Christina Morris – work in progress

Note this is a working page only.  Information and charts can change at any time as data comes to our attention.  

christinaAstrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in a court of law.  The following is interpretation from classic astrology texts.  We can only suggest and question what the heavens have to say about this case.

We have begun to publish on the front page to bump the case for the public’s attention.


We can keep this page open for any further enquiry as information comes to hand.  Yes I might be on the other side of the world, but sometimes that is an asset – I am removed from the toxicity.

9th October 2014 – update

357-SandraPrendergastChart of the ‘matriarch of the Prendergast pride’, viewing through the lens of the CCTV timed event, reveals that there would be no way that Sandra Prendergast (born 19th August 1968 – time unknown) would accept Christina into their ‘pride’ – unless she was subservient to the matriarch of course.

Two female lionesses (Sun in Leo) with one having the natural Cancer Moon and the other the opposite, in Capricorn, look out; that’s a cat fight in the making.  History tells us there was trouble between the pair, so we can suggest that the elder did not have the grace, or self confidence to accept Christina; saw her as a rival to her status in the pride.

For Sandra Prendergast, a natal Saturn retrograde provides us with the insecurity (phenomenon) plus a heavily weighted northern hemisphere brings out that unfinished childhood business of her own, in this case.  We also seek out that tap on our shoulder for 3°Aquarius and there it is – midpoint of North Node and Neptune (turquoise) in her natal chart – identification with a large group; her pride of lion cubs.

So to the tension in this woman’s bi-wheel in relation to Christina’s disappearance:

  • tr Sun conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) – illumination of intelligence; scheming details
  • tr Mercury quindecile Lunar north node reveals an obsessional reaction – exchange of ideas PLUS
  • tr Mercury = Uranus/Pluto midpoint – more scheming – forcefully communicating
  • tr Pluto square natal Lunar nodal axis PLUS
  • tr Pluto opposite mid-range natal Moon (blue) – fear could be freezing this woman’s actions, although I doubt it.
  • tr Jupiter (green) in 1st house conjunct natal Mars – inflating her Leonine protection of her lion and cubs (by her actions).

How is Sandra Prendergast reacting, now that we are a month down the track?  Does she have reason to protect her two cubs?   I’m starting to think that her mind is on other matters.  There are others whom are due to face the courts, she has her hands full, rather than worrying about a missing young woman in Plano.

10th October update   Mollypettit; my little Molly.

Molly-T-shirt#2Before we take another step, I have to comment that the following characters and some others, whom we have already written about in our enquiry, turned up at the church where Texas Equusearch were based in Plano, TX. Plus a trio of them took part in the search for Christina.

We hear of this happening elsewhere, but it really hits home when you are told that it actually took place by someone whom was there at the time.

We have information to hand that is of a sensitive nature.  It is the birth date of a person whom does not have anything more than a parking ticket to their name according to our check of the records.  We therefore do not identify them and I will also withhold the birth data at the moment..

357-MollyFor the sake of the exercise we shall call them “Molly”. Those whom are familiar with my work will know of what I speak. It appears that we are the ones whom need to shake the tree and rattle them chains.

  • The ultimate angle indicator of Lunar nodal axis is at the horizon line.  Makes you wonder if they were on the scene, now doesn’t it…

Another point about seeing someone’s Lunar South node at the ascendant is that this person is somewhat ‘undervalued, overlooked’.  In our case possibly by LE. Do not under-estimate this person’s involvement in Christina’s demise.

  • We have that tap on the shoulder in Aquarius as well with Molly’s natal Venus in the 7th house of public relationships at 2°Aquarius and conjunct Christina’s Saturn – ominous indeed particularly is this is also directly opposite to Christina’s Sun at 2°Leo.  But more on that later…

Note: Venus represents a peer group as well as money and other things that link money and peer groups together, folks; if you get my drift…

  • transiting Moon (blue) is square natal Venus as well – this would be cooperation in any other aspect, however with the Moon at zero degrees that’s just as the scales tip from Libra to Scorpio.
  • At the top of the chart transiting in the heavens is Uranus conjunct the MC.  We note Uranus is in tension with Molly’s natal Sun, exactly in square aspect – apart from us rattling this person’s chains, I’m wondering if they’ve made a quick exit or planning to – plus  an drug overdose is also not out of the question with this tension.

Note: Uranus interacting with the cusp of the IC can very much indicate a relocation; moving.  Makes you wonder if perhaps Molly is the one who has ‘gone to China’ and not someone else…

  • tr Mars conjunct natal Pluto – EXCESS in all its forms is in the power seat.

Note: There will be much more to the interpretation of this bi-wheel with midpoints and asteroid positions to add to the story.  However we pause at this stage for those whom need to act to do so, before the Molly peddlers decide to take a powder, although that would bring a broader pair of shoulders to bear, if they did. I’m sure LE have everything in hand.

357-BusinesspartnerSo we continue on to the next step in our enquiry with Molly’s ‘business-partner’; Hunter Lee Foster and his bi-wheel.  These two business partners are a new item ‘as a pair’, pooling their resources in order to peddle a large shipment of Molly.

Notice how this chart is very different – somewhat removed from the situation and yet still getting a spike at the ascendant. This member of the partnership is not  in Plano, Texas at 3:57am on 30th August, 2014.

But he’s not pocketed the get-out-of-jail card by any means – karma will make sure of that. Our favourite Natal South Node is in the picture; the wheel has turned full circle.  Note for those not familiar with the significance of karma – what goes around, comes around.

  • Ascendant=Jupiter/Lunar node – a profitable relationship/liaison; in it for the money and what it feeds – the ego.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis highlights natal Sun – a feeding frenzy for the ego ; likely out in public most of the day and night – Mr Popular due to the supply of ‘Mollypetit’ to move.  I would suggest he’s not long indoors, with the aspect being just past the cusp.
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Pluto – again EXCESS in all its forms, in the power seat.
  • tr Pluto square natal mid-range Moon – driving need for power and control
  • tr Uranus square natal Neptune – use of underhanded means to do the job; evil at work.

When a ‘party drug’ is taken by the ‘party goers’; when that same drug is responsible for taking a life and nothing is said, then all the ‘party goers’ become part of the conspiracy; the cover-up.

lionesses-colourWhen the parents of these young people whom don’t want to see their children with drug offenses on their records continue with the cover-up, they also become co-conspirators.

It doesn’t take long before the entire community is infected. We all know that it will just be a matter of time before it erupts in ways least expected.

At this stage in our enquiry, I need to fill in some blanks. In astrology terms, the Moon represents our personal driving needs; what we need not just what we want.  She is illuminated by the Sun’s rays; softening the expression of our selves rather than the harsh reality of the day; direct sunlight.

There is a term in astrology called ‘Black Moon Lilith’ that scares the pants off a lot of people with the mention of ‘Lilith’ (due to religious teachings/upbringing most likely), so let me explain a little about the ‘black moon’ in scientific terms.

Firstly – the Moon does not orbit about the centre point of the Earth. The earth and moon work as a two-body system, both spinning around a common centre of gravity. That’s what keeps the moon ‘attached’ to the earth. This centre-of-gravity point, about which they both turn, is called the Earth-Moon Barycenter – about 3,000 miles/4,700 km from the middle of the earth and so the earth wobbles around this off-centre point within itself. Plus because the moon also orbits the same point it has its unique wobble as well.

Then there is one more thing to consider. In reality, the moon experiences a stronger gravitational pull from the Sun than it does from the Earth and so this disturbs its orbit a lot, resulting in a lunar orbit which looks like an ellipse (oval shape) drawn with a wavy, wobbly line.

BMLAstronomers have a term called the Mean Lunar Orbit that is a mathematical calculation to even out the wobbly line into a nice smooth ellipse, by averaging out the moon’s positions over time in order to make predictions about the moon’s ‘behaviour; eg. when there is going to be a Super Moon etc.

The term ‘mean’ in their dictionary needs to be interpreted as the ‘average’ (rather than ‘mean’, as in scrooge).

The apogee (farthest away from the earth) that the mean orbit is, is known as the Mean Lunar Apogee, or Mean Black Moon. In my interpretation, the ‘black’ is equating as being less under the influence of – on this occasion, the earth. Hence the fear of being out of control by the earth’s inhabitants; in chaos.  We then have the term, Black Moon Lilith.

Bear with me, this all is significant to what went down at 3:57am on 30th August 2014. When we look at the event chart (any one of them), we note that the cusp of the second house is at 20°Leo.  This is exact conjunct the position of the Mean Apogee at the same time in the heavens – that scary point when the symbol of our driving needs is farthest from influence; our weakest link, if we put it in forensic astrology terms.

Note: Be reminded here that the Sun represents what we want and the Moon what we need. So to interpret here – our ‘needs’ are as far from our ‘wants’ as they can get. We all know that if the chain is going to break, it always breaks at the weakest link; Black Moon Lilith.

When we look at this in relation to our daily lives, the Mean Apogee is there for us every day; the opportunity to break a link. Don’t get me wrong, Black Moon Lilith is good far more often than it is bad.  Basically it represents where we take risks; testing the links in our chain of reality.  Some can take risks easily and some can’t. Me, I walk the edge quite comfortably.

So what is the significance of this 2nd cusp and what’s it got to do with Christina? Black Moon Lilith is the missing link.  It literally identifies the connection between Christina and the real person behind the alias, Molly. Shouts his name from the heavens to all whom can hear. But I must explain the second house cusp first.

357-cmorrisAs the clock winds down from midnight that fateful night, Christina’s emotional journey with the Mean Apogee experiences the different houses of the astrological realms; as the wheel-of-life rotates. On the last night that we know of her life as it was – at midnight, Black Moon Lilith is conjunct Venus at 20-21°Leo; it’s likely a social night out with a peer group.

Things no doubt got a bit catty at times while this cosmic-pair Venus and Lilith were traversing the 4th house. Christina was with old school friends and so while in the 4th house emotional issues of family and home-life would have been on the agenda – good and bad; revealing the weaknesses of teenage woes and adolescence.

By 12:30am the heavenly companions peak at the cusp of the 4th house – the most stressful point for the links to break – thoughts of abandonment and rejection are at their peak.  As the clock ticks forward the energy flows into the 3rd house increasing the need to communicate and release this pent up energy.

Lilith is exalted in the third house; in her natural environment – probably at risk of leading Venus astray. Lilith does have a tendency to run amok in the 3rd and her wicked side comes out to play. As the clock traverses the 3rd house the relevant weaknesses are aired; involving lies and mischief, or saying one thing and meaning another.

This energy continues until the peak when it reaches the cusp of the 3rd house at 2:15am and the body’s tiredness begins to take its toll after a big night out. The 2nd house always governs the body. The batteries are running down. This is where the price has to be paid for all excesses of the previous 24 hours.

The 2nd house relates to personal assets and Venus is now exalted. Christina’s partner has been out working the bars and clubs, but they’re all closing now and he’s likely cashed up. Earlier weaknesses are still on her mind and are likely carried into the 2nd house as Christina continues to try to connect with him by phone; to no avail.

A little before 3am she texts a friend to get ‘Molly’s’ phone number; there is no answer. Christina is in the realm of the material girl; her possessions matter, to a point of becoming a weakness. And what is the ultimate weakness in forensic astrology? Nothing less than the quindecile.

Gnarled old Neptune, master of all addictive substances, subterfuge and deception is at 6°Pisces on that night – just a quindecile away from the action of Venus and Black Moon Lilith and still orbiting the 8th house of death and transformation in the heavens. Obsession takes control of the body as Black Moon Lilith and Venus cross the cusp of the 2nd house.  It is 3:57am on 30th August, 2014 in Plano, Texas.

If Molly was at home in Plano, he would be less than 10minutes away by car. Apart from his father’s white van, he drives a very distinctive vehicle.  Not a young man’s Camaro like Christina’s walking companion, more of a classic, I’m told.

It wouldn’t matter how grainy the images were on the parking garage CCTV, his car would be recognisable if it drove out of the parking garage around 4am. I think we need to take a deeper look at ‘Molly’ and his ‘golf-cart’.  Is it on camera?

Actually we have information on several vehicles of interest to us.  This is always useful in forensic astrology, because makes and models of automobiles are oftentimes named after mythological characters with connections to speed, power etc – it’s part of the sales and marketing biz of manufacturers. Not so the Cadillac, nor the goat farmer Chevrolet, but they are different stories.

This leads me to scan the heavens for those subtle influences; the asteroids at 4am – three hours before dawn. We all know about Phaethon; the asteroid symbolic of cars/carriages in general and where we look first.  That’s recorded in Part 1.

  • Toyota #3533 is transiting at 12°Libra (in the 3rd house) – communication initiated
  • Phaethon #3200 – transiting at 21°Gemini (in the 11th house) – looking for the white knight to come to the rescue.
  • Honda #3904 – transiting at 29°Capricorn (at the descendant) – a way out; exit.

We then turn to each of the persons we have in this enquiry to see where any of them might be connected to a particular made of vehicle and also their natal charts.  Oh yes, there are connections for us; there always are.  We start ticking off the boxes.

Apart from the fact that Christina drove a Celica, we know that another Toyota driver under our microscope was not in Plano, so when we check the position of this asteroid Toyota – 3rd house (communication initiated); we have our answer. It would appear that there was a communication in this regard – likely recorded in Christina’s phone records.

This person is whom we would expect to have made the trip to collect his girlfriend, but then he’s an Aries Sun-Moon.  He’s not going to make an effort unless it is to his advantage; he’s all about ‘me’ not anyone else.

  • Our potential white knight (11th house), Phaethon at 21°Gemini is exact conjunct natal Mars for Aaron Logan Prendergast. Did Christina contact him or someone else perhaps in an effort to get a ride home to Fort Worth? We know that the friend she rang earlier; the friend whom missed the call doesn’t have any natal planets at 21°Gemini, so she would not have been in a position to come to the rescue; it’s not in her astrology chart. At this point, I would suggest that Logan’s carriage awaits…

Now to the next box with our pencil at the ready. At the descendant; cusp of the 7th house, this is a potential way-out for Christina. Who drives a Honda? And whom has a planet connection with 29°Capricorn? There are two persons on our list.

  • The first is the walking companion of Christina’s with natal Mars at 0°Aquarius, however we know that Enrique Arochi doesn’t usually drive a Honda.  He likely offered a ride to Christina, as discussed in Part 1. What vehicle was he driving that night?  The other forensic indicators in his chart certainly don’t let him off scot-free by any means.  He is bound to have offered a ‘way out’ for the damsel in distress.
  • The other person is a man whom we would not expect to find connected to this case. His son drives a Honda, I believe. Franklin Scot Prendergast’s natal Saturn is at 29°Capricorn. What is going on here?  Were father and son together, or have I walked through a meteor shower?

We cannot leap to conclusions, as these astrology bi-wheels are snapshots in time and there could always be a parallel crisis in another family’s life that same night.  However it cannot and must not be excluded when there is such a strong connection/history between Christina Morris, Logan Prendergast and his family.  In fact Franklin (Scot) Prendergast lived with Christina and Logan before their relationship ended when Christina left to move in with Hunter Foster.

Christina’s escort to the garage is a wild card, plus the drug peddler, well he has motive as well, due to his male-bonding cutting-in on Christina and Foster’s relationship.  Any wonder LE are stalled.

14th October    I’m going to ruffle a few feathers now; it’s time someone did.

cockfightHunter Foster is currently safely tucked away on another matter due to his avoidance of what was in front of his face, however it’s probably a good idea as it will let the feathers in the fowl-yard settle somewhat. Forgive me if I repeat myself, however I need to put it down step by step, to understand it, myself.

Christina and Logan Prendergast had known each other for years, dated for about a year and then moved in together in 2013. Logan’s father Franklin was homeless around then and so he lived with the couple, at one stage. Just two months after setting up together, Christina upped and left Logan to move in with his best mate, Hunter Foster.

Note: From what I’ve seen of Christina’s horoscope, she makes friends of her male partners rather than a relationship based on male-female roles. This is common in natal Saturn Rx charts from my experience, however on this occasion, it is exclusive to Christina’s chart and not in either of these two males horoscopes. That’s not favourable for a long-term relationship, unless issues are addressed and resolved by mature adults.

The relationship between the three – Hunter, Logan and Christina did not appear to suffer hugely when Christina swapped partners. However, we all know that this is not likely the case and there would have been dark brooding in the ruffled Logan Prendergast feathers. I mean it’s a direct hit to your manhood when a girl up and leaves your nest.

Life continued on with added assistance from chemical derivatives, until another rooster came into the fowl-yard through a hole in the fence. We can talk about the fence that didn’t get mended later…

Now it’s not what you expect. This new rooster didn’t cuckold the nest. The new cock bonded with Hunter in a male mateship sort of way (non-sexual I believe). In fact they got on so well that Christina was left in the hen-house far too often, thereby not getting the attention from Hunter that their relationship needed. The relationship between Christina and Hunter was breaking down.

But that’s not the only relationship that was in jeopardy by this new rooster in the fowl yard. Remember the brooding Logan? Well he had been replaced in Hunter’s affections by this new rooster whom wasn’t part of his social circle – another blow to male pride.

Hunter being that double Aries (Sun-Moon) only thought of himself – he lacked the sensitivity to wake up to what was happening and probably still doesn’t get it. Loyalty wouldn’t be in his vocabulary, I don’t think – apart from loyalty to him of course from everyone else.

So old best mates, Logan and Hunter had a face-off just prior to Christina going off to meet up with her old high-school friends in Plano whom she hadn’t seen in a year. With both males having Aries Moons it was not likely a scrap over Christina – more of a cock-fight in the school yard. Emotions were running high all round.

Now if you haven’t been able to follow me, the new rooster in the fowl-yard is the same person whom we have referred to above as Molly. By request we still cannot name him. What we can do is share the males relationship with the aid of astrology and see if we can fathom the dynamics.

3roostersNote: The following are the basics of the interpretations. Ignore the house placements as we do not know birth times for any of these individuals.  I’ve used midday on each occasion, to get ‘the average’ for the moon placement.

The first chart is Logan Prendergast and Hunter Foster. They are born one month apart so there is lots in common with the outer planets. Inner chart is Logan and the outer chart is Hunter.

  • What we are interested in, is that they both have the same Aries Moon – “I am Number One” (Hunter has the Aries Sun so he wins)  PLUS
  • Hunter’s Jupiter (tend to excess) is tempered by Logan’s Saturn (conservativeness) – that’s where they make a good balance for each other

The second chart is Hunter and the New Rooster/Molly OR as he likes to call himself Jerry Foster – purporting to be a ‘bro’ to Hunter. His birth name is actually Taylor John BARRY.

  • Their Moons are opposite each other so they mirror for each other; feed off each other; both very needy.
  • Hunters Mars (need for action) is square Molly’s natal Moon (basic needs).  Hunter would be leading Taylor Barry astray, if anyone is doing the leading…

The third chart is Logan and the New Rooster/Taylor Barry.  This chart is traumatic for both persons.  Their meeting will be highly charged…

  • Again we have the Moons in opposition – mirroring and feeding off each other.
  • The Lunar nodal axis is exact in common and square to Logan’s natal Venus – emotive, traumatic and likely a very public stoush.

We can expound at a later date if need be.

16th October

CM-357We now have Christina’s time of birth and so we can reverse the process and view the event at 3:57am, 30th August 2014 thru her eyes.

Christina was born with what’s called a ‘stellium’ (planets in close proximity to each other). When this happens the individual energies of each of the planets becomes blurred – lacking individuality of their impact; the planets that is, not the person. The person thereby lacks the subtlety of separating the distinct energies; usually rolling with the punches that life throws at them. Hence they are usually easy going in social situations and what we call ‘bright sparks’.

The hemisphere analysis of Christina’s natal chart reveals a weight of planets in the lower hemisphere (unfinished childhood business) together with two particular areas worthy of discussion – the 2nd house and the 6th.

2nd house: Natal Mercury at 29°Leo is at the cusp, together with the conjunction of Venus-Mars – all experience would be within the realm of personal assets; valuing oneself.

6th house: revealing her life-progression through the 6th into the 7th house of public relationships when we review her chart using solar arc theory (method). At the age of 15, Pluto had reached the 5th house learning the power of creativity; learning about the power in casual relationships etc and then by 17, she would have been out ‘in society’ proper.

At 21, Neptune’s influence kicked-in the door and by March 2014 before her 23rd birthday, Uranus had progressed by solar arc to exact conjunct her natal Saturn at 3°Aquarius and opposite her Sun – rebellion of self-image; struggle between the old and the new her. This is not a smooth transition plus is a life threatening aspect in itself.

Note: When we work with SA theory – the conjunction by progression that determines the upcoming event (Uranus arc-ing to natal Saturn in this case), is followed by a trigger.  It then takes transiting planets to trigger the action of her disappearance.

In this case the triggers are transiting Saturn (grim reaper/closing time bell) conjunct natal Pluto; another life-threatening situation, plus the Sun as it makes its annual journey lining up opposite Neptune (hidden aspects in the personality revealed) in the heavens and intersecting exact by conjunction with Christina’s natal Venus-Mars on 30th September. Up until now, Christina’s twenty-three years had been learning about valuing herself and the inter-relationship with other people in her personal life.

Bi-wheel interpretation is pretty much the case as the reverse perspective, due to her ascendant being close to that of the time of her disappearance (see placement **** on the chart).

18th October

By request, we bring yet another character into our enquiry.  He is that young man who drew attention from the media, commenting that he had had a conversation with Christina during the evening. We can check his charts as we have his birth data.

He said she insisted on driving back home to Fort Worth, but he never realized it would be the last time he saw her before she was reported missing.
“She was loved by everyone. She was the nicest person I’ve ever met, great personality,” said Nickerson. “I don’t see anyone that could lay a finger on her.”

357-Nickersonclick on chart for full size

Making himself available for media comment, reveals that natal Mercury (yellow in the outer wheel) will likely be in the mix and it is; plus in the 8th house of death/transformation.  Mercury is also tucked up close to his ego (natal Sun), but far enough away not be interpreted as a big problem.

Note that both Sun and Mercury are in Pisces, so his communication would be more evasive. I wouldn’t take his words too literally – not a liar more a case of using innuendo.

  • Lunar nodal axis at the ascendant – contact with Christina in a public place; traumatised by the event.
  • tr Sun (date on the calendar) opposite natal Mercury – energised communication
  • Sun opposite Sun – illuminated in the sun’s glow; preening feathers, we could suggest – in a male rooster sort of way.
  • tr Lunar north node quindecile natal Venus – is this lad a tad obsessive about the girls?
  • tr Moon square natal Saturn – need to control his relationships.
  • tr Mars conjunct Pluto – excessive effort made to get out and about; possibly aggressive, even brutish.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) is opposite tr Sun and conjunct natal Sun – is this alcohol induced or party drugs providing this ‘dutch courage’?
  • tr Uranus square natal Uranus – erratic behaviour.
  • tr Jupiter conjunct mid-range natal Moon – inflating driving needs to bask in attention
  • tr Venus quindecile natal Sun – here we go again with the ego involvement – what is it with this young man?

24th October

Putting aside the personal astrology of those in this enquiry, on 30th August 2014 the Sun at 6°Virgo was exact opposite Neptune 6°Pisces in the heavens; that one date in a year when the spotlight is at its brightest; holding up the mirror to all things Neptunian – good and bad. All things addictive fit into Neptune’s haul of baddies; that’s why I keep coming back to drugs being the most likely basis for Christina’s disappearance. All the dealers would have had a big night of sales.

Changing from a user to a dealer of drugs opens so many more doors for other criminal activity to enter. I understand the temptation as to why some deal in a small way – ‘fly high for free’, however that’s just another Neptune illusion net to get caught up in. We all know there is always a cost and the base line is always money/greed.

Dealers are in the business of fulfilling emotive reaction/needs in their customers and are quite ruthless personally. That’s why Hunter Foster is a ‘perfect’ soft dealer – totally self-centered, with a ready-made customer base – his ‘social group’. I can track this type of dealer with astrology as they are usually amateurs in the game and still emotively driven (ego etc).

Another type of dealer is the stand-over merchant. With them, we’re stepping outside the realm of emotive reaction. Once these characters get hardened at their game, the less we can track their involvement with astrology… unless a crime other than a drug sale is committed.  We are always looking for an emotive reaction; the unexpected.

With Hunter Foster upping the ante; increasing his slice of the pie by taking on a larger shipment with ‘Molly’ just a month before Christina’s disappearance, we have a broader threat from other dealers; encroaching on territories etc etc.  That’s the curve ball we’ve been thrown in this case; well one that we know of anyway.

However IMO I don’t feel that this case is so far removed from home. I may be proven to be wrong, however that’s where I stand today with this enquiry, after having generated another swathe of charts during the week.

4th November 2014 update

As a result of the release of the Search warrant for Enrique Arochi’s vehicle and his parent’s home, we have another event time of 4:08am and a location of the Custer Rd gantry on Sam Rayburn Tollway.   We can create a hypothetical situation where Christina possibly accepted a ride with Enrique Arochi to her father’s home in Allen (due to the fact that she was unable to get hold of Hunter Foster).

IF Christina was in Arochi’s vehicle when he drove through the toll, then we can generate another bi-wheel for her calculated at 4:08am and then continue to our cartography exercise (method) and reproduce another map that is indicative of a direction to follow as a possible location of her whereabouts.

Please remain skeptical of this result as astrology is a pseudo-science.  Our aim is to suggest, nothing more.

We note the crisis point according to the Serbian astrologer’s method with both 18 and 22 degrees on house cusps.

404-CM-EA-duoAs for the  bi-wheels and changes in this 11minutes since our last charts – we have the ascendant rotate to exact 00°Leo – exact conjunct the asteroid Alma #390 and exactly opposite to Enrique Arochi’s natal Mars.

Arochi is control of the situation (on the freeway).  No-one else is driving his vehicle.  If we view this as Christina in his vehicle, again we interpret as – he is in control of the situation.  He is likely to take the Alma Road exit.

According to the astrology, this hypothetical situation is still totally only circumstantial.  It is not presumptive of guilt yet.

1015-ArochiFurther to the search warrant detail, we have another event time 10:15am Saturday morning 30th August when Arochi fills up with gas at the pump in Allen.

The ascendant is at 17°Libra exact conjunct asteroid Hooveria #932 – no prizes for guessing that detailing the car is on the agenda.

  • tr Sun is still highlighting the ego quindecile into the 7th house – PLUS
  • tr Mercury opposite natal Saturn – mental acuity is all systems go as for the every-day detail to be done, despite the lack of sleep.

It is the midpoints at the IC that are of particular interest.  Opposite to the career house (10th).  This must be one hell of a hang-over…

  • Mars/Uranus = IC – the sense of either/or present (as to his job – go to work or stay at home); possibly taking drastic measures.  Don’t think he cares overly much about his career at Sprint.
  • Saturn/Neptune = IC – loss of ambition; moodiness; capitulating to demands of the environment totally – ready to go crash out, but still has to check in at work.

By 4th September the vehicle has been given a thorough clean ready to hand over to LE.

19th November 2014 update

HF-EAWe add the synastry for Hunter Foster and Enrique Arochi.  We are not privy to either birth times so we cannot interpret the house placements.  Arochi was born in March 1990 and Foster April 1991 so there was likely a year between them during their education and probably a different social group when they were young.

Their driving needs, natal Moons are in opposition; opposite sides of the bi-wheel.  Hunter has that driving need ‘to be top of the tree’ and Arochi’s drive is more in line with the need for ‘social acceptance; to shine’.  Hunter Foster would be the more naturally dominant of the two in any interaction.

  • Foster Moon square Arochi Uranus – not a natural match; likely to be emotional tension between the two instigated by Arochi
  • Foster Mars square Arochi Moon – Foster would tend to ‘let it fly’ be disruptive by any interaction.  Arochi would tend to shy away.
  • Foster Lunar nodal axis intersects Arochi Saturn – Arochi would feel isolated; lonely, if they were in a public situation together
  • Foster Sun square Arochi Saturn – ditto
  • Foster Saturn conjunct Arochi Venus – the hurt of love lost by Arochi.  Is there a history between these two over another girl, or is it about Christina? Arochi seems ‘put out’ by Foster winning a heart that ‘should’ have been his to win.
  • Foster Uranus conjunct Arochi Neptune (turquoise) – Foster could have used underhanded means in their interaction in relation to Neptune’s symbol; addictive substances.

13th December 2014

The arrest of Enrique Arochi for aggravated kidnapping gives us the opportunity to generate yet another chart in this enquiry.

The media has provided the time of 7:50am, 13th December and the location his home address 1218 Harvard Lane, Allen.

750-ArochiInteresting timing folks.  Police likely left their station at dawn as the sun rose at 7:25am.  Once again we have to check the subtleties; the midpoints in the astrology, due to his lack of an strong emotive response to the arrest.

The inner wheel is the timing of the event and the outer wheel is the natal chart for Arochi.  So as we would expect the action is in the 1st and 2nd houses – his physical self and his pocketbook.

  • Natal Sun (orange) is in the 3rd house (communication) off-sided by the transiting Sun and Mercury (yellow).  He’d be wanting to be on the phone calling his lawyer, I would imagine. Perhaps LE are making him wait until he reaches the station.
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Venus (pink) – the arrest (Mars) likely affects his family as well as his pocketbook (both are Venus symbols).

Midpoints tell us the subtleties of the event in relation to the person.  These are the actions of the event of the arrest and give us the detail of what the arrest is for.

  • tr Mercury/Neptune (inner wheel) = natal Mars – communication (Mercury) re disappearance (Neptune) affecting the actions (Mars) of the individual.
  • tr Sun/Mars (inner wheel) = natal Neptune – loss of vitality; difficulty concentrating.  This suggests that he is slow to react most likely; slow to wake up perhaps.

So no great revelations there.  He’s not rattled enough to indicate that he is likely to reveal more to LE at this stage.

17th December 2014:  I continue to look to the heavens for assistance in our effort to find Christina.

  • Transiting asteroid Alma #390 on 30th August in the heavens above Plano was at the position in the zodiac of 0°Leo.
  • Transiting asteroid Harvard #736 was conjunct Alma just a breath away at 1:31°Leo suggesting a relationship between these two asteroids.

Note: In hindsight we know that Enrique Arochi would likely have taken the Alma exit off the freeway plus we all know now that he resided with his parents in Harvard Lane, Allen.

For those whom don’t already know, the position of the Sun on the day that Christina was born was at 2°Leo.   So these two asteroids transiting in the heavens on the night of 30th August 2014 (Alma and Harvard) are conjunct her natal Sun – illuminated by her light.

So from that we can now see that Christina left us the message that Arochi is likely involved in her disappearance from the carpark in Plano.  This we know is confirmed due to the recent arrest of Arochi for her kidnapping.

Our next step is to check further transiting asteroids that may be of significance. Are you familiar with the Greco/Roman myth of Persephone?

Persephone was kidnapped by the God, Hades and taken to the underworld (hell) to be his wife.  It took a while for her mother to find out where she was.  Persephone’s mother is Ceres (represents the harvest). While she was grieving, Ceres cursed the planet earth with a drought and many perished until she learned where Persephone was hidden.  Ceres did a deal with Hades that Persephone spend half the year with him in hell and half the year above the ground with her family.  Persephone therefore represents Spring and Summer to us.  It’s all part of the lesson of the seasons in ancient times.

When we turn to the transiting asteroids on 30th August 2014 again, we know that Persephone #399 is located at 3°Aquarius in the heavens.  So when we turn to Christina’s natal horoscope again we learn that this transiting asteroid Persephone is conjunct Christina’s natal Saturn at – you guessed it … 3°Aquarius.

In FA the planet Saturn represents death and in my method a locating angle to where a body may be found.  Therefore putting Saturn and Persephone together = the astrology suggests that she will likely be found among trees and leaves; the symbolism of Persephone.

We trust that we do not need to wait until the seasons change to find Christina.  I shall keep on the trail…

19th December 2014 – we have release of sealed documents

From these documents, as astrologers we have the following information that we can work with.  I am sure that LE have more pings recorded, however as usual we work with what we get.

  • Christina Morris phone ping 5800 Granite Parkway, Plano – 4:47am 30 August 2014
  • Enrique Arochi phone ping 5800 Granite Parkway, Plano – 4:56am
  • Enrique Arochi phone ping 1500 Block E.Bethany, Allen – 5:32am

What changes for us will be the angles as the clock ticks forward. The wheel travels anticlockwise so if it appears to be a count-down rather than up, don’t get confused.  I allow the computer software to generate the charts.

Arochi-pingsThese two charts are in relation to Enrique Arochi.  The first is the tower ping at Plano and the second is the ping close to his home in Allen.  The outer chart in each is the natal horoscope of Arochi; his birth date.

Enrique Arochi charts have been interpreted elsewhere and so we will just address anything that relates to these particular times in the pre-dawn hours of 30th August 2014.

  • At 4:56am when Arochi’s phone pinged off the Plano tower, we have transiting Jupiter (green) at the ascendant 10°Leo. The asteroid at the ascendant at this time is Christine #628 at 9:48°Leo. This asteroid has been exact Jupiter (inflating) in the heavens all night.  I don’t think we need an interpretation, do you…
  • transiting Sun/Moon midpoint (in the inner wheel) is the main focus of any event chart – it is within range of Arochi’s personal driving needs (his mid-range Moon)  If he was born in the morning hours it would likely be exact, so we can interpret as likely being an accurate interpretation; that his needs were paramount.

Note: At this time Arochi’s focus is on his personal needs and so I would suggest that ‘what has gone down’ is likely well over by now, however he doesn’t get home for possibly another 36 minutes.  This therefore suggests to me that he may still have Christina’s body in the trunk of his vehicle.  If this is accurate, any wonder if he is moving her around, that we couldn’t track her with our locator angles

The other angle of significance at this time is the IC. the lowest point of the chart; base instincts. We have the subtleties of several midpoints for us to interpret.

  • tr Lunar node/Saturn = IC – self-control is likely rattled and doesn’t know what to do; i.e.looking for ambition.
  • tr Venus/Pluto = IC – again suggestive of a female body; i.e. can’t take it home (cusp 4th house)
  • tr Saturn = natal midpoint Lunar nodal axis –  see 2nd chart
  • tr Moon (blue) is now exact his natal Mars – he’s likely highly agitated at this time.

The second chart reveals the Lunar nodal axis on the horizon – Arochi’s home and can now release the trauma, however the ascendant at 17:50°Leo has the last word – the asteroid Myrrha #381 is there – attempting suicide. We can suggest that at some stage Arochi will likely attempt suicide; if not already.

When we hear the word Myrrh, we think of Frankincense and Myrrh – the Three Wise Men and Yuletide.  There is a history to the tree getting that name in ancient mythology long before the Christian era. It involves rape and attempted suicide, however we don’t need to go there.

I have no wish to reproduce a chart for 4:47pm and Christina Morris so you’ll have to trust me. I’ll keep it for locating on a map, if I can get a solid angle. The ascendant is at 8:30°Leo exact conjunct the asteroid Beagle #656.  Please, please let the dogs find her…

The Maps:  

Our original map (here) way back in the beginning of our enquiry was calculated at 3:57am plus centered over the parking garage.

We have the three locations; the carpark at Legacy drive where we made our first map from; (I’ll not include the 4:08am toll road at this stage – we’ve been there earlier) plus the two ping areas – 5800 Granite Parkway Plano and Arochi’s home address in Harvard Lane.

Those familiar with this blog will realise that I center the relevant charts over the locations as we endeavour to find a locator angle (method).  This first map is to show all the locations.

The next chart will have charts on a bigger version of the same map.  Remember I am unable to calculate the distance – the arrows are directions only.

MAP-357and447This is using the original locator angle with transiting Saturn and Christina’s natal Pluto (these are NOT the usual planets we use on this blog for achieving a locator angle, however we did not have any alternative at the time.

We note that the distance between the two red lines parallels the clock on the wall distance for approximately an hour (that’s just FYI to show that astrology and our clocks are in accord.  These charts are likely indicating an area of where Christina met with her demise.

We know that Arochi wasn’t tagged on any tolls around 4:30-5:30am and so I was looking for alternative routes that he may have taken.  Ohio Drive is within proximity of the 5800 Granite Parkway, Plano and/or would be crossed by Arochi on his way home probably.  So I started checking the astrology; asteroid Ohio #439 was transiting at 24:11°Pisces on the night of 30th August 2014 – opposite transiting Mercury (communication). That didn’t particularly jump through the screen, until I checked the natal charts.

The weakest link in a natal chart according to many an astrologer is the Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee position. In Enrique Arochi’s natal chart, he has BML exact conjunct asteroid Ohio #439 on the date he was born at 14:52°Scorpio.  We have a possible location where he may reveal a weakness; Ohio Drive.

So I turned to Christina’s natal chart.  She has natal Neptune exact conjunct asteroid Ohio at 14:5°Capricorn on the day that she was born.  That together with Arochi’s natal mid-range Moon holding up a mirror at 12°Cancer; illuminating with a soft glow.

Both Christina and Arochi; sharing the secret.  Have we found a chink in the wall of silence?

21st December 2014

The fixed stars and our known timeline:canismajor

Rising in the East at 3:57am (CCTV footage) is the constellation of Canis Major (big dog) and specifically the star Aludra.  This star is in the tail of the dog so that is why I interpreted earlier in our enquiry as a dog wagging his tail.

We now know whom that dog was. The name Aludra is an extraction from Persian/Arabic with the translation being “the maidenhead” possibly inciting violent and dangerous passions.

By 4:08am (toll tagged EA on the freeway) we have a void at the ascendant between Canis Major and the next constellation, Ursa Major (big bear).

At 4:47am (Christina’s phone ping around Granite Parkway), constellation Draco (dragon) is in view with the star in his tail Giansar our focus; informing us that Ursa Minor (the little bear) is close by.  Giansar is closely connected to the South Node and karma.

4:56am (Arochi’s phone ping around Granite Parkway) is the last flick of the dragon’s tail before the constellation Draco rises in the sky to continue its journey across the sky.

5:32am (Arochi phone ping; he’s either home or close to it) the constellation Argo Navis (ship) is in the east.  The particular star is Naos; part of the rigging holding up the mast of this ship.  The man is on his fated journey across troubled waters.  There is no golden fleece awaiting him.

For those whom might be curious about the apparent conflict between the position of stars and position of current planets in different signs:

Before science and astrology parted ways, the ancients believed that the zodiac was a fixed point in the heavens. Understandable enough considering how slowly it moves. So once this fact was discovered that the constellations of stars did move through the heavens, then science was able to put up an argument that astrology was ‘wrong’ and threw the astrologers out of the ‘academy’. In fact the zodiac takes 24,000 years to rotate around the Sun i.e. about 2,000 years per astrology sign, so when I talk about a star being in Capricorn (as I will when we come to Christina) and a planet in Aquarius then don’t be confused. We astrologers still use the ancient texts.

DahibToday is the winter solstice in Allen, when the Sun and Moon are united at zero degrees Capricorn. In our search for Christina, we have to consider the planet in her natal chart, Saturn at 3:37°Aquarius as this is the traditional body locator in forensic astrology.

Christina Morris:

Christina’s natal Saturn is conjunct the fixed star Dahib. This star is located in the constellation of Capricorn; the goat. In fact the star is at the base of the horn on the goat’s head. The name Dahib relates to the sacrificial kid (aka lamb); a ceremony in ancient times.

“In her shrine Vesta tends your fires and from her you derive your callings. You also give a fondness for clothes and wares which dispel the cold, since your lot falls for all time in winter’s season, wherein you shorten the nights you have brought to their greatest length and give birth to a new year by enlarging the daylight hours. Hence comes a restless quality in their lives and a mind which is often changed and floats this way and that; the slave of Venus.”     Summarized from Astronomica by Manilus (written in the 1st century AD).

Enrique Arochi:

pegasusThe winged horse Pegasus was freed by Perseus when he severed the head of the gorgon; Medusa. In the constellation of Pegasus is the star, Markab. This star has been used in navigation by sailors for many a millennia.

Markab can be translated as saddle, withers, etc. In modern times this relates to horse-power; the automobile. The star is a bright white light on the wing of the winged horse. Markab is situated in the zodiac at 22°Pisces conjunct Enrique Arochi’s natal Sun.

Arochi’s natal Mars at 11°Aquarius is somewhat ominous when we turn to the stars with the star Sham prominent in the shaft of the arrow of the constellation of Alpha Sagitta. The translation from Arabic, is arrow.

“Under this constellation indeed may well have been born a child whose luckless parent caught sight of a serpent couched upon his son’s face and sapping the life-blood of the sleeping child, but nerved himself to let fly a shaft at it and succeeded in killing the reptile. Fatherhood supplied his skill; a natural instinct overcame the danger and delivered the boy from sleep and death alike, given then a second life and snatched whilst dreaming from the grave.”    Astronomica by Manilus (written in the 1st century AD).

Natal Saturn at 23°Capricorn is conjunct the star Peacock in the constellation of Pavo. In mythology this star represents the ship-builder, Argos.   This then ties back to the fixed star at the ascendant at 5:32am Naos (as does Markab).

Note: I would suggest that this configuration may possibly relate to the father of Enrique Arochi being present at the time when his son arrived home that morning, although of course this is just a theory.

5:32am – Enrique Arochi Rincon:

532-EAdaddyThis is Enrique Arochi’s father’s bi-wheel at the time that his son likely arrived home. The 5:32am time comes from the phone ping as provided from LE statement.

From this chart we can see that natal Lunar nodal axis is at the horizon, plus natal Neptune is at the IC. The angles are exact at this time; not a coincidence when we are viewing through the forensic astrology lens.

We can therefore suggest that there is no way that this man is tucked up in bed asleep.

  • Highly traumatised is the Lunar nodal axis at the ascendant and personal relationships are on the agenda.
  • Neptune at the IC – indicates disruptions on the home front.  This is suggestive that this man did not have prior knowledge of what was to confront him at 5:32 in the morning of 30th August, 2014.
  • tr Jupiter (green) opposite natal Jupiter in 6th house – likely inflated mental stimulation of ‘what to do now’.
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal Neptune – ups the ante; the grim reaper walked in the door in the company of his son. The classic interpretation is ‘suffering as a martyr to the cause and wanting to give up under the stress.’  Why didn’t he?  Was it a family conference (Mercury) that created the next step that he took?
  • Venus-Mars-Sun-Mercury are all in the 5th house; his children PLUS
  • tr Pluto is conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) giving him the power to persuade.  So it would be his decision of what likely followed.

The asteroid Hygeia #10 plays a large part in this man’s astrology.  Hygiea (hygiene) ie think clean-up chemicals etc.  The synchronicity tells the story.

  • On the date Enrique Rincon was born:
  • asteroid Hygiea was transiting at 11° Capricorn
  • planet Mercury was at 11° Capricorn
  • On the day Christina Morris was born:
  • planet Uranus was at 11° Capricorn
  • On the night Christina Morris disappeared:
  • planet Pluto was at 11° Capricorn

5:32am – Carlos Arochi:

532-CarlosAThis is Enrique Arochi’s younger brother whom was home for the weekend from college in Oklahoma.  It is a bi-wheel at the time that his brother likely arrived home.  The 5:32am time comes from the phone ping as provided from LE statement.

We note that the activity is driven from the 5th house (transiting Pluto) and Carlos is receiving direction on the other side of the chart; following direction from someone else; likely his father (see previous chart).

  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Jupiter (green) – highly inflated by the situation PLUS
  • tr Pluto square lunar nodal axis in 3-9 house axis – identification with the group (family focus) in communication; the huddle includes him in the discussion PLUS
  • tr Pluto opposite mid-range natal Moon (blue) – his personal needs are uppermost to him; extreme emotional intensity about how this will effect him. PLUS
  • tr Pluto quindecile Mercury (yellow) in 12th house (mental activity) – obsessively demanding new perspectives endeavouring to persuade; include his input.  etc etc.

The question is what happened next?  Did they all hunker down?  What of/if any, check on the family members’  phone pings that morning?   Did anyone go out and leave phones at home?   We are not privy to that information.

15th January 2015 – the Camaro trunk 

Apart from the charge of aggravated kidnapping, LE have released information that Christina’s DNA has been found in the trunk of Enrique Arochi’s Camaro.

Our group of intrepid sleuths have scoured the heavens far and wide to come up with an asteroid that might fill the void; the trunk of Enrique Arochi’s auto.  We have found a satisfactory contender; the Trojan Horse.

The seer, Cassandra warned the citizens of Troy to no avail, of the risks of accepting unsolicited gifts from the Greeks.  We however shall solicit the myths and relevant asteroids to help us.

Relying on the initial event for perspective, we have persons whom we must include in this particular part of our enquiry. Firstly Enrique Arochi, plus there has been much conjecture as to how long Christina was in the trunk of EA’s vehicle and so we must include his father to determine whether Christina was still in his trunk when Arochi returned home about 5:30am. Then there is Christina herself.

So we can check where these asteroids were in the heavens on the date when those whom we are interested in, were born.  Asteroid Troja#3912 and Cassandra#114.

  • The night of 30th August 2014: 20:02°Taurus and 13:01°Libra
  • Enrique Arochi birth: 9:07° Leo and 14:49°Pisces
  • Enrique Arochi Rincón birth: 17:04°Sagittarius and 6:04°Scorpio
  • Christina Morris birth: 20:46°Sagittarius and 3:17°Cancer

So from this we can check each of the horoscopes to see what the Trojan horse and Cassandra can tell us in relation to our tragedy in Texas.

We know that Christina has the asteroid Dejaniera#157 is at 21°Taurus (see previous charts). Dejaniera is a red flag in the Greek myths for an abductor as per the ancient texts and so when we see that asteroid Troja#3912 was also in orbit at 20°Taurus on that fateful night, we can then suggest from the astrology result, that the method of abduction was likely that Christina went into the trunk of the Camaro in the Plano parking garage; right from the beginning at 4am 30th August 2014.

We also know that Moira#638 represents the fates in Greek mythology; a fated event. When Christina was born the asteroid Kassandra was orbiting; in fact not just holding hands but sisters in arms with Moira in the zodiac at 3:16°Cancer. Not that this helps of course, however the heavens lack our emotional investment.

Christina has the asteroid Atropos#273 in her natal chart at 8°Leo. Atropos is the daughter of Necessity in Plato’s Myth of Er; she whom cuts the thread of life in our mortal existence.  This 8°Leo is the time for death.  When we check the position of the asteroid Troja#3912 in the natal chart for Enrique Arochi, it is at 9°Leo.  From this astrology result, we can suggest that Christina died in the trunk of Enrique Arochi’s Camaro.

When we enquire at a more subtle level than considering the tension between the planets, we consider other cosmic bodies.  For that we need to go online to and generate a chart together with the asteroids of our choice that we may consider to be relevant to our case.  Here’s the current list and how they weave into the story now that we have further information from LE.

357event-asteroids-texasrosesThe asteroids:

  • 628 – Chris (Christina Morris)
  • 2943 – Heinr (Enrique Arochi)
  • 11309 – Malus (Malice)
  • 638 – Moira (fate)
  • 20472 – Molly (social drugs)
  • 439 – Ohio (Ohio Drive)
  • 278 – Pauli (Paulina Petrosky as hostess)
  • 3200 – Phaet (vehicle)
  • 5145 – Pholu (shoulda/coulda; shoot self in the foot)
  • 466 – Tisip (avenger for death)
  • 3912 – Troja (hidden storage/trunk of vehicle)

The astrology houses; transiting arenas of action as CM and EA caught on CCTV – walk into the garage.  The following gives us the general atmosphere (with the gift of hindsight).

  • House#1 – Moira, Christina, Jupiter, plus Black Moon Lilith =  fated event involving Christina that involves inflation/speed due to a weak point of interference.
  • House#2 – Venus plus the  Sun – female (versus a male) plus the date on the calendar
  • House#3 Mercury, major asteroid Pallas – communication involving the warrior archetype
  • House#4 – Lunar north node, Moon, major asteroids Ceres and Vesta plus Saturn, and Mars – a public venue/traumatic event of personal needs involving the harvest of sown seeds (plans); a confined space self-control/grim reaper and a male/action.
  • House#5 – Pholus, Tisiphone – should have; could have and the avenger of death.
  • House#6 – Pluto – power/powerlessness
  • House#7 – Molly- social drugs
  • House#8 – Neptune, Chiron – abduction/subterfuge plus psychological wounds
  • House#9 – Ohio, Uranus – route, sudden changes
  • House#10 – Troja – trunk of a vehicle
  • House#11 – Malus, Heinr, Phaet – malice, Enrique and a vehicle
  • House#12 – Pauli, Juno – party is now a memory at 3:57am.

Note that Mars is exactly opposite Troja. Christina is not in the trunk of EA’s car yet, but that’s the plan according to the heavens (house 10=career)

Trial of Enrique Arochi will be 6th September 2016.   Arochi trial under the stars

70 thoughts on “Christina Morris – work in progress”

  1. Just a few notes I made today, before i saw the new POI mentioned above. But for HLF – . 4/11/91 progressed charts shows quite a bit for concern: PROGRESSED CHART, ETC:
    His 0AQ Progressed Juno (Stalker symbol) conj. last seen Persephone 3Aquarius – kidnapping asteroid. His natal Venus on Algol and opposite Pluto in his natal chart. His Progressed Sun conjunct the 2nd asteroid of death (fated Lachesis) 1 degree orb.
    His natal Uranus is VERY critical at 13Capricorn and is cj. Neptune (see photos of him) opposite Mars (quirky personality ) and square his volatile Sun in Aries.

    (edit birth date is 4/13/1991)

  2. Now for transits ( 4/11/91 with the ctv 3:57AM chart): His n. Uranus – Neptune conj. last seen Pluto. His natal Pluto with transiting Saturn & Mars (both malefics )in Scorpio. His Ceres (nurture) with last seen Moon, His Jupiter with last seen fated Moirae. His Sun with rx Uranus of the video ctv last seen. There could actually be more, I haven’t had the time to spend on it yet. Just today for a few minutes when someone asked me to look. Hope this helps 🙂

    (edit birth date is 4/13/1991)

  3. MM: In both cases, I only looked so far at the 3:57AM ctv chart someone mentioned to me. So the above would apply to that time and his dob. (no birthtime known)

  4. Okay, that’s fair enough 🙂 I checked again, using the 4-13 -91: His Venus changes to the Weeping Sisters at 0Gemini, conj. his Moirae cj. Algol His Prog. Sun conj. his natal Lachesis and his Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Pluto 1Degree orb. Tr. Pluto was 11Capricorn 8’rx and his natal Urnaus 13Capricorn 48min. thus approaching to a conjunction. May indicate something less however.
    His progressed Mars conj. his natal Chiron which doesn’t really say he did the deed of course. May be coincidental and timely as to the loss he feels. The most I see now is his Progessed Sun is not only conjunct his Lachesis but opposite transiting Saturn which is also conjunct Pluto and transiting South Node is conjunct his progressed Mercury within 2 degrees.
    His natal Jupiter is 3Leo (almost 4 Leo ) so would be opposing Transiting. Persephone if indeed it is 3Aquarius. And rather ironic, is his natal Persephone opposes Fomalhaut, (An Immortal Name) and conjuncts his Pallas where Neptune was transiting in opposition (to his Pallas and Persephone)

    geezy-peezy 😦

  5. Hi Mountain Misst, very interesting to read your astrologic take on the missing of Christina Morris!Going by postings on her twitter account and some other comments on blogs, I think her birthdate is actually the 25th of july 1991 ?!!She would have natal sun conj. chiron opp. saturn…. Maybe you can look into this “other” natal chart, too ? Kind regards!

  6. Ah,I´m sorry! I got to her personal natal chart interpretation you did, for 25th of july !! Thanks.(I got confused when reading 15th of july in the headline, and looking at the bi-wheel). ; )

  7. Hello again! I got the impression that so much in the missing of Christina Morris points back to her high school days & the people she met back then : the friends she saw at the mall, the mystery friend walking alongside her in the parking garage, her current boyfriend,–and now added to that the info and natal charts you were able to do on the Prendergasts´….pointing back to Allen,TX and hs.I also came across a news-report (on sept. 8th )about the missing of Christina on, which seems to be a local news-page, and according to it, Christina had 1 police report for the past year.Apparently she got robbed by a friend she has known for 8 yrs ( maybe again sb she´s known from high school !?), he stayed at her place in Fort Worth, from 3 am to 3 pm on March 25th, had some sort of “drastic personality change” starting to call Christina “Nick” and wanting to take a shower, she didn´t have any electricity or water at her place, so they went to her neighbor/s, however the friend took off, and when she got back to her place her purse and other things were gone.They found her belongings behind a store later, but not her social security card !!Makes me wonder if there is some sort of connection there…and if that “friend” might have been somebody you did a chart for above.I find this case peculiar, and reading through all the astrological insights you have gathered
    I´m starting to think maybe some people ganged up on her, -all the Neptunian influence,. drug-related, about revenge and maybe money,too ??? And I also wonder if she was indeed abducted, if that was also a covert message to somebody else.
    Just had to throw that info out here, maybe there´s a way to see if the incident on March 25 th could be connected to her going missing.(I´m curious, I´ll take a look a the chart, although I´m new to this whole subject of forensic astrology, hehe).

  8. OK,from a quick peek at the 3pm chart for 03/25/14: the moon was at 28´cap = like her natal moon position if I´m correct, plus exact the same degree of the DC for her missing chart 08/30/14.
    The 3am chart for 03/25/14 shows the moon at 21´cap -so it was conjunct her natal uranus, and transitting the whole cap.stellium throughtout the course of that “friend”´s visitation.The AC for 3pm is at leo 6´ conj. her natal sun (well,her sun in the 12th then, theft/lies/neptunian stuff ?!).If all this makes sense….There´s also some connection to ALPs chart, interesting how there´s such a focus planet- and points-wise on capricorn up to aqua 3´ like you mentioned- in all these persons & events charts.
    I hope this gets solved somehow (and soon). : /

  9. my bad, her natal moon is at 20´cap -so moon was tr. natal moon at 3am (not uranus), and her cap. stellium wasn´t transitted by the moon then……mhhh.ALP´s north node was though.But maybe there´s no relation between events there.I better take a break. 🙂

  10. Given more info from this recent interview with Christina’s mom, can you look at the last person she was seen with again, or look deeper?
    [edit: link removed due to content abdomality]

  11. What is it that you wish me to explore further Frank? I have interpreted the chart of a person whom I am told is the male whom escorted Christina back to the carpark. Do you have another person of interest? If so I would need their date of birth.

  12. I have worked with a psychic investigator out of the state of Texas who earlier today independently confirmed with me that the specific aspects involved in the case as shared here are correct and true. It appears that Christina’s ex, Aaron Logan Prendergast and Ryan Prendergast need to be questioned by the police. Further, it is the conclusion, as sad as it is, that both of them are involved in her disappearance and death.

  13. You’re on the right track. Kudos. I think ALP did it and others are involved or hiding things. Fear is a motivator. So is jail time. And I believe someone close (related maybe) tried to misdirect sleuthers, but the truth is finally coming out. I hope it does. I hope this young girl receives justice. The family deserves to know. Those hiding it deserve to go to jail. Those responsible should fry.

    vi13 –you nearly had us. Almost.

  14. You are definitely on to something..someone on Find Christina close group posted a link to your website. PP GOT DEFENSIVE….said your info was unreliable…she did NOT say it was untrue!! POOF!! ONCE again those who control the fb page deleted the posts that supported the guys who are searching for her and got after PP!!!

  15. Thank you MM! Great article! I’m learning new stuff. Definitely my opinion that the stars are pointing us in the right direction of what happened to Christina.

  16. It’s cute that SV tries to modify her name on FB so that she can’t be found.

    What’s the old saying? Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas? Dogs allllll around.

  17. I don’t know Maverick, but I’m told it refers to the chart at the top of the page that I have as Sandra Prendergast. I don’t know her current surname (or rather, I choose not to).

  18. Hi Deb – the ‘powers that be’ have managed to shut down my FB today – we must be getting too close to the heat, eh!

    Gotta love synchronicity when it happens. LOL

  19. PP is too quiet for best friend status. The sudden wrath when MM’s blog was posted is all too telling. She either is hiding others or herself. PP the time is up to release the burden. It will hasten your healing if you do. The truth is close at hand for those hiding the secret. There is a race to tell the truth now, the winner a lesser sentence. vi13 has been outed despite the mods deleting. ALP your clock is ticking. Both will fall harder now.

    Someone just let poor Christina rest in peace.
    How can they look themselves in the mirror after what they’ve done?
    The Truth Is Knocking.

  20. Thank you MM. When an individual has a good reputation there is no need to lie and cover things up. Alot of people have invested their own time and finances to help find Christina..What a disappointment to hide from those who want to help that there were illegal activities and indiscretions surrounding the case. It’s unfortunate that those close to her wanted nothing more than money…I’m still not sure what will be done with all the money that was raised. Two different Chili’s did fundraisers to help as well as all the businesses that donated food to the search effort when Equusearch was in town. I’m sure Tim Miller got to the truth that why they pulled out so quickly.
    As far as Paulina goes, all the bullying she does on fb ….well….the stars will tell!!!

  21. This case has been a big mess. Recently someone said to me: this isn’t about ego, it’s about Christina. I do hope one day the truth will come out so that everyone understands. Many people have gotten emotionally invested, which is a good thing. Shows people care for an unknown 23-year old girl. Prayers for Christina and her family. May the truth set us all free.

  22. Are you a detective? You seem like you are in the know. So just wondering.
    Why do you think the case is a mess? Do you think PPD screwed it up?
    Do you have a better plan of how they should go about it? I would be really interested in hearing your ideas. Thanks!

  23. It would appear that a lot of strangers care more about Christina than several in her life who supposedly loved her.

  24. Thank you for establishing an fb option for the “cool cats” Mountain Misst. Your continued commitment is appreciated.

  25. Ha! Hardly. Not in the know. Seems obvious hanging with shady people and criminals isn’t healthy. Doesn’t look good after this long. I think this is a case of drug deal gone bad. Pretty simple. I think the PPD did the best they could and realize this is about drugs and a group of friends who care nothing for Christina. They know what happened but not enough to solve this. The mess….well there are many theories as to specifics. I opt to keep mine to myself for now. I thought it was quite obvious. Doesn’t matter anyway. The mess is the many stories, the constant confusion, the lies and paranoia. I think we will look back and shake our heads at this one. She isn’t the innocent girl we may think she is. But that shouldn’t matter. Problem is people may not care if they knew she wasn’t an upstanding citizen. They would write her off. Thats why there was so much secrecy. So many lies. And That’s why I was rooting for her. Still am. I hope they don’t give up on her.

  26. I read on the Huffpost some guy named Enrique was questioned by police and was last to see her before she went missing.

  27. Since there are texts and a call reportedly made from Arochi’s phone to Foster’s phone at 3:50, 3:53, and 3:55 (as per the warrant) are you able to do a chart for the two of them at around 3:53-ish? I’d be interested to know if the chart would show anything between the two of them. Thanks in advance!!!

  28. Thanks for asking BD. During the time period 3:50 until 3:57am Christina was walking with Enrique Arochi and so is likely that Christina was using EA’s phone. Nonetheless I’ll do an event chart over the time period as we have planets on house cusps.

    Result: Winding back from 3:57 to 3:53am the wheel only changes one degree and there is no difference to the tension. The time that did make a difference was at 3:51am when the energy of Uranus (sudden changes) was exact the mid-heaven. I would suggest that anything after that time was a last ditch attempt by Christina to get hold of Hunter. 🙂

  29. Thanks MM! Was this a chart of Foster and Arochi at that time? I am not sure if I was clear when I asked earlier, But that’s what I am curious about: is there any correlation in the charts of the two guys at that time. Or actually at any time! Sorry in advance if I’m asking a redundant question and you already did this.

  30. I’ve put up the synastry chart up for these 2 males, DB. There’s bad blood between them – how major we will learn in time. I’d suggest that it is unlikely that they personally connected by phone around the time Christina disappeared, as neither has action of any significance in the 3rd house. Cheers.

  31. Hello MountainMisst, I am following a Gold Coast case— Gable Tostee accused of murdering NZ native Rrie Wright by using alcohol and a high balcony in Surfers Paradise.
    I am trying to chase up his birthdate. Do you have any leads (if you have seen this case)?
    All I know is he is 28 years old.

  32. Interesting that it points to country club rd. I live nearby and it seems to be a busy area for death and killers. four people have been killed and 2 murderers in close proximity to country club rd

  33. Can you be more specific on the who were the victims in the previous deaths and murders? Are you speaking of Country Club Road alongside Los Rios?

  34. I don’t know what area your talking about, but I’m referring to fairview/lucas. In 1980, Candy Montgomery murder a Wylie women. Montgomery lived off country club near the heard museum. In 2005 in same neighborhood a young man fell on electrical fence and died. May 2013 Mr Tanner shot and killed son and grandson.The family also lived off country club rd near heard museum. So I just saying that its interesting that the map points to country club rd and white rock creek which is only a 9 min drive from all the above incidents. I think area is cursed. For people not familiar with the area it is still open and wide land where one might drop a body and no one would think to search .

  35. Fascinating work. I have thought from the beginning that it was suspect that her family, boyfriend and friends weren’t looking for her. When my daughter that same age goes out and I haven’t heard from her by a certain time I am looking for her. Hope thus gets resolved soon. Looking forward to your next posts!

  36. Eternal Eden Afterhours is the laser-lit 18-and-up dance club inside the all-nude Jaguars Dallas strip club. And according to Dallas police and federal authorities, it’s also a good place to buy cocaine, meth, Ethylone, heroin, “N-bomb” and Alprazolam, among other hallucinogens and controlled substances.

    Or it was until early Sunday, when police arrested a dozen suspects in a drug-trafficking operation authorities say was operating out of the usually jam-packed Northwest Dallas dance club since at least early summer. The U.S. Attorney’s Office says 15 people have been indicted on conspiracy and drug distribution charges stemming from sales at Eternal Eden. Twelve were arrested “at and near the club,” off Stemmons Freeway and Royal Lane, over the weekend. “Firearms and drugs were seized during the arrests,” according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Three others remain at large.

    Authorities say there has been at least one drug-related death directly linked to the club.

  37. Hi MM–great blog–I found you due to my interest in this case (I’m from the area), but have now been perusing your work for hours!!! It’s fascinating. Have you ever considered researching Cary & Steven Staynor? I have often wondered what their charts would show from a familial karmic perspective. In case you are unfamiliar, Steven Staynor was abducted by a sexual predator in the 70’s and held captive for years. He was returned to his family as a teen. Later (maybe about 10 years ago?), his younger brother was found to be a serial murderer, having murdered several women in Yosemite National Park.

  38. Palumbo Girl: Cary is one brother as you know who became infamous due to taking advantage in his job as a worker in the great California Parks system and murdered 3 people who were visiting there overnight on vacation. A mother, her daughter and her daughter’s friend from South America. All 3 brutally murdered and the younger girls raped as I recall. (they say), or surmise that he was jealous of his younger brother Steven’s notoriety. May be something to that, as Steven became famous as a kidnapped child by a pedophile man and his friend who kidnapped Steven and raised him as his own child. It was only when this pedophile kidnapped another child, a very little boy who Steven felt so sorry for, he and the new child, “made a break for it”, and escaped. Steven was hailed a hero from that point on. And perhaps Cary was jealous after all. Steven eventually married and was killed while driving to work on his motorcycle in a tragic accident. There was a TV documentary movie made about the kidnap and escape, “My Name is Steven”.

  39. PG: More to the point, Steven had his Pluto, Mars & Uranus all in the 7th house of the “other”. All 3 of these planets are malefic in their impact. His 3rd house of siblings is ruled by Venus found with the Sun in critical degrees in his 2nd house. This describes his brother. The 29th° degree is also very critical. Steven’s Moon is in Fall and his Venus in Detriment. Yet he made something about of this tragic time, and is certainly a heroic & brave person for saving little Timmy imo. Here is Steven’s background & chart:,_Steven


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