Nice, Bastille Day 2016

For those who wonder why I use the asteroid Franke as representative for France in an astrology chart, allow me to explain.

Firstly to the best of my knowledge, there is no asteroid with the name ‘France’, and secondly, it helps to know a smattering of German in this job.  In the germanic tongue, France is known as Frankreich (realm of the Franks).  This is my reasoning for use of the main belt asteroid Franke #2824 in this enquiry today.

Mohamed Salmene Lahouaiej Bouhlel was born in the former French colony of Tunisia, on 31st January 1985.  Did this male migrate to France in search of a better life?  This we do not know, however if living in ‘the promised land’ didn’t turn out as he expected, then this may explain in some way, a motive for his actions.  Then there is the question as to whether he had been radicalised? An astrology enquiry will no doubt, enlighten those of us who look to the ancients for wisdom.

Bastille Day fireworks commenced at 10pm in Nice, as Bouhlel prepared his assault.  At 10:45pm he was en route the celebration and by 11pm, he was dead.  That sounds like a good-a-time as any to generate a horary chart; a snapshot of the heavens over Nice. This is our map of reality.

11pm-Nice-astroImmediately we can see the radical Islamic act of terrorism as a motive, with 16:05ºGemini asteroid Arabia#1157 and 3:32ºVirgo asteroid Martir#1582 at the all-important angles.

On the 14th July there is a minor Water Grand Trine in the heavens – not made up of major planets, however the asteroid Chiron 25ºPisces holds up a corner.  Apart from knowing that this is an emotive energy (water element) that is contained, 25ºChiron in Pisces in the first house of the horary chart reveals a personal situation that appears to always be in crisis.  It may be religious, or spiritual crises (Neptune rules Pisces) or a risk for depression or drug use; i.e. an escape by playing the victim.

Note the outlet for this crises energy from Chiron – mirror is held up to asteroid Franke (France).  By being in the 7th house this includes her people.

Another corner of the trine is 24ºScorpio Moon-Mars; a personal need to take action. The third corner is the Sun 22:50ºCancer; the date on the calendar in the 5th house of celebration/entertainment.  This man’s attack was pre-planned, I would suggest even before we look at his natal chart.

So what other tension is evident at the time Bouhlel was shot and killed by law enforcement?

  • Transiting asteroids Pallas (inner warrior) and Nessus (abused trust) have been keeping company at 5ºPisces for some time now, triggering the abuse of trust for all of humankind. The choice is to be proactive, or reactive to the tension. This inseparable energy is quindecile 19ºVirgo, Vertex (significant life-changing event), as well as transiting Jupiter 19ºVirgo.  As we know, the gaseous planet inflates anything it comes in contact with.
  • The date on the calendar; Sun placement at the feared Serbian 22º plus in Cancer (security), identifies the venue and time of risk.
  • Sun is also square  23-24ºAries – Eris-Uranus, identifying the rebellious act of trouble and strife.  Aries is always in instigator.
  • Mercury 1ºLeo is quindecile Pluto at 16ºCapricorn: Mercury in Leo can be a tyrant or benign, however together with Pluto energy in this obsessive manner we hear that old nut cracking open – ‘blanket over a hand grenade’.

Mohamed Salmene Lahouaiej Bouhlel – perpetrator

Bouhiel-astroNote: we were stymied initially, as we had two birth dates available for this male.  The former (not included here) resulted in a passive reaction to the tension and not a character  whom could be described as  ‘a natural-born killer’, however the consensus of birth date according to astrologers whom I would defer to, has now settled for the alternative, 31st January 1985; Tunisia. 

I would certainly suggest that this horoscope is more likely to be accurate in relation to the birth data for the killer, as asteroids Ceres-Arabia are under tension – i.e. nourishment as a result of Arabian culture.   Also when we learned that Bouhlel had sent considerable sums of money to his family back in Tunisia, we are likely on the money… 14ºTaurus – Ceres in a natal chart, fits this description.

  • This character also appears to have an obsessive interest in gun culture – asteroid Gunn#18243 quindecile natal Pallas (inner warrior) as well as quindecile the midpoint of the more dangerous  23º Pholus (regrettable actions) as well as asteroid Fanatica ( fanaticism) 27º both of which are in fiery Aries.
  • Then we have the sextile (working together with) asteroid #1582 Martir – 26º conjunct #341520 Mors – 27ºAquarius – i.e.e prepared to die as a martyr.

It has been reported in the media that this male had only recently become radicalised, however the astrology suggests to me that he was a martyr looking for a cause to die for; waiting for the planets to align.

Alignment of the two charts – method

death-Bouhlel copyThe inner wheel is the incident/perspective and the outer wheel is aligned as per the zodiac. When we transpose the Water Grand Trine (blue triangle) from the first chart, we immediately look for the hard aspects that would put tension on this ‘energy’ in the perp’s horoscope.

  • transiting Moon-Mars 24ºScorpio EXACT conjunct natal Lunar South Node – a traumatic event. Plus don’t overlook that his natal Pallas is at 24ºPisces working with this South Node. He would likely ascribe to what goes around comes around.  This is a form of revenge for mis-treatment and when we note this tension is driven from the first house at the time of his death; it’s personal.  This would be part of his motivation, I would suggest.
    • outlet for this Moon-Mars (need to take action) tension is the north node in the 3rd house – communication;
  • transiting Chiron betwixt natal Venus-Mars/Pallas – idealisation likely in relation to continuing to add to the terror; be a knight for a cause.
    • note the outlet for this tension is asteroid Frank (France) in transit at the time

It appears to be clear that Bastille Day would be Bouhlel’s date of choice for the slaughter.  His purpose; revenge against the Republic of France.  Some would use graffiti for their protest, however Bouhlel’s Aquarian Sun and Gemini Moon had more Utopian ideas.  84 people were killed and 308 injured.

Terror in San Bernadino

Syed Rizwan Farook, apparently got into a heated argument with a colleague during a holiday work function on the morning of 2nd December 2015 before leaving – only to return later wearing a ski-mask and accompanied by his wife.  Armed to the teeth, they  proceeded to kill 14 revelers including those whom Farook had worked closely with.  Many more were injured in what appeared to be a ‘spree killing’.

10:59am 2nd December 2015

1059-SBclick on charts for full size

The San Bernadino Police Dept. received the first call at 10:59am – “multiple shots fired”.  With the gift of hindsight, we can interpret some of the pattern in the heavens over San Bernadino that morning that created this tension.

Please take note that astrology is a pseudo science and not recognised in any court of law.

  • In the 7th house of public relationships, the Moon EXACT asteroid Fanatica#1589 at 4°Virgo – fanatical need to be precise.

As soon as we see this asteroid in the mix we know that it’s time to bring out the asteroids indicative of possible terrorist activity.

  • Mars (action) – Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee – asteroid Alekto#465 (anger/rage) are also conjunct at 11°Libra in the 8th house of death/transformation – the weakest point of the heavens is at the BML of any date. 
  • Also in the 8th house is (peer group) Venus-Juno (male) that identifies a peer group-male as the perpetrator.  Is this personal or more sinister?
  • On the other side of the chart in macho Aries at 16degrees, we have Uranus (rebellion) conjunct asteroid Arabia reflecting their combined energy to the above tension – hence the alerts worldwide for terrorist alert; not just in San Bernadino.

It is unclear if the earlier personal argument played any role in the massacre, however authorities said Farook had left the party ‘angry’.

Note: asteroid Alekto is in the mix.  Plus asteroid Nicholas#28442 (colleague) is at the MC with the grim reaper; Saturn.

American born, Farook was a restaurant inspector for the San Bernadino Health Department, according to public records.  He had previously travelled to Saudi to meet ‘a good Muslim woman’; a Sunni sect Muslim whom entered the US on a Pakistani passport.  His wife since 2014; Tashfeen Malik.

  • Syed Rizwan FAROOK born Chicago Illinois
  • Tashfeen MALIK born Leiah, Pakistan

3:20pm 2nd December 2015

That afternoon, both Farook and Malik were killed in a vehicle during a gun-battle with law enforcement officers.  We can address other tension in the heavens that day that could have lead to this incident.

320-blogBy 3:20pm the Moon had moved away from EXACT Fanatica, yet still illuminated this compelling need in the perpetrators.

  •  Sun/Moon= 23°Libra.  This midpoint of Sun-Moon is where wants and needs meet; the main focus point of any chart. At this degree we have asteroid Isis#42 as well as the Vertex of this chart at the murderous 22degrees. plus…
  • Asteroid Phaeton#3200 (a vehicle) is in quindecile aspect with this pair in the zodiac. All indications are that there is an element of radical ISIL networking in this incident related to the rented vehicle.
  • Asteroid Fanatica 4:26°Virgo reflects by opposition to Atropos 4:47°Pisces. Atropos represents the cutting of the cord of life – i.e. the fanatics will die.
  • Asteroid Bomben#12834 quindecile Pholus#5145 24°Sagittarius.  Pholus is indicative of ‘shooting oneself in the foot’ and so, together with Bomben, we can interpret that the bomb-making exercise failed.

Tashfeen MALIK

This woman does not have the horoscope of an ISIL soldier.  Her chart has a fair spread of planets to suggest a person able to reason,  although we know that she has they martyrdom asteroid; Martir#1582 at 2:19°Gemini is opposite her Saturn Rx 3:33°Sagittarius – waving for attention.   She also harbors anger and rage; Alekto#465 at 24:49°Taurus keeping company with the evil fixed star Atropos; the gorgon Medusa.

TashfeenMALIKIt is the practical, Earth Grand Trine that will be her undoing. She has lived with this internal struggle

  • Pholus-Nemesis 18°Taurus – Fanatica 18°Virgo – Mars Rx 17Capricorn.  This is a self-contained analytical woman –  we note two releases for the energy.
    • Fanatica quindecile Arabia 4:37°Pisces (Sunni-Moslem) This brings the basic tenets of the Koran into corruption by the obsession of the fanatic.
    • Pholus-Nemesis in Taurus has the outlet with Ixion 18°Scorpio – create a murderous trap; commit murder for one’s cause.
  • Chiron quindecile Neptune – the martyr’s wound (psychological stigmata of people not listening to her)
  • Chiron quindecile Saturn Rx – ambition to be this wounded martyr

Syed Rizwan FAROOK

blogcopy-SFNeptune is symbolic of all that is hidden; the intangible – including religious faith.  With the knowledge that this man was a practicing Muslim whom found a ‘good Muslim woman’ on an internet dating site, then we can suggest with some certainly that this is the symbolism for Neptune in his horoscope.

  • Neptune 7:00°Capricorn is square to the public face of Lunar nodal axis 8:19°Aries-Libra.
  • Neptune quindecile Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee – the weakest link in the character is his intense obsessive attachment to Islam.  This is a character ripe for further ‘studies’.
  • 24:48°Uranus (rebellion) exact asteroid Fanatica 24:19°Sagittarius; the zodiac of opinions. Sagittarius can also be symbolic of an international connection.
  • Uranus-Fanatica quindecile asteroid Isis (ISIL) at 9:36°Gemini; the zodiac of communication. This is to be the compulsive object of his fanaticism.
  • Chiron-Sun-Alekto at 23°Gemini reveals a deep-seated anger from early childhood. 

Therein lies the basis of these astrology horoscopes interpreted from the perspective of potential terrorists, before we consider the tension of the planetary spread overhead – the two acts of violence committed by this couple.  We generate bi-wheels (method)

2nd December 2015 and Tashfeen Malik

The first chart is the tension in this woman’s chart in relation to the attack – viewed from the perspective of the event as we are not privy to her time of birth. The second chart is from the time of when she was killed by law enforcement officers later that same day.  Both incidents and natal charts are individually interpreted above.

TashfeenMalik-duoThe angles in any chart are highly significant and of primary import in any chart interpretation. This woman has two – the MC (midheaven) and opposite at the IC reflecting back to the MC.

  • Natal (red) Saturn-Juno 1:24°Sagittarius conjunct mid-heaven reflecting by opposition natal asteroid Bomben 0:11°Gemini exact the IC.  This identifies her husband and spouse as the failed bomb-maker.  We know that none of these home-made bombs exploded and therefore it appears that this is of some importance to her (by their being at the angles).  She is likely greatly displeased at his failure.
  • Transiting Arabia-Uranus 16:47°Aries square natal Mars 16:39°Capricorn – steely mental resolve; highly focused on her religious cause.
  • Transiting Mercury 18:41°Sagittarius conjunct natal Uranus 19:09°Sagittarius in 10th house –  verbalised opinion of her ’cause’. Likely cries of victory for ISIL…
  • Transiting Fanatica-Moon 4:27°Virgo conjunct natal Venus at 2:21°Virgo – perceived fanatical needs of a peer group.
  • Transiting Fanatica-Moon square natal 3:32°Sagittarius Saturn-Juno; ambition for her spouse as well as herself.

The second chart at the approximate time of her death, shares the tension at the angles once more, plus more…  This time it is the horizon line; Ascendant-Descendant axis.  The first chart – place/location and the second chart – timing.

  • Natal asteroid Nemesis 18:25°Taurus conjunct Ascendant and Natal Ixion  18:40°Scorpio at the Descendant – in the end, trapped.
  • Transiting asteroid Nemesis-Vertex-Isis conjunct natal Lunar South Node in Libra – significant social-association with ISIL brings about her nemesis; as pre-determined.
  • Transiting Pandora (release of evils) conjunct natal Pallas (inner warrior) 26:19°Leo – she got her 15minutes of  ‘fame’ (Leo); warrior status.
  • Transiting Mercury (a communication) exact natal Uranus (the rebel) 19:10°Sagittarius  +++
  • Transiting Ixion-Pholus 24:38°Sagittarius conjunct natal Arabian Part Fortunaall together in the 8th house of death and transformation (as per arrow on chart).

There is much more tension in these charts, however I leave that for fellow astrologers to interpret.

2nd December 2015 and Syed Rizwan FAROOK

Farook-duoFollowing a similar path of interpretation, the primary attack does not reveal any of the natal planets, or asteroids at the angles.

  • Transiting (blue in the inner wheel) asteroid Arabia-Uranus 16:47°Aries is off-sided by square aspect to natal Mercury-Mars 15:54°Cancer suggesting plenty of talk of Sunni-Islam rebellion, but was this man all talk?
  • Transiting Fanatica-Moon 4:27° square natal  4:15°Gemini Venus. With the wife as the fanatic in the family, then Venus likely represents Malik’s fanaticism in relation to needs and ‘now’.
  • Transiting Saturn 7:47°Sagittarius is quindecile natal Alekto-Sun 23:07°Gemini – ambition drives the man’s inner rage; his boiling ego.
  • Transiting Mercury 18:41° Sagittarius conjunct natal Saturn Rx 17:28°Sagittarius in the 10th house – ambition is uppermost in this man’s drive.  He repeats the violence of his father; only bigger and better.

By the time Farook was killed by law enforcement, little if anything had changed in his personal horoscope.

  • Transiting Ceres in Aquarius; fear of physical closeness to one’s nurturer, is conjunct Farook’s natal asteroid Borasissi 9:12°Aquarius plus nudging his natal Moon (personal needs) at the mid-heaven; overhead. The lie he told himself in order to be happy is that he didn’t need anyone to comfort him.



Opening Pandora’s box…

Some basics as I see it – Islam is divided into two sects – the Sunni and Shia sects. Two countries that compete for the leadership of Islam, Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran, have used the sectarian divide to further their political ambitions within the religion. How their rivalry is settled will likely shape the political balance between Sunnis and Shias and the future of the region, especially in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, and Yemen.

PandoraIt is one of the militant radical groups within the Sunni sect that grew to be what we know of as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) also known as ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). DAESH is a phonetic translation of the spoken Arabic equivalent.

The state was declared once the militant group had territory of their own (in Syria) and could therefore rise above lesser militant groups; a power move and perceived justification of their existence under the umbrella of Sunni Islam.  They began by ritual cleansing of their state; a license to kill.

Once they had a ‘state’ (caliphate), then the leader Abu Bakr could declare himself to be a Caliph; his personal power trip within the Sunni sect.  Among moderate Islamic scholars, the ISIS caliphate is considered illegitimate.

Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted by any law-court  We use classic texts for interpretation plus the charts are generated by software readily available to the public.  None-the-less, please remain skeptical of all interpretation.

The Mundane Astrology chart for the ‘birth’ of ISIS  is the beginning of Ramadan i.e. when the first crescent of the Moon rises after sunset following a New Moon.  ISIS was formed to coincide with Ramadan 2014 –  7:05pm, 28th June and so this is the ‘birth’ time for the beginning of ISIS.

We can cast a horoscope and learn that the fixed star Mekbuda is at the horizon between the Sun and Moon. Rather fitting actually considering that Islam has the two sects; the twins, Castor and Pollux.

GeminiNote: In astrology terms the direction of the West is on the right-hand side of a chart. The Sun has set and the Moon is above the horizon and so that is where the Sun and Moon can be located on the ISIS astrology chart.

The main focus of any chart is the midpoint between the Sun and Moon where the two energies meet. The Sun/Moon midpoint is 14:34°Cancer. This is the point in the heavens of the fixed star Al Makbudah – i.e. the front paw of Asad (Arabic mythological lion) and/or the left knee of Pollux (Greco-Roman mythology) in the constellation of Gemini, according to the zodiac.

The Asad (lion) motif recurs in the Qur’an, Hadith (prophetic traditions) as well as classical Arabic poetry. In the modern era, the lion has become a key motif in jihadist propaganda – employed as a symbol of honor for both major jihadi leaders and for low-ranking suicide bombers/jihadi militants, and may also be used to suggest martyrdom, or designate a martyr-to-be.

  • Sun/Moon =  14:34°Cancer – the descendant (RHS) and cusp of the 7th house of public relationships.

The focus of this blog is on criminal activity; the unique weaknesses in ‘characters’ in order to identify behavioural patterns. Weaknesses in victims and/or perpetrators can be predictable to a degree by that, which is considered ‘accepted’, basic human behaviour; criminal profiling.  

For this astrology enquiry beyond the regular planetary symbolism, the basic astrology criminal profiling asteroids (many names originate from Greco/Roman mythology) tell their story.

  • Arabia#1157 (Arabian culture)
  • Bomben#12834 (bomb threat)
  • Chiron #2060 (the militia)
  • Eris#136199 (trouble and strife)
  • Fanatica#1589 (radicalised fanatic)
  • Fini##795 (the end)
  • Gunn#18243 (armed)
  • Hylonome#10370 (suicide)
  • Isis#42 (radical group of terrorists)
  • Ixion#28978 (murderous trap)
  • Martir#1582 (religious martyr)
  • Moira#638 (the fates)
  • Nessus#7066 (betrayed trust)
  • Pandora#55 (releasing evils onto the world)
  • Pholus#5145 (shooting oneself in the foot; shoulda-coulda done things differently)
  • Troja#3912 (hidden threat)

ISIL-horaryISIS – the mundane chart

click on charts for full size

The kite pattern is dominant (highlighted in blue) so as long as the wind blows ISIS will fly.  This kite pattern also indicates by its fragility that it will not be everlasting. Highlighted in turquoise is what will remove the wind, or break the connection.

  • Neptune 7:38°Pisces conjunct Fini 8:38°Pisces in the 2nd house of personal assets. Neptune likely represents the religious aspect of Islam in this position.  This suggests to me that ISIS will implode, due to a withdrawal of support;  financial backing.

Behind the kite and hidden from view, we can see the readicalism formation.  We can consider this tension as an ongoing radicalisation that will need to be routed.

  • Mars at 17:28°Libra (9th house – a higher cause) is driven by the 3rd house (the radicalism process) Aries energy of 16:17° Uranus-Pandora (evil by rebellion) at 17:41°Aries.
  • Moira 12:50°Cancer reflects and balances power in the form of Pluto 12:25°Capricorn at the ascendant.
  • The kite has the asteroid Arabia 15:11°Capricorn at the top of the kite, the ascendant – the time of the formation of ISIS. We could suggest that the Arabic/Islamic cause was uppermost.
  • The wingmen of the kite are 10th house Saturn 17:02°Scorpio (grim reaper in black as the face of ISIS) and Chiron 17:44°Pisces (militia/troops as assets)
  • The tail of the kite is the Sun/Moon midpoint 14:34°Cancer.  This is where the strings are attached.

The types of characters whom are attracted to the life of a radical extremist are not moderates and so we can expect that their astrology horoscopes will likely support this behaviour – i.e. dysfunctional patterns of planetary spread in the heavens on the day of their births.  We do not have birth times and so the Moon placement is mid-range; as noon on that date.

ISIL leader – Caliph Abu Bakr

Al-Bakr-astroThe natal chart (left) is lacking a balance, however the dysfunctional element is a minor Grand Trine in the mental-conceptual zodiac Air signs. It would appear that this character has betrayed a trust by forming ISIS.

A Grand Trine acts in isolation in the behaviour of an individual until a release valve appears.  On this occasion it was an opportunity, whereas on many occasions it requires a transit to trigger the release of energy.

  • Mars 20:08°Aquarius — Pandora 21:21°Libra — Nessus 20:17°Gemini with the outlet for this energy, Isis  at 19:19°Aries.

402-Caliph copyThe bi-wheel (right) in relation to the police raid following the Paris November 2015 attacks reveals, by planetary tension, that Abu Bakr was directly involved according to the astrology. We can suggest that the go-ahead came from the top, for the cell activities in Paris.

From the perspective of the Police raids 4:02am Wednesday 18th November 2015.  His ‘alpha and the omega’ are present – Pandora (evil) and Isis (his militant group).

  • Abu Bakr natal Pandora (red) at the ascendant
  • Natal Isis at the descendant

ISIL recruiter – Abu Muhammed al-Shimali

Abu Muhammed al-Shimali-astroAgain we have a natal chart (left) that does not have an auspicious pattern.  Indications in this dysfunctional chart suggest that his male could very likely end his life, or that of his partner by the act of suicide.

  • Juno 26:27°conjunct Hylonome 27:26°Cancer
  • Sun-Mercury bombast at 27°Scorpio – bombastic and revengeful
  • Venus-Neptune bombast at 19°Sagittarius – dogmatic religious opinion

402-al-Shimali copy Charted on the right-hand side as a bi-wheel (method), Abu Muhammed al-Shimali reveals his involvement in the cell activity plan that resulted in the police raid in Saint-Denis, Paris.

  • Natal (red) Pluto (power control) at the ascendant
  • Natal Pandora EXACT transiting Mars
  • Natal Ixion EXACT transiting Gunn
  • Natal Paris conjunct transiting Bomben
  • Natal Neptune (subterfuge) trine transiting Uranus-Arabia.

Pandora’s box remains open to further scrutiny…

Why attack Paris?

banthebombparis the city of light

For any astrologer, in order to have any hope of answering this question, we need to consult the heavens; the method of analysis of mundane astrology.

As Paris is the capital of the nation of France, the current horoscope used by astrologers is that of the Fifth Republic; seal affixed at 6:30pm, 6th October 1958 in Paris, France.  This new constitution arose following colonial desire for independence and the resulting decolonization and emigration to France; to the extent that 1 in 6 current Parisians can trace their cultural background to Africa.

This is the base for our enquiry into the terrorist attacks of Black Friday, 13th November 2015.

The following is an astrology enquiry and as such it is pseudo-scientific in origin.  We use classic astrology texts for interpretation with the charts generated according to western astrology.

France-chart copyclick on charts for full size

In order to get an understanding of the Fifth Republic and what it stood for, we generate a snapshot of the heavens on that date with planets and asteroids that we believe are likely relevant to our enquiry.

  • Paris #3317 – capital of France
  • Arabia #1157 – reason for the new constitution
  • Martir #1582 – martyrdom
  • Fanatica #1589 – fanaticism
  • Isis #42 – ISIS radical organisation

The Sun at 12:57°Libra represents the date on the calendar; positioned in the zodiac of Libra –  social egalitarianism.  Egalitarian doctrines maintain that all humans are equal in fundamental worth or social status.

The planet Mercury at 13:52°Libra is symbolic of communication. -Following amendments to the constitution, the French language became the official language. Egalitarian principles apply.  It is when we note that the Sun and Mercury are conjunct in the heavens; in the 6th house of ethics and morals – this equates with the astrology term ‘bombast’ (bombastic). To speak French is to be French.  There is no separation.

The planet Venus at 3:47°Libra is equally bombast Ceres at 3:23°Libra, the largest and first-named of the asteroids.  This is indeed benevolent, as Venus-Ceres in Libra is very much about beauty.

The Moon at 21°Cancer is symbolic of her people, plus being in the 4th house she is in home-base.  Cancer is the zodiac sign representing security. France has more than her fair share of security issues over the years.  It is when we note the red lines on the chart, we know that there is a square aspect of 90° between the Moon and the Lunar nodal axis at 22:20°Aries-Libra; off-sided.

Note: As this is is a crime profiling blog, we seek weaknesses in particular.  The Lunar Nodal axis in this chart for the Fifth Republic is in a particularly un-favourable degree.  If we were to ask the Serbian astrologers, the 22nd degree is the most in-auspicious position to be in. Assassinations will likely abound in public places creating trauma for the French people (square Moon).

The Lunar Nodal Axis also has the asteroid Ixion#28978 bombast at 22:52°Libra in the 7th house of public relationships.  Anyone whom is familiar with Greco/Roman mythology will tell you that this Ixion character represents murderous traps.

The next inauspicious aspect in this chart and in the 1st house is Black Moon Lilith/Mean apogee at 25:24°Aries and exact (bombast again) the asteroid Arabia 25:55°Aries. Certainly this can be seen as a predominance of African peoples, however Black Moon Lilith is symbolic of the greatest weakness in the chart; the weakest link.

The French colonials whom settled from Africa were able to form enclaves and continue their culture separate to mainstream western society. In hindsight this may be viewed as a weakness in the structure of the immigration policy in France.  However this is not for an astrologer to comment on.

The planet Mars in the second house (assets) at 2:25°Gemini is square aspect the dwarf planet Pluto at 3:20°Virgo in the 6th house.  Mars being the activator and Pluto; power. This is the preparation to defend their assets, however it crosses and interferes with the public image of the nation – Moon square the horizon line.

Paris attack copyIt is when we turn to the latest attack in Paris, we can interpret the atmosphere on that horrific Friday night in Paris.  That 22degrees features strongly once again with the ascendant/horizon axis at 22:36°Cancer (security breach).

  • Asteroid Paris#3317 is at the ascendant at 23:53°Cancer.  The means that the asteroid was just under the horizon and entered into sight to witness the horror just seconds later.
  • Paris is also square asteroid Eris#136199 (trouble and strife) at 22:35°Aries from the 10th house of the public arena. If this is not an early warning of expecting trouble at this time, I don’t know what is.
  • Transiting planet Uranus (rebellion) is immediately overhead, plus bombast the asteroid Arabia#1157. The threat of bombing is extreme.
  • Uranus is also the conduit of energy of a Yod formation with 18:49°Virgo planet Jupiter (inflating anything) and 19:22°Scorpio (secretive) and Mercury (communication).  The communication on this occasion is the act of that which is also symbolic of Uranus; bombing.

It is when we bring the two snapshots together against the common background of the zodiac that we get the detail of the incident.  Makes us wonder why France doesn’t have an astrologer on the payroll. (No I’m not putting my hand up – Je ne parle pas français.)

France-transitsThe inner chart (blue text) is the chart for France that we are familiar with as above and the outer chart (red text) is at the time recorded as per wikipedia for the first of the attacks in Paris (as per the second chart above).  Method  This is when we see the tension between the two events.

  • Transiting asteroid Eris (trouble and strife) is bombast the Nodal axis of France conjunct the ascendant.  Plus we see what is behind this trouble – Uranus bombast Arabia.  No prizes for guesses what that is.
  • Transiting Black Moon Lilith at 8:58°Libra is bombast the asteroid Isis at 8:46° in the chart for France  PLUS Vertex in France’s chart; 7:40°Libra.  This identifies a significant weakness for ISIS to operate in France.
  • Transiting Isis 13:55°Libra is exact France’s Sun-Mercury; radicalism is at her very core.
  • Transiting Black Moon Lilith is very close behind Sun-Mercury at 8:58°Libra – a weak link yet to be revealed.

libertyNote: By this I do not intend to infer that the nation of France has a significant relationship with the radical group of ISIS. Those whom are familiar with French society would be better able to interpret this aspect. 

Is it that the atmosphere of freedom/equality/brotherhood of mankind has allowed this radical fanaticism to foster?

As the plotters fled to Brussels, Belgium; neighbour of France, the asteroid Vesta in her symbolic role of ‘keeping the home fires burning’ extends to a a place of refuge/hiding, we generate a national chart for Belgium with similar asteroids. We note that Belgium has also been a country that colonised African states.


Belgiumclick on chart for full size

  • Vesta#4 at 16:27°Aries reflects the asteroid Arabia#1157 at 17:25°Libra – a nest
  • The nation’s Mars at 22:29°Pisces is not in a strong position, however it reflects Venus by opposition at 21:27°Virgo – a team player when needed, with Venus in her role as ‘peer group’.

Knowing this, it is likely a purposeful act to not rout the trouble, more a case of monitor carefully which I am sure law enforcement does.  We note this when we view the Belgian national tension in relation to the Paris attacks. 

In the following chart, we note that all the action is on the right hand side of the bi-wheel; caring for others.

13Nov-Belgium copyIn order to view the bi-wheel, on this occasion we use the perspective of the time of the attacks in Paris, 9:16pm, 13th November 2015.  In red (Belgium) planet  Neptune is at the horizon line at the descendant (exit point).  This is our first astrology indication that Belgium will be used as a place of hiding.

  • transiting (blue) Uranus-Arabia at the midheaven is square (red) Neptune 20:01°Capricorn and reflecting the country’s own asteroid Arabia at the IC – there will be no hiding place in Belgium for radicals that cannot be routed.
  • Charts for ISIL
  • Work in progress