John D Miller… a paedophile

A lifeless child left naked in a rain-swollen ditch, legs spread, teeth marks on her thighs; symbols carved into not yet developed mammary glands.

aprilIt was April 1988 when DNA evidence was collected from the body of April Marie Tinsley (8 years of age). Just two years later, another crime with a similar MO; Sarah Jean Bowker (7 years of age).

Fort Wayne’s children were to be taunted further over the years. Messages scrawled on a barn; used condoms and notes left in children’s bicycles. Years passed, until scientific progress led to a genealogy DNA bank aligning itself with law enforcement records.  In 2018 a match –  John D Miller of Grabill, Indiana was arrested and charged with the murder of April Marie Tinsley.  Trial expected in 2019.

Alleged perpetrator: John D Miller DOB. 7th July 1959
Potential victims:
April Marie Tinsley DOB 18th March 1980
Last seen: 3:30pm 1st April 1988
Sarah Jean Bowker DOB 30th May 1983
Last seen: 3:30pm 13th June 1990

Note: this assault and murder of Sarah Jean Bowker was laid at the feet of Roy Hensley, and needs to be re-examined after consideration of the coroner’s comments made in 1990:

I think the same person killed both of them. There’s too much similarity between the two cases. If they have enough evidence to say that Hensley killed Sarah Bowker, then I believe Hensley killed April Tinsley.

Astrology is a pseudo science, and as such an interpretation is not recognised in any court of law. Our enquiry remains; opinion.

Due to the nature of the case, asteroids to be included:

Child #4580 – a minor
Dejaniera #157 – sexual assault
Ixion #28978 – murder flag
Nessus #7066 – abuse of trust
Prey #6157 – predatory behaviour
Ragazza #1839 – a young girl
Sado #118230 – sadistic behaviour

John D Miller was 27 years of age at the time of the abduction, sexual assault, and murder of April Tinsley.

JohnMillerclick on charts for full size

John D Miller’s natal chart reveals a Saturn Rx 2:56°Capricorn – revealing that the opportunity for male mentoring was not available to him in his formative years. However it is Chiron at 27:02°Aquarius that has determined his isolationist fear of societal acceptance.

  • Chiron is square Mean Apogee/BML – Nessus (abuse of trust) 25-26°Taurus – sharing the heavens with the star Algol (the gorgon Medusa) associated with ‘a pile of corpses’.
  • Chiron is also quindecile Mercury 11°Leo, which likely developed into a sadistic ‘fantasy of enactment’ when we note that Mars at 22°Leo is square Jupiter-Sado 22-23°Scorpio.
  • Chiron also mirrors Venus-Vesta (exact) at 29°Leo (into the lion’s den)
    • This Venus-Vesta conjunction brings Greco-Roman mythology into our interpretation of potential behavioural weakness – the potential for the fantasy of virginity+ females+availability.
    • Venus-Vesta=Uranus/asteroid Prey – the fantasy manifests as desire of ‘the female as virgin.

The appetite for this fantasy (Ceres 14°Scorpio) is revealed by asteroids Prey/Ceres=Pallas-Child in Libra. His target becomes paedophia with victims; very young female children.

This pattern of sadism in Miller’s horoscope has been with him since birth; his version of reality. He likely started experimenting with small animals when a child himself, as well as with siblings if he had the opportunity.

The sadistic assault and murder of April Tinsley will not likely be a single event in John D Miller’s history as a sexual predator/paedophile.

1st April 1988 – 3:30pm abduction of April Marie Tinsley


The Midheaven is 25°Taurus and the star Algol, so we know that this is also the Mean Apogee/BML-Nessus point in Miller’s horoscope.

This Midheaven is also square the Mean apogee/BML on the date of the abduction 25°Leo as well as square Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) 24°Aquarius.

  • It is Chiron in Gemini that reveals the greatest tension – quincunx (without consideration of/disregard for) Ixion (murder) and Vertex (life-changing event).
  • Chiron is also under direct tension by square with the Lunar Nodal axis – generating a traumatic event.

There is much more tension in this chart, however I leave that to others.  We have the basics of the potential.

1st April 1988 3:30pm abduction of April Tinsley perspective together with the natal chart for John D Miller, aligned by the zodiac.


As noted above, Miller has transiting tension at the Midheaven. The 0:42°Virgo Ascendant is similarly under tension, with natal Venus-Vesta conjunct, PLUS mirroring Miller’s weakness; natal Chiron.

  • Transiting Saturn-Uranus conjunct natal Saturn Rx.
    Note: Saturn returning to the same position as that of birth triggers a call to manhood (self-control test). Transiting Uranus at the same time, certainly threw that notion out the window; generating rebellion of social norms.
  • Transiting Ixion (murder) is at the IC angle; conjunct natal Jupiter-Sado – this is the murder trigger along with Chiron in the heavens by tension as a quincunx (disregard for his actions).

The malefics are in play…

Abduction of Sarah Jean Bowker 3:30pm 13th June 1990 – sexually motivated murder – together with the natal chart for John D Miller

FortWayne-13June-MillerRuler of the ascendant, Venus is in the 7th house square to natal Uranus generating a buzz…

  • Transiting Mars conjunct natal Vertex (life changing event)
  • Transiting Moon mirrors natal Saturn Rx – personal needs are the driver for the action.
  • Transiting BML-Ixion are conjunct Miller’s Jupiter-Sado and mirror exactly with asteroid Sarah in the heavens.
  • Transiting Ceres (personal appetites) is conjunct natal asteroid Sarah.

Note: Asteroid Sarah #18768 is significant in both the chart for the incident time, as well as John D Miller’s natal chart. This would appear to indicate that she was personally targeted by John D Miller.

  • Transiting Chiron-Jupiter in Cancer are exact natal Sun (ego) mirroring transiting Neptune – the subterfuge in this particular case merging with the ego.

Note: With both transiting Neptune and natal Neptune under tension, this can well be indicative of a higher level of subversion in this case – possibly that another person was wrongly attributed with the crime.

  • Transiting Neptune quincunx (disregard for) transiting Lunar South Node (outcome) which is also conjunct Miller’s natal Mercury.
    Transiting Mercury-Vertex is quincunx natal Neptune in the 1st house.

Indications from the astrology are that John D Miller is the likely perpetrator of this crime.

  • Miller may yet get to face justice. One would hope so for the sake of Roy Henley’s family.

There is another unsolved case in Indiana that occurred prior to the murder of April Marie Tinsley, and Sarah Jean Bowker, that we need check. We are NOT aware of whether John Miller had means, or opportunity to undertake this crime.

Abduction of Shannon Marie Sherrill 1:30pm 5th October 1986 – sexually motivated murder.

130pm-ThorntownAbducted 1:30pm Sunday, 5th October 1986 Thorntown, Indiana.  Note asteroid Shannon #18838 is included for this crime.

  • Neptune is at the ascendant; 3°Capricorn, which usually indicates that the crime would not be solved quickly/remain a mystery eg Neptune is symbolic of hidden matters.
  • Ruler of the Capricorn Ascendant is Saturn – unaspected/feral in this chart at 5°Sagittarius = no self-control restraints.
  • Mars-APFortuna 28-29°Capricorn quindecile Vertex (significant life changing event)
  • Mars-APFortuna square Midheaven-Ceres 27°Libra – personal appetite drives the tension and timing.
  • Asteroid Dejaniera (sexual assault) 17°Aquarius mirrors Ragazza (young girl)
  • Dejaniera quindecile (obsessive) Nessus – the abuse of trust is important to the perpetrator; likely related to control issues.

1:30pm Sunday, 5th October 1986 Thorntown, Indiana together with the natal chart for John D. Miller aligned by the zodiac

Thorntown-JMWhen we bring John D Miller’s natal chart to the equation; aligned by the zodiac positions for the incident of 1:30pm 5th October 1986, we can interpret the personal tension as a result of these transits.

  • Natal Saturn 2°Capricorn is at the ascendant and conjunct transiting Neptune 3°Capricorn – he’s on the scene at the time; hidden from view/likely without witnesses.
  • Natal Shannon/Neptune 3-4°Scorpio conjunct by transiting Mercury – this is the personal planet of communication merging into the hidden realm of Neptune. This conjunction links the two characters in space and time.
  • Natal Chiron 27°Aquarius quindecile transiting Vertex 13°Leo, which we know is also quindecile transiting Mars – the lone wolf (Chiron in Aquarius)
  • Natal Uranus/Mars = (opposite) transiting Dejaniera – frenzied sexual assault (note all the natal tension on this point in his horoscope).
  • Natal Pluto 2°Virgo exact transiting Nessus 2°Virgo, which is also quindecile Dejaniera in the heavens on this date.
  • Natal Pallas-Juno 12°Libra exact transiting Sun (date on the calendar). – possessiveness is the shadow of Juno, while Pallas is symbolic of inner stamina,
  • Natal Ixion 21°Libra conjunct the transiting Lunar Nodal axis – a violent assault

Disregard for consequences; the quincunx:

  • Transiting Chiron 21°Gemini quincunx natal Jupiter-Sado 22-23°Scorpio
  • Transiting Jupiter 14°Pisces quincunx Juno-Pallas
  • Transiting Neptune-Ascendant 3°Capricorn quincunx natal mid-range Moon
  • Transiting Mars-APFortuna 28-29°Capricorn quincunx Vesta-Venus (virgin child) 29°Leo, which is in turn mirroring natal Chiron.

I have no hesitation in suggesting that John D Miller is the likely perpetrator of the abduction, rape and murder of 6 year-old Shannon Marie Sherrill.

Lucas Hernandez

Emily Glass was in a relationship with Jonathan Hernandez and was sole carer for his son Lucas when the child’s father was working away from home for extended periods of time.   She phoned law enforcement, reporting Lucas missing from home.  Note: Emily Glass is an admitted smoker/user of meth-amphetamine.

  • Location: Wichita, Kansas
  • MPR: 6:14pm 17th February 2018
  • Victim: Lucas Hernandez. DOB 3rd December 2012
  • POI: Emily Glass DOB 10th May 1991

This is a case from our Facebook group, where we generated, interpreted and drew up a locator angle in real-time following the Missing Person Report.

Asteroids used during this case:

Borasissi #66652 – lies we tell ourselves in order to maintain the illusion that we’re happy
Child#4580 – child
Dunke #6865 – drug flag
Emily #33399 – Emily Glass
Eris#136199 – creating trouble/argumentative
Ixion#28978 – murder flag (occidental mythology)
Lie #26955 – Lie
Lucas #9349 – Lucas Hernandez
Martir #1582 – martyrdom
Nessus #7066 – abuse of trust

Arabian Part Fortuna – destiny
BML/Mean Apogee – weakest link in any chart
Vertex – significant life-changing event

It was only when I learned that there had been a personal call by Emily Glass the previous afternoon to Lucas’ disappearance; some 24hours earlier, that I was on ‘Amber Alert’ with the astrology. What caught my attention was the comment ’24hours earlier’.

The misconception that an MPR cannot be filed for 24hours remains in people’s belief system. Even though this was not the story that Emily Glass relayed to law enforcement when she reported Lucas Hernandez missing, I elected to generate a chart for the recorded phone call as likely being significant in this case.  It was…

5:43pm 16 February 2018 – phone call

click on charts for full size

The astrology pattern in this incident chart is indicative of Emily Glass having decided the fate of Lucas Hernandez during this phone call. Furthermore that the conversation likely included discussion in relation to the financial costs/burden of her current state of affairs. Was the unspoken decision by Emily Glass whether she was to feed Lucas, or buy drugs?  The seeds of suspicion were planted.

Asteroid Ceres in the 12th house (mental/hidden matters) is dominant in this case; transiting at 7:54°Leo quindecile Pluto in the 5th house (children).
Asteroid Lucas is at the cusp of the 3rd house (communication).
Mercury is conjunct 27°Aquarius,
Juno (spouse) in the 7th house.

We all know the mythical story of Ceres – how her daughter was stolen away by Pluto to live in the Underworld. Her search brought a feast, or a famine to humankind. How the asteroid Ceres manifests in an astrology chart is usually identified by the zodiac position at a particular point in time – natal and/or the incident.

Note: Lucas Hernandez’ natal mid-range Moon is also at 8Leo exact by transiting Ceres.

  • Asteroids Lie and Borasissi are strong indicators in this chart as well.
  • 1st house (physical needs) AP Fortuna (destiny) is quindecile (obsessive) to 8th house Borasissi.
  • Asteroid Lie is conjunct asteroid Dunke (drug flag) in the 4th house (home) under direct tension with the transiting Moon at 10°Pisces in the 7th house. This suggests that Emily Glass is denying her drug use during this phone conversation.
  • 11°Capricorn Vertex (a significant life-changing event) is conjunct BML/Mean Apogee in the 5th house (children versus entertainment). The BML identifies the weakest link in a chart.
    Venus is conjunct Nessus in the zodiac sign of Pisces = abuse of trust by a female.

From this interpretation, we can already see trouble ahead for Lucas…
Asteroid Lucas (Lucas Hernandez) is at the cusp of the 3rd house) = likely to be at risk in the care of a female (Emily Glass) and that his fate would be determined long before any 911 call to report that he was missing.

However, we return to the authoritative time; the Missing Person Report (MPR) together with the natal chart for Lucas Hernandez. That is the crime chart that we regularly work with as it is objective; as recorded by law enforcement.

6:14pm 17 February 2018 – MPR

Note: Emily Glass made this phone call to law enforcement.

  • At 6°Leo, AP Fortuna (destiny) is now conjunct Ceres and therefore also conjunct Lucas’ natal mid-range Moon – all now in the 12th house (hidden). What was discussed in the phone call of the previous evening is now in the mind, as the wheel turns.
  • Mercury is at the descendant at the going down with the Sun – 29°Aquarius (Mercury is one of the child indicators)
  • Neptune in the 7th house at 13°Pisces is quincunx North Node; quincunx asteroid Lucas 14°Libra and square Lie-Dunke-Mars-Vesta 11-12-13-15°Sagittarius. The quincunx reveals disregard for the child’s welfare; that drugs have been involved in this lie that the child is missing, plus that he has been hidden (Vesta).

MPR together with the natal chart for Lucas Hernandez – a biwheel

The all important angles give us the child’s natal Lunar Nodal Axis (LNA) at the MC/IC axis indicating the trauma.

Transiting Lunar Nodal axis is exact square Lucas’ natal Venus-asteroid Emily.  That’s the child pointing the finger well and truly at Emily Glass, imo.

  • AP Fortuna (destiny)-Ceres in the heavens is conjunct mid-range Moon in 12th house of Leo.
  • Natal Neptune at the descendant is usually an indication that he would not be located quickly (Neptune=hidden and descendant=exit).
  • Transiting Neptune is conjunct natal Borasissi – toxicology will confirm if this drug flag is indeed part of the child’s demise; ie administered by the adult.
  • Transiting Lie-Dunke-Mars-Vesta are all conjunct natal Sun – malefic tension.
    Meanwhile, In the mirror, transiting Child is conjunct natal Black Moon Lilith-Jupiter, however not being autonomous, the child had no choice in the matter.

MPR together with the natal chart for Emily Glass – a biwheel

  • Transiting Ceres-AP Fortuna conjunct natal Jupiter inflating her behaviour PLUS
    Mirroring natal Saturn.

We don’t lose sight of the fact that Lucas’ natal Moon is in the mirror for this Saturn placement in Emily Glass’ natal/horoscope = lack of self-control is evident to Lucas’ needs both personal and physiological.

  • Transiting Sun-Mercury at the descendant is conjunct asteroid Lucas in Glass’ natal chart.
  • The 6th house contains the placement of the South Node in the heavens conjunct natal Borasissi – lies she tells herself deflect any responsibility.
  • Transiting Pluto-Vertex (significant life-changing event) conjunct natal North Node = traumatic
  • Personal BML/Mean Apogee at the cusp of the 5th house (children) identify her weakest link.
  • Transiting asteroid Emily is conjunct natal Sun (ego’s wants, rather than needs).
  • Transiting Eris and Uranus in the 9th house are conjunct natal Mercury-Emily-Child-Martir-Eris -the grouping speaks for itself for the superficiality of behaviour.
  • Transiting Moon-Borasissi conjunct natal Dunke – use of drugs to maintain denial of actions.

Natal chart for Emily Glass

  • 22-23°Ceres in the heavens is conjunct mid-range Moon in 12th house of Leo.Aries; Asteroid Emily-Mercury quincunx 24°Scorpio Ixion – disregard for any conscience with murderous intent. Any tears will be for self, not any victim.
  • Asteroid Emily-Mercury is also opposite natal Ceres 22°Libra = naturally depressive and exhibiting negative communication.
  • 18-19°Aries Martir -Child quincunx Pluto – disregard for control of outbursts; believing that she is a martyr and powerless to change her situation. Further abrogation of any responsibility for her actions.
  • 20-21°Cancer; Mars-South Node indicate Emily Glass’ emotional wounding with her own maternal nurturer as likely being unresolved. This tension together with the conjunction of 22°Cancer; Chiron, generates a deeply held behavioural response driven by insecurity.  22 degrees of anything is a social challenge /opportunity to master (in this case all that the zodiac of Cancer means for Emily Glass).

Following the disappearance of Lucas, Emily Glass was incarcerated for child endangerment in relation to another child and it was to be some months before she was released; in a position to lead authorities, whether willingly or not, to Lucas’ remains.

Lucas Hernandez’ remains were recovered 24May 2018.

postscript:  Emily G;lass committed suicide on the night of 7-8 June 2018

Breach of TOC

For those who may be concerned by the disappearance of astrology charts on my blog, Joshua Dewayne Wright has complained to my blog host  company (WordPress) that I have released both his, together with Noah Brandon Davis’ birth data.  As a result the astrology charts for two posts – Noah Brandon Davis Pt.1  and  Pt2 have been temporarily removed by WordPress as per their TOC.

I have responded to this abuse report (to WordPress) with the links to the law enforcement sites where both birth dates are freely available.  We await WordPress in their wisdom to reinstate our charts in due course as we have not breached WordPress terms and conditions.

In the meantime, charts are available on request.

Cheers, MM

Edit:   WordPress has reversed their decision, in our favour and all charts have been made available to students of astrology.  Please note also that astrology is not accepted in any court of law and can only be considered to be opinion.

The detail:

Noah Davis is a convicted felon – DOB on the record already (see below) provided by Joshua Wright, plus the following link to a public site.

The birthdate for Joshua DeWayne Wright is also already on the public record – provided by himself as well as by law enforcement.




Noah Brandon Davis Pt.2

When two male children are born seven years apart, with one parent in-common, it does not naturally follow that their stars will be in alignment. They are kin – yes, however these two are not of the same Gotra lineage; from the same ‘cow-shed’.

As adults, one is now missing and t’other is likely responsible for the disappearance of his half-brother. We addressed this potential crime in an astrology enquiry; Noah Brandon Davis, Part 1.

By having birth-times now provided to us by family; not rectified by an astrologer, we now have the accurate position of the Moon for both horoscopes, as well as accurate house placements within the natal charts for Noah Davis and Joshua Wright.

Please note that astrology is a pseudo-scientific belief system, the interpretation of which is not accepted in any court of law in western society. Opinion without prejudice is our intent, as we focus on the weaknesses in a chart that likely indicates behavioural tension.

The Sun determines the ego’s ‘wants’ while the Moon – one’s ‘needs’. Our textbooks tell us that the Moon reflects the illumination of the Sun’s light, thereby allowing both time and tide the opportunity to be aware of these desires.

Natal chart for first born; Joshua Wright with birth time:

click on charts for full size

The weight of all planets in the lower hemisphere reveal ‘early childhood learned behaviour’ as the norm for this character. Modes and elements reveal a reactive, rather than proactive individual.

Of primary import in any chart are the angles – ascendant-descendant; the horizontal axis. Plus the MC-IC; the vertical axis.

It is only when we have birth times that interpretation can be made of the angles and houses for a horoscope.

Horizontal axis includes Arabian Part Fortuna – destiny:

Note:  Asteroids: Phaeton#3200 – a vehicle;  Mony#7782 – money. BML – Black Moon Lilith

Ascendant focus =Mony-Phaeton/AP Fortuna (midpoint)
This tension mirrors BML-Lunar South Node at the Descendant…

Joshua Wright’s destiny is bound up with money, value of self, and inter-personal relationships – AP Fortuna 8°Leo quincunx Black Moon Lilith-Lunar South Node 9°-10°Capricorn (cusp of the 7th house). Equally so, for asteroid Mony at 8°Gemini in the 12th house (hidden) quincunx BML-South Node. This then generates the midpoint for Ascendant=AP Fortuna/Mony.

Vertical axis:

IC exact natal Sun (ego’s wants) focus = Moon/Saturn-Noah (midpoint)
This tension mirrors the MC – midheaven (public image).

Joshua Wright’s continual desire/want for public attention following the ‘disappearance’ of his brother Noah reveals a disregard for the consequences of his ego’s desire overriding his Moon’s need. There is more to this particular tension in the chart, however I leave that to others to interpret the 10th house.

Natal chart for Noah Davis with birth time:

Horizontal axis:

Ascendant conjunct Mean Apogee/Black Moon Lilith, which in turn is quindecile Pallas 28°Aries. Noah’s weakest link would be his obsession with being defensive in relation to his Scorpio personality. Scorpio is symbolic of a pond and therefore needs to ‘stir’ the environment emotively, in order to obtain a reaction (keep the pond from becoming stagnant).  Pallas involvement by quindecile reveals a  quick response from the inner warrior – ready for a ‘fight’ at the drop of a hat.  That together with a 1st house Moon is indicative of his super-sensitive behaviour.

Noah’s 1st house reveals a complex personality and highly emotive character.

We can already compare the personalities of these half brothers and note that it was most likely that Noah stirred and Joshua reacted.

Vertical axis:

Asteroid Alekto#465 at the IC reveals an element of rage at home, not seen in public.

Arabian Part Fortuna – destiny:

Noah’s AP Fortuna at 29°Aquarius is quindecile asteroid Mony 15°Virgo in the 10th house (public arena), as well as Lunar South Node 15°Leo in the 9th house (realm of fantasy). This obsession would lead to his demise.

The money houses in a chart are personal money in the 2nd house and other people’s money in the 8th house. Both of which exhibit strong tension in Noah’s horoscope. He would rely on Joshua to bankroll him when necessary.

Synastry from Joshua Wright’s perspective of his half-brother Noah Davis:

The inner wheel is the perspective (Joshua’s) and the outer wheel is the natal chart for Noah aligned by the zodiac.

House #1 Personality clash: Joshua’s natal Nodal Axis at the horizon reveals the family connection and potentially traumatic relationship with his half-brother when we note that this North Node is conjunct Noah’s Chiron in Cancer (red). Joshua would perpetuate Noah’s weakness of Chiron in Cancer – the wound of an outsider; feeling unwanted, un-nurtured and unloved.
House #3 Sibling relationship: Joshua’s Martir-Venus-Lie conjunct Noah’s asteroid Mony = Joshua’s martyrdom approach to personal assets would be lied about, if/when Noah’s need (natal Moon in the 6th house) were to rely on Joshua for financial support.
House #5 – creativity house/sharing: Joshua has a loaded house mostly to the exclusion of his sibling, except for the most dangerous asteroid of Ixion in both charts.
Joshua would be potentially be reactive to the point of a life changing event (Vertex) conjunct Noah’s ‘it’s not fair’ attitude (Juno-Ixion). This clash of Ixion in the two charts would likely erupt from a power struggle, rather than a planned act of violence on the ‘other’ plus being in the 5th house, it could result from imbibing in 5th house ‘creative juices’.
House #7 Public relationships: This is Joshua’s weakest link and where Noah has the asteroid Joshua-Uranus (rebellion). This could also be a potential clash of personalities for Joshua.
House #8 Other people’s money: Natal Vesta identifies potential undercover activity, however Noah’s chart is much stronger in this area where he would take the lead.

Synastry from Noah Davis’ perspective of his half-brother Joshua Wright:

We note a much different pattern with the focus on an assertive/defensive position with the planetary tension on the left-hand side of the bi-wheel. The tension between these siblings from Noah’s perspective, is mainly on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd houses – ie. personality, personal assets and the sibling relationship.

House #1: So what for Joshua is a 5th house activity, is personal for Noah. So murderous tension is deeply personal for Noah.

House #2: Noah has the asteroid Joshua in this house and so he would see Joshua as a natural provider for his personal finances. As Joshua has his BML and South Node in this 2nd house of Noah’s – it’s a weakness and likely recurring theme for Noah to return to Joshua for financial support. Note this is where Joshua has this mirroring opportunity to reframe his behaviour of his own personality.

House #3: This is the house of horrors for Noah where he carries his most tension. Natal Martir#1582 (martyr) is exact Joshua’s Vesta (hidden criminal activity).

It does appear that Noah expects that Joshua provide for him and likely feels that he is a martyr when he is expected to ‘work for his keep’. This behaviour is also borne out when we note that his 8th house contains natal asteroid Noah plus quincunx his 1st house.

How this relationship escalated to something life-threatening can only be revealed by the time when Joshua picked up the phone to call law enforcement and report his half-brother missing.

We interpreted the crime in Part 1 from the perspective of the phone call and determined that Joshua Wright’s astrology chart indicated that he was responsible for the demise of his half-brother, Noah Davis.

A gagging has been lifted