Zodiac killer Pt.4

kodiak-imageWitnesses called 911.  Two teens hadn’t heard any gunshot.  It was sheer luck that they had seen the killer remove himself from the scene, leaving the lifeless body of 29 year-old cabbie, Paul Lee Stine in his San Francisco taxicab. The meter continued to tick over until law enforcement arrived to find a discarded 9mm shell casing; albeit not from a Luger this time. ZK had changed weapons yet again.

Luck was on the killer’s side as an inaccurate description went over police radios. Jupiter was not on the side of justice this time, conjunct the transiting Sun. In fact there was a vast stellium of planets across Virgo and Libra – Lunar South Node, Venus, Pluto, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Sun and Moon across the 4th and 5th houses. This creates a fan pattern with Aries Chiron holding the handle; directed by Saturn in Taurus.

It was 9:55pm on 11th October 1969; just two weeks after ZK had killed Cecelia Shepard and wounded Bryan Hartnell at Lake Berryessa. It wasn’t until a letter was sent to the media by ZK, that the link was made and the Zodiac Killer ‘mythology’ began.

Oct69-event-blogThis case appears to fulfill the “desire” that Juno has been indicating in the previous charts. As for the desire, further interpretation will guide us.

A blatant public murder of the cab driver Paul Stine, in San Francisco – Ascendant is Gemini (Mercury); a 3rd house matter (short journeys/taxicabs). So the victim (Ascendant) is represented by Mercury  – i.e. found in the 4th house in this chart. The planet Mercury is quite at home in Virgo, as well as Gemini, however Virgo is a more passive role (even if it is nit-picky) whereas in Gemini, Mercury is usually interpreted as more assertive.

The descendant (assailant) of the chart is in the zodiac of Sagittarius with the ruler of Sagittarius; Jupiter in his element. We note that Jupiter in the chart is in the 5th house (social Libra).

Note the Juno connection again – this time a quindecile to the ascendant.  We are getting a recurring pattern which we can address later.  I’ve planted a pennant for ‘take note’.

october event simplified.This next chart is a simplified version of the chart above; generated from my software. It clearly reveals the massive stellium across Virgo and Libra (4th and 5th houses) and all very much driven by 11th house Chiron.

Chiron in Aries = a sense of self. Finding ourselves on a voyage of self-discovery, or a need to overcome feelings of being unlovable; i.e. the inner child cries out for acceptance. Chiron deals with healing our inner wounds. However for all us angels here, we know that murder is not the way to do it…

Note as this is an 11th house Chiron, this is possibly related to being loveable/unloveable – I’d flag this aspect to look for a possible Sun-Moon tension in a POI’s natal chart (somewhat explains aberrant behaviours).

For previous posts on this ongoing enquiry see Pt.1 plus Pt.2 and Part.3.

Oct69-Myers-duoPOI#1 Louis MYERS is reacting nicely for us, but then every teenage boy is probably equally fascinated by a potential serial killer in their midst and the media hype that followed.

  •  tr Uranus quindecile natal Lunar North Node PLUS
  • tr Lunar nodal axis EXACT Lunar nodal axis  – he’s likely joined a ‘who dunnit’ group following the cases, particularly considering …
  • tr Sun conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) in the 5th house.  We are witnessing the emergence of a conspiracy theorist – note Vertex conjunct Neptune in his natal chart.

The fact that Myers confessed on his deathbed is probably more a case of delusion/desire to be remembered for something; anything…  blurring with childhood memories.  We’ll not dismiss him on that alone though, by any means.

Oct69-Allen-duoPOI#2 Arthur Leigh ALLEN is the man whom is forever chasing ‘the big break’ (Jupiter opposite Uranus).  This date on the calendar – i.e. transiting Sun (orange) illuminates his need to be optimistic.

  • tr Pluto square Allan’s natal Sun – he’s in company wanting to impress – not likely to be in San Francisco shooting a cabbie. I wouldn’t think.  The chart lacks aggression.

Oct69-Edwards-duoPOI#3 Edward Wayne EDWARDS has his ego at the ascendant; an aspect that cannot be ignored.  Particularly so, as transiting Venus (the serial killer etheric-radio network) and his natal mid range Moon (blue) are focused on his wants and needs.

  • tr Uranus is in quindecile aspect to the mid-range natal Moon – heightening his needs, as is his desire. This is equally so with the reverse being in similar tension as well.
  • Natal Mars is very close to the transiting LNA, so he’s looking for the public attention.

I cannot identify anything particularly threatening among the asteroids to connect him to this murder.

Oct69-Gaikowski-duoPOI#4 Richard Joseph GAIKOWSKI has been seeking our attention all the way with this enquiry and this chart is no different.  Killers all have their unique desires that drive them to murder, an over inflated ego is no different when mixed with some insanity.

This man appears to be a fantasist driven by his natal Moon (personal needs) in either very late Scorpio, or Sagittarius.  The former needs to be ‘right’ and the latter to be respected for his ‘opinions’.  If he is well ‘certified’ with qualifications to hang on his wall, then he is likely the latter. At this stage I still know little about this male POI.

  • tr Sun (orange in the inner wheel) illuminates his natal Uranus by quindecile.  This is a dangerous aspect as it indicates a reaction to his natal Moon’s needs.  If Gaikowski is our perpetrator, then the victim may have not respected his customer enough (according to this passenger’s rule-book).  It can be as simple as that to trigger a murderous deed.
  • tr asteroid Phaeton (vehicle) conjunct Juno – this is certainly getting my attention as Juno is a large part of the motive IMO.  Flag this aspect…
  • tr Gunn (weapon) conjunct natal Paul (the victim) – we have to put this POI under our microscope when we come to a final analysis of the POI’s we have taken from wikipedia.

POI#5 George Hill HODEL Jr –  he’s out of the country

Oct69-Phillips-duoPOI#6 James Douglas Crabtree/PHILLIPS provides us with a midpoint; one of the few subtleties to this crime. It is also a very dangerous aspect.

  • tr Saturn/Uranus= natal Mars – tremendous upheaval is taking place in this man’s life during this time period.
  • Natal Saturn at the ascendant – this could be a serious health issue, however whatever is happening in this man’s life, he has no control over his surroundings at this time.  One would tend to think that this man is not in a position to be able to be catching cabs anywhere on this date.
  • tr asteroids in his natal chart; Paul and Gunn are nudging the ascendant, bringin him to the public’s attention when we note the location of the transiting LNA.

Oct69-Tarrance-duoPOI#7 Jack TARRANCE has never inspired me at all with these murders to take overly seriously.  He’s an Aries Moon with Jupiter and Uranus backing up his need to be Numero Uno.

He’d be lapping up any attention he could get. Sad isn’t it that notoriety is as satisfying as fame to many individuals.

Oct69-VanBest-duoPOI#8 Earl VAN BEST is not someone whom we would want in our close circle of friends.  His natal Black Moon Lilith is conjunct the asteroid Gunn is his birth horoscope. Live by the sword and die by the sword would be his motto.

This bi-wheel reveals more about braggadocio, than anything else.

So where do we go from here, folks?  For those whom have been following this enquiry into whom may be the Zodiac killer i.e. through our previous posts, it is becoming clearer as to whom looks like being of interest to us as astrologers.  However I’ll not be prejudiced in my handling of these what is now seven POIs.

We can expect a summary once I’ve untangled the threads of this ‘who dunnit’ according to the heavens…

Zodiac killer Pt.3

After hearing their screams for help, a man and his son; fishing in a nearby cove on Lake Berryessa, discovered the victims and summoned help by contacting park rangers. Cecelia Shepard was conscious when the rangers arrived, providing them with a detailed description of the attacker – however she lapsed into a coma during transport to the hospital and died two days later. Bryan Hartnell survived to recount the ordeal.

kodiak-imageOn September 27, 1969, the college students were picnicking on a small island connected by a sand-spit to Twin Oak Ridge.

Around 6:30pm, a man approached them wearing a black executioner’s-type hood with clip-on sunglasses over the eyeholes and a bib on his chest that had a white cross-circle symbol on it.

The attacker approached the couple while armed with a gun, before tying them up with clothesline. Bryan Hartnell initially believed it to be a weird robbery, but the man drew a knife and stabbed  them both repeatedly.

We are told that this is the same killer as our previous two cases. See Pt 1 and Pt 2 astrology interpretation for earlier dates attributed to the Zodiac killer.

  • The event: 6:30pm on Saturday 27th September 1969
  • Victims: Cecelia Ann Shepard (died) and Bryan Calvin Hartnell (survived)
  • Weapon of choice: Knife, although used a gun at the hold-up stage (no shots fired).

Sept69-ZKduoAt the ascendant we have Pisces rising; a dualistic sign of the zodiac indicating that there is likely more than one victim. Neptune (the co-ruler of Pisces) is in the 8th house of death and transformation in a house ruled by Pluto – guardian of Tartarus; the underworld.

When we look to where Pluto is in this horary chart, lo and behold it is at the descendant; the exit point.  This does not augur well.

At the descendant/7th house cusp, we find our perpetrator dressed up in his warrior outfit; in the zodiac of Virgo; Mercury as the ruling planet.  Apart from the indication that we have an emotionally stunted male playing dress-ups; the communicator is getting his message across in the detail. I believe he left a message on the victim’s car and even used a telephone to alert authorities to his being the perpetrator; more Mercury indicators.

A Grand Trine in the element of Earth  reveals that this was no warrior dressed up as Venus and Mars are in reverse roles; we would need Mars in the 6th house.  However an inner warrior is present with asteroid Pallas 29°Sagittarius at the MC. There is a blurring of fantasy and reality in the heavens.

When Mars and asteroid Juno are conjunct in the heavens, we have a pretty good idea that commitment to a member of the opposite sex is on the agenda. Was ZK spurned in his early teenage years?  If he has a peregrine Moon this could also be a flag worthy of note.

Sept69-Myers-duoPOI#1 Louis Joseph MYERS is still on our radar with his Lunar nodal axis nudging the horizon – plus conjunct by the transiting LNA; just out of the public’s attention.

  • transiting Venus is in quindecile aspect to the LNA; obsessed by the public attention to the case. As to why it’s the transit of Venus (peer group), we have to ask if he is already part of the ‘killer’ radio network, or was he acquainted with the female victim?
  • tr Sun (orange) illuminates by square to natal Mercury (yellow) and conjunct natal Saturn; albeit 2 degrees from exact. The classic interpretation is knowing what has to be done.  This could be a very dangerous aspect, however don’t have the other forensic indicators to back it up at this stage.
  • Asteroid Alekto (anger) is conjunct by transiting Neptune, however I’d not call that as being expressed either. Wait and see, would be my analysis of this POI, although he does slip down the priority list for me.

Sept69-Allen-duoPOI#2 Arthur Leigh ALLEN has his natal LNA on the other side of the swing from Myers. Allen is obsessive by-anticipation, while Myers’ obsession kicks in after-the-fact.

The first chart is fairly passive until we view the asteroids where we have natal Vertex, Vesta, Ixion and Shepherd in a stellium.  Allen ‘would be if he could be’ and likely does picture himself in the action, in his mind.  I’ll say no more on that matter.

Sept69-Edwards-duoPOI#3 Edward Wayne EDWARDS  natal mid-range Moon (blue) cannot be taken as a strong indicator as we are not privy to his time of birth, however the personal mental need is there for us to witness.

I would also add that this is another one on the outside looking in, although with a likely natal Sun-square Moon there’s always the hint of lack of parental support; an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy by his parents. This is always a flag for someone with possible abandonment issues to contend with.

  • tr LNA is square natal Sun in the 3rd house nudging the IC.  Wanting to talk about it, but not emotionally mature enough to do so.
  • tr Black Moon Lilith conjunct natal Pluto creates more than usual distress in relation to his inability to express his emotions.

Again we have that transiting Venus in the mix; Venus/Pluto = Jupiter – wanting revenge. This case has certainly stirred up a reaction in this man.

Sept69-Gaikowski-duoPOI#4 Richard Joseph GAIKOWSKI our egotist steps forth again. Perhaps I would be better served to interpret the chart, rather than pass judgement.

There’s nothing of interest in the asteroid chart worth repeating; it’s all out in the open with nothing subtle about Gaijowski’s reaction.

  • Natal Sun at the ascendant opposed by Pluto and the LNA south node.  Anything where we see the Sun and Pluto together reminds us of that blanket over a hand-grenade; likehood of an explosive temper if his self-control is overwhelmed.
  • tr Venus square natal mid-range Moon – he has his radio finely tuned.
  • tr Neptune square natal Venus – making his livelihood out of reporting violent crime.
  • re Jupiter (green)/Saturn = natal Pluto tremendous indicates perseverance; thrust of self would draw attention to him as a POI.
  • tr Moon conjunct natal Uranus – need to make a buzz in the community (ego driven)

POI#5 George Hill HODEL Jr –  he’s out of the country

Sept69-Phillips-duoPOI#6 James Douglas Crabtree/PHILLIPS is certainly a cool customer on the outside, however astrology tells us of the turmoil under the surface.  He has a Sun-Moon tension by opposition in his natal chart. (full moon energy).

  • tr Black Moon Lilith conjunct natal Mars allows an opening for him to take advantage of a ‘gap in the clouds’.
  • tr Saturn/Sun = natal Mars – a sense of futility is uppermost; running hot and cold in relation to emotional expression.
  • tr tr Saturn/Uranus = Mars – anxiety and upheaval leads to a rebellious act in relation to creativity/5th house matters.
  • tr Moon conjunct natal Venus – emotional sensitivity to female energy.  Is it threatening to be vulnerable?
  • tr Saturn conjunct Mercury (yellow) in 2nd house.  This aspect adds to the midpoint dilemma – communication is overcome through duress; maturation through depression.

Sept69-Tarrance-duoPOI#7 Jack TARRANCE is revealing more of that transiting Venus that we are becoming in-tune with;  twist that radio dial gents.

  • tr Sun (orange) reveals the date on the calendar as having some significance as it has inflated the ego (green) Jupiter in the 1st house
  • tr Mercury (yellow) as well – he’s likely commented on this case.; a critique perhaps particularly considering that he has asteroid Ixion at the descendant.
  • tr Venus opposite that Sun-Mercury conjunction in this man’s chart – mental stimulation that we do not need to investigate.  It’s likely in poor taste.

Sept69-VanBest-duoPOI#8 Earl VAN BEST has a stronger reaction with this murder. Natal Sun is in the 5th house  straddling the cusp with natal Mercury; wanting to contribute.

  • tr Mercury/Saturn = natal Sun – knowing what he has to do
  • tr Jupiter conjunct natal Jupiter (green) in the 7th house – inflated social interaction
  • tr Moon (blue) conjunct natal Uranus – emotional tension; a buzz for the ego.

I doubt that this emotive reaction is related to this crime at all.  More likely something ‘going on’ for him with an interaction with, perhaps a spouse.

One more case to go – attributed to ZK before put all the cards into the magician’s hat.  We’re looking for patterns and continuity of behaviour.   Enquiry continues … Pt.4


Zodiac killer Pt.2

kodiak-imageAn American serial killer whom has never been identified is on our agenda. Much has been written and continues to be written speculating as to whom the Zodiac Killer may be. As is my want to do, I know little of the stories; limiting myself to gathering names and dates of victims and suspects. (read Part 1)

Michael Mageau survived to tell the tale.  Just before midnight on July 4, 1969, Darlene Ferrin drove into the Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo in the company of Michael Mageau. While the couple sat in Ferrin’s car, a second car drove into the lot and parked alongside them, almost immediately driving away.

Returning about 10 minutes later, this second car parked behind them. The driver of the second car then exited the vehicle, approaching the passenger side door of Ferrin’s car, carrying a flashlight and a 9 mm Luger. The killer directed the flashlight into Mageau’s and Ferrin’s eyes before shooting at them; firing five times.

The killer walked away from the car but upon hearing Mageau’s moaning, returned and shot each victim two more times before driving off in his own vehicle.

  • The second case of our choice:  12:10am 5th July 1969. 
  • Weapon of choice – 9mm Luger pistol
  • Victims Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin (died) and Michael Renault Mageau (survived)

IJuly69-event for blogncident chart:   Primary signifiers are ascendant=victims and descendant=perpetrator.  We note the ascendant is at 27:15°Pisces with the planetary rulers being Jupiter and Neptune.

Looking for Jupiter in the chart, it is conjunct the descendant at 28:42°Virgo  (its detrimental sign).  Speed is not working in the victim’s favour. Did they attempt to flee?

Neptune is 26:13°Scorpio in the 8th house.  With Neptune opposite the asteroid Phaeton 27:50°Taurus, we have death in a motor vehicle.

As for the perpetrator’s signifier, the descendant is at 27:17°Virgo with the planetary ruler being Mercury.  Looking for Mercury, we find it in the 3rd house of communication, conjunct the IC at 25°Gemini. When we see Mercury in Gemini, we know that this is a planet on home ground.  Mercury is also conjunct asteroid Minerva.

When we study the general cosmic weaknesses that would allow this murder to take place, the first thing we notice is the square to the angles.  This is as a result of environmental factors, rather than the boxed-in nature we see when planets are in square formation. I.e. the time and place are in unison.

July69-duoHowever we do have the Moon transiting at the ascendant with Jupiter reflecting the luminary by opposition; inflating needs.  Any killer operating at this time will be highly influenced by personal needs-emotions.  ZK will have a strong element of lunacy in his make-up box on this night.

The Lunar nodal axis identifies the timing related to a public venue and the trauma of the event. ZK is now on the stage and boxed-in by his need for attention with the four angles in play. Indications are that this incident is purposefully staged for attention; whether this is personal, or not, we have yet to learn.

POI#1 Louis Joseph Myers was purported to have worked with the female victim; Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin.  We had a strong reaction in his astrology for the first case – see post Pt.1

  • transiting 6th house Pluto (power/powerlessness in relation to ethics and morals) quindecile natal Jupiter (green) in the 12th house; the mind. This is very different tension; less emotive, however reveals an inflated behavioural reaction to the point of becoming obsessional by this 18 year-old.
  • tr Neptune square natal Mars – fascinated by the mystery, this case becomes a mental fantasy.

Of the asteroids, there is an element of a rebellious inner warrior up-in-arms at the malicious intent of the murder.  Myers does have the Luger asteroid nudging his natal Pluto so I would suggest that he likely wants to own one, or has a Luger of his own.  We can further suggest that he likely equates guns with power.

July69-Allen-duoPOI#2 Arthur Leigh Allen remains of interest to us.  As I have written previously, it’s dastardly difficult to catch a repeat offender with serial killers.

For serial offenders, it appears to be a form of the addict in psychology; unfulfilled desire. Serial and thrill killers endeavour to repeat the adrenaline, or sexual rush of their first murder.  In fact from what I’ve seen, all murders are based on an unfulfilled desire.

OCDLeigh Allen is not sharing a typically anxious chart. We can see that the transiting Moon is quindecile natal Neptune; that’s obsessively being on the killer wavelength IMO.

  • tr Jupiter and Moon are square natal Sun; his ego – his wants.  He wants but doesn’t get on this occasion, I would suggest.

With the asteroid chart we note natal Vesta at the descendant plus the asteroid Ixion nudging as well.  They’re dangerous thoughts in this man especially when we look to the MC (top of the chart; midheaven).

  • transiting Juno conjunct natal Pholus – regrets in relation to a spouse. I daren’t think about what regrets they might be, however they didn’t work in his favour we know that much.  Pholus is also where one shoots oneself in the foot.

July69-Edwards-duoPOI#3 Edward Wayne Edwards is another with mental needs,  His are personal; a mid-range natal Moon in the 12th house opposite transiting Pluto.

  • tr Mars in 9th house square natal Lunar Nodal axis – this is another networking indication.
  • tr Mercury (yellow in the inner wheel) in the 3rd house of communication is conjunct natal Sun (his personal wants) – he wants to communicate his ideas although in the zodiac of Gemini, they’re more likely to be lies with this male. NOTE the incident chart above identifying a likely perpetrator.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis in the 12th house is square natal Sun – the ego wants public attention.    
  • As for the asteroids transiting Alekto (building rage) is conjunct natal Uranus (the rebel).
  • Natal Ixion is at the descendant and another POI with transiting Juno (partner) conjunct Pholus. (see Leigh Allen ^)

July69-Gaikowski-duoPOI#4 Richard Joseph GAIKOWSKI

These charts appear interesting at first inspection with obsession and tension a-plenty, however if we isolate the inner wheel from the outer, there is not a whole lot going on that is potentially violent.

  • This is a man whom promotes himself strongly with transiting Jupiter (green) at the descendant quindecile 12th house natal Saturn – inflated mental fantasy levels.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis square natal Jupiter – inflated opinions; well he is promoting his ‘investigative reporting’  PLUS
  • Transiting Lunar nodal conjunct natal Sun (orange) in the 12th house – he wants/basks-in the public attention.
  • Transiting Mars square natal Mercury (yellow) – again I would interpret Mercury as part of his reporting (communication) on this occasion
  • Midpoint of interest is transiting Venus/Pluto=natal Pluto – note here –  we can’t have two Pluto’s in the one basket; Pluto usually knocks out Pluto, however a minimal  interpretation could be suggested as enjoying the attention.

POI#5 George Hill Hodel Jr We can skip his chart for now and return if we need to; supposedly is in Asia at this time.

July69-Phillips-duoPOI#6 James Douglas Crabtree/PHILLIPS. The female victim of this case was a previous wife of this male.  We can expect an emotive reaction, for that reason if nothing else.

We are obliged to interpret as if he is a potential killer. Facts of the case would reveal whether this is possible or not.

What I haven’t highlighted in the first chart and immediately jumps out at me, is natal Mercury 8°Taurus (in the outer chart) is exact the 2nd house cusp; personal assets. This begs the question, “Does this man see women as chattels?”  If he is the perpetrator I would certainly look further into this psychological aspect.

  • Tr Mercury (yellow) is conjunct natal Saturn in 3rd house – this is a red flag as a potential shooter when we are interpreting where guns (a means of communication) are involved.  NOTE the incident chart above identifying a likely perpetrator.
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Saturn – in public likely experiencing a traumatic episode.
  • tr Saturn square natal Pluto – forensic indicators involving power struggles
  • tr Uranus conjunct natal Neptune – possible use of underhanded means to do the job.  Being in the 7th house is also dangerous as this is the house of where his relationship with spouses resides.

Transiting midpoints will undoubtedly reveal the tug of war:

  • Sun//Pluto=natal Jupiter – flexing his power; expansion of power base; success
  • Moon/Pluto=natal Saturn – another dangerous indicator of pressure valve release
  • Moon/Mars=natal Lunar South Node – cause and effect come into play with the Lunar nodes – south node can indicate the effect of the marriage break-up. This is a disruptive indication; letting it fly.
  • Venus/Saturn=natal Sun – trouble in a relationship rekindled

As for the asteroids, transiting Luga (weapon) is conjunct natal Jupiter – a ‘big man’ when he has a gun in his hand.  We have malice-a-forethought and anger in this mix as well.  Lots to interpret if we need to revisit these charts.  This POI must remain on the ‘to-watch’ list…

July69-Tarrance-duoPOI#7 Jack Tarrance

Once again we have a bi-wheel that is not indicating violence, however the second chart has something to add.

Transiting Moon conjunct natal Eris (causing trouble and strife) and another POI with malice-a-forethought on his agenda; close to his personal needs.  From this I would suggest unless he is personally involved, he is not likely to be malicious.

There is nothing to indicate that this man is involved in this murder at this stage.

July69-VanBest-duoPOI#8 Earl VAN BEST

A 28°Gemini Mars at the IC cannot be ignored.  Transiting Jupiter and the Moon offsided with Mars; square as well. This is the will to succeed; get up and go attitude sort of tension.

Transiting Sun is also square natal Jupiter so Van Best is wound up like a spring; we could suggest.  What is most troubling is when we turn to the asteroids, although likely a personal matter rather than related to our case.

  • Natal asteroid Luga (the weapon used) is exact the ascendant  – he’s packing a weapon wherever he is.
  • Transiting asteroid Luga is conjunct Malus at the 6th house cusp – his carrying a gun is likely matter-of-course.  Is it part of his lifestyle, or his occupation?

Still we’ll wait and see.  There are two more cases attributed to ZK that we need to explore.   See Pt.3.


Zodiac killer Pt.1

kodiak-imageAn American serial killer whom has never been identified is the latest case to cross our desk. By the look of this faded newspaper, we know that we are winding the clock back; the late 1960’s in fact.

Much has been written and continues to be written speculating as to whom the Zodiac Killer may be. As is my want to do, I know little of the stories; limiting myself to gathering names and dates of victims and suspects.

Serial killers are extremely difficult to identify with this method we use for criminal profiling, as they are usually not extremely emotive beyond the first killing, however we can but check the astrology charts and see what comes up.

Persons of interest

  • Arthur Leigh ALLEN – 18 December 1933
  • Edward Wayne EDWARDS – 14 June 1933
  • Richard GAIKOWSKI – 14 March 1936
  • George Hill HODEL Jr – 10 October 1907     ……   left US 1950 returned 1990
  • Louis MYERS – 16 January 1951
  • James Douglas (Crabtree) PHILLIPS – 8 May 1944
  • Jack TARRANCE – 24 February 1928
  • Earl VAN BEST – 14 July 1934

Crime dates

  • 4 June 1963 (possibly ZK)
  • 30 October 1966, 10:30pm (possibly ZK)
  • 20 December 1968, 11pm
  • 4-5 July 1969, 12am
  • 27 September 1969, – 6:30pm
  • 11 October 1969, 9:55pm
  • 22 March 1970, 11:15pm (possibly ZK)
  • 6 September 1970, 2am+ (possibly ZK) @Lake Tahoe

Victims of interest

  • Cheryl Jo BATES – 27 September 1948 (possibly ZK)
  • Robert DOMINGOS – 12 May 1945 (possibly ZK)
  • Linda Faye EDWARDS 7 June 1945 (possibly ZK)
  • David Arthur FARRADAY – 2 October 1951
  • Darlene Elizabeth FERRIN – 17 March 1947
  • Bryan Calvin HARTNELL – 16 May 1949 – survived
  • Betty Lou JENSEN – 22 June 1952
  • Kathleen JOHNS survived – (possibly ZK)
  • Donna Ann LASS – 3 November 1944 -missing (possibly ZK)
  • Michael Renault MAGEAU  – 29 October 1949 – survived
  • Cecelia Ann SHEPARD – 1 July 1947
  • Paul Lee STINE – 18 December 1939

Note that we do not have the birth times of any individuals and so their mid-range moon is used (noon) for this enquiry.

zodiacwatchesadvertIf we commence our astrology study at the first case attributed to the Zodiac Killer by LE; approximately 11pm on 20th December 1968.  This is the shooting murder of David Farraday and Betty Lou Jensen.

I can imagine that David Farraday’s physicality could have been a threat to the killer; i.e. the killer was likely concerned by the possibility of being overpowered if the male teen was given the opportunity to exit fully from his vehicle. David Farraday was shot at close range as he was getting out of his vehicle.

As for Betty Lou, she managed to flee some thirty-feet before being hunted down.  Did the killer hunt her down because she was the target, or because she could possibly recognise the killer, or something else in the mind of ZK? We have to consider these psychological questions as sleuths, before we even generate the charts. It gives us a general idea of what we might be looking for in the charts.

So where do we go from here… We don’t know the amount of natural light/cloud cover, however it was only a night off the New Moon. So we have someone skilled with night shooting plus access to a Winchester Western long rifle with Super X copper-coated bullets.  The Sun in the heavens was in the closing degrees of Sagittarius and the Moon 21degrees ahead in the grim reaper’s realm – Capricorn.

Case study #1…     11pm 20th December 1968

20Dec-blogclick on all charts for full size.

The Incident chart

When we consider that the Ascendant represents the victims and the Descendant, the perpetrator in a murder situation, these are our primary signifiers in a horary chart.

At 11:10pm on the night in question, the Ascendant (victims) is 17:57°Virgo with the ruling planet for Virgo = Mercury.

We then locate 7:29°Mercury in the chart – is in the 4th house plus in the zodiac sign of Capricorn (not the same sign as the cusp).  There is a red flag for us immediately as the 4th cusp is 16:21°Sagittarius; Jupiter’s realm. If the cusp had been Capricorn the victims would be in a controlled/supervised environment (Saturn’s realm), however with the cusp being Jupiter, this indicates that the victims were not where they were intended to be; i.e. in the wrong place at the right time and therefore not likely to have been personally targeted; unless they were followed.

With the Descendant (perpetrator) in the zodiac sign of (17:57°)Pisces, we know that the ruling planets for Pisces are Jupiter and Neptune.

We locate Jupiter in 1st house at 4:39° Libra, however the 1st house cusp is 17:57°Virgo (ruled by Mercury). We also note that Jupiter is conjunct the rebellious buzz of Uranus (3:51°Libra) in the heavens; an adrenaline rush. When considering the Jupiter as the perpetrator’s signifier, we have the confirmation that the victims are in the perpetrator’s chosen territory; 4th house Sagittarius. I.e. the ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter.

When we turn to the second signifier for the perpetrator, Neptune – it is in the 3rd house and in the zodiac sign of (27:27°) Scorpio; I.e. action/fantasy/stirring up trouble, by the means of communication (3rd house). Note: a rifle is a means of communication when we are talking murder.

Notes as we build a ZK profile:

  • Asteroid Juno 14:04°Sagittarius is at the IC – commitment/lack-of between a male and female is a potential motive here. Is this based on observation, or personal?
  • Asteroid Aphophis is also present at this point in the chart.
  • Asteroid Minerva 28:34°Aries conjunct Malus

Once I learned that one of the suspects possibly went to school with the two victims  of this killing, he has to be our first choice for POI.  We should expect a good emotive reaction if merely by his association with the victims; his high school peers.

POI#1 Louis Joseph MYERS was discounted by LE as being too young to have carried out the ‘sophistication’ of the murders, as he was just 17 years-old in December ’68 (a month short of 18) and not yet served in the military. His father was ex-navy and apparently owned an army and navy disposal store. If this is correct, then Myers would have access to weapons and clothing.

The most dangerous aspect in this male’s natal chart is a peregrine Mars in Aquarius.

Offbeat and weird identifies a Mars in Aquarius male.  In the chart of a potential killer, we need to remain vigilant when we see this combination together with an unharnessed aspect; out of control actions.

Using their intelligence in an over-inflated way, to the point of being arrogant, these Mars in Aquarius males invariably believe they are ‘above’ the rules; often angry that the world is not operating according to their specific world-view. They are the types to start arguments and pick fights. They won’t pick fights with an individual though; they usually find some outlet to vent their anger – a cause, or a group of people. They can also be extremely cold and very nihilistic.

So to charting…

Asteroids: Faraday#3758; Jensen#5900, Myers#21455 and Winchester#21456.

Dec68-MyersduoOur first pair of bi-wheels (method) – the inner wheel is a ‘freeze-frame’ of the heavens at the time of the incident; blue text in the second chart.  The outer wheel in red in the same chart is that of the natal chart for Louis Myers with a mid-range moon placement (noon).  Two snapshots in time, aligned by the zodiac signs.

This is what I call a Christmas Tree of lights; a highly reactive character. There’s plenty to interpret here that is incriminating with asteroid Faraday at the ascendant in Myers natal chart.

  • Midpoint transiting Saturn/Pluto= natal Uranus – rebellious attack regardless of potential losses – this is a very dangerous aspect.
  • tr asteroid Eros 26:51°Capricorn conjunct natal Sun and Ceres.

Even without a full interpretation, IF Myers is the Zodiac killer, then this is likely his first killing. However, let’s not jump to conclusions…

POI#2 Arthur Leigh ALLEN was 35 years old in December 1968 and had recently been dismissed from his teaching role; accused of molestation of a student. He had returned to live with his parents in Vallejo, California following a second major career failure.  He had previously being discharged from the US Navy after only 2 years of service.

Note: I’ve checked the charts for the 1966 murder of Cheri Jo Bates – there are no astrology profiling indications to implicate Allen in her murder.

A quick scan of the natal chart gives of us a weakness; Saturn-Venus in Aquarius.  This is a loser in the love stakes for a man. With 12°Virgo Neptune peregrine, Leigh Allen would rely on ‘detailed fantasy’ for sexual gratification.  His crimes would be related to deviant behaviour most likely.

Dec68-AllenA 22°Capricorn Mars square to rebellious Uranus and opposite Pluto interprets as an explosive and controlling character. We also note the mid-range Moon is conjunct Mars at 22°Capricorn; personal needs above all else.

This is a potentially nasty combination in a character. A second peregrine planet – 9°Sagittarius Mercury; always has an opinion and potential author of wild theories (unrestrained).  At the least, this man is a sociopath.

Leigh Allen has to be considered as the potential author of the Zodiac letters with this astrology.  His natural perspective (Pluto) is EXACT the asteroid Malus (malice) at 24°Cancer.  He’d write a poison-pen letter at any given opportunity.

  • Midpoint transiting Mars/Saturn= natal Mars.  This does reveal hesitation, with cold Saturn and hot Mars, driven by the personal needs of the controller; Capricorn Mars. It could swing either way for Leigh Allen. 

Despite the seventeen years difference in their ages, both male POI’s so far have the asteroid Faraday in-common in their natal horoscopes; Myers 19°Virgo and Allen 22°Virgo.  That doesn’t help us, as both POI’s have the asteroid nudging the ascendant at 11:10pm, 20th December 1968.

POI#3 Edward Wayne EDWARDS a native of Ohio, was paroled out of Leavenworth prison in 1967 and later became a convicted serial killer, so we have no need to check his credentials as a possible killer.  He does have Saturn quindecile Lunar South Node in his natal chart – obsessed with notoriety of self. 

Dec68-Edwards-duoAs for involvement in the Zodiac killings, Edwards has his personal asteroid nudging the ascendant.  We are obliged to include him in this first murders as he has natal Mars at the ascendant plus a mid-range Moon at the descendant.

However the midpoint also tells us that it’s his communication that matters to this male. He apparently offered his experience as a killer to LE, which raised suspicions.

  • Midpoint transiting Saturn/Uranus = natal Mercury – stages of re-thinking.  This backs up his approach to LE as a sycophant, however with Mars at the ascendant it is the focus on himself that he ultimately wants.

Edward’s charts do not appear to indicate any involvement in the murders of David Farraday and Betty Lou Jensen, however that does not allow us to exonerate him. We must consider that quindecile of transiting Jupiter (perpetrator signifier) with natal Mid range Moon.  This is of minor concern, however we will check his natal chart with the other murders in the Zodiac file.

POI#4 Richard Joseph GAIKOWSKI, although from South Dakota, he was an investigative reporter in San Francisco in the late 60’s. Gaikowski’s interest in investigative journalism is revealed with natal NeptuneRx 15°Virgo opposite natal Saturn 14°Pisces.

Dec68-Gaikowski-duoGaikowski’s subversive activities, similarity of voice of the killer, plus his handwriting brought him to the attention of LE.

  • Asteroid Malus 23°Sagittarius conjunct natal Jupiter plus square natal Sun  – malicious opinion in relation to the justice system likely motivates his ego.
  • Peregrine Mars in Aries (in-common with Myers above), plus Pluto quindecile natal Lunar North Node reveals the obsession with public attention.

There’s nothing in these chart to link him to the first murders, however he’ll stay on the list.

POI#5 George Hill HODEL Jr was supposedly in Asia at the time of this first killing, however we shall include him nevertheless.  He is linked to the Black Dahlia murders and has been under our microscope in the past.

Dec68-Hodel-duoHodel’s likely main weakness would be a peregrine Moon; i.e. personal needs know no boundaries.  Saturn Rx at 22°Pisces is also peregrine.  He married four times in all – not surprising with Venus trine Pluto.  

Hodel would sniff out any undercurrent/alternative agenda in the women in his life.  That, together with the peregrination, interprets as severe behaviour with regard to interaction with women in general; not just his wives.  Plus Uranus in quindecile aspect to Pluto – duck for cover, ladies.

There is really nothing in these charts to indicate that George Hodel Jnr was in the area of Vallejo, CA on the night of 20 December 1968.

POI#6 James Douglas Crabtree/PHILLIPS is included in the suspect list as he was the first husband of the female victim/Darlene Ferrin in the July 1969 murder attributed to the Zodiac killer.  Nevertheless we shall share his horoscope in relation to the first murders.

Dec68-Phillips-duoOnce again we have peregrine planets in the natal chart – no boundaries.  This time it is Venus and Saturn.  There is no retrograde and so the issue with Saturn is about self-control plus with Venus, you can see the picture.

Another POI with his natal asteroid nudging the ascendant; asteroid James on this occasion. Plus this asteroid is also square natal Saturn. We are not surprised are we…  He doesn’t appear to be involved in this first murder, however closer scrutiny will follow with the second case; the murder of his ex-wife.

POI#7 Jack Tarrance, the oldest of our suspects. He and I have crossed swords before, in my role as profiler, however we’ll stick to the facts and not go off on a tangent.

Dec68-Tarrance-duoNo prizes for guessing… we have two more peregrine planets in this man’s natal chart; Mars in Capricorn and Pluto in Cancer.

Being in a natal chart he’s born a free agent with these dominant traits, however those dastardly transiting bodies will create tension; attempting to rein him in.

  • Natal Saturn straddling the IC with LNR – there’s little joy to be had from accomplishments, if he’s our perp.
  • tr Hygiea conjunct natal Uranus and Eris – causing trouble and strife
  • tr Juno conjunct Lunar South Node – TBA

POI#8 Earl VAN BEST is included in the list of public supported suspects, due to the fact that his name is suggested as being connected to the cryptograms created by ZK.  For us he is an astrology chart to be interpreted in connection with the first murders.

Peregrine Neptune in Virgo and Pluto in Cancer; although 24°Pluto is nudging his natal Sun at 21°Cancer.  We know that anything in tension with Pluto can be a warning of explosion. It’s egg shells around this man I would imagine.  He’s a naturally subversive character.

This is another case of wait and see.  There is nothing sinister revealed in relation to the murder of David Farraday and Betty-Lou Jensen.

From here we can continue with the second case in Part 2.