Ted Bundy

A normal birth was recorded at 10:35pm on 24th November,1946  in Burlington, Vermont; the given name, Theodore Robert Cowell. To you and I, Theodore Cowell is the serial killer Ted Bundy. His violent and sadistic killing sprees in the 1970’s led to his facing the full weight of the law and execution in Florida; 1989. … More Ted Bundy

Kelsey Berreth

This is a case of a missing pilot; one without a plane. Her name is Kelsey Berreth. Timeline as per Woodland Park PD, Colorado. 22 November 2018: 12:05pm cctv footage of Kelsey at Woodland Park, CO 25 November: Phone ping 5:13pm from Gooding, Idaho cellphone tower Note: text messages were sent from Kelsey’s phone on … More Kelsey Berreth