Crime date

19th April 2012 is a day, or should I say a night, which Gerard Robert Baden-Clay will have etched in his mind forever.

We are talking progressions here, so I have produced a Bi-wheel for this date in order to analyse what astrological influences might have been creating ‘tension in the air’.

  1. I started with the birth date of the accused: 9 September 1970 (this produces his birth chart/natal horoscope) and my estimation of the time and date of the death of Allison June Baden-Clay: five minutes to midnight, 19 April 2012 (this produces a ‘stand-alone’ wheel). This second wheel shows where the planets were at a given moment in time.

I have timed the second wheel for 11.55pm, however if the crime were committed earlier in the evening the only difference would be in the fractions of a degree (minutes) of the Sun and Moon’s positions. I can change later if need be, however for our purposes here the precise timing is not imperative.

When we put the two wheels together to create a bi-wheel they are set to the Ascendant of the accused in order to create consistency in comparison.

This bi-wheel progression is the third chart of the GBC collection.

The inner wheel is the birth horoscope and the outer wheel is set to the date of the crime, the murder of his wife Allison June Baden-Clay. The outer wheel is lined up according to the primary points of the birth horoscope (Ascendant 17degrees Leo13″ etc.)

I will make an astrological interpretation of this bi-wheel at a later date – in the meantime it ferments in my mind.