Delphi murders Pt.1

Part 1; the synastry…

Relationship astrology is more the realm of romantic encounters, however this case brought us the added advantage of birth times of the victims; an opportunity to view the incident chart from the perspective of each of the victims. The methodology of interpretation is similar, however our focus is on the potential weakness of the characters, rather than potential joys.

Astrology is a pseudo-scientific method of interpretation of human behaviour by interpretation of tension in planetary positions against the backdrop of the astrological zodiac. As such it is not accepted in any court of law.

Case data:
Delphi, Indiana
13 February 2017
Snapchat photo upload 2:07 pm
Missing Person Report (MPR) 5:30pm
Libby German DOB 27 December 2002
Abby Williams DOB 23 June 2003

With the sleuthing support of our Facebook group, I have checked scores of potential culprits’ birth charts in this crime. This is my pick of the lot to date; the likely killer of these teenage girls in Delphi, Indiana. His name is Gabe Ellis – ex Lafayette and Kokomo, Indiana.

At the time of the Delphi murders, Gabe Ellis was living just 30 minutes away in Kokomo. He was 40 years old. Abby and Libby were just 13 and 14.

The asteroids for this enquiry have been selected with the knowledge of Gabe Ellis’ special interests in child pornography, meth amphetamines, and the company of teenage girls. Gabe Ellis is currently incarcerated in a high security facility in Indiana for unrelated crimes.

Abby #31631 – victim Abby Williams
Dejanera #157 – Sexual assault/rape
Dunke #6865 – drug of choice/meth amphetamine
Gabe #21701 – POI, Gabe Ellis
Libby#5672 – victim Libby German
Photographica #443 – images
Prey #6157 – predatory behaviour
Ragazza #1839 – young girl
Roach #5945 – predatory behaviour

Our posts have usually started with the crime, however the apparent incredible synastry between the birth dates, leads me to open with the potential of inter-personal tension.

Intensity of ‘triggers’ of behaviour start with the angles of any chart. The vertical axis of arena of tension; the Midheaven (the where) together with the mirror of the IC, plus the horizon of Ascendant (the when) together with its mirror, the Descendant.

The malefic planets – Mars,Saturn,Pluto.

Libby German and Gabe Ellis
Having the time of birth for Libby we can view the tension from her perspective; guided by classic texts. The inner chart in blue text is Libby; red, Gabe Ellis.

  • At the IC and mirroring the Midheaven 24:47°Gemini; Saturn is conjunct conjunct his asteroid Ragazza
  • 24:47°Gemini Saturn also mirrors by opposition, his Venus at the midheaven
  • 1:05°Pisces asteroid Libby conjunct his asteroid Libby-Photo
  • 17:14°Leo Jupiter-Dunke conjunct his Saturn
    • This is the major malefic aspect of interaction – is also square to Libby’s Mars; i.e. resistance
  • 14:47°Libra Moon-Roach conjunct his Pluto
  • At the cusp of the 8th house of ‘transformation by endings’, 9:09°Scorpio Juno conjunct his Uranus-Ixion-Roach stellium of instability
  • 16:48°Scorpio Mars conjunct his Sun-Mercury – ego-driven communication
  • 19:44°Scorpio Venus-Pholus conjunct Mars-Dejanera
  • 18:07°Sagittarius Pluto merges with his asteroid Dunke in the 9th house of illusory belief
  • Asteroid Ragazza conjunct his asteroid Dunke-Abby-Pluto

Abby Williams and Gabe Ellis

Another time of birth; another synastry between victim and alleged perpetrator. This tension may not be indicative at the angles, however the connection is primarily driven from the ‘idealisation’ weakness of Mercury-Venus conjunction in Abby’s 11th house/need for friends. This position is intercepted by her own asteroid Pholus (shooting herself in the foot), plus is quincunx/’disregard for’ Gabe Ellis’ Sun-Mercury; getting what he wants.

  • Jupiter 16°Leo is exact his Saturn
  • Jupiter 16°Leo square his Sun-Mercury; what he wants would be inflated by any resistance from Abby.
  • Mercury-Venus 16°Gemini quincunx his Sun-Mercury – a major weaknesses
  • Pluto-asteroid Gabe 17°Sagitarrius not only mirrors her own idealism weakness, but also is conjunct his asteroid Abby-Dunke
  • 2:43°Pisces Mars-Uranus (rebellious behavour) is conjunct his natal asteroids Libby and Photographica.
  • 10-12°Taurus natal Photographica and Arabian Part Fortuna align with his natal Black Moon Lilith (weakest link in a chart).
    • note: photograph of male on the trail released to the media, plus FBI sketch of POI (images above).

All astrology indications are that meth amphetamine is on the table, perhaps as his method of seduction remove the girls ‘down the hill’ and to their demise. Toxicology of the girl’s remains would either confirm, or deny this suggestion. The autopsy has not been released to-date.

We are not aware of the birth time for Gabe Ellis and so his mid-range Moon at 23:25°Taurus could be up to 6degrees either side of its position in his natal chart and possibly conjunct the gorgon star; Algol – a pile of corpses..

  • Further tension in relation to his driving personal needs (natal Moon), could be…
    • Conjunct Abby’s asteroid Prey, Libby, or BML
    • Mirroring the Scorpio stellium in Libby’s natal chart

2:07 pm on 13th February 2017
Libby took a photo of her friend Abby with her cellphone and uploaded it to snapchat. We have a time in which to explore the tension in the atmosphere, while these girls were together on the abandoned rail bridge over Deer Creek.

  • Asteroid Abby 20:58°Aries is conjunct Uranus in the heavens, potentially instigating sudden changes (Cardinal-Fire).
  • Asteroid Libby meanwhile, is transiting at 19:25°Capricorn indicating some discord in their planned afternoon together. According to the asteroid positions, Libby is the more-practical of the two on this occasion

It is when we indicate this particular tension in the heavens with the hard aspects between the planetary and asteroid positions overhead, that we can begin to understand and interpret the combination.

  • Asteroid Ragazza is at the horizon mirroring the ascendant; Abby ‘in the frame’ literally.

Underlying locked-in emotive position; a Grand Trine in the element of Water (red triangle).
The red triangle between Chiron 22°Pisces (one ‘deadly’ drama after another) in the 10th house of the public arena – together with Vesta 21:55°Cancer in the 1st house (physicality of a hidden agenda) and the mathematical position of Vertex (significant life-changing event) at 23:20°Scorpio in the 5th house (house of fun/creativity/entertainment).

Black rectangle of the tension resulting from Libby-Abby (asteroids) interaction together with the outlet for that tension (Vesta)

Uranus-Eris-Abby with asteroids Prey-Libby and the third leg being Jupiter 23:03°Libra in the 5th house.
This then becomes at risk (prey) when mirrored with Vesta. It is a choice as to whether they follow this outlet, although there is no other available to them according to this chart.
Vesta is the midpoint of Dejaniera (sexual assault) 20:58°Gemini in the 12th house of the mind (a mental concern/unspoken perhaps) and asteroid Dunke (drug flag) at 20:09°Leo in the 3rd house of communication/short journeys.

Asteroid Gabe is in the 5th house 9:11°Scorpio square Mercury-AP Fortuna 9:10°Aquarius.

Destiny with Gabe Ellis awaits.

Subjective Note: Vesta will cross the horizon and into view at the Ascendant at 3:25pm (timing).  That would be the most critical time for these young teens, I would expect.

To be continued with Pt.2; the crime.

Lucas Hernandez

Emily Glass was in a relationship with Jonathan Hernandez and was sole carer for his son Lucas when the child’s father was working away from home for extended periods of time.   She phoned law enforcement, reporting Lucas missing from home.  Note: Emily Glass is an admitted smoker/user of meth-amphetamine.

  • Location: Wichita, Kansas
  • MPR: 6:14pm 17th February 2018
  • Victim: Lucas Hernandez. DOB 3rd December 2012
  • POI: Emily Glass DOB 10th May 1991

This is a case from our Facebook group, where we generated, interpreted and drew up a locator angle in real-time following the Missing Person Report.

Asteroids used during this case:

Borasissi #66652 – lies we tell ourselves in order to maintain the illusion that we’re happy
Child#4580 – child
Dunke #6865 – drug flag
Emily #33399 – Emily Glass
Eris#136199 – creating trouble/argumentative
Ixion#28978 – murder flag (occidental mythology)
Lie #26955 – Lie
Lucas #9349 – Lucas Hernandez
Martir #1582 – martyrdom
Nessus #7066 – abuse of trust

Arabian Part Fortuna – destiny
BML/Mean Apogee – weakest link in any chart
Vertex – significant life-changing event

It was only when I learned that there had been a personal call by Emily Glass the previous afternoon to Lucas’ disappearance; some 24hours earlier, that I was on ‘Amber Alert’ with the astrology. What caught my attention was the comment ’24hours earlier’.

The misconception that an MPR cannot be filed for 24hours remains in people’s belief system. Even though this was not the story that Emily Glass relayed to law enforcement when she reported Lucas Hernandez missing, I elected to generate a chart for the recorded phone call as likely being significant in this case.  It was…

5:43pm 16 February 2018 – phone call

click on charts for full size

The astrology pattern in this incident chart is indicative of Emily Glass having decided the fate of Lucas Hernandez during this phone call. Furthermore that the conversation likely included discussion in relation to the financial costs/burden of her current state of affairs. Was the unspoken decision by Emily Glass whether she was to feed Lucas, or buy drugs?  The seeds of suspicion were planted.

Asteroid Ceres in the 12th house (mental/hidden matters) is dominant in this case; transiting at 7:54°Leo quindecile Pluto in the 5th house (children).
Asteroid Lucas is at the cusp of the 3rd house (communication).
Mercury is conjunct 27°Aquarius,
Juno (spouse) in the 7th house.

We all know the mythical story of Ceres – how her daughter was stolen away by Pluto to live in the Underworld. Her search brought a feast, or a famine to humankind. How the asteroid Ceres manifests in an astrology chart is usually identified by the zodiac position at a particular point in time – natal and/or the incident.

Note: Lucas Hernandez’ natal mid-range Moon is also at 8Leo exact by transiting Ceres.

  • Asteroids Lie and Borasissi are strong indicators in this chart as well.
  • 1st house (physical needs) AP Fortuna (destiny) is quindecile (obsessive) to 8th house Borasissi.
  • Asteroid Lie is conjunct asteroid Dunke (drug flag) in the 4th house (home) under direct tension with the transiting Moon at 10°Pisces in the 7th house. This suggests that Emily Glass is denying her drug use during this phone conversation.
  • 11°Capricorn Vertex (a significant life-changing event) is conjunct BML/Mean Apogee in the 5th house (children versus entertainment). The BML identifies the weakest link in a chart.
    Venus is conjunct Nessus in the zodiac sign of Pisces = abuse of trust by a female.

From this interpretation, we can already see trouble ahead for Lucas…
Asteroid Lucas (Lucas Hernandez) is at the cusp of the 3rd house) = likely to be at risk in the care of a female (Emily Glass) and that his fate would be determined long before any 911 call to report that he was missing.

However, we return to the authoritative time; the Missing Person Report (MPR) together with the natal chart for Lucas Hernandez. That is the crime chart that we regularly work with as it is objective; as recorded by law enforcement.

6:14pm 17 February 2018 – MPR

Note: Emily Glass made this phone call to law enforcement.

  • At 6°Leo, AP Fortuna (destiny) is now conjunct Ceres and therefore also conjunct Lucas’ natal mid-range Moon – all now in the 12th house (hidden). What was discussed in the phone call of the previous evening is now in the mind, as the wheel turns.
  • Mercury is at the descendant at the going down with the Sun – 29°Aquarius (Mercury is one of the child indicators)
  • Neptune in the 7th house at 13°Pisces is quincunx North Node; quincunx asteroid Lucas 14°Libra and square Lie-Dunke-Mars-Vesta 11-12-13-15°Sagittarius. The quincunx reveals disregard for the child’s welfare; that drugs have been involved in this lie that the child is missing, plus that he has been hidden (Vesta).

MPR together with the natal chart for Lucas Hernandez – a biwheel

The all important angles give us the child’s natal Lunar Nodal Axis (LNA) at the MC/IC axis indicating the trauma.

Transiting Lunar Nodal axis is exact square Lucas’ natal Venus-asteroid Emily.  That’s the child pointing the finger well and truly at Emily Glass, imo.

  • AP Fortuna (destiny)-Ceres in the heavens is conjunct mid-range Moon in 12th house of Leo.
  • Natal Neptune at the descendant is usually an indication that he would not be located quickly (Neptune=hidden and descendant=exit).
  • Transiting Neptune is conjunct natal Borasissi – toxicology will confirm if this drug flag is indeed part of the child’s demise; ie administered by the adult.
  • Transiting Lie-Dunke-Mars-Vesta are all conjunct natal Sun – malefic tension.
    Meanwhile, In the mirror, transiting Child is conjunct natal Black Moon Lilith-Jupiter, however not being autonomous, the child had no choice in the matter.

MPR together with the natal chart for Emily Glass – a biwheel

  • Transiting Ceres-AP Fortuna conjunct natal Jupiter inflating her behaviour PLUS
    Mirroring natal Saturn.

We don’t lose sight of the fact that Lucas’ natal Moon is in the mirror for this Saturn placement in Emily Glass’ natal/horoscope = lack of self-control is evident to Lucas’ needs both personal and physiological.

  • Transiting Sun-Mercury at the descendant is conjunct asteroid Lucas in Glass’ natal chart.
  • The 6th house contains the placement of the South Node in the heavens conjunct natal Borasissi – lies she tells herself deflect any responsibility.
  • Transiting Pluto-Vertex (significant life-changing event) conjunct natal North Node = traumatic
  • Personal BML/Mean Apogee at the cusp of the 5th house (children) identify her weakest link.
  • Transiting asteroid Emily is conjunct natal Sun (ego’s wants, rather than needs).
  • Transiting Eris and Uranus in the 9th house are conjunct natal Mercury-Emily-Child-Martir-Eris -the grouping speaks for itself for the superficiality of behaviour.
  • Transiting Moon-Borasissi conjunct natal Dunke – use of drugs to maintain denial of actions.

Natal chart for Emily Glass

  • 22-23°Ceres in the heavens is conjunct mid-range Moon in 12th house of Leo.Aries; Asteroid Emily-Mercury quincunx 24°Scorpio Ixion – disregard for any conscience with murderous intent. Any tears will be for self, not any victim.
  • Asteroid Emily-Mercury is also opposite natal Ceres 22°Libra = naturally depressive and exhibiting negative communication.
  • 18-19°Aries Martir -Child quincunx Pluto – disregard for control of outbursts; believing that she is a martyr and powerless to change her situation. Further abrogation of any responsibility for her actions.
  • 20-21°Cancer; Mars-South Node indicate Emily Glass’ emotional wounding with her own maternal nurturer as likely being unresolved. This tension together with the conjunction of 22°Cancer; Chiron, generates a deeply held behavioural response driven by insecurity.  22 degrees of anything is a social challenge /opportunity to master (in this case all that the zodiac of Cancer means for Emily Glass).

Following the disappearance of Lucas, Emily Glass was incarcerated for child endangerment in relation to another child and it was to be some months before she was released; in a position to lead authorities, whether willingly or not, to Lucas’ remains.

Lucas Hernandez’ remains were recovered 24May 2018.

postscript:  Emily G;lass committed suicide on the night of 7-8 June 2018

David Lee Lykken

As if a sentence of 225 years wasn’t enough, a rather enterprising felon by the name of Aloysius Black Crow succeeded in putting David Lee Lykken in the frame for a double-murder, which as it turned out, was not a murder at all

Fortunately all was revealed prior to trial, and in due course the case of the missing girls – Pam Jackson and Cheryl Miller was solved when their bodies were recovered still in their vehicle; death by misadventure.

David Lee Lykken was no innocent victim, however. Born on 24th July 1954, he remains of interest to us in terms of an astrology enquiry.

Apart from obvious sociopathic tendencies in relation to male-female relationships as a teenager, Lykken’s first victim (of those known to us) in 1962, was his wife. It had been a marriage that lasted a total of four months. According to the public record, he would rape his wife repeatedly as well as strangle her to a point of unconsciousness, or as his alternative; threaten to kill her son, from a previous relationship, if she didn’t listen to him.

The second of our victims was working as a waitress in a café when she met Lykken. When interviewed some years later, she said that he had physically and sexually abused her when she tried to end the relationship.

Lykken kidnapped his third victim, driving her to a rural area in Clay County and raping her. The two had dated for about three months prior to this incident. Shortly after, he had broken into her son’s apartment where she had retreated to and raped her, yet again. Lykken plea was guilty to burglary and he was placed in a court-ordered program for rehabilitation.

A fourth victim met Lykken at a ‘Singles’ Christian conference in 1986. He’d tried to start a relationship with this victim, however she rejected him following his repeated unsociable behaviour. His ’bizarre’ behaviour resulted in a court order to relocate to Colorado for rehab. He absconded from the program and returned to South Dakota.  When Lykken returned to victim #4’s residence; ‘ranting and raving’ about how God had told him that she loved him, Lykken raped her and threatened to kill her children if she reported him.

Before we get to the case that put him away for 225 years, we can note that Lykken is already revealing a pattern of predictable behaviour; identifiable red flags for us astrology profilers… He appears to be a sociopath by nature – lacking empathy; his behaviour has developed into psychopathy, harboring a total absence of self-control and a serial rapist.

Astrology note: For those who are interested in rectifying birth charts, David Lee Lykken is bound to have a ‘loaded’ southern hemisphere in his natal chart, revealing unfinished business in his early childhood – i.e. when the anti-social behaviour began to take root. The transits on his 10tth birthday reveal much in this regard.

click on images for full size

His natal chart, reveals a particular pattern of interest – with the gift of hindsight. Apart from the obvious quincunx of Mars-mid-range Moon-Neptune-Uranus madness…

  • Jupiter at 13°Cancer conjunct Lunar South Node and square the asteroid Ceres at 13°Libra reveals an unnerving relationship with his mother; a nature and nurture collision.

This observation of a potential anomaly leads us to check the other major asteroid placements for ‘the ladies’ in the heavens on the date of his birth.

  • The planet Venus and asteroid Juno are conjunct at 13°Virgo, working intrinsically (trine) with this Jupiter-South Node collision.
  • Ceres also has two asteroid companions of note at 13-14°Libra:
    • Aphrodite #1388 – Greek mythological character ‘woman personified’ (Venus in Latin)
    • Persephone #399 – daughter of Demeter (aka Ceres) who was kidnapped by Pluto. This myth is very much related to seasons, sessions etc.

Worthy of note – Juno has a particular role in our societal values – both in mythology (aka Hera in Greek) as the ‘ideal’ of a wife (married to Zeus-Jupiter)  and sotransposes into modern societal sexual liberation times – ‘ideal”partner.  I.e. with ‘ideal’ being in the eye of the beholder.

In astrology interpretation, we romantically toss about the symbolism of Juno as being a potential marriage partner in synastry/relationship charts and oftentimes the interpretation of a ‘male’ in forensic astrology. I tend to ignore the latter as superficial. Tightening the rein, we really need to interpret Juno as the weaknesses in inter-relationships of as in this case; males and females – within a patriarchal system. Juno very much is an indication of possessiveness and jealousy in these relationships.

So with all these cosmic ladies watching, we can address the final crime thanks to court documents being on the public record.

At 1:15am on Tuesday 10th July 1990, David Lee Lykken crossed the moral line for the last time.


  • Transiting Mars is at the ascendant; Neptune immediately overhead – time and place determined
  • Saturn Rx mirrors Jupiter-Persephone – brutish behaviour to be expected
  • Moon square Pluto and quincunx the IC/cusp of the 4th house – boundaries are ‘selectively’ compromised. This is the danger of a quincunx – ie. compartmentalisation of knowingly immoral behaviour in order to absolve moral responsibility.
  • Juno mirrors the Fates/Moirae in the 1st house as well as being square her sister Ceres. Therefore the Lunar nodes 5-11 house axis cannot be ignored – ‘casual appetites’ creating trauma.


When we put these two charts together and view from the perspective of the timed incident, a bi-wheel reveals the direct tension.


  • Transiting Mars mirrors natal Saturn-Mean apogee/ Black Moon Lilith – revealing his weakness of self-control
  • Transiting Neptune is conjunct North Node and mirrors his Jupiter/South Node damage (see natal comment) at the cusp of the 4th house.
  • Transiting Moon quincunx natal South Node-Jupiter (see natal comment above in relation to this aspect)
  • Transiting Moon quincunx with natal Venus-Juno (see natal comment)
  • Transiting Jupiter-Persephone is also quincunx natal Mars in the 9th house – Persephone myth is fantasised.

There is more of course, however this suffices for our exercise today.

At 4:15am, as per the court record; some 3 hours after his moral assault commenced, the sexual attack by David Lee Lykken ends when natal Mars crosses the descendant. By 4:45pm when Lykken left the premises transiting Pallas had crossed the ascendant.

The victim; DH, prevailed.



Chelsea Bruck

We began this enquiry in November 2014….   Our priority was to locate Chelsea Bruck, and so we used our method of astrology communicating with cartography;  prior to chart interpretation of what was present in the heavens.

  • Event: 3am – 26 October 2014
  • Place: Carpark, 3587 Post Road, Newport, Michigan
  • Missing person: Chelsea Bruck born 28 January 1992 (time unknown)

Criminal profiling with astrology is a subjective exercise as we utilise pseudo scientifc methods as models of reality, together with knowledge of mythology, followed by a sprinking of other ingredients.

MAP#1-CBrockclick on image for full size

We superimpose a vertically flipped chart over the point of where the missing person was last seen.

The red line ending in an arrow is an indicator of a direction to follow, NOT ‘x’ marks the spot when SAR follow this method.

If Chelsea has possibly been abducted by a predator, follow the FBI guideline to look within a 12 mile radius.  Following the red line, that takes us north on Highway 275.

Transiting in the heavens at 3am on that Saturday night/Sunday morning, we have Neptune at the descendant (opposing the ascendant) plus at the same time quindecile transiting Jupiter – excessive use of alcohol and/or other addictive substances likely.  It would have been a very lively Halloween party.

Unfortunately, with Neptune as the descendant, there is the possibility of an abduction and that it may be some time before Chelsea is found.

Transiting Moon is also in square aspect to Neptune in the heavens.  Together this creates ‘shooting the breeze’, which would suit someone like Chelsea whom has a vast stellium of planets in Capricorn and probably as well, a sexual predator.

3am-ChelseaBruck‘Stellium people’ roll with the punches/go with the wind. Well liked, yet very vulnerable, we have learned that stellium charts indicate a lack of awareness of subtle vibrations when it comes to being in dangerous situations.

All the personal action is focused on the 5th house of party-mode; Chelsea wasn’t ready to go home just yet.  If her girlfriend whom was still at the party had Chelsea’s purse and phone, what was she doing in the carpark?

If we address the subtleties; the midpoints together with the planetary tension, this may give us some understanding of what is happening for Chelsea at 3am.  We know that with tension to a natal 22° Scorpio Pluto, this is going to reveal a weakness in her basic power base and vulnerability to the life source being taken away; a primary forensic indicator.

  • tr Mercury (yellow)/tr Mars = natal Pluto at 22° Scorpio – intense debating that could escalate to an argument.  Perhaps that is why she has relocated to the carpark.
  • tr Mercury square natal Uranus-Neptune – mind plays tricks awakening curiosity
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal Pluto – grim reaper meets life force – forensic indicator of death.  This is also our primary locator angle – because natal Saturn is not in the mix.
  • tr Saturn/Neptune (turquoise at the descendant) = natal Mars – a sense of being wronged preoccupies her attention PLUS being conjunct to Uranus likely very confusing and frustrating for Chelsea.
  • tr Moon (blue in the inner wheel) conjunct natal Moon – emotions are high and likely out of control
  • tr Moon/Neptune = Neptune – alcohol has created a very confused state; weakened system.
  • tr Moon/Uranus = Sun (orange) – sense of free will; sudden attachments likely.
  • tr Uranus square Mars – tendency to dominance of will and sudden changes in behaviour.

Neptune at the descendant does not forebode a quick recovery.  Fixed star Algol is mighty close to the mid-heaven as well; a troubling insight awaits.

April 25th 2015…

  • Chelsea Bruck’s remains have been located, 10 miles from where she was last seen.  It appears that our locator angle may have been useful.

22nd July 2016…

Daniel Allan Clay has been arrested for the murder of Chelsea Bruck.  He is due to be arraigned on Monday 25th July 2016.  When we interpret his horoscope through the lens of a potential murderer,  we note that murder does not appear to be a natural impulse ,when we interpret his map of reality.

Daniel Clay-astroclick on chart for full-size

This male is overzealous in relation to satisfying his personal needs; albeit sexual release on this occasion.  We note that he has an Aries Mars sextile (works with) natal Jupiter.  He would most likely behave in an assertive, to the point of being aggressive manner, when we note the position of Pluto so close to his mid-range Moon.

  •  Jupiter (doing things to excess) drives his natal chart along with the sextile (works with) Mars in Aries.
  • There is a kite pattern in this astrology chart.  The tail is weak, until we recognise that it is very close to the midpoint of  Jupiter-Mars (OTT behaviour).
    • 7ºCancer, Neptune-Venus at 9ºVirgo are the wings of this kite
    •   mid-range 9ºScorpio Moon-Pluto at 11ºScorpio at the peak, with the tail grounding the energy; the  Mars-Jupiter midpoint.

This is a very weak solution in the realm of possibility of astrology interpretation, however we have to start somewhere in an effort to make some sense of the crime by this perpetrator.

bruckevent-Daniel ClayMy initial basic chart did not indicate that Daniel Clay was the perpetrator and I doubted that this male was indeed the killer of Chelsea Bruck.  It was only when I changed the lens to include asteroids, that some sense could be made of this senseless waste of a young woman’s life.

  • Any communication with Chelsea would be generated from a sense of low self-worth – natal 16ºLibra; Mercury, plus in the 2nd house is boosted by transiting 16ºLibra Mercury.  Both of which are quindecile natal Mars at 1ºAries.  (Note the above weakness of the kite)
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis is conjunct natal Sun (the ego’s wants) is going to be a traumatic event and likely in a public place.

As a profiler I would ask this male to share his relationship with his mother – there will be an outpouring of ‘poor me’.  Of that, we can be assured.

  • Transiting Neptune is square natal Jupiter (kite tail weakness again).  He’s come close to getting away with this crime, however LE never relents in the hunt.

We’ve needed to dig deep as well. We have a potential smoking gun, but no solid bullets yet. So changing our lens again and remaining with the disappearance of Chelsea Bruck, we can check the asteroids.

3am-Bruckincident-astro We note that asteroid Daniel#2589;  1ºGemini, at the all-important overriding energy/mid-heaven, is mirroring transiting Moon 1ºSagittarius at the I.C.   The male’s needs are uppermost.  If there is sex on the agenda then it is driven by the male’s needs.  He appears to have an excessive need for respect.

  • transiting asteroid Chelsea#25425 19ºScorpio/Dejaniera+Ixion = Moon.  This midpoint can be interpreted as the man’s needs of Chelsea Bruck, are focused on rape with murderous intent closely followed by Pholus 21ºSagittarius (regrets).
  • transiting Sun-Pallas-Venus trine Neptune is indicative of an ego – inner-resolve – female together with subversion – this  was not a mutual-consent hook-up.
  • When we look to 6th house, morals and ethics we can see that asteroid Nessus; 27ºAquarius, mirrors BML at 26ºLeo – abuse of trust is a weak link; at that time in the heavens.

Note that Venus is in the Fixed Mode and element of Water.  This is indicative of the encounter being an emotional event, rather than the practical consideration of a consensual sexual encounter.  Chelsea would likely have resisted his advances and he has killed her.  However we generate a bi-wheel to check.

3am-DanielClayAs any astrologer who follows our method of interpretation will tell you… that when transiting Dejaniera (rape) – Ixion (murderous intent) – Pholus (regrets for mistakes) are right on top of the asteroid for the namesake of a person of interest in a case – in this case Daniel#2589, we have identified our perpetrator as having the first name of Daniel.  Feet of Clay…

Whether Daniel Allan Clay claims manslaughter during consensual sex, or not, his conscience, and the law of the land will recognise the intent as murder; just as the heavens have indicated.