Rodgers has also been charged with the same murder and awaits extradition to Florida; expected early in 2016.

Note: the death penalty is upheld for murder in Florida.  Wright will be attempting to thwart that conviction at all costs.

Arraignment due 8:30am on 16th November 2015 in Fort Myers, Florida.

The first chart provides the atmosphere for the arraignment court hearing and the trial in general.  Note that the weight of activity is in the left-hand-side of the chart; defensive – ‘attack’ is a form of defense.

The second chart is the same perspective with the natal horoscope (noon birth-time used) for Curtis Wayne Wright.  This will likely lead us to what type of defense he has planned in order to attempt to side-step the death penalty.  He’s ‘gotten away with murder’ to date with previous crimes and so we can expect any fantasy…

These are the basic charts and we can bring in the asteroids once we have these interpreted.  Please note that none of our enquiry would be accepted in a court of law; astrology profiling is pseudo-scientific in origin.

arraignment-duoclick on charts for full size

On the day: Sun-Mercury are partile/exact 23°Scorpio in the 12th house of incarceration with the cusp at 22°Scorpio; kill or be killed.  A court-case commenced at this time will likely end with a death penalty, I would suggest.

  • Midpoint Mars/Pluto=22°Scorpio – act of murder
  • Mars quindecile Uranus 17°Aries –
  • Mars quindecile Chiron 17°Pisces –
  • Vesta conjunct South Node 29°Pisces –
  • Saturn square Neptune 7°Pisces –

Curtis Wright on the day: The first three astrology houses are empty of reaction – he has no voice in this court.  Natal Moon (his needs) are that he not be present most likely.  Even though we do not have his birth time, we know that the mid-range Moon is at the descendant; distancing himself.

  • Sun-Mercury partile/EXACT natal Neptune (turquoise) in 12th house 23°Scorpio – video link perhaps
  • tr Moon (blue) opposite natal Mars 20°Cancer –
  • tr Pluto quindecile natal Sun 28°Cancer –
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) opposite natal Jupiter 6°Virgo –
  • tr Jupiter conjunct natal Pluto 20°Virgo –
  • Natal Uranus conjunct the mid-heaven 25°Virgo –

When we repeat this last chart bringing in the subtleties; the asteroids  (blue is transiting and red Curtis Wright natal), we have a lot more to share of a possible defense being prepared.

arraignment-CWWWe know that money is on the table and likely plenty of it; life insurance for a start has to be considered particularly when we note that the asteroid Mony#7782 and the Arabian Point of Fortune 11°Aquarius in the 2nd house.

  • Transiting asteroid Lenka#10390 at the ascendant would indicate that Dr Siever’s employee, Lenka Spiska will play a significant part in this case.

The Fire Grand Trine, however is most revealing as it draws in Curtis Wright.  Again we have that ominous 22 degrees as the three points of the trine incorporating the murderous act and the weapon used.

  • transiting Ixion#28978 at 22°Sagittarius – murder
  • transiting Eris#136199 at 22°Aries –  trouble and strife
  • Natal Mjolnir#85585 at 21°Leo – Thor’s hammer (Norse mythology)

When we have a Grand Trine in the mix, we look for the release valve for that blocked energy.  At 22°Libra we have one of the major asteroids Juno.

Update 27th February 2016:

Curtis Wayne Wright has made a plea-bargain for a reduction to 2nd degree murder.  How did he manage this?  He gave up his ‘brother’ Mark Sievers (husband of the victim Teresa Sievers) as being behind the murder.

We are not in the least surprised –  we called Mark Sievers as being ‘the man’ back in October 2015.  Wright was in it for the promised life-insurance payout.