To hell and back

Astrologically, the experience of putting everything into perspective, a Pluto event can be exactly that, going to hell and back.  Once encountered, you can guarantee that you will not escape unscathed or that things will ever be the same again.  In our case the accused has gone to hell and the victim is, sure as hell, not coming back.

Astronomers in their naïve wisdom, downgraded Pluto in 2006 to a dwarf planet, however they can never downgrade the impact of the vocabulary we have, as a result of Pluto.

Plutonium:  the chemical element of atomic number 94, a dense silvery radioactive metal of the actinide series, used as a fuel in nuclear reactors and as an explosive in nuclear fission weapons. Plutonium only occurs in trace amounts in nature but is manufactured in nuclear reactors from uranium-238.

We know that the power of plutonium ended World War II with plutonium as the main ingredient at the heart of the atom bomb; that the race to create the first A-bomb was a power struggle between the economic giants.  We can never forget how the contribution of the A-bomb ended the War in the Pacific. Power brought peace at a high price. It took lives to save lives.

In mythology, Pluto is the Roman equivalent of the Greek God of the Underworld – Hades, as in ‘hell’.

Astrologically Pluto  is represented by power, not the power of control but power as in all-powerful. What else do we have in our lives, which is all-powerful?

The basis of power to most of us is how much money we have, or how much money someone else has, is it not?   Let me share a story about Pluto and the lovely lucre, money.

Pluto is currently orbiting in the heavens as I write, in the zodiac sign of Capricorn.  It has been on the cusp of Capricorn since 2008 and will continue to be in Capricorn until 2024.  This is a money story.

The generational planet, Pluto, has an orbital period of 248 Earth years, spending anywhere from 13 to 30 years in any one sign of the zodiac on its journey around the Sun. Two hundred and forty-eight years is far beyond any of our lifetimes to be the topic of general conversation of when Pluto was last in Capricorn, let alone in modern literature.

Apart from the fact that Pluto was not discovered until 1930, I can probably say with confidence, that the lack of information about Pluto cycles is the main reason why, what I am going to share with you here, has not been generally available.

We can all say a collective ‘if only I knew’ at this point.

We all know that the global economic situation is somehow tied in with the gold price and that the economy is a barometer for fluctuations in the price of gold. Financial reports in the mainstream media inevitably quote the current price of gold every day, don’t they?   The sharp rise in the price of gold since 2008 has been a perfect example of Pluto in Capricorn.

I bring up the subject because, if we look at the history of Pluto in Capricorn, much of this cycle has been in the chase for gold, the ultimate power-symbol of a nation’s wealth. We don’t have to go too far back in history to pick up the gold chase or it’s metaphor, plunder. So what happened the last time Pluto was in Capricorn?

Pluto was last in Capricorn from 1762-1778. This was the era of the American and French revolutions, both of which were as a result of economic exploitation. Commodity and gold are always interlinked.  We had the Boston Tea Party episode in North America and how Marie Antoinette of France supposedly told the people that they could all ‘eat cake’ when there was no bread in the larder.  There were more than tea and cakes on the table in both of these revolutions.

In the same era, Britain marched into Canada plundering her bounty and the British explorer Cook planted the Union Jack flag on the soil of Australia and New Zealand; the British East India Company took control of India and the trade route to China. This era was also the peak of the Atlantic slave trade – Africa was plundered of her people.

Even the Industrial Revolution in Britain led to the Scottish economist, Adam Smith publishing his Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, in 1776. Smith’s body of work laid the foundation for modern day economics.

Come with me as we take one more step back into the history of Pluto in Capricorn and the period 1516-1533.  We have the precious metal as the focus yet again.

Lured by gold, the Spanish invaded Central America. The Aztec, Inca and Mayan empires were decimated as the Spanish plundered vast quantities of gold.  It was this gold shipped back to Europe, which financed the establishment of Spain as one of the most powerful of European empires of the times.

Let’s look at one more era. At the beginning of the Pluto in Capricorn period of 1024-1041, the focus is on economics yet again. The banking industry began in Europe in this era with the storage and safekeeping of gold as a commercial enterprise. This was the beginning of commerce as we know it today. Meanwhile in Asia, in this same period, the Chinese started to use paper money as currency.

And we are told that no-one saw the current global financial crisis coming. Hell’s bells and pickled onions.  Hello?

Anyway back to the task at hand.  In the natal wheel, the birth horoscope of the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay, Pluto was at 26degrees Virgo in the second house, the house of material matters and of course you guessed it, money.

Second house Pluto is about the ‘haves and the have nots’.  People with Pluto in this position equate money with lots of power – a big lesson to learn.  We know that the accused is up to his neck in debt and has been learning about the lack of power over his financial environment.

It has even been suggested that he may have killed his wife to benefit from her insurance policies, which coincidentally are around about the same figure as his debt ~ $1 million.

It doesn’t take too much to see that if we progress his natal Pluto to his I.C. / create the angle to his career, that at about the age of 34 Gerard Baden-Clay decided that power and money, for him, would be in a new career of principal of  a real estate business.

Pluto had reached the cusp of the Fourth house (the home) – selling homes is the business career of a realtor, selling real estate.

According to his bail affidavit as provided by mainstream media “Gerard Baden-Clay started as principal and managing director of Century 21 Westside in 2004 where he remained until his arrest on June 12, 2012.”

Remind me, what was the colour of that jacket he wore?  

Time lords over us

Gerard Baden-Clay may be putting up the argument that caterpillars caused the scratches on his torso and upper body.  Obtaining two medical reports from general practitioners (did one disagree perhaps) to support his argument, is not going to cut it in relation to the deep scratches on his face; the very same scratches, which the local constabulary found suspicious enough to call in homicide detectives on the morning of 20 April, 2012.

The fact that he reported his wife Allison as a missing person didn’t cut it with the Queensland Police Service. They could smell a freshly opened ‘can of worms’. This is Saturn at his best.  Saturn can be relied on to open every can of worms in our lives and put it right under our noses. Everyone around us, who has their olfactory sense working, will get a whiff of it as well.

I refer to Saturn as a male, because yet again, in the realm of mythology, we know that the Roman Saturn (in his Greek form Cronus) castrated his father Uranus and caused his progenitor to fall from grace, spilling his seed – thereby impregnating Gaia.  That is the story of the creation of our planet Earth, according to the ancients.  With that as our ancient history, what hope is there for us mere mortals to live a peaceful existence?  Death gets us all in the end.

What happened to Saturn once Daddy was off the scene?  Well he divvied up the spoils of heaven with his own offspring.  The boys: Jupiter (Zeus) got the heavens; Pluto (Hades) got the underworld; Neptune (Poseidon) got the oceans. The girls: Juno (Hera), Vesta (Hestia) and Ceres (Demeter) all got minor roles (so what’s new, eh girls).  Meanwhile, Saturn (Cronus) kept the time-lord, the Dr Who position for himself.

Cronus and Saturn are both referred to as Father Time and are depicted as having a sickle in their hands.  Have you not ever wondered why the figure of Death – a hooded skeleton with a sickle is depicted that way? He even has the ancient time-piece hanging from his wrist.

That’s Saturn, my friends. That very same sickle, which cut dad out of the scene, is used to harvest the wheat – bring in the harvest. This is why, when there is mention of Saturn, some people murmur under their breath ‘karma’ for we reap what we sow.

If you didn’t already notice, the psychological atmosphere is getting cooler now that we are discussing the planet Saturn.  We’ve left the swirling gas of Jupiter and are now on a planet, which takes some 10,759 Earth days (~29 and a half years) to orbit the Sun; more aloof, yet calculated and methodical, absolutely in control and secure in its position in the solar system.

Now don’t get to thinking we only get to face this hoary old goat every 30-odd years. We’re hardly going to get off that easily and nor is Gerard Baden-Clay. Those worms get pretty smelly every quarter (approx every 7 years), that is on the square aspect and super ‘on the nose’ with a quindecile aspect.

Due to the elliptical orbit of Saturn, we have to allow a bit of give and take with the consistency of exact dates and years when Saturn is at a specific point in the heavens.  Thank heavens for computer software is all I can say.

Let’s walk through Saturn and the accused’s natal chart for a start.  Hmmm it’s looking good: There’s no opposition, no squares, no quindeciles and looks like he’s escaped any massive midpoints as well, at least in his birth wheel.  Lucky boy you might think, but ‘no way Jose’.

There is one rather nasty little critter there – the Rx symbol after the planet = Saturn Rx.  Seems like such a small thing but for those who are born when Saturn was in retrograde (Rx) this is a big deal.  Allow me to explain.

Retrograde (going backwards) refers to an optical illusion when a planet appears to be going backwards. Planets don’t have reverse gear. When the spin of the Earth gets our vantage point out of line with a planet as it is making a turn in its own elliptical orbit, we see the planet projected against the sky as if the planet were moving backwards.

Well you might say that we as adults mostly can’t even make out the planet Saturn in the sky with the naked eye, let alone a child, how can anyone be influenced by such a far off occurence? In my opinion, as tiny instinctive beings our senses are more heightened before we get bombarded by life’s challenges; we can feel atmospheric pressure not only of our environment, but we also pick up on the reactions of the emotional beings around us.  Call it ‘animal instinct’ if you will. We inherit this knowing.

Psychologically, the use of the term ‘going backwards’ alone tells us that something is going against the norm; ‘this can’t be good’ Anxiety is never far from the surface, whether we are little children or under the stress of our day-to-day lives, although as adults we are hopefully more skilled at rationalising our fears.  When we are fearful we instinctively turn to our authoritative model to provide us with security and in the case of a Saturn Rx we turn to the father principle (father time).

This is the rule of thumb in astrology. Not necessarily your thumb or mine, so if you have a problem here re authoritative figures being male or female, I suggest that you suspend your belief system for the sake of the exercise.

The authoritative person in our lives is required to give us reassurance that we are safe. For a child this role is accepted, in most societies, as being the father. If the father is absent for some reason (divorced with no regular access, or works for long periods away from home); is withdrawn emotionally (has a dominant female partner); projects onto the child their own painful shortcomings from their childhood regimen – then things can go awfully pear-shaped in that individual’s life.

Gerard Baden-Clay was born with Saturn Rx, as was his younger brother Adam.  Their sister does not have a Saturn Rx in her birth wheel, which would indicate to me that according to the above, ‘daddy wasn’t there for his sons’ when they needed him.  Every time that Saturn went retrograde during these boys lives this anxiety would be reinforced.

Perhaps in some societies, if you are a man, it is okay to tell your daughter you love her, but not show your emotional vulnerability to your sons. Why is this accepted as okay behaviour?

Do you smell the fear of castration here?  I sure do.  I hope this is not going to turn into a castration complex of bwana’s.  Saturn is trying to do his job.  Someone is not listening…  Maybe the old lion was not prepared to give ground and the young lions were not strong enough to challenge him.

I’ll tell you what you do if that’s the case young man.  Get that scythe out and cut the ties – leave home; move away; start your own ‘pride’ in fresh territory.

Thunderbolts out of the blue

We leave the planet Mars and travel to the next space station; the fifth rock out from the Sun – Jupiter. This planet is a gas giant with the size, its mass, one-thousandth that of the Sun.  He’s a big boy our Jupiter. Is ‘he’ a gentle giant or a bully?

In mythology, Jupiter is a Roman god; Thor, another form; his Greek equivalent is known as Zeus.  Now Zeus, my friends, was a philanderer of the first magnitude!  Not only was he the boss of the Olympiad; married to his sister (small gene pool in those days); but he also had his ‘pick of the bunch’.  A hedonist to the max, he grabbed every cherry he could lay his hands on.

How could we forget the guises Zeus put on to seduce the beauties. One day he morphed as a swan, seducing Leda, wife of the king of Sparta; another as a bull raping the drop-dead gorgeous, Princess Europa; and then he even had the audacity to come down as a shower of golden rain to impregnate Danae, mother of Perseus. We have to give Zeus some points for creativity, but hey man, not in our face!  Please, enough is enough.

The planet Jupiter is a ‘less in your face’ sort of planet in comparison with the personal planets. Placed in the nest of our solar system a little farther from the Sun than the personal planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars, psychologically Jupiter is more about our place in the world, our social and cultural domain.

This planet’s orbit takes 11.86 years to go around the Sun, so about every twelve years of our lifespan Jupiter repeats his performance.  I tend to think of Jupiter in benign terms – the jovial, jolly green giant, lucky and optimistic, but there’s always another side of course. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system with an equally ‘ginormous’ swell of hot air swirling around.  Jupiter determines whether our life journey will be smooth or rocky, whether we’ll be stingy or generous, how the dice will fall. We are indeed in the lap of the gods.

A surprising number of ‘bad’ boys (and girls) are born under the planetary placement of Jupiter in Scorpio. We only have to look to the stars of celebrity and the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle to confirm this.  Elvis had Jupiter in Scorpio.  Now he was a man with animal magnetism, however Gerard Baden-Clay is no Elvis Presley.  Wash my mouth out with soap putting those two in the same sentence, but you get my drift.

The accused has more than just Jupiter in Scorpio. He has an afflicted Jupiter in the sense that it is conjunct to Venus with both in the Scorpio zodiac.  The two (Venus and Jupiter) swing back and forth unable to disengage completely.  The philanderer always has that animal magnetism and temptation on the carousel, however Venus is on the show ride with him. She’s there for the ride, to the very end.

Apart from these two sharing the same space there are no other hard aspects to Jupiter in the natal chart for the accused apart from the opposition to his MC and his house of career prospects.  He’d have been far better off working in an environment without the temptation of sexual philandering, but then again where there’s a will there’s a way.

If we look at the Solar Arc progression for the accused at the age of 41 (add 41degrees to all planets and compare to the natal wheel), we have Mercury progressed to conjunct with his natal Jupiter; Moon progressed to square Jupiter from the right and the midpoint of Sun/Moon is ever present (he’s never out of the focus of these two) – all of which would aggravate the underlying issue.

Hera (Zeus’ wife) is on to him; his parents know all; Mercury has been caught running messages between the lovers and the Sun has turned up the wick on the lantern.  I can almost hear the hiss of the fuse, can’t you?

Just one more step before we hurl some thunderbolts. On the fateful night of 19 April, 2012 the Sun is in the heavens above us at 29degrees Aries. This is directly opposite to these pair (Venus and Jupiter) in the natal wheel. The Sun is at the zenith of the accused’s natal chart; high noon; mirroring the whole entangled mess straight back in his face. The timing could not have been more precise.

Now for a little karmic input by Jupiter – the nature element at play; the paper trail which Zeus has left for us.

Mother of the accused, Elaine Baden-Clay has her natal Jupiter at 17degrees Leo exactly conjunct to her son, the accused Gerard Baden-Clay’s ascendant (rise) at 17degrees Leo.  (The ascendant is the constellation at the horizon at the time of an individual’s birth.)

Father of the accused, Nigel Baden-Clay has his natal Sun at 20degrees Aquarius, in direct opposition to his wife’s Jupiter (her mirror) and conjunction to the descendant (fall) of the accused. (The descendant is the constellation setting at the time of an individual’s birth.)

However that mix is another story for another day.