Carly McBride

This is a working page on the case of missing person Carly McBride.  Should you not be familiar with forensic astrology, please realise that we work with the potential character flaws; ie weaknesses in ‘persons of interest’ and potential victims in order to profile the case.

Please note: Astrology is a pseudo science and so as such is not recognised in any court of law.  The charts are snapshots in time of the skies overhead.  The method we use is to compare two snapshots aligned by a common backdrop and interpret the tension according to classic astrology.

All of the planetary positions and asteroids used in this enquiry can be confirmed on the public record, however please keep your skeptical hat firmly plonked on your head.  If you’re still with me, then read on.

Carly was in Muswellbrook – known to be wanting to talk through some issues with her ex-partner Drew Easton in relation to access to their young daughter, as well as catch some time with the little-one after daycare.  She knocked on his door at 12:30pm on 30th September 2014.

A family friend in the Belmont/Lake Macquarie area provided the regular roof over Carly’s head; a three hour round trip from Muswellbrook, so I would expect her ride and current boyfriend Sayle Newson stayed in the area for the afternoon, rather than return home. The arrangement apparently was that he’d drop Carly off and pick her up at regular times on each visit.

We are told that Carly left the Easton house around 2:30pm to walk to McDonalds where it was expected that she would re-connect with her boyfriend for a ride home. That was the last time either Drew Easton or Sayle Newson apparently saw Carly McBride.  She disappeared.

Both Carly and Sayle had mobile phones, so checking SMS/texts, plus an extraction of Newson’s phone data would confirm if they’d been in touch that afternoon to change their arrangements. I trust Strike Force Karabi has done so. However that’s not our department; we just generate the astrology charts and interpret the tension according to classic texts.  Please be aware that astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in any court of law.

There is an asteroid in the heavens named Borasissi#66652 that plays a role in Carly’s natal horoscope.  In astrology terms this asteroid refers to the lies we tell ourselves in order to maintain our version of ‘happiness’. 

When a person ‘hooks up’ with someone they’ve been in group therapy with, the Borasissi lie that they tell themselves is that this wonderful other person knows all my fears and weaknesses, so I have nothing to hide. 

That might be an okay argument if they’re a honourable person, however at any sign of a lack of desire in an aspect of this other person’s life they’ll hook into the our weakness in order to fulfil their desire if they can; and they will…. again and again.

CarlyMcBride-duoWe have the full birth data (including time) for Carly McBride and so we can view the incident through her eyes rather than speculate from the perspective of the 12:30pm drop-off in Calgaroo Avenue, Muswellbrook.  This is a rare opportunity, particularly in an Australian case.

We generate two wheels (method), albeit identical in astrology terms, in order to share the asteroids as well as the planets. This opens up to include the subtleties in the heaven’s story. The inner wheel is a snapshot of the positions of the cosmic bodies when Carly was born and the outer wheel is a separate snapshot of the heavens when she stepped out of Sayle Newson’s car in Muswellbrook.

  • transiting Sun/Moon midpoint is 11°Scorpio in the Carly’s 8th house of endings and transformation. The Sun/Moon midpoint indicates the pull between one’s ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ in all of us at any given point in time. All of us not just Carly are constantly making choices. She is likely wanting to transform a situation
  • Carly has her daughter on her mind (pink highlighted Venus in the inner chart) mirrored by the transiting Sun (orange); the date on the calendar.

Any wonder Carly thought ‘something bad’ was going to happen that day (according to Sayle Newson); however that would have been more so in relation to her seeing her daughter than herself, I might add. The planetary spread confirms this with the majority of the action is on the RHS/hemisphere of the initial chart.  This is a woman whom thinks of others, before herself.

Personal House #7 – Carly’s relationships with male partners:

  • Transiting Lunar North Node 19:17°Libra – a public place where trauma likely occurs in relation to a male partner.  We know that Carly met with Drew Easton.  I should imagine they exchanged more than a few words, especially with the nodal axis in the picture. However the nodal axis will indicate further trauma that day with the other men in her life; I’m sure of that. Particularly so as transiting Uranus is opposite in the 1st house (the physical body) experiencing sudden changes.
  • Transiting Pallas #2 (inner warrior) 21:25°Libra – Carly has drawn on her inner warrior to stand up to the men in her life on this day: there would be no backing down if a struggle ensued.
  • Transiting Atropos 24:09°Libra – Atropos is one of the fates that determines the cutting of the thread of life.  Carly is at risk of this happening.
  • Natal Pluto 0:57°Scorpio – being at zero degrees indicates that her power base is raw and likely unsophisticated PLUS
  • Transiting Mercury 01:11°Scorpio conjunct natal Pluto – endeavouring to plead her case probably in relation to her daughter’s future with Carly in it; even possibly more-so, later in the day with Newson.

Personal House #8 – endings and transformation, plus how Carly would handle the planetary tension on 30th Sept (astrology wheel rotates anti-cl

  • Midpoint Mars/Saturn=Saturn – action and control; indecision. Self-control is under extreme pressure with endings on the agenda.  This would had led to arguments as clear messages would not be sent during communication.
  • transiting Ceres#1 at 18:54°Scorpio conjunct transiting Saturn – you sow what you reap; it’s a feast, or a famine. I’m sure this would have taken all the puff out of Carly as she would have known at some level that she was responsible for her current situation in relation to her daughter.
  • transiting Vesta#4 26:48 Scorpio conjunct natal Mars 27:55°Scorpio – reminds her to keep the home fires burning; domestic responsibilities.

Personal House #9

  • transiting Mars 11:03°Sagittarius conjunct Dejaniera#157 at 11:54° reveals the future possibility of abduction by a jilted lover
  • transiting asteroid Williamson#150035 12:07°Sagittarius in the heavens – identifies Rankin Williamson as being part of the abduction.
  • Natal Uranus at 13:16 Sagittarius – drawing the transiting Moon’s energy to create an upheaval in her young life later that afternoon PLUS
  • transiting Moon at 15:14 Sagittarius will also conjunct natal Moirea#638 18:16° – bringing the fates into the picture later in the day
  • transiting Pholus#5145 20:45°Sagittarius – a ‘shoulda-coulda’ opportunity is overhead, however this is likely too late by the time the Moon brings its influence to this point
  • transiting Carly#20632 her namesake in the heavens at 5:57°Capricorn is conjunct natal Bienor#54598 6:01°Capricorn – indicating Carly using strong words with anyone she comes in contact with on this date.

Personal House #10 – public face to the world:

  • tr Pluto 11:01°Capricorn conjunct natal Jupiter 12:34° – Jupiter inflates whatever it touches. Carly would be over-inflated with a sense of power and if strong words were being used she would likely be inclined to go ‘overboard’ with any confrontation; not afraid to do so in public.  PLUS
  • transiting ascendant (12:30pm) at 28:36°Capricorn is conjunct natal Molly#20472 at 27:30° – astrology indications are that Carly is under the influence of a social drug; stoned.
  • Natal Borasissi (see above) at 4:51°Aquarius is also in this house mirroring natal Sayle#4:21°Leo – being seen with him in public is not a good idea Carly. We are judged by the company we keep.

Personal House #12 – what is hidden eg in the mind

  • transiting Chiron#2060 14:24°Pisces is conjunct the weakest point in Carly’s horoscope Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee 13:50°Pisces. Chiron is in the heavens at this time and when Chiron in Pisces the influence is one crisis after another for any ‘open wounds’ one is struggling with. It would be overwhelming if it were conjunct anyone’s BML, not just Carly.

Personal House #1 – physical body, ego, personality

  • Natal Ceres 11:03°Aries at the ascendant – famine; daughter is not going to be available.  I think Carly would have known this at some level, or she would have turned up clean for the access visit.
  • Transiting Uranus in the middle of this house would be shaking her up, no end.
  • Natal Pholus 21:20°Aries conjunct natal Carly 23:02° and Sun 24:02° are a trio Carly lives with for her lifetime – lots of shoulda-coulda; shooting herself in the foot.
  • Transiting Bienor 67:28°Taurus conjunct natal Mercury 6:30° – strong words; arguments about money.

Personal House #4 – home and one’s heart   *Red flags*

  • Transiting Juno#3 at 26:34°Cancer is conjunct natal Atropos#273 27:35° – Carly will meet the end of her life by the actions of a life-partner. PLUS
  • Transiting Juno is opposite the ascendant at 12:30pm 28:38°Capricorn – opposition by the men whom are and have been her partners.
  • Transiting Nemesis at 4:41 Leo has orbited to conjunct natal Sayle#21468 4:21°Leo – Sayle Newson will be responsible for her downfall

Personal House #5 – giving of love, entertainment (social drugs)

  • tr Jupiter 15:45°Leo opposite asteroid Molly#20472 14:52°Aquarius – inflated temptation for drug use.
  • transiting Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee (temptation) 23:25° Leo conjunct asteroid Sayle 24:37°Leo – “make hay while the Sun shines in Leo”; failing the temptation Sayle offers.

Personal House #6 – everyday events, morals and ethics

  • Transiting asteroid Rankin 25:33°Virgo is conjunct Carly’s natal Moon 26:03°Virgo.  This is a somewhat confusing conjunction as Rankine Williamson is not expected to be someone that Carly would be likely to turn to in a time of need.  Was there tension that created an attraction between these two?

That ends Carly’s input from her astrology horoscope.

When we turn to Sayle Newson, due to the fact that we do not have his birth time, we view his part in Carly’s demise from the perspective of 12:30pm. These charts will tell us more than just what was going on at 12:30pm, however will lack the extra detail of Carly’s charts.

Newson-duoWe will get his emotive reaction, minus the personal character detail, but then whom is particularly interested in the horoscope of a felon and drug user, whom also appears to be the cause of Carly’s demise.

The inner wheel this time is the incident and the outer wheel, his natal horoscope (birth date provided).  In the second chart blue is transiting and red; natal.

Note: Transiting overhead Black Moon Lilith  23:25°Leo (weakest point in the heavens that day) is conjunct the asteroid Sayle 24:37°Leo.  He’ll get to take advantage of any situation he is confronted with.  Red flag

  • Natal Lunar nodal axis at the MC/IC points is exact transiting nodal axis – trauma in public and private.
  • Transiting and natal nodal axis is square his natal mid-range Moon (highlight blue in the first chart) – not wanting to be out in public.

This bi-wheel is driven from this point of his natal Moon; scheming, plotting and drawing on the Pluto energy transiting close-by; a false sense of security that his personal needs will be met.

  • Natal mid-range Moon is keeping company with natal Borasissi – his lies that he tells himself are that his personal needs need to be fulfilled in order to be happy.
  • tr Pluto quindecile natal Venus(pink) – Jupiter(green) conjunction. This man is obsessive about the women in his life at the best of times and needs their attention on him i.e. self-interested.  Carly’s focus would have been on seeing her daughter and not him. I doubt he would have been sympathetic.  PLUS
  • tr Jupiter (green in the inner wheel) is nudging towards natal Saturn 18:28°Leo in 7th house – inflated need for control of his partner is building in energy PLUS
  • tr Moirea#638) at 18:18°Leo is already EXACT conjunct natal Saturn – the fates and the grim reaper (loss of self-control) are already in company. All they are waiting for is the trigger of the transiting Moon most likely.

Was it fated that Sayle Newson was in the company of Rankin Williamson?  Was there too much interaction between this other man and Carly?  Sayle Newson has a Leo Sun so he’d be wanting to be king of the jungle.

  • tr Moon/Mars – natal Neptune (turquoise) a midpoint – spinning a yarn for personal gain in relation to addictive substances; deception. PLUS
  • tr Mars quindecile that Venus-Jupiter weakness (pink and green in the outer chart) – he’s obsessively possessive about Carly. Is Rankine Williamson playing on this weakness; winding him up?
  • tr asteroid Dejaniera is beside Mars remember at 11:54°Sagittarius. This is one very jealous and possessive man. He wants to steal Carly away.
  • tr Juno 26:34°Cancer is conjunct natal Carly 16:16° Cancer in his horoscope – he sees her as his life-partner.  As this is at the descendant I would suggest that this situation is under threat.  Is Carly talking break-up?
  • tr Pluto square natal Pluto – power struggles; both internal and external.  All this is happening in the 11th house of friends and enemies; the recipient of ‘love’.
  • Natal asteroid Sayle, his namesake 19:41°Pisces is conjunct Pholus 19:25° – that’s the ‘shoulda-coulda’ going around and around in his head all his life; that which he likely tries to hide from, by using drugs to dull the pain.

Sayle Newson is certainly responsible for the demise of Carly McBride. 

We have been provided with the the birth data for Rankin Alexander M Williamson in order to implicate, or exclude him from our enquiry into Carly’s demise.  He was apparently in the company of Sayle and Carly when they left Belmont.

Sayle Newson has a namesake asteroid#21468, while Rankin Williamson has two asteroids we can use to identify him in the heavens; Rankin#20012 and Williamson#150035.  This should reveal the interaction between the males at the very least.

When we look to their Sun-Moon blend of wants and needs Leo Sun and Capricorn Moon tells us that Sayle Newson is obsessive and jealous of anyone around ‘his woman’, however this  proud lion has a hard inner core that keeps him from being as sociable as other Leo Sun sign folk. Not a walk-over by any means with that Capricorn Moon for his personal needs (Saturn rules Capricorn; a controller). The impression he makes on others is vitally important to him – hence running the Find Carly Facebook Group.  It was all an up-beat mask that hid a man battling with his own demons.

Rankine Williamson is another kettle of fish.  How they could be considered ‘friends’ is ridiculous with the Sun-Moon mix for Williamson being a Virgo Sun and Aries Moon – i.e. Numero Uno; an alpha male. The astrology suggests that this is potentially a very cold detached individual, whom has little understanding of emotions.  His bi-wheel will not be overly reactive, I would expect.

Not at all disinclined to voice his dissatisfaction with others, a male with this mixture of wants and needs may have difficulty seeing himself objectively; i.e. with a sense of detachment.  That together with a lack of emotional involvement, he wouldn’t even consider the idea of ‘self-appraisal’. Expressing emotions would be viewed by Williamson as character weaknesses to be avoided.

Please note that any other individual born at the same time would have a very similar chart and so this interpretation is not exclusive to Rankin Williamson, however he was the person on the scene at the time we have been asked to interpret.

So to the business at hand…

We generate a set of bi-wheels for 4:30pm; the original pick-up time for Carly and her expected return to the Lake Macquarie area. We have Rankin Williamson’s birth data, so taking a snapshot of the planets and asteroids at his date of birth, we look for interplanetary and asteroid tension.

This ambitious personal needs Aries Moon drives this man’s entire life. This is evident particularly in this chart at 4:30pm – natal mid-range Moon (blue) in the lower half of the bi-wheel is in the driving seat directing everything in the upper RHS of the chart.

RankinWilliamson-duoIt appears that everyone else is secondary to his needs on this afternoon; situation normal for a man whom has natal Mars in opposition; i.e. mirroring his personal needs.

What he wants (natal Sun) doesn’t come into the equation; needs (Moon) are the primary concern with this man.  His astrology horoscope suggests that he likely doesn’t know the difference anyway.

  • transiting Sun/Moon midpoint at 4:30pm = natal Saturn in the 8th house – in control of endings and transformation; he’s calling the shots.
  • transiting Mars/Saturn midpoint = natal Lunar South Node – generating an unsatisfactory liaison (Sayle I would suggest) that creates a karmic bond.  Red flag
  • tr Moon (blue in the inner wheel) conjunct the MC and opposite natal Moon – an emotive event in a public place to satisfy personal needs  PLUS
  • natal Mars at the MC – was Rankin Williamson responsible for Carly’s joining the males?  PLUS
  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Venus (pink) – ditto; Venus represents the female etc.  In the 8th house of endings this does not look like he was just in a hurry to go home.
  • tr Mercury conjunct natal Pluto – the ability to persuade is empowered; bully-boy tactics used.

When we bring in the asteroids in particular with transiting Mars, we have the opportunity for serious trouble.

  • transiting Mars 11:10°Sagittarius is conjunct the asteroids Dejaniera 11:57° and Williamson#150035 at 12:10° Sagittarius  – there is no way we can exclude Rankin Williamson from what everything that went down that afternoon in Muswellbrook.
  • transiting Rankin#20012 in the heavens that day is conjunct Sayle#21468 in Rankin Williamson’s natal chart.
  • transiting Sun 7:02°Libra conjunct RW’s natal Dejaniera (abductor) 8:18°Libra.
  • transiting Black Moon Lilith 23:27°Leo PLUS asteroid Sayle at 24:41° is conjunct Williamson’s asteroid Atropos (the end of the line) 22:07°Virgo – the result of Carly’s demise will lead to a string of events that will end life as he knows it for Rankin Williamson..  His life will be changed forever.

In order to get a reliable locator angle as to where Carly might be found, will need more work with the charts because neither she, nor these males charts, are giving us a clear locator angle. Carly has likely been moved from where she met with her demise.

cunneen-duoBy request, a further chart for a POI and possible associate of those already charted to check the heavens for possible links to the disappearance of Carly; Jimmy Cunneen. 

This male has the classic boxed-in effect in his bi-wheel in relation to the disappearance and likely murder of Carly McBride, however he doesn’t have the forensic indicators to suggest that he was part of her demise.  No further interpretation is needed.


20 thoughts on “Carly McBride”

  1. Police are holding their cards close to their chest, Michelle. We leave the matter in their hands for now.

    So until we get further information to base our charts on, we sit on our hands.

  2. I’m interested in your reasons for not casting any chart for her ex – the most likely culprit, traditionally. I’ve also been unable to discover who Williamson and Cuneen are and why you consider it more likely that they were involved than her ex.

  3. Sale Newson’s chart is included above. As for any other person’s of interest and I know whom you mean – if I don’t have the birth date, then I am stymied. If you wish to provide a birthdate, I would be more than happy to oblige. 🙂

  4. You are not only wrong, you’re working from the wrong birth data for my son, Rankine…

  5. My brother Rankin is the kindest best hearted person, he would not be involved in this terrible crime ….I feel it in my heart.

  6. I knew carly and id love to receive an email if any more is send online please its really interesting

  7. Your son knows something, about what happened that fateful afternoon. He should man up and tell the truth. The guilt no doubt, will eat him from the inside out. Guilt is a heavy burden to carry. Misty is correct, no birth date is mentioned hence your cristismism is biased.
    It’s why you won’t be on the jury (thank God) that sends Sayle Newson and your son straight to gaol. Carly deserves justice, so quick to defend your son…Who defended carly?

  8. WOW! what i have just read is garbage.. your perception of reality is very dim at best. your story has so so many made up things from you.. i will point out just a few rankin was not in mussy that day and we did not leave from belmont. sayle is not jelouse person by any meens. sayle was the one to suggest going to see her daughter months prior and made sure it was weekly.. carly wasnt upset about her daughter she had other things on her mind..

  9. This is Nathan Lotze, I broke my leg leg late August, I was in RPH HOSPITAL, where I then flew to perth mid September ( not that it matters) and was with my parents sisters and friends, spent my birthday with family and spent the day watching TV on the 30th.
    Hence the reason police have never questioned me once in relation to carlz’s disappearance.
    I find it offensive that you can cast a shadow on people who are devastated by her dissapearence.
    My name and date of birth where added in a comment by “patty mills”.
    His real name is Patrick Michael mills he is a convicted murderer and is trying to cause trouble for me as I was a witness in his murder trial as was several other friends 23 yrs ago…..
    Any form of information sharing about Carly should be only constructive,factual and most importantly with the intent to solve this terrible tragedy … Regards nath

  10. This is to Rankines family,
    Just a question, why was Rankine spotted walking around Musswellbrook looking for Carly if he wasn’t there?
    Question for Sayle?
    You say you didn’t leave Belmont that day but you said on the Carly page you drove her to Muswellbrook and the last pic of her was when you both were driving there. Then proceeded to say she changed shirts before she went into the exes house?
    Change of story again?

  11. Hey, just checking in to see if there’s any new updates for the chart?
    I read this morning that police believe Jimmy can assist with enquiries in regards to Carly.

  12. The most we can do as astrologers, is cast a chart at a particular point in time in relation to a crime. That’s what we have done in this case, so we can’t expect updates, guys.

  13. As young Mumma I have followed this from the get go…like Many others!!

    Does anyone else notice, how she left the baby daddy’s house, which has since been forensically tested and proved no evidence of a crime scene, AND police know she didn’t make it to Macca’s.. so therefore, she was intercepted between leaving the house and never arriving at Macca’s.(a fact repeated throughout all media reports)

    Also Sayle had an active public Facebook for some time which has also lately been deleted.. and he has four blank ones (common for a druggie to create multiple accounts as they forget their password lol)

    Additionally, there were a number of commentors on the Facebook page saying they say the ex the the white commo, off his head and looking suspicious that NIGHT and morning after…..All this considered in hindsight and how vocal he was leading the campaign, now he has crawled under a rock it seems.

    Get some kahunas and man up ..

    Rip sister GIRL SO SORRY FOR UR LIL ONES [-0-]


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