Court documents

These are court documents which were released to the public after the first and second bail hearings in 2012 in the case against Gerard Baden-Clay, the man who stands accused of murdering his wife Allison Baden-Clay.  All are on the public record.

paper-pileThey have been bought and paid for from the court by members of the public and are offered for research purposes.

We reproduce them without prejudice as background reading for the trial commencing on 10th June 2014.

First Bail Application documents:

Second Bail Application documents:

The following document is an application made by six media organisations during the course of the committal hearing of charges against Gerard Robert Baden-Clay seeking the release for publication of a number of photographic exhibits tendered during those proceedings.

The following are phone records for mobile/cell phones in the account name of Gerard Baden-Clay (C21) presented as documents to the court – note they are not landlines.

20th March 2013

19 December 2013 – Court ruling that the counsellor is required to give evidence at the preliminary hearing (3-4 February 2014) including evidence of anything said or any admission made by the deceased Alison Baden-Clay or the defendant Gerard Baden-Clay in communications by them or either of them in family counselling.

Astrology posts on this case:  Scouts honour, under the stars

December 2000 Going back to where it all started – a claim by Gerard Baden Clay against Flight Centre Ltd for Breach of Contract.

  • FlightCentreClaim  by Gerard Baden Clay filed in Brisbane on 20 December 2000 District Court of Queensland
  • FlightCentreDefense Notice of Intention to Defend filed in Brisbane on 7 February 2001 District Court of Queensland

Supreme Court Trial Docs June/July 2014

Appeal documents – December 2015

High Court reversal of the downgrading of trial-by-jury result



16 thoughts on “Court documents”

  1. Really enjoyed reading these. Have been glued to the computer during committal hearing. Just the tip of the iceberg I believe…and there’s more…so much more….

  2. Thankyou Mountain Misst, for sticking your neck out and doing this for us all.
    “Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.” ~Seneca

  3. MM I noticed too, there appears to be internet connection of BC Snr at 6.32am on 20th April for. 16.48mins…….. Allison’s Iphone connected at 6.31am for 13.46mins. I wonder if and how this fits into the picture…? hmmm… Coincidence?

  4. Great pickup Millie. Am endeavouring to clear my in-tray so I can settle down to this conversation. I believe this could very well be related to communicating via WAP/internet.
    The answers are therefore not in the phone records, however I betcha DPP didn’t miss extracting the information from the phones.

  5. Have you had time to check this connection MM? I assume you would have said something if you did :)…just me giving a nudge 😛

  6. Thank you MM…I did get a chance to read over this about a week ago and had to really ponder some stuff you wrote. What’s got me wondering though… the office phone is a mobile phone? Not that it really matters at the end of the day….we know the affair was ongoing What I’m curious about is if the Office phone is mobile….does it mean the calls would always have had to be made at the office….and what tower would pick up St Lucia?

  7. Yes Millie the ‘office’ phone number is that of a mobile phone, so I guess unless it is chained to the chair-leg it can go for a walk. 😉
    The carrier is Telstra so if Cookie were to have taken it home, it would ping off the tower right behind her apartment – the St Lucia Telstra tower. Is that what you’re getting at?
    The 19 April 4:17am call is a bit of a worry. Obsession is a very dangerous place to be in.
    As to the 2 odd calls from A’flower and St L – perhaps they are as a result of tower power issues.

    Don’t lose sight of the fact that I’m operating with limited knowledge, Millie and my writings are subjective.

  8. These documents are awesome MM, thanks for sharing them, the public should have access to them for free for every case as in the USA.

  9. I am wondering too how Allison’s phone used internet data the morning of the 20th for 13 mins?

  10. Very interesting to have the transcripts available for the public to look over & thankyou for your efforts in doing so , To me personally I think the behavior of this man is prevalent in our society & I myself have been a victim of domestic violence & hospitalized & many times had my life threatened by 3 different partners who I had roughly 10yr relationships with each my last was emotional abuse which I have to say has been the worst & I doubt I shall ever recover from it.
    I am just devastated every time I hear of another woman & child is yet again murdered & I feel disheartened by the lack of concern by society & government especially …..when will we take this seriously…. 😥

  11. Thank you for providing this resource. As a traumatologist/forensic astrologer and Consultant in Panic Disorders. I can offer you a connection I have seen.

    Gerard claimed that whilst in Switzerland in Winter 1999, Allison displayed extreme paranoia and anxiety of avalanches.

    On July 30 1997, a landslide swept through Thredbo Village; the tragedy of the ‘Good Wife’, Sally Diver, and her husband’s miraculous survival was still bleeding and leading Australian news when Gerard & Allison tied the knot on August 23 1997.

    Poor Allison had Post-Traumatic Stress; a common condition amongst humans who have empathy and a warm heart.

    I weep for the incompentency of the GPs, psychiatrists, psychologist and
    counsellors that Allison sought guidance and treatment from.

    I see the same insidious reprehensible smear campaign operating in
    the Baden-Clay court proceedings and was played out the Azaria Chamberlain
    case 30 years ago.

    As an Australian, I almost cannot believe that sincere ignorance and
    conscientous stupidity has become endemic. We are not an evolved culture,
    when you scratch the surface.


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