Brittany Drexel

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Then there is also the unsolved disappearance of teenager Brittanee Drexel who was visiting Myrtle Beach in 2009.  Oh heavens to Betsy we have a task before us, if these cases are connected.

17 year-old Brittanee Drexel defied her mother when she left Rochester, New York to vacation in Myrtle Beach with friends.  She was supposedly closer to home; so when her boyfriend had to call in that Brittanee was missing, her family was devastated.

Last caught on CCTV leaving the Blue Water Resort, Myrtle Beach – Brittanee had set off alone, on foot. It was 9pm on 25th April 2009. A day later her phone signal faded near the South Santee River far south of Myrtle Beach.  Perhaps her phone was discarded there as a red herring.

Brittanee was on medication for depression. With dulled emotional responses, we cannot expect her astrology chart to light up like a Christmas tree… and it isn’t.  Born on a New Moon; Brittanee is a naive teenager.

Event-DrexelWith Sun-Moon-Mercury and Mars in Libra, she desires the life of the social butterfly, however a weak Neptune conjunct Lunar North Node reveals a mother being overly protective.  We can understand why, considering what has happened – the butterfly had not dried her wings ready for flight.

What is it… wet behind the ears, I think the expression is.  Brittanee certainly made at least one poor decision on this night and there’s not a lot to tell.

  • Natal Pluto (red) is at the ascendant and opposite transiting Moon (blue) – thinking that she is invincible.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) is in the 7th house – communication in a public place; taking a ride.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) is at the IC – the invisible crime.

EventDrexel-MoodyWith Neptune at the IC, I’m not surprised that no-one has been held to account for the disappearance/murder of Brittanee Drexel.  We have data on one POI in this case; there have been others, however we do not have any other birth data for comparison.  Take this as suggestion only.

The person whose chart we generate is a convicted sexual predator, Raymond Douglas Moody.  Moody is reputed to have been in Myrtle Beach on 25th April and I believe he was also logged by LE en-route Georgetown the following day; a speeding ticket.

In the absence of other POI’s and without even interpreting the bi-wheel, we can suggest that Moody is likely Brittanee’s abductor. 

When we look at the two bi-wheels side-by-side, we can see that the Moon at 9pm on 25th April  is 17°56” Taurus and is opposite Brittanee Drexel’s natal Pluto 18° Scorpio and also conjunct Moody’s natal Sun – 18° Taurus.  This will give us a direction/ locator angle (method) to follow which is only 2 degrees off the east west line. As Myrtle Beach is on the maximum east (the ocean) we can only follow west….

Please don’t lose sight of the fact that this is only a suggested direction to follow – we do not have a specific event time and therefore the angle is a direction only.

I would suggest that the abductor could have travelled NW along Route 501; followed by 701B in a southerly direction.  Click on image for full size.


5 thoughts on “Brittany Drexel”

  1. Can you please generate wheels for the people she was with, Peter and alanna, and someone else… if I get the names?

  2. Peter Brozowitz , the one who left his hotel room at 2am birthday, August 30 1988, most likely born in Rochester,ny
    Jennifer Oberer , the one who claims to have called brit regarding the shorts that she wanted back
    Alanna Lippa,

    I’ll have to find the others but this is a good start, thank you xoxox


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