Ally Brueger

Ally Brueger had a jogging routine through Holly and Rose townships in Michigan, that would leave her vulnerable to attack. Shot and killed with no witnesses; the case remains without a resolution. Justice has not yet had her day in court. Victim: Alexandra Nicolette Brueger DOB 9th November 1984 Ex-boyfriend: Wesley Sutherland DOB 14th November … More Ally Brueger

Delphi murders Pt.2

the crime…. In Part 1, we explored the synastry/relationship between each of the victims; Libby German and Abby Williams, together with the natal chart for our person of interest, Gabe Ellis. For the victims we have the time of birth. For Gabe Ellis we use the mid-range Moon (noon on the date of his birth). … More Delphi murders Pt.2

Delphi murders Pt.1

Part 1; the synastry… Relationship astrology is more the realm of romantic encounters, however this case brought us the added advantage of birth times of the victims; an opportunity to view the incident chart from the perspective of each of the victims. The methodology of interpretation is similar, however our focus is on the potential … More Delphi murders Pt.1