Chelsea Bruck

We began this enquiry in November 2014….   Our priority was to locate Chelsea Bruck, and so we used our method of astrology communicating with cartography;  prior to chart interpretation of what was present in the heavens.

  • Event: 3am – 26 October 2014
  • Place: Carpark, 3587 Post Road, Newport, Michigan
  • Missing person: Chelsea Bruck born 28 January 1992 (time unknown)

Criminal profiling with astrology is a subjective exercise as we utilise pseudo scientifc methods as models of reality, together with knowledge of mythology, followed by a sprinking of other ingredients.

MAP#1-CBrockclick on image for full size

We superimpose a vertically flipped chart over the point of where the missing person was last seen.

The red line ending in an arrow is an indicator of a direction to follow, NOT ‘x’ marks the spot when SAR follow this method.

If Chelsea has possibly been abducted by a predator, follow the FBI guideline to look within a 12 mile radius.  Following the red line, that takes us north on Highway 275.

Transiting in the heavens at 3am on that Saturday night/Sunday morning, we have Neptune at the descendant (opposing the ascendant) plus at the same time quindecile transiting Jupiter – excessive use of alcohol and/or other addictive substances likely.  It would have been a very lively Halloween party.

Unfortunately, with Neptune as the descendant, there is the possibility of an abduction and that it may be some time before Chelsea is found.

Transiting Moon is also in square aspect to Neptune in the heavens.  Together this creates ‘shooting the breeze’, which would suit someone like Chelsea whom has a vast stellium of planets in Capricorn and probably as well, a sexual predator.

3am-ChelseaBruck‘Stellium people’ roll with the punches/go with the wind. Well liked, yet very vulnerable, we have learned that stellium charts indicate a lack of awareness of subtle vibrations when it comes to being in dangerous situations.

All the personal action is focused on the 5th house of party-mode; Chelsea wasn’t ready to go home just yet.  If her girlfriend whom was still at the party had Chelsea’s purse and phone, what was she doing in the carpark?

If we address the subtleties; the midpoints together with the planetary tension, this may give us some understanding of what is happening for Chelsea at 3am.  We know that with tension to a natal 22° Scorpio Pluto, this is going to reveal a weakness in her basic power base and vulnerability to the life source being taken away; a primary forensic indicator.

  • tr Mercury (yellow)/tr Mars = natal Pluto at 22° Scorpio – intense debating that could escalate to an argument.  Perhaps that is why she has relocated to the carpark.
  • tr Mercury square natal Uranus-Neptune – mind plays tricks awakening curiosity
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal Pluto – grim reaper meets life force – forensic indicator of death.  This is also our primary locator angle – because natal Saturn is not in the mix.
  • tr Saturn/Neptune (turquoise at the descendant) = natal Mars – a sense of being wronged preoccupies her attention PLUS being conjunct to Uranus likely very confusing and frustrating for Chelsea.
  • tr Moon (blue in the inner wheel) conjunct natal Moon – emotions are high and likely out of control
  • tr Moon/Neptune = Neptune – alcohol has created a very confused state; weakened system.
  • tr Moon/Uranus = Sun (orange) – sense of free will; sudden attachments likely.
  • tr Uranus square Mars – tendency to dominance of will and sudden changes in behaviour.

Neptune at the descendant does not forebode a quick recovery.  Fixed star Algol is mighty close to the mid-heaven as well; a troubling insight awaits.

April 25th 2015…

  • Chelsea Bruck’s remains have been located, 10 miles from where she was last seen.  It appears that our locator angle may have been useful.

22nd July 2016…

Daniel Allan Clay has been arrested for the murder of Chelsea Bruck.  He is due to be arraigned on Monday 25th July 2016.  When we interpret his horoscope through the lens of a potential murderer,  we note that murder does not appear to be a natural impulse ,when we interpret his map of reality.

Daniel Clay-astroclick on chart for full-size

This male is overzealous in relation to satisfying his personal needs; albeit sexual release on this occasion.  We note that he has an Aries Mars sextile (works with) natal Jupiter.  He would most likely behave in an assertive, to the point of being aggressive manner, when we note the position of Pluto so close to his mid-range Moon.

  •  Jupiter (doing things to excess) drives his natal chart along with the sextile (works with) Mars in Aries.
  • There is a kite pattern in this astrology chart.  The tail is weak, until we recognise that it is very close to the midpoint of  Jupiter-Mars (OTT behaviour).
    • 7ºCancer, Neptune-Venus at 9ºVirgo are the wings of this kite
    •   mid-range 9ºScorpio Moon-Pluto at 11ºScorpio at the peak, with the tail grounding the energy; the  Mars-Jupiter midpoint.

This is a very weak solution in the realm of possibility of astrology interpretation, however we have to start somewhere in an effort to make some sense of the crime by this perpetrator.

bruckevent-Daniel ClayMy initial basic chart did not indicate that Daniel Clay was the perpetrator and I doubted that this male was indeed the killer of Chelsea Bruck.  It was only when I changed the lens to include asteroids, that some sense could be made of this senseless waste of a young woman’s life.

  • Any communication with Chelsea would be generated from a sense of low self-worth – natal 16ºLibra; Mercury, plus in the 2nd house is boosted by transiting 16ºLibra Mercury.  Both of which are quindecile natal Mars at 1ºAries.  (Note the above weakness of the kite)
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis is conjunct natal Sun (the ego’s wants) is going to be a traumatic event and likely in a public place.

As a profiler I would ask this male to share his relationship with his mother – there will be an outpouring of ‘poor me’.  Of that, we can be assured.

  • Transiting Neptune is square natal Jupiter (kite tail weakness again).  He’s come close to getting away with this crime, however LE never relents in the hunt.

We’ve needed to dig deep as well. We have a potential smoking gun, but no solid bullets yet. So changing our lens again and remaining with the disappearance of Chelsea Bruck, we can check the asteroids.

3am-Bruckincident-astro We note that asteroid Daniel#2589;  1ºGemini, at the all-important overriding energy/mid-heaven, is mirroring transiting Moon 1ºSagittarius at the I.C.   The male’s needs are uppermost.  If there is sex on the agenda then it is driven by the male’s needs.  He appears to have an excessive need for respect.

  • transiting asteroid Chelsea#25425 19ºScorpio/Dejaniera+Ixion = Moon.  This midpoint can be interpreted as the man’s needs of Chelsea Bruck, are focused on rape with murderous intent closely followed by Pholus 21ºSagittarius (regrets).
  • transiting Sun-Pallas-Venus trine Neptune is indicative of an ego – inner-resolve – female together with subversion – this  was not a mutual-consent hook-up.
  • When we look to 6th house, morals and ethics we can see that asteroid Nessus; 27ºAquarius, mirrors BML at 26ºLeo – abuse of trust is a weak link; at that time in the heavens.

Note that Venus is in the Fixed Mode and element of Water.  This is indicative of the encounter being an emotional event, rather than the practical consideration of a consensual sexual encounter.  Chelsea would likely have resisted his advances and he has killed her.  However we generate a bi-wheel to check.

3am-DanielClayAs any astrologer who follows our method of interpretation will tell you… that when transiting Dejaniera (rape) – Ixion (murderous intent) – Pholus (regrets for mistakes) are right on top of the asteroid for the namesake of a person of interest in a case – in this case Daniel#2589, we have identified our perpetrator as having the first name of Daniel.  Feet of Clay…

Whether Daniel Allan Clay claims manslaughter during consensual sex, or not, his conscience, and the law of the land will recognise the intent as murder; just as the heavens have indicated.

Kristin Denice Smart Pt.2

To continue from Part 1 of an astrology enquiry into the disappearance of Kristin Smart in 1996, we are reminded of the precursive event as interpreted from the pattern in the heavens at 2am on 25th May above San Luis Obispo.

13:15°Aquarius Mercury opposite Saturn Rx 12:02°Leo with both planets in hard aspect/square to Kristin’s natal Uranus at 11:47°Scorpio. Saturn and Uranus reveal the old way and the new way, so when we bring in Mercury this involves the mercurial aspect – quick decisions.  Try something new… So what ‘something new’ did Kristin dabble with at the party?  Was it a new way to get high?  Uranus certainly can provide a ‘buzz’ and a benzo-diazepine drug would explain the inability to walk unaided.. 

calpolyIt is standard procedure for us to now view the natal charts through the perspective of the 2am event, however firstly we bring in the asteroids and share the impact in the natal charts of Kristin and Paul Flores side by side.

We elect to work this way on this occasion as this event appears to be very much related to destiny; at least in Kristin’s model of reality.

Asteroids are selected for their symbolism within Greco/Roman mythology and/or a first name given to a child at birth.  These are the selection we have made for our enquiry.

  • Paul 3525 – Paul Flores
  • Kristin 183560 – Kristin Smart
  • Linda 7169 – Ermelinda Flores
  • Brett 6179 – Brett Macarthur
  • Ruben 10151 – Ruben Flores
  • Susan 10604 – Susan Flores
  • Dejaniera 157 – rape indicator (Greek mythology)
  • Ixion 28978 – murderous trap
  • Molly 20472 – social/ prescriptive drugs
  • Nemesis 128 – end of the road
  • Phaeton 3200 – a vehicle (Latin)
  • Vertex – a significant event
  • Pallas – inner warrior (Greek mythology)
  • Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee – weakest link in a character

Paul Flores and Kristin Smart – the asteroids

click on charts for full size

flores-smart-natalsPaul Flores:

  • Highlighted in pink, Paul Flores’ natal chart tells us that an event related to Kristin  9:35°Taurus and a vehicle; Phaeton 9:27°Taurus would reveal this weakest link; BML 9:40°Taurus in this male’s character. The realm is Taurus is therefore not suburban; more-so a green/treed area.
  • This particular event would be reflected by opposition of Ixion-Mars 9:31°Scorpio. Such an event would not end well. This aspect is in the nature of the beast and would require a transit or progression to trigger the action.
  • The second point to note is that of Pallas 13:05°Leo square to Dejaniera 13:17°Scorpio – the propensity to rape. Paul Flores has natal Pluto 12:18°Libra sextile Pallas and so the urge/tension is present in relation to power.  Whether he does, or not on this occasion, again will rely on progression or transiting triggers.

Note that asteroid Linda 27:27°Taurus is nudging Jupiter 29:26°Taurus, as well as Sun 29:30°Libra conjunct Susan 1:32°Scorpio – he defers to sister and mother.  Pallas nudging Saturn 15:42°Leo indicates the father (Saturn) encourages this male to be ‘internally a warrior’.

Kristin Smart:

  • Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) 9:55°Scorpio opposite 9:52°Taurus – Kristin’s destiny lies in her own hands in relation to this axis.  Note also that this aspect; Kristin’s destiny connects immediately with the weaknesses in the model of reality for Paul Flores.
  • Uranus-Ixion 11:40°Scorpio is in quindecile aspect to Lunar South Node and asteroid Phaeton 26:15°Aries. The buzz of this murderous trap is always there with compulsion in relation to vehicles and likely speed.  It is as if Kristin would have known unconsciously, that automobiles were ‘bad karma’ for her.

The asteroid Ixion is closely related in crimes as it can be an indicator of murder.  As both persons of interest to us have forensic indicators conjunct Ixion I would expect on this occasion, for its interpretation to be more relative to the unconscious knowledge of the trap they were entering was dangerous; even life-threatening for each person.   For Kristin it is the ‘rush/buzz’ that this brought for her by her interaction with Jupiter (note BML exact Jupiter – green), whereas Paul Flores and this asteroid Ixion, it is more related to his not accepting, or even thinking through the consequences of his actions (Mars).

  • The notion of rape also raises its ugly head with 28:18°Sagittarius Dejaniera in the 1st house (body) in quindecile aspect by asteroid Paul 13:32°Cancer.  Kristin may have been looking for consensual sex, however her ‘opinion’ (Sagittarius) is that she was raped.  In the eyes of the law, this is a sexual assault if it has taken place.
  • Asteroid Ruben is opposite Vertex – a potential connection of significance with this male.
  • Mercury-Molly 13:16°Aquarius is opposite Saturn 12:02°Leo – this is a strong indicator of a lack of self-control in relation to social drugs.  In forensic astrology this is also an indicator of a potential cause of death.

2am on 25th May 1996 together with the natal charts for Paul Flores and his sister Ermelinda Flores

When we generate a bi-wheel (method) we are able to view the character through the lens of the transiting planets at 2am.  This pair of charts is exactly that.  If we only include that which is relevant to add to our previous maps of reality, that will suffice for this enquiry.

eventSmart-PFPaul Flores

  • Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) 13:06°Sagittarius is conjunct natal Neptune 12:09°Sagittarius – this ties Paul Flores to the subterfuge and drug connection to this case of missing Cal Poly student Kristin Smart.  With natal Neptune so close to the mid-heaven, this reveals the likelihood that he is not likely to face charges over the matter.
  • transiting Ceres 9:53°Sagittarius EXACT natal Molly 10:17°- this identifies Paul Flores as the supplier of drugs.  Ceres usually relates to a form of sustenance and in Sagittarius;  a nurturing substitute.  eg a baby’s pacifier. 

Note: This suggests an attempt at pacifying a suggested hyper-active potential sexual partner, rather than with date-rape intent.  This of course does not lessen the seriousness of an assault, however we’re interpreting the map of reality of Paul Flores, not sitting on a jury.

  • transiting Moon 2:01°Virgo in direct tension/square to natal Venus  2:31°Sagittarius- emotive need for family support
  • transiting Pluto 1:40°Sagittarius conjunct natal Venus – likely wasting emotions and therefore needing that family support – unable to handle a situation.
  • transiting Ixion is also in the mix here he’s in a murderous trap – damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t (contact family).

Paul Flores didn’t take heed of his internal asteroid Pallas;  i.e. the fortitude to follow the moral laws of humanity. It would appear that his mentor gave mixed messages in this regard.  Ruben Flores wanted his son to be manly, but then undermined him by taking charge when the Mayday call was made. 

So who made that phone call to Ruben in the middle of the night?

Paul Flores’ chart tells us that he turned to Linda rather than his father.  We can interpret this because the 3rd house identifies not only communication, but also siblings.

eventSmart-EFErmelinda Flores

  • transiting 2:01°Virgo Moon-Ruben opposite natal 1:25° Pisces Mercury- Jupiter 2:37°Pisces – urgent call to daddy.
  • transiting 27:45°Gemini Venus conjunct natal 28:09°Saturn together with the added tension already in her natal chart (Saturn square Sun) – keeping in control of what went down that night in May 1996.  Family comes first…

At the ascendant 10:411°Pisces, again we have a natal reference to her father; Ruben Flores, with asteroids Ruben 9:07°Pisces transiting asteroid Linda 10:09° Pisces.  Natal asteroid Pholus is also influencing her decision. i.e. most likely too many quick decisions.

Meanwhile in this chart we have Ermelinda’s  boyfriend at the time, represented by natal asteroid Brett, splitting the difference in this bi-wheel with natal Mars.  There is a midpoint of these two – transiting asteroid Phaeton.  This astrology aspect suggests that Brett Macarthur was called upon to contribute to the family ‘cover-up’ in relation to a vehicle.

We have to ask as to whether Brett Macarthur colluded in the aftermath and disposal of Kristin Smart’s body.  Note: He married Ermelinda Flores and I am told that the marriage was dissolved some time later. It is up to others to follow this line of enquiry if they so wish.

eventSmart-KS copy 2Kristin Smart

We have confirmation of Brett Macarthur’s involvement in Kristin’s natal chart.  Asteroid Brett 13:51°Aries is conjunct natal Venus (remember that Venus-Pluto opposition in her natal chart in Part 1 of our enquiry).  Asteroid Brett is EXACT opposite natal Pluto – right to the minute.  Pluto is the God of the Underworld; guardian at the entrance to Tartarus and brother of Saturn in Greek mythology.  This is a strong statement in astrology terms.

This would therefore be the locator angle that would indicate a direction – where Kristin’s body was taken.  No the direction is NOT south west…  For this, we rely on aligning astrology with cartography (method).  In astrology north is at the bottom of the astrology chart NOT the top.

MAP-SmartClick on map for full size

Despite not knowing an authoritative time in relation to the disappearance of Kristin, we can make an effort to indicate a direction …note a N.W. direction, rather than a specific angle where her remains are likely located.

Brett Macarthur is your man to follow-up with.  He will know where Kristin lies and also be more likely to give up a location than any of the ‘control-driven’ Flores family members.

Amy Wyro

Originally from Indiana, 5 feet 2 inches tall and about 140 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes, Amy Michelle Gardner was 43 and a mother of two teenagers when she married 48 year-old Jeffrey Scott Wyro in Sept 2013. The “honeymoon period of 18 months” was drawing to a close when we were contacted.

photoforblogMissing since Tuesday morning 8:45am on 10th February, 2015 from the home she shared with her husband in Fort Worth, FWPD appealed to the public for help in locating Amy Wyro.

  • Missing person: Amy Michelle Wyro
  • Event: 845am, 10th February 2015
  • Location: 9000 Block of Shoveler Trail, Fort Worth Texas

We had enough information to commence an astrology enquiry.  Despite no knowing the time of Amy’s birth, she was born with a Pisces Sun and Libra Moon.  We can see that dreaminess about her in the photo.

This Sun-Moon mix wouldn’t be inclined to put up with things that would get her “up tight” although she may lack the staying power to pull through the really tough times. Nonetheless, she’d have an optimistic attitude in general.  So we look for the astrology weaknesses that may be challenging in this basic combination.

Please note that astrology is a pseudo science, so a skeptical view is recommended of our interpretation.  We use computer software for generating all charts and classic interpretation for the tension.  There will be many redeeming features I am sure in the astrology, however in FA we work with the weaknesses and emotive tension, rather than positive traits. 

Jeffrey Wyro

Her husband, however appears to have a very strong stubborn streak with a Taurus Sun and likely Capricorn Moon. When asked to do something against their will, the nature of Taurus and Capricorn is to resist with great stubbornness.

With a Mars conjunct Pluto in Virgo he would enjoy a sense of responsibility and the adrenaline-rush of power with this combination. Security of home, status in the community and of a degree of prestige are all important to a materialistic person with this combination in his chart. A proud man, with a strong sense of his own worth, I can’t see him backing down in a challenging situation, when it might be more diplomatic, or sensitive; to do so.

845-JeffreyWyroNote at this stage of our enquiry no-one is exempt from being under our microscope; POI, or not.

If we look at Jeffrey Wyro’s chart first through the FA lens (method), we interpret the tension he can share with us in relation to the disappearance of his wife, Amy. It is immediately apparent that this is not a highly emotive man.

  • transiting Moon (blue) in the inner wheel is opposite natal Mercury 7°Taurus (yellow) in the second house.  The second house is the position of personal assets –  one would hope he at least saw Amy as an asset, to himself.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal Jupiter 6°Gemini in the 3rd house.  There appear to be tricky legalisms in relation to this aspect; self-indulgence.
  • tr Venus (pink) in the inner wheel is conjunct natal Saturn in the 12th house (the realm of the unknown) – the hurt of love lost is evident; at least on a mental level.

Note: The astrology aspects suggest that this man is revealing more about himself than a focus on finding a missing wife.  However there are no forensic indications to suggest any sinister motive in relation to her disappearance at this point in our enquiry.  

Amy Wyro:

845-AmyWyroAmy’s bi-wheel is more revealing. transiting Jupiter (green in the inner chart) has has been in opposition to her natal Mercury 17°Aquarius (yellow) in recent times inflating her communication; mental chatter perhaps, as it is placed in the 12th house for us to see.

The transiting Sun (orange) is bringing the urgency forward for us to take note.  The pressure would have been at its greatest some 3-4 days earlier.

  • tr Neptune (turquoise is also affecting Amy on a mental level (also note ^^ Jeff’s under pressure as well) conjunct her natal Sun in the 12th house – casting a veil over her usual bright optimism.
  • tr 22°Pisces Mars at the ascendant hints at a severing; a sudden decision to take action; a breaking of the energy. Mars is also in quindecile aspect to natal Uranus. This is bound to be a domestic situation in relation to her marriage (7th house matter) that has led to the event at 8:45am.  Did she flee the house on foot?
  • tr Lunar South node (also in the 1st house) is quindecile natal 7th house Pluto – life-lessons are not being learned here, Amy (karma) – i.e. power struggle in a marriage

So where is the transiting Moon? In the 8th house at 3°Scorpio.  This is the astrology house for ending, or transforming a situation.  Unfortunately the 3°Scorpio Moon is usually where people dig their heels in – “I am right”… a need to be in-control, self-sufficient and right.

  • tr Moon conjunct natal Jupiter and intersecting the internal connection between Amy’s natal Jupiter opposite Saturn – an inflated sense of self-control.

This was an opportunity for Amy to overcome her self-control issues, which are always inflated; a challenge for her. The Moon would also exacerbate the emotion of the event.  This aspect also provides us with a locator angle.

We can suggest that Amy has likely fled her domestic situation in a confused mental state.  The forensic indications are not positive, especially considering that the natal Moon is not under any tension.  This is not an emotive decision.

MAP-AmyWe use our cartography method of bringing the heavens down to earth for a chart within a map of the territory.

Locator angles are intended as direction finders only.  We are not able to advise specific locations. 

P.S. Note: On this occasion our locator angle proved to be more accurate than just a general direction.

The subtle levels – asteroids and fixed stars

walker-astrodienstThis is basically the same bi-wheel above; albeit with the time change to 8:48am (as a result of having access to the MPR). The Astrodienst chart’s blue text identifies the transiting planets and asteroids, while those in red are the positions of the same planets and asteroids on the day Amy was born.

Astrology Note: Follow the inner circle for the house cusps

This three minute difference (8:45am-8:48am) in our clock-time brings the chart to the ominous 22°Pisces with Mars exact the ascendant. The Serbian astrologers tell us that this is the ‘kill or be killed’ degree.  At this stage, we suggest a crisis followed by a dramatic exit.

If we commence the asteroid interpretation from the transiting 12th house, we have Amy’s mental perspective at the time of 8:48am; interpreted from classic astrology texts. Note: Selection of asteroids are our choice.

  • Natal (red) Mercury conjunct Pallas#2 – warrior stance (mentally) 
  • Transiting (blue) Walker#6372 conjunction the Sun on this date on the calendar – Walkers Reach is within 5mins walking distance from home.
  • Natal (red) Juno#3 + Pholus#5145 conjunct (blue) Nessus#7066 + House#4950 – spouse ‘shoulda-coulda’ been less abusive in relation to house matters
  • Transiting (blue) Neptune conjunct (red) Sun – hypersensitivity
  • Natal Lunar North node conjunct Ceres#1 – inherited view of “a provider” is that of her mother; fear of not having enough.
  • Natal (red) Venus conjunct transiting Chiron#2060 in Pisces (going from one crisis to another) conjunct (blue) Venus.  This identifies that the fear of not having enough is related to money.

Continuing on to the first house interpretation, this relates to the projection of the personality; the physical person’s emotive reaction; their actions as opposed to thoughts.

  • Transiting (blue) Mars is at the ascendant – breaking the mental energy by taking action. (this is the suggested time Amy left the house)
  • Natal (red) Chiron in Aries (living with a sense of worthlessness) +Walker +House +Eris#136199 PLUS transiting (blue) Uranus – getting out of the house and going for a walk gets her away from trouble and strife at home; rebellion.
  • Natal (red) Amy#3375 + Mars PLUS transiting (blue) Eris (trouble and strife again) + (blue) Amy – this suggests that it is Amy whom has caused the trouble and strife this time and she is aware of it – taken herself away from the situation to endeavour to walk it through.

By being in the second house, natal (red) Saturn is indicating a struggle with self-control mirroring her personal needs (transiting Moon).  This is also our locator angle (above) and so we jump ahead to the 8th house interpretation in order to get the picture that is motivating the disappearance.  Her husband is certainly in the picture; not left out by any means.

  • Transiting (blue) Moon conjunct natal (red) Jupiter +natal Ixion#28978 – Amy’s idea of a thoroughly bad hombre; danger is imminent.  If this is not paranoia, then we need to be concerned.  With transiting Neptune conjunct natal Sun (12th house) this may possibly be based on a neurosis; psychotic break. 

The midheaven and tenth house contain asteroids that we cannot overlook in our interpretation.

  • Transiting (blue) Ixion is at the top of the chart PLUS in opposition to natal asteroid Hylonome#10370 – possible self-destruction.
  • Transiting Pholus conjunct Hylonome followed by Atropos#273 exact Mony#7782 PLUS (blue) Pluto + Ceres conjunct natal (red) Mony.  Literally this reads as the opportunity of ‘shoulda-coulda’ criticism leads to self destruction; end the connection to life (Atropos) powerless (Pluto) due to a lack of money situation; as perceived by Amy’s need.  

Note there is never a reasonable, or rational explanation when we are discussing a psychotic break.  It is a reality for the person experiencing it, not us.

I’ll leave any further asteroid interpretation to others.

Missing Person Report:

The MPR was filed 6:22pm by Jeffrey Wyro.  We check his natal chart against this time; a bi-wheel, for his underlying input. Ascendant has rotated to 25°Leo.  This is another ominous point as the constellation of the Watersnake is rising above the horizon; the fixed star Alfard – anxiety and loss in connection with estates and building.  I.e. another asset/money connection.

MPR-JeffWyro-astrodienstThe transiting (blue) Moon in the 3rd house (communication) has orbited to opposite (red) Mercury (planet of communication) PLUS (red) asteroid Amy and Ixion (treachery) are also in the 3rd house – this is the MPR phone call.

As this is a husband of the missing person, we go straight to the 7th house (marriage partner) for interpretation. Note (blue) asteroids – Nessus, House, Neptune, Venus, Chiron PLUS (red) Saturn right on the cusp of the 8th house. Nessus is always dangerous to see in the 7th house as it can indicate betrayed trust.

What is of added interest is that transiting Walker #6372 is now exact the descendant, so Amy would certainly have been on foot.  She won’t be far.

Note: Transiting asteroids reveal the general atmosphere that leaves it open for any individual to make the decision to react emotively to this tension, or mature emotively as a result.  We are all tested every day.  I have no wish to demonise a grieving husband and so I will leave it to others to interpret further.

p.s. Amy’s body was recovered as the heavens indicated. RIP Amy Wyro.

Cassie Compton

CassieComptonCassie Compton returned home around 6:45pm, spoke briefly with her mom, Judy Compton as well as Judy’s live-in boyfriend Brandon Rhodes before her mom returned to her sick bed and slept until 8:15pm. When she awoke Cassie was gone. That has been mom’s story.

Cassie is a 15 year-old teenager from Stuttgart, Arkansas, A text was sent from Cassie’s phone to a friend around 7pm letting them know that she was going out to get cigarettes.

Detective Lieutenant Mark Duke of the Stuttgart Police Department said Judy Compton and Brandon Rhodes are considered suspects in the disappearance of Cassie Compton. The FBI and State Police joined the investigation several weeks after Cassie went missing.

We can undertake our C21 astrology enquiry; astrology is a pseudo science that is not accepted in any court of law.  Our voice is heard in the realm of opinion.

  • Missing: Cassie Kay Compton DOB 4 December 1998
  • When: 6:45pm, 14th September 2014
  • Where: 209 E 15th Street, Stuttgart, Arkansas
  • POI: Brandon Lee Rhodes DOB 26 November 1989
  • POI: Judy Kay Compton DOB 25 July 1972


  • The Stuttgart Police report filed the day after Cassie’s disappearance states Cassie had a mental disorder. Judy told police Cassie is possibly bipolar.
  • “She started experiencing mood swings when she was 13,” said Judy.
  • Judy said Cassie was given anti-depressants, but Cassie would flush them down the toilet because she didn’t like taking them.

Not having the teens time of birth, we use a mid-range Moon for the date of her birth. A bi-wheel (method) from the perspective of when she returned home is used for our perspective as that time is substantiated by those outside of the inner circle.

With a Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Gemini, Cassie would by no means be shy, timid or backward. A very adventurous person both physically and mentally, she would never be satisfied to stand still in either sense.   With a restless nature, mental stimulation would be needed hence probably frustration with the school curriculum that led to home schooling. Stability is her main challenge; staying with a project, a cause, or even a person sometimes, can be a really hard task for one so restless.

645-CassieComptonConcentrating her efforts in one focused direction would be her main weakness. Pettiness is something she would have difficulty understanding; i.e. foreign to her nature. Rarely exercising caution or care, never one to shy away from taking a risk, so long as there is a reasonable chance things will work out, Cassie would add her opinion. This is likely where she was innately let down; that and her immaturity.

We immediately note that this transiting Moon is going to give us our locator angle and so the direction will likely be pretty close to accurate.

  • Descendant conjunct natal Mars – fighting spirit
  • tr Moon (blue in the inner wheel) in 2nd house opposite tr Pluto (life force) – forensic indicator
  • tr Venus square midpoint natal Sun/Pluto – emotional upset
  • tr Sun opposite natal Jupiter (green) – date on the calendar reveals inflated mental activity in Cassie
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal Mercury (yellow) in 8th house – possibly attempt to talk her way out of trouble?  (this could also identify means of death – asphyxiation)

Cassie’s Mother:

  • Judy Kay Compton is on the sex-offenders register in Oklahoma.  When asked by the media, she said her ex-husband (Roy Wayne Compton DOB 15 July 1966) assaulted her oldest daughter and she was charged with failure to protect her child. Judy said after she was forced into a plea deal, a probation officer told her she needed to register as a sex offender.
  • Lived with boyfriend Brandon Rhodes and her daughter Cassie at the time of the disappearance of Cassie.


This configuration of Sun in Leo and Moon in Capricorn confers a good deal of mental ability and quickness under normal circumstances. There is a hard inner core and resolve that may keep Judy Compton from being as sociable as many with the Leo Sun sign would be expected to behave.

Generally she would make every effort to make a good impression on others, however she appears to have lost consideration for her appearance in recent times. The possibility of depression is high, however the public face rarely breaks away from the upbeat mask of strength of will-power.

This bi-wheel is a particularly weak emotive reaction by a mother of a missing child, however we are not aware of her circumstances.  She may previously have been emotionally shut down for other reasons, or an existing condition/medication overrides her emotional input.  As a result we cannot call if she is involved in the disappearance of Cassie.

  • tr Sun (date on the calendar) square natal Venus 22°Gemini (family member) – has this woman lost other children? (Gemini indicates duplicity)
  • tr Pluto quindecile natal Lunar South Node at the cusp of the 5th house (children) –  obsessiveness with the karmic connection to the loss of a child.  This is a very manipulative and controlling compulsiveness and combined with her Sun-Moon mix we have a wilful situation.
  • tr Uranus opposite natal Uranus in 7th house – break-up with boyfriend likely

Brandon Lee Rhodes:

Rides a bicycle although likely had access to Judy Compton’s vehicle.  Judy Compton has not indicated in the media as to whether he was present in the home when she woke up and so we don’t know what window of opportunity he had to interact with Cassie.  We do know that his chart is lit up like a Christmas tree with all forensic indicators present for us to be able to point the finger at him as responsible for Cassie’s disappearance.

He has a very difficult natal chart with considerable weaknesses. Natal Jupiter is on the opposite side of the wheel from his natal planets.  He’s  controlled by the gaseous planet, Jupiter; highly inflatable.

Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Scorpio in a good horoscope spread gives us someone whom knows what they want and how to achieve their ends; a true go-getter. Optimism and determination is a truly hard combination to defeat. With that Moon in Scorpio he has the knack for throwing everything into a project and fighting until the battle is won. There is little restraint.

The challenge of this position of Sun-Moon is handling people with tact and diplomacy; controlling temperament and avoiding too direct, or too blunt of an approach. It is imperative that they should avoid conflict to really succeed in life, however with the other flaws in Brandon Rhodes’ horoscope, there is no way he is going to be able to achieve this future.

With a645-Rhodes mind that is quick and the ability to think on his feet, all of this quickness is wasted if he is impetuous. Much of his aggressiveness is a defense that instinctively attacks. He would need to concentrate on listening to the opinions of others, and control his emotional reactions. He is the sort of person whom would go for the jugular in a battle of wits.

He and Cassie would never have seen eye-to-eye. She would have pressed all his buttons.

  • Natal Mars-Pluto-Moon are all in Scorpio (cock-of-the-walk) – raw brute; unsophisticated male
  • Saturn-Neptune conjunction – lives in denial.  But more on his character later.

Even though the date of the calendar is at the ominous 22° (Virgo on this occasion) it doesn’t create tension in this man’s natal chart suggesting that the details of the event was not pre-planned. Also note the Scorpio stellium in the 8th house of death/transformation of other’s assets.

  • Midheaven conjunct natal Uranus – sudden change in behaviour – assertion of selfhood.  Did he endeavour to order Cassie to leave home (Uranus opposite 4th house cusp) and she stood her ground.
  • tr Moon is at the midpoint of natal Sun (orange) and Mercury(yellow) at the cusp of the 9th house – likely having something to say about Cassie wanting to go out; his needs are primary to everyone else’s and he’s not backward about saying so.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Venus in 10th house – this aspect is open to several interpretations – likely relates to his financial situation, or lack of (natal Venus) – an emotional event with regard to an inter-personal relationship. 

Note: We can understand here where people start thinking human trafficking in this case, however with the transiting Sun lacking any tension, I doubt this scenario is worth considering, as it would require pre-planning, IMO.

  • tr Saturn (grim reaper) in 8th house square natal Lunar nodal axis in 5th/11th axis – this is our primary forensic indicator that this man is the likely perpetrator of a murderous deed.
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Sun – ego driven to take action to fulfill ‘wants’.
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Saturn – intensification of ego awareness; threat of loss in any area of life; self-destructive act likely to have unfolded at this point – violent.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal Sun – subterfuge and deception

This ‘man’ didn’t sling Cassie over the handlebars of his bicycle.  We don’t know his time-frame of opportunity to dispose of Cassie.  Were others involved?


Our next step is to generate a map of Stuttgart with our point of reference being Cassie’s home, where she was last sighted.  We then undertake the conversation between astrology and cartography (method) by flipping our first bi-wheel (Cassie’s) vertically and centering it over the location of her home.

MAP-Comptonclick on map for full size

We have our locator angle already and transfer it onto the map.  Please be aware that this angle does not point to an ‘x’ marks the spot, more of a direction where she may be located.

Please remain cautious as to it’s finer points, as we do not have an exact time-frame when Cassie disappeared.  The angle can only be considered as pointing in a SE direction from E 15th Street, Stuttgart, Arkansas; a general direction.

The subtle voice in astrology; the asteroids

  • Atropos#273 – cutting the cord to life
  • Brandon#26504 – POI first name
  • Compton#52337 – Cassie
  • Dejaniera#157 – victimisation
  • House#4950 – home
  • Judith#664 – Cassie’s mom
  • Lie#26955 – lies
  • Moirea#638 – fates
  • Mony#7782 – money
  • Phaeton#3200 – vehicle
  • Pholus#5145 – regrets
  • Rhodes#6529 – POI surname

Cassie-Rhodes-astroduoThese charts have been generated online at Blue text indicates the transiting planets and red the natal charts for Cassie in the first chart whereas the second chart is a synastry chart (see below for explanation).

When we consider the tension in this first wheel, we can see that the red lines are very much focused on Cassie’s 9th house; her natal (red) Sun at the top of the chart. The direction of the tension is primarily from 3rd house transiting Moon (communicating personal needs), Venus (money) at the descendant and transiting Neptune in the 12th house (the mind). This trio of planets creating tension indicate secrets. Is Cassie being secretive about what she wants the money for?

At the midheaven of Cassie’s chart, we note transiting Pholus (regrets) conjunct Cassie’s Venus. “Shoulda-coulda’ comes into play here. Whatever transpired was a regrettable request.

When we stay focused on the 9th house, we note that Cassie’s natal chart (red) – Rhodes (Brandon Rhodes) 11:37°Sagittarius is conjunct her natal Sun. So he is also the focus of this subterfuge. Just as Cassie has a secret, so does Brandon Rhodes, however they’re not likely to be sharing the same secret, I wouldn’t expect.

  • Transiting (blue) Venus is EXACT conjunct asteroid Judith at 11:10°Virgo; both working against Cassie (opposite the ascendant). We can also suggest that mom shares the adult’s secret with Brandon Rhodes.

Back to the 9th house, we note transiting Dejaniera (victimisation) at 8°Sagittarius is EXACT conjunct Cassie’s natal Pluto – identifying Cassie as the victim and NOT a participant of the subterfuge.

  • Tr (blue) Scorpio Vesta 19:32° EXACT (blue) Saturn PLUS conjunct Compton (Cassie) at 19:19°Scorpio – this indicates that her body lies in a concealed/hidden place
  • Tr Black Moon Lilith/BML 21:45°Leo is conjunct natal Vesta 21:36°Leo – a gap in the heavens leaves room for the secreting away; hiding the adult’s secret ; body of Cassie.
  • Tr 16:22°Libra Atropos is opposite (blue) Uranus 15:24° in the 1st house – sudden changes bring about death and so when we turn to the (red) asteroids in Cassie’s chart we note that this Uranus is conjunct asteroid Brandon 16:26°Aries – identifying Brandon Rhodes as the person whom victimised Cassie.

The 2nd chart is a synastry chart between Cassie and Brandon Rhodes.  As we are not privy to birth times (noon is used) all angles and house placements must be ignored when interpreting.  We note two particular conjunctions of more than passing interest.

  • Cassie’s natal asteroid at 19:46°Aquarius – Moirea; the fates, is EXACT the 19:48° Aquarius Lunar nodal axis of Brandon Rhodes. As does Brandon Rhodes – Moirea 20:43° conjunct his natal Lunar nodal axis. For those whom take notice of reincarnation – these two have been down this road before; they share a fated traumatic relationship.
  • Cassie’s natal Saturn (body locator) at 27:20°Aries is conjunct Brandon Rhodes natal Phaeton (vehicle) 26:09° together with his own namesake asteroid Rhodes 25:40°Aries. Interpreting – Rhodes would have transported Cassie’s body in a vehicle and so the location is bound to be more than walking distance from home.