Branden Alberti

brandenalbertiOf all the characters that I have generated  charts for in this case, one of the skate-boarders; Branden Kohl Alberti has the most ominous chart in relation to the disappearance of Christina Morris.

However we have no connection between the two; nothing that we have heard mention anywhere, apart from the fact that he is in the same social circle as Hunter Foster, Christina Morris and Enrique Arochi.  That plus the Independent Grind concert that he attended in company with Hunter, Christina, et al, earlier in the year.

This is why I have not made a big fuss about his chart in the past.  We revisit his horoscope, by request purely as a study of a possible person of interest.  The following could all be coincidental as astrology is a pseudo science, so please remain skeptical of our outcome.  We use classic texts for interpretation plus computer generated charts – we have no wish to demonise anyone.

  • Firstly, as per our Independent Grind charts, the first chart is what is commonly known as a synastry chart; used by astrologers to indicate the expected tension (for good or bad) in a relationship between two persons.
  • The second chart shares the emotive reaction in the natal chart of this young man to the planets orbiting at 3:57am on 30th August 2014 – according to the guidelines of forensic astrology; the event of the disappearance of Christina Morris.

We do not have Branden Alberti’s time of birth, however from the public record, we have a date of birth 14th October 1990. Electing to use a mid-range Moon placement (noon), I’ve not highlighted the lines of tension (in the middle of the chart) in order to accentuate the obsessive, highly reactive relationship for everyone to see.  In fact I can’t remember seeing a bi-wheel so heavily aspected for quite a while.

Alberti-duoclick on image for full size

This is not a match made in heaven  I suggest that there is plenty of obsession, but no love lost between Christina Morris and Branden Alberti.

Everything is weighted in the lower half of the hemisphere in their public relationship; unresolved childhood issues of both of them is the basis for all this tension.  They are triggers for each other; an unhealthy contact, is putting it mildly.  Hackles would rise on sight of each other, I’m sure. Note his Mars is in Christina’s 11th house of potential enemies.

Mars isn’t peregrine in his natal chart, however it is trine Mercury-Venus in Libra plus a sprinkling of Sun in his horoscope. This hints fairly strongly of a skewed idea of social idealism.  Also Mars in Gemini Mars is usually a great talker. They are always looking for new adventures and new forms of mental stimulation. ‘Been there done that’ is their catch-cry.

This Sun-Moon mix of Libra and Virgo tell us that he has a personality that is very self-sufficient, analytical and critical. He would reason things out and is not likely to be swept off his feet by anything emotional that doesn’t fit his needs. At times this mix can be more than a little vocal in expressing their views – appearing reasonable in arguments, but usually do exactly what they want no matter what the consensus.

Normally this mix is very cut and dried and it’s hard for them to understand how anyone could rationally see things differently than they do. Emotions have little impact on any of their decisions.  Appearing warm and sympathetic outwardly, however the opposite is more true to form when it comes the crunch. They’re not very emotional about anything.  Life is mostly ‘matter of fact’ to these characters.  I suspect Branden Alberti is little different from the average.

I’d suggest that this male is most likely linked to Hunter as a friend and obliged to ‘suffer’ a relationship with Christina as a result of her being Hunter’s girlfriend. There is a strong connection between the two that cannot be denied, however that is not the lens we are viewing through.  This is about the disappearance and murder of Christina Morris and we interpret their relationship accordingly.

The following is the interpretation of the synastry chart of the potential relationship between Christina Morris and Branden Kohl Albert from Christina’s perspective (we have her birth time).  This interpretation was not included in the Independent Grind page as I had no wish to set off alarm bells on someone whose criminal record is limited to citations for lack of ID and not having a fishing licence together with misdemeanors.

The inner chart is Christina Morris and the outer chart Branden Alberti.  You would think that these two were twins despite the fact that Alberti was born in October 1990 and Christina July 1991.  Every planet of Christina’s is involved.  That alone tells us of the intensity before us. Alberti however, lacks the Mars input and there is no action in the 7th house.

  • Sun (orange) conjunct his Lunar South Node – an immense karmic connection between these two is dominant in this chart
  • Saturn conjunct his Lunar nodal axis – difficult meeting, self-control needed by Christina PLUS
  • Jupiter (green) quindecile his Lunar nodal axis – Christina is indicating an inflated obsession about a connection between the pair. Positive or negative I do not know, however with his Mars out of it I would suggest he is all talk but does not take action.
  • Mercury (yellow) conjunct his mid-range Moon (blue) – mental stimulation on her behalf in relation to his needs
  • Venus-Mars conjunct his mid-range Moon – her congeniality fulfills his driving needs
  • Pluto conjunct Pluto – this is more generational than personal – empowering each other on the home front
  • Uranus conjunct his Neptune (turquoise) – this is where they are out of synch and start to fall apart.
  • Neptune = his Neptune/Saturn midpoint – self control needed by this young man in relation to addictive substance abuse.  This is a toxic relationship with Christina in denial.
  • Moon-Lunar nodal axis conjunct his Saturn – they need to go it alone, but with all that intensity can Christina leave it go?  I hope so.

The second chart is from the perspective of the CCTV footage 3:57am 30th August 2014 with the natal chart of Branden Alberti on the outside.

  • tr Sun (orange) conjunct natal mid-range Moon (blue) –  date on the calendar  PLUS
    tr Neptune opposite natal Moon – misunderstandings in relationships likely
  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal 4th house Sun (orange in the outer wheel) – is he entertaining at home? Who is at the door?  Where does he live? PLUS
  • tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Saturn – in control of the environment  This is also a very dangerous aspect due to the possible interpretation of Saturn as the grim reaper.
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Neptune – amorphous states likely
    Note Lunar nodal axis at 4°Aquarius flag (from other charts) in 7th house
  • tr Uranus opposite natal Mercury-Venus – feelings become dominant
  • tr Lunar South Node opposite natal Sun – Karma is holding up the mirror for him to see himself.  What goes around comes around, mate.
  • tr Jupiter (green) conjunct natal Jupiter – certainly pushing his luck I would imagine, on this occasion.

Notes: At this stage, it is fortunate for this male that his natal 14°Gemini Mars is not in the action – well not that I can see; yet. I also sincerely hope that Christina didn’t contact this young man on that night when she couldn’t get hold of Hunter, or Taylor. We also have to ask, ‘Did Enrique Arochi take her to a meeting with Branden Alberti or was he out of town?’

Arochi-AlbertiThe inner wheel is Enrique Arochi’s natal horoscope and the outer wheel Branden Alberti.  We do NOT have birth times for either male and so houses and angles cannot be taken into consideration when interpreting any tension between these two males.

As we would expect, there is no great tension between the two. The generational planet of Pluto is in conjunction.  There are a few points where they don’t see eye to eye.

  • Arochi Moon (blue) square Alberti Uranus – emotional tension in Arochi would be rattled by Alberti’s impulsivity
  • Arochi Saturn square Alberti Sun (orange) – if anything, Arochi would defer to the stronger ego.
  • Arochi Lunar nodal axis square Alberti Pluto – a life significant relationship for Alberti within the same social group

Either, or both of these males could very easily have been in the company of Christina in that pre-dawn time-frame according to the astrology. It would depend on where they were at the time…  With my limited knowledge I do not see any conspiracy between them, however.

…… this enquiry will continue as further information comes to hand


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