ET302 plane crash

Pandora still has ‘hope’ tucked away safely from release unto to world; that we delude ourselves into believing that ‘hope springs eternal in the human breast’. Know that, in behavioural terms, hope = delusional expectation.

The story of Pandora is part of the basis of western society’s survival kit ie Greco/Roman mythology. The text is virtually a ‘How to Survive, circa 700BC’. Fast forward to 2019 – for every Boeing commercial aircraft flying today, survival under duress equates with the the crew turning to the ICOE guidelines relevant to each particular model of aircraft.  In Case Of an Emergency; a Hope Chest…

To expound on the Pandora myth, Hope is all that remains in the box once the the pestilence that would destroy a farmer’s crop has been released. Myth/fairytale/metaphor; 700BC or 2019.  For those on board an aircraft, the hope for survival is that the ICOE instructions will cover all contingencies; that the plane experiencing an in-flight emergency, will land safely.

At 8:48am 10th March 2019 Flight ET302 out of Addis Ababa crashed just six minutes after take-off. The Boeing 737-8MAX was 4 months old. The plane had rolled out of a hangar for its maiden flight just a day after the crash of another 737-MAX 8; Lion Airlines Flight 610 out of Jakarta. One down and another takes its place in the skies. Those on the ground would certainly hope for a better outcome.

In this astrology enquiry, we address:

Ethiopian Airlines – ET-AVJ, Serial #62450
Maiden Flight: 30 October 2018
Written off: 10 March 2019

Note that astrology interpretation is not accepted by the world of science due to the fact that the rotation of the heavens (the constellations), a cycle which spans a period of some 24,000+ years has been observed to change over time. Therefore it is a scientifically determined fact that the zodiac is not fixed in time. Astrology is interpreted as if the constellations are in a fixed position. The math however, is a fact.

A snapshot of the heavens on 10th March 2019, reveals the position of the asteroid Pandora orbiting at 29°Pisces; at the doorstep of Aries in astrological terms. Following in the footsteps of Chiron; about to cross the threshold; into the realm of taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Greco/Roman mythology is behind many of the names of asteroids in the scientific world and we incorporate the positions of these asteroids into our interpretation.

  • Atropos #273 – end of the line resulting in death
  • Chiron #2060 – innermost fears to be challenged during a life-span
  • Eris #136199 – trouble and strife
  • Icarus #1566 – plane crash
  • Juno #3 – a life-partner (in human terms, a spouse)
  • Ixion #28978 – death by non-natural means/murder
  • Narcissis #37117 – obsessive self-interest
  • Pallas #2 – business partnership (manufacturer-user)
  • Panacea #2878 – remedy for everything
  • Pandora #55 – survival challenges
  • Phaeton #3200 – a vehicle (plane)
  • Pholus #5145 – where mistakes are made

Astrology notes:

  • Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius and the 9th house of long distance travel. Jupiter is therefore classically interpreted as indicative of flight.
  • Mercury is symbolic of communication
  • Venus equates with a peer group
  • Moon symbolises the pressure of needs/desires
  • BML (Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee) is a mathematical calculation indicative of the weakest link in a chart; time and place

The pattern in the heavens on 30th October 2018 over Washington State, USA; the maiden flight of the plane ultimately registered as ET-AVJ, Serial #62450

There is a stellium of planetary activity Juno-Narcissus-Panacea-Phaeton, which in my vernacular, would be a case of  hoping ‘she’ll be right mate – fly on a wing and a prayer.’

There is also a Yod pattern (oftentimes referred to as ‘the finger of fate’ or ‘finger of God’) with the focus of this stellium (closely aligned cosmic bodies). The make-up of any Yod includes the aspect between heavenly objects by inconjunction/quincunx… ie disregard for the consequences of one’s actions.

This Yod’s quincunx aspects are from 28:35°Sagittarius; asteroid Pholus (where mistakes are made) and also from Venus (a peer group) at 0:35°Scorpio.  Plus…the stellium focus of the Yod pattern is made up of at 29:09°Taurus; Juno (life-partner), at 29:27°Taurus; Narcissus (obsessive self-interest), 0:24°Gemini; Panacea (generic remedy for everything/bandaid) and 1:06°Gemini; Phaeton (a vehicle/ie aircraft for this case).

A stellium is indicative of a merging of these influences; behaving as one. There is a lot of hope and trust in this part of the heavens and that communication is a ‘given’ (Taurus-Gemini).

To further intensify the pattern, Jupiter-Mercury at 28-29°Scorpio, is the midpoint (a tug-of-war) between Pholus and Venus (mistakes within a peer group)… plus this aspect will always be in the mirror of the stellium for this ‘version of reality’ in the heavens over Seattle on 30th October 2018.

In human terms, we would interpret this as this person’s version of reality. Not an unreasonable expectation we would have thought, although there are cracks appearing of the possibility of communication glitches, perhaps not made available to those in the peer group who are outside the FAA.

8:48am 10th March 2019, a snapshot of the heavens over Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

When we have a timed chart which reveals house placements and angles (time and place), the interpretation of the angles (fixed according to latitude and longitude) take precedence for our attention in all  astrology charts.

At the midheaven (timing), Pluto at 22:39°Capricorn is the midpoint of BML-Atropos; 23°Aquarius together with the struggle with Jupiter at 22:51°Sagittarius.

Pluto is symbolic of power/powerlessness; of big money. It is therefore timely, that Pluto’s symbolism is under pressure from the tug of war between the symbol for the weakest link in a chart BML/Mean Apogee together with ‘the end-of-the-line’ of Atropos, as they struggle with the weight of Jupiter (the aircraft industry).

Not just Boeing, but the entire industry will likely experience economic challenges to remain viable as a business.

At the horizontal axis (place) the midpoint of the 25:48°Aries ascendant, is a further struggle going on in the heavens… between Mercury-Pandora-Chiron (communication, and hope, together with the fear of taking responsibility for one’s actions), with Panacea (an all purpose remedy) at 19°Taurus. All of which are in the mirror (by opposition) at the descendant – Pallas (business relationship).

Economic considerations will most likely take precedence for the result of the investigation; both by speeding up the process to keep the existing fleet flying, and protecting company assets…

On the horizontal axis, we have another Yod formation with the focus on this business relationship between Boeing and their international business partnership – figuratively opening that can of worms (Pandora) and providing a quick bandaid solution Panacea). However that is not a stand-alone aspect.
We also have a square from the North Node to the horizontal axis – public scrutiny.

A pragmatic approach to an interpretation… the aftermath (descendant/ending) will focus on a Boeing’s interaction with the international carriers (Pallas) clinging to Hope with a deluded expectation (Pandora) for a remedy (Panacea). The public will continue to have an interest/keep the tension on the investigation to the end (North Node at the IC square the horizontal axis).

Also the 12th house (behind the scenes) Eris at 23:17°Aries (trouble and strife) and the highly emotional outpouring of a 29:15°Aries Moon (self-interest paramount) conjunct Uranus 0:11°Taurus add a significant buzz of unpredictability to the pattern and subsequent potential outcome.

Looking at the two charts side by side, we can further note that the transiting Moon (pressing need) on the date of the maiden flight (25°Cancer) is aligned by conjunction (in unison) with the North Node of the date of the crash (25°Cancer).

The plane, together with those who travelled in her, has the pressing need for the public to keep the pressure on accepting responsibility, rather than deflecting blame.

Hope for the best; prepare for the worst… I have to ask the obvious question, ‘Will we see a press release that a new and upgraded version of the ICOE will now be provided for all pilots of the 737-MAX8…’

EgyptAir Flt MS804

EgyptAir Flight 804 from Paris to Cairo disappeared from radar early Thursday morning over the Mediterranean Sea, with 66 souls on-board.

There was a normal radio call above KEA waypoint between the flight and Athens ATC at approx 0300am LT. The next call was due 20 minutes later, prior to exiting Athens FIR and handoff to Egypt. Still visible on radar, EgyptAir MS804 never responded to repeated ATC calls. The plane was then lost from radar approx 7nm after entering the Egyptian FIR just south of KUMBI waypoint.

EAAthens ATC then asked Greek military radar whether they were tracking the aircraft – negative.  So Athens raised SAR and notified Egypt, ATC130.
A helicopter and an early-warning aircraft were scrambled, as well as a Greek frigate; HNS Nikiforos Fokas.

The following is an astrology interpretation in relation to events of time and place in relation to this tragedy.  We include the maiden flight of the plane ; 25th July 2003 as MSN2088’s ‘model of reality’.

  • Departure from Paris 23:09PM CED, 18th May 2016
  • Last contact 2:38am EET, 19th May 2016
  • Maiden flight 25th July 2003

click on charts for full size

Departing from Charles de Galle airport destiny is already in place in the heavens when we take a snapshot of the heavens.  21:30ºCancer, Arabian Part Fortuna is exact the cusp of the 8th house (death/transformation).

  • Transiting 20:17ºTaurus, Sun (date on the calendar) is exact the cusp of the 6th house (orange circle) – ethics and moral are highlighted in relation to physical assets; even money..
  • Uranus/Ceres = IC – independence is the call-cry; rebellion seeking the public stage.
  • Jupiter (green) 13:23ºVirgo; flight detail, mirrors Neptune (turquoise) 11:51ºPisces – subterfuge likely in relation to the flight
  • Pallas (inner resolve) 4:28ºPisces quindecile Lunar North Node – this would be indicative of a compulsive ‘spiritual warrior’
  • Pallas square 12th house Mars 3:01ºScorpio – hidden resolve at this time
  • 1st house Pluto 17:16ºCapricorn square the MC/midheaven – death is already on the agenda
  • Saturn (grim reaper) 13:14ºSagittarius quindecile Sun/Vesta – all on board the flight will be lost

At this time of departure, the asteroid 18:09ºSagittarius, Varda#174567 was at the ascendant.  Varda is the Queen of the Stars in mythology and indicative of someone who is not happy with the way of the world; albeit possibly contrary to mainstream society.   This is further borne out by the immediate vicinity in the heavens – Cupido-Pholus-Orius in the 1st house – naive enough to possibly carry a parcel onto the plane for someone else.

departparis-planeIt is when we put the two charts together (method) and view from the perspective of the departure from Charles de Galle, that we see the tension between this particular aircraft and all on-board and the heavens over Paris, France.  We interpret the tension aspects, the weaknesses that could be present to allow this incident to develop.

  • MSN2088 Pluto 17:32ºSagittarius (red circle) at the Ascendant/horizon-line, indicates the loss of life ahead. In Greco/Roman mythology, Pluto stands at the gates of Tartarus at the River Styx; the Underworld. It then follows that the plane’s mid-range Moon (blue) is at the descendant; exit.  This ending will be sudden, when we consider the classic interpretation of Moon-Pluto hard aspects – a blanket over a hand-grenade.
  • transiting Mars (12th house) 03:01ºSagittarius is quindecile both the Descendant and also the plane’s mid-range Moon. This is obsessive and compulsive action, from a concealed position in the 12th house.
  • Lunar nodal axis is at the cusp of the 6-12 house axis plus exact the transiting (orange) Sun 28ºTaurus – this where ethics and morals go underground/hidden.  With the Sun; the date on the calendar, intersecting this aspect, I would suggest that this date will be of significance when we finally find out what is behind this crash of MS804.
  • At the cusp of the 3rd house at 10:44ºPisces, we note that the plane’s natal Mars is exact this point in the bi-wheel.  The 3rd house is symbolic of communication.  I would expect the black-boxes to reveal the answer, that we all await.
  • transiting 17:16ºCapricorn, Pluto in the 1st house is quindecile the plane’s 02:04ºLeo, (8th house) Sun – a sudden loss of power will be what brought the plane down.  As to the cause of this loss of power, we look to nearby Venus.
  • transiting Moon (blue) in the 10th house is square Venus 25:22ºCancer – security of the plane’s crew possibly is in question in the search for answers.
  • This aircraft has Moon in Gemini; a Moon that is squared by the transiting Lunar Nodal axis – there appears to be a large amount of pressure put on the plane itself.  This is indicative of something other than a technical failure as being responsible.

Note: In astrology terms there are two astrology houses that relate to distance; 3rd and 9th.  Airflight is usually the 9th house as it is not a day to day activity.  However for this Airbus 320; in the 24 hour period in the lead up to this traumatic event, the distances travelled would be considered short-haul journeys, and therefore Flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo is 3rd house activity.  Short haul – quick turnaround…

departureParis-MSN2008-astroWhen we seek out the asteroids in the heavens, we can possibly flesh out the story somewhat.  This is a similar chart to that above; with the addition of asteroids.  Electing to use asteroids that may be indicative of human intervention, we continue.All astrology indications are, that whatever brought the plane down, originated in Paris.

Note: It is not just this plane at risk; asteroid Bomben#12834 is currently 19:09ºCancer (security risk) conjunct asteroid  Paris #3317  18:29ºCancer.  PLUS opposed by Pluto at this time; transiting in retrograde motion 17:16ºCapricorn.  This means that the energy is easing off pressure on Paris, however when Pluto turns direct, this risk of terrorist activity will come to a high risk again on the next opposition – if asteroids Bomben and Paris join hands at the same time.

Pluto may be downgraded to a dwarf-star by astronomers, however it still bears the etymological root of the greatly feared Plutonium. We do not dismiss Pluto lightly.

An EGYPTAIR official declared that EGYPTAIR A320 aircraft in its flight number MS804 lost contact with radar above the Mediterranean Sea about 280 KM from the Egyptian seacoast at 02:38 am (UTC 00:38am 19th May 2016).

238-MSN2088From this report, we generate a chart/bi-wheel for 2:38am from the perspective of this clock-time – originating from Cairo, Egypt.  Immediately we note the 3rd-9th houses in play.  This could certainly indicate the sudden breaking up of the plane, especially when we note the aircraft’s Saturn at the IC.  Going down with the air-ship.

  • Mid-range Moon for MSN2008 is just inside the 3rd house cusp; 16:01ºGemini and likewise, Saturn 06:34ºCancer is at the IC.
  • 1st house, 6th house, 7th house and 10th house are all empty of life.  The 11th house houses Neptune; un-aspected. The heavens continue to transit, however the aircraft has no response.  It is lost along with 66 human lives on-board.
  • The aircraft’s Sun-Venus straddle the 5th house cusp, as a last nod 29:35ºCancer.  Opening of minds to an alternative reality.

Note: We don’t overlook that opposition between Pluto and Moon in the chart for maiden-flight; that need for power.  When an aircraft loses power, for whatever reason, it cannot fly.  With a plane crash, the asteroid we turn to first with mythological significance, is Icarus; the boy whose wings fell off – he plunged to his death into the Mediterranean Sea. 

Neither transiting Icarus 0:06ºTaurus at this time, nor the aircraft’s symbolic Icarus; 19:35ºCapricorn, create tension in these charts.  I would suggest that this would be a further indication that the aircraft did not crash as a result of technical error.


FlyDubai plane crash

A6-FDNA FlyDubai Boeing 737-800, registration A6-FDN – Flight FZ-981 from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Rostov-na-Donu (Russia) with 55 passengers and 7 crew crashed.

The flight crew had aborted the approach to their destination –  Runway 22, at 1:42am local time on 19th March 2016.

The weather had led to a decison in relation to the safety of a landing.  Winds were gusting from 240 degrees at 27 knots (14 m/s) when FZ-981 proceeded to enter a hold pattern, initially at 8000 feet. After 30 minutes at 8000 feet the aircraft climbed to FL150.

Following two hours in this holding pattern, FZ-981 commenced a second approach to Runway 22.  As the plane approached the runway, the winds increased, gusting at 42 knots (22 m/s).  The cockpit crew announced a second go-around.  This was the last contact with the tower at Rostov-na-Donu.

The aircraft nosed and impacted with the ground just off the runway; breaking-up and bursting into flames. There were no survivors.  The clock on the wall read 3:50am.

A6-FDN carried fuel for the trip; both contingency and alternate, plus a final fuel reserve of 30 minutes. The additional holding was for about 2:30 hours. The total fuel for an endurance of about 8.5 hours. The aircraft had been airborne until time of impact; a total 06:02 hours.  The reserve therefore amounted to more than two further hours of flight.

It would appear that there was no urgency to land as far as fuel reserves were concerned, nor was the condition of the aircraft likely at fault.  This would leave the consideration of weather conditions, or human error as a likely cause for the loss of 62 souls.  International politics of any enquiry aside, it would appear to be a weather related crash.

We proceed to undertake an astrology enquiry as is our want to do on this blog.  Using a model of reality for the Boeing aircraft A6-FDN; the date of her maiden flight 21st December 2010, a snapshot is taken of the heavens for that date.  This becomes a horoscope for the plane itself.

A6-FDN- MSN 40241

FlyDubai A6-FDN copyclick on charts for full size

We are not aware of the time of the maiden-flight, and so the Moon in this chart is cast at mid-range (at noon).  Without a time for this maiden flight we are also unable to interpret houses/realms of potential tension with the aircraft.

  • If this maiden flight was in the morning, then the Moon would have been conjunct the 02:44°Cancer, Lunar South Node; an in-auspicious time in astrology terms as the Lunar Node is symbolic of a trauma, together with the public realm.
  • Jupiter represents flight in astrology, and so when we see that 25:19°Pisces; Jupiter is conjunct Uranus at 26:47°Pisces this gives us another sense of foreboding for this aircraft.
  • Jupiter-Uranus is square to Mercury Rx 25:37°Sagittarius (ongoing communication problems).
  • Venus at 14:19°Scorpio is EXACT asteroid Atropos – symbolic of the cutting of the cord of life. Venus represents a peer group and in this case this is likely cockpit crew or communication with outside control  We may get to expand on this aspect later in our enquiry.

There is a locked-in rectangle that will affect any enquiry in relation to this aircraft.  Jupiter-Uranus with asteroid Juno 26:52° Virgo and Mercury 25:37°Sagittarius.   It will relate to the propensity of the flight history of this aircraft, together with the interaction by communication between two people.  Is it the cross checking at the time of every flight, or maintenance, or some-such thing?

3:50am Rostov-Na-Donu, Russia:  impact

CrashFlyDubaifates-2Immediately we note in the heavens at the time of the crash…..

  • The fates (Moirae) at the ascendant 20:25°Capricorn. In Greek mythology the fates are very much the connection between human and heaven; spinning, weaving measuring the length of every human life.  These are the astral beings often sighted at battle fields; appearing to guide souls home.
  • Pluto 17:15°Capricorn arrived early as guardian of the Underworld – another symbol in Greco/Roman mythology in relation to death.  We note the ascendant is 22degrees. As the Serbian astrologers tell us; this is the degree of doom in relation to ‘kill or be killed’.
  • Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee is overhead; square to the horizon line holding the red reins.  BML is the weakest link in the heavens at any given time. We note also at 22 degrees.
  • Asteroid Eris at 22°Aries reveals the trouble and strife that any investigation into this crash will become embroiled in.   Note 22 degrees.
  • Asteroid Russia 18:52°Aries is conjunct Uranus 19:12° and Atropos 19:55°Aries.  Atropos is one of the fates – she who cuts the cord determining the end of human life.
  • The arrows point to the elements – Black Moon Lilith is at the controls – cardinal and mental.

In all we note that the heavens have the boxed-in, fated event at 3:50am in Russia.  Note that the element of Water and Cardinal mode is missing.  This indicates that there is NO emotional input overhead that night to indicate that any personal input to the reasoning behind the crash.  The weather and the heavens ruled the night.  However we must put these two charts together and interpret any further tension.

Plane crash incident and A6-FDN- MSN 40241

crash-flydubaiA bi-wheel; putting the two charts together; viewed from the perspective of time and place of impact.  Given the above interpretation, we now view the interaction of the event and the plane containing 62 people.

Immediately we note that transiting Pluto 17:15°Capricorn (guide to the Underworld) is in quindecile aspect with the plane’s natal Lunar Nodal axis.  This would have foretold the risk of a catastrophe.

In fact we also note that the date on the calendar; transiting Sun at 28:51°Pisces is not only square to the plane’s Sun, but also conjunct the plane’s Uranus.  If nothing else thing is indicative of a plash crash being imminent.  I would be sure if any of the passengers, or crew had consulted an astrologer in relation to their travel plans – then they would have been advised against traveling on this particular flight.

  • transiting (blue text) Juno 14:22°Scorpio clashes with the plane’s Venus and Atropos (death of the crew) at the same degree 14°Scorpio in the 9th house. This flight has become a long-haul; not by choice of the crew. Will flight crew fatigue be presented as part of the outcome of this crash?
  • Transiting  asteroid Nemesis generates a trine with Neptune in the heavens plus (red) Borasissi; with the third leg the mid-range Moon and Lunar South Node of the plane, crew and passengers.

Note: Borasissi in any chart, is indicative of lies we tell ourselves in order to maintain happiness. This pilot was not listening to Borasissi, his responsibility for the passengers was his priority; he elected to abort the landing, however Father Time (Saturn) was not with him.

  • transiting (blue) 16:22° Sagittarius Saturn is conjunct 15:39° Sagittarius, Pholus (regrets) in the plane’s chart – i.e. regrets that this aborted landing would not succeed.
  • transiting (blue) asteroid Russia 18:52°-Uranus 19:13°-Atropos 19:56° – in unison in the zodiac of Aries is opposite the plane’s Saturn 16:08°Libra.  Again we have the timing for the Grim Reaper (Saturn’s other hat) to tell us where the crash would take place.

There is suggestion in this chart that human error may be the official-line from any enquiry of the crash.  As to whether the human element under question, is that of the flight-crew, or ground control at the Rostov-na-Donu airport, I leave for others to interpret.  For me as an astrologer, I remain with the Weather Gods in the Sky together with karma playing the major role in the demise.

Flight 7K9268

Crash of Metrojet Flight 7K9268

planeimageAt approximately 04:13 UTC, 31 October 2015, Metrojet flight 9268 crashed into the Sinai Peninsula. The flight’s planned route was from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, Russia.

“We acquired a signal from the aircraft shortly after takeoff and tracked it until 04:13:22 UTC. At the time of last contact we were receiving a signal from the aircraft to three of our receivers, all of which stopped receiving data from the aircraft at the same time.”  Flight Radar24.

This is not our first plane crash on this astrology blog and so we can undertake an enquiry as per the heavens…   Was the plane downed by terrorists?

The incident

crashInitial astrology charting of the time when radar was lost reveals that it is dawn in the Sinai; the Sun is exact the horizon line.

The plane flight is always represented by Jupiter in astrology terms.  Jupiter is in the 8th house and opposed by Chiron in the zodiac sign of Pisces. This is indicative of one crisis after another, not just for this particular Airbus, but flight in general.  However it is this particular flight that we are addressing here and so we are obliged to interpret accordingly.

Transiting Venus-Mars quindecile Neptune in the 4th house indicates to me that  conspiracy theories and subterfuge will likely abound.  Particularly so because Mars is at 22degrees (kill or be killed/fanaticism).  There are many indications to support this, however we need to peel back the fuselage and see what the heavens can reveal.

The incident – asteroids

crash-egyptclick on charts for full size

  • Ascendant EXACT Sun 7:25°Scorpio plus asteroid Requiem 7:23°Scorpio – a day of mourning for the dead
  • Ascendant conjunct asteroid Plane 9:40°Scorpio – plane brought down
  • Arabian Lot of Fortune EXACT Moon 27:10°Gemini in 8th house of death/transformation – destiny of those onboard
  • Asteroid Icarus at 29°Sagittarius EXACT Hylonome#10370; Pallas – suicides likely as a result of the crash, although we must ask the question as to whether the crash is a result of a suicide…
  • 17:07°Pisces Chiron EXACT Borasissi PLUS opposite Jupiter 16:25°Virgo – lies told of flight details; ‘keep the people happy’.
  • Lunar North Node 0:24°Libra conjunct asteroid Logos 1:35°Libra – cause/reason for the crash likely relates to ‘logos’.  Is the answer in the logistics?

Note: What is dangerous about this last aspect, is that it is in quindecile aspect to Borasissi-Chiron.  I can’t see that excuse slipping past stringent investigators.

When we bring in the midpoints (equidistance between planets), we can reveal the finer details of tension where there is a ‘tug-of-war’ in the heavens. There is a lot of focus on the planet Mercury (yellow).  This would relate to communication as Mercury is the messenger of the gods in Greco/Roman mythology.

As the airline company Metrojet is Russian, as are the cockpit crew, it would depend on whether the crew was military trained, or not, as to amount of communication with the ground, I would suggest.  That aside, we interpret Mercury’s input to our enquiry of the incident.

  • transiting Jupiter/Saturn=Mercury 26:29°Libra – ask the right questions
  • transiting Mercury/Pluto=Saturn 4:00°Sagittarius – fear of failure to adhere to regulations leads to insistence in a point of view
  • transiting Moon-AP Fortuna/Saturn=Jupiter 16:25°Virgo – destiny is on the agenda

This interpretation only raises more questions for me. I would expect these answers to come from the flight box cockpit voice recordings if we cannot garner more interpretation when it comes to the bi-wheel (method).

The plane – A321-231 SN663 F-OHMP/EI-ETJ

The Airbus currently owned by AerCap (AER) and based in Netherlands has a history of three main lessees; MEA (Lebanon), Onurair (Turkey) and Kolavia – now Metrojet (Russia).  The date of its first flight was 9th May 1997.  For us as astrologers this is the birth horoscope of the Airbus.

We are not aware of the time of this maiden flight of D-AVZK and so we generate a snapshot of the heavens for the date.  What tension was present, according to medieval texts?

The asteroids:

  • Nut #306367 –  Egyptian mythology/Sky God
  • Icarus #1566 – Greco-Roman mythology/plane-crash metaphor
  • Planes de Son #322390 – plane
  • Requiem #2254 – loss of life/mass for the dead
  • Logos #5853 – reason/logistics
  • Borasissi #66652 – lies told to not upset the equilibrium

FB-planeThe first question is whether there is a crash indicated.  We have to answer in the affirmative with the asteroid Icarus at 22degrees Aries. This is the worst degree that Icarus could be in. Aries also is the element of  fire indicating ‘volativity’. 

Note looking at the incident chart above we note that asteroid Eris is EXACT 22°Aries as well.  Eris is symbolic of trouble, strife and discord.  This is what brought the plane down.  Was this discord related to communication? If so with whom?

  • A midpoint formation (critical tension) is formed with Jupiter (flight) coloured green, plus Saturn (time/body of the plane) to the planet Mars 17:25°Virgo –  a violent end likely PLUS
  • The second midpoint formation (critical tension) is Mars/Jupiter=Pluto – the downing of the plane.

Note: In a personal horoscope we would interpret a deep feeling of discontent wanting change to happen from these midpoints, however this is an inanimate object (a plane) and so we look further, before bringing in the incident for a deeper analysis.

  • Black Moon Lilith/Mean apogee at 5:35°Virgo conjunct Logos 4:05° and Requiem 3:34°Virgo are opposite Ceres 4:47°Pisces.  This aspect is most important when it comes to the possible demise. BML represents the weakest link in the plane’s lifetime-chain, as foretold by the time of construction.

Ceres in Pisces is not auspicious as it indicates fantasy, imagination.  This could of course relate to the aftermath of the crash and that the plane would invite conspiracy theories.  In order to check further we look to the astrological house where the Airbus’ Ceres is located at the time of the crash; the 4th house. The conspiracy therefore is related to the home ground at the time of the incident; the Sinai.

The incident and the plane

7K9268-crashWe generate a bi-wheel (method) revealing the life-span of this Airbus.  The inner wheel is the crash time i.e. pattern in the heavens at the time of the crash against the fixed background of the zodiac and the outer wheel the maiden flight date’s spread.

  • transiting Saturn (time) conjunct Pluto (death) in the 1st house of the physical body (the plane) – it’s time
  • transiting Jupiter (represents flight) conjunct Mars (action)
  • transiting Moon square Lunar nodal axis – All Souls Day takes 224 lives.
  • transiting Lunar North Node quindecile Saturn – a traumatic ending.

Communication will likely play a large part in the investigation as to what logos/reason brought this plane down in the Sinai desert.

incident-plane-astroNote: Inner chart (the crash time) is in blue text and the outer chart of the Airbus (maiden flight) is in red.

Knowing that our focus needs to be on communication, we bring in a further asteroid to our enquiry;  Radio-communication#11144.   At the time of the crash this asteroid was opposite Mercury in the heavens at 28:40°Aries. Plus as if that is not enough…

Asteroid radio-communication is at 10:45°Leo on the date of the maiden flight of the plane and when we combine the two charts as a bi-wheel, we note that the mid-heaven is EXACT this asteroid’s position (see arrow).  Time and place are in alignment.

The human element

passportsOn learning that 10 month-old Darina Gromova’s body was found more than 21 miles from the main crash site, this gives us one family  to focus on (of the total of 224 passengers) for our astrology enquiry.

If there was a break-up of the Airbus, then this little girl was likely one of the first to be ejected when we consider how far she was found from the crash site.

The proximity of seats 9D,E,F are not at the tail end of the plane.  So what can the passengers’ horoscopes tell us?

By bringing in the human element we can interpret emotive tension in a bi-wheel according to the transiting planets and asteroids.  When we bring these together by the same method (bi-wheel) we can interpret the  humanity aspect.  People tell us more with the Fates involvement.

Darina Gromova


Note: Inner chart is in blue text (as above) and the natal horoscope for Darina is in red.

  • Natal asteroid Nut (Egyptian Sky God) is exact opposite natal Isis-Sinai – the formidable 18° of the Leo-Aquarius axis (fire and air elements); predetermined ending.
  • Natal Jupiter is also at 22°Leo; a fireball

Most often in a small child’s horoscope we are not able to distinguish the child from the mother’s chart, however on this occasion we have a very independent young toddler whom has a very important part of the jigsaw in her horoscope.  This is due to the pattern in the heavens on the date she was born.

  • The angles are the priority in any interpretation and we note that natal asteroid Bomben#12834 (bomb) and Radio-communication#11144 align EXACT the IC at the time of the incident. Has a device been triggered by a radio communication?

Aleksi Gromov


The focus of the point in time/incident is the transiting Sun-Moon midpoint – where the Needs and Wants of time in human terms meet; the tug of war.  At this time in history this Sun/Moon = 02:18°Virgo (against the backdrop of the zodiac).

  • Aleksi Gromov has the weakest point in his life determined on the date he was born; Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee This is EXACT this midpoint in the heavens 2:03°Virgo.
  • 25:28°Taurus, natal asteroid Nut (Sky God) is conjunct the evil star Algol; Medusa was his birthright, if we could suggest such a thing – karma.
  • Natal asteroid Radio-communication at 27:12°Libra is conjunct by transiting Mercury; both in the 12th house.  It only takes a moment in time for someone to process information should there be a crisis.  Aleksi has had enough time to register this opinion, otherwise I would doubt that it would be revealed in his horoscope.

I know I keep banging on about this particular aspect without the factual knowledge to hand, however that’s much of how astrology interpretation is; grappling in the dark for answers.

Destiny also intervenes with the AP Fortuna in the 8th house conjunct his natal Mercury-Venus-Chiron stellium directly opposite the action of the plane crash in the 2nd house.  It is as if he had a sense of what his destiny was.

  • 22°Scorpio in the natal chart also reveals the asteroid conjunction Ixion-Sinay (murderous trap in the Sinai) – predetermined.