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WilliamTyrellA person of interest…

At 10:30am, or shortly thereafter on 12th September 2014, three year-old William Tyrell disappeared from his grandmother’s home in Beneroon Drive, Kendall, NSW.  Initially it was thought that he had wandered off into bushland, as he was not familiar with the environment.

We came into the case a month later after many searchers had not been able to find the youngster.  Our enquiry of the heavens with forensic astrology suggested that he had been abducted by a predator and published the result on the front page of our blog on 17th October 2014 – see William Tyrell.

After a three month enquiry, NSWPOL have shared some of their results.  They apparently have a POI in their sights – 63 year-old William Harrie Spedding aka Bill Spedding.  He owns a pawnshop business in Laurieton, NSW – “Speddo’s” and lives on a semi rural property in Bonny Hills, NSW with his wife and extended family.

Bill Spedding visited the home of William’s grandmother four days before the boy’s disappearance after a request to repair a washing machine.

A close friend, Colin, said Mr Spedding did not return to the grandmother’s house with a spare part for the washing machine on the day William went missing because he could not get in contact with her.

William’s mother told Mr Spedding in a phone call on the afternoon of September 12 that he would not be able to come around that day.

It is understood that, in the days after William disappeared, and as hundreds of volunteers searched for the toddler in surrounding bushland, Mr Spedding’s work van was spotted in the street outside William’s grandmother’s home.

So what connection does Bill Spedding have to young William Tyrell? 

He’d never set eyes on the three year-old and yet in our astrology enquiry, we found a connection to this man with the asteroids orbiting overhead on 12th September, 2014.

  • Nessus #3180 at 28°Aquarius – exact conjunct the IC; cusp of the 4th house; home – a predator comes to the home
  • Phaethon #3200 at 23°Gemini – exact conjunct natal Lunar South Node in William’s horoscope – traumatic experience in relation to a vehicle (abduction)
  • Hygeia #10 at  9°Cancer – conjunct the cusp of the 8th house (death) – there is a connection to hygiene in this case (in hindsight we can suggest – a washing machine)

We have his birth date and so we can generate a bi-wheel (method). For the uninitiated into the realm of forensic astrology, we advise that astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in any court of law.  Please take our interpretation as being made in good faith, plus a good dose of skepticism. We rely on ancient texts and the wisdom of Greco/Roman mythology, together with the contemporary tool; computer software.

eventTyrell-Bill Speddingclick on charts for full size

The inner wheel is a snapshot of the heavens overhead at the time when our three year-old was abducted and the outer wheel is the natal chart for our POI (date supplied).

The midpoints in the inner wheel give us the general atmosphere. In forensic astrology the planet Mercury is usually associated with communication, however in case where we have a young child where he would not have any autonomy of his communication, we use the planet to identify the child.  Mercury is highlighted in yellow.

The following midpoints basically identify the planetary tension that allowed a potential abduction to take place.

  • tr Mercury/Pluto = tr Mars – focus is on the action (Mars) of dis-empowering (Pluto) a child (Mercury).
  • tr Moon/Pluto = tr Neptune (turquoise) – focus is on subversion (Neptune) using the power/powerlessness (Pluto) of personal needs (Moon).
  • tr Moon/Venus (pink) = 8th house cusp 10°Cancer – cooperative. The 8th house cusp is the entry into the death/transformation house in forensic astrology.

The asteroids are another story, but we can come back to them. Firstly the tension in the POI’s horoscope; emotive reaction to the clock-time of 10:30am on 12th September, 2014.

Bill Spedding claims to having been sitting in a coffee shop in Laurieton, I believe.  He was in public that’s for sure, as we have tension in the 10th house relating to his self-control.  What’s he going to tell us next – that he was resisting the cream buns; watching his waistline?

  • The grim reaper was on his mind in the form of transiting Saturn in the 12th house – opposite natal Sun (orange in the outer wheel).  I.e. his morals (6th house) were under tension.
  • Natal Mid range Moon (blue) is at the descendant in mercurial Gemini; i.e. a slippery character in relation to his personal needs, especially when they’re not being met.
  • tr Moon/Jupiter (green) = natal Moon – certainly an inflated sense of self and personal needs; opportunistic and feeling lucky.
  • tr Sun (orange) in the inner wheel is square natal Moon – all things were likely not hunky-dory with the wife (7th house)
  • tr Sun conjunct natal Lunar Nodal axis – new contacts being made in a public arena.  The nodal axis also represents trauma in forensic astrology and so this is suggestive of the experience is being highly emotive with the new contact (the child)   PLUS
  • tr Mercury/Venus = natal Saturn – overriding ideals for practical reasons. Was it the age of the child that didn’t fit his ideal?  PLUS
  • tr Mercury/North Node = natal Neptune (turquoise) – the seduction by creating confusion; subversion  PLUS
  • tr Mercury quindecile natal Mercury – obsessional communication

Was he sipping coffee?  I don’t think so…

Mr Spedding was one of hundreds of locals questioned by NSWPOL, coming to their attention only because of his contact with the family over the washing machine repair.

As they checked out everyone’s statements about where they were on that Friday, detectives allegedly found some inconsistencies in what Mr Spedding told them, which led them to raid his former pawnbroking office in Laurieton and his home at Bonny Hills.

The next chart we use is a synastry chart (a relationship between two people).  This is where we can learn much of the relationship between these two horoscopes.  A 63 year-old alleged abductor and a three year-old child.  A no-match in anyone’s books.

synastry-tyrell-billspedding-astrodienstThis synastry chart between William Tyrell and Bill Spedding reveals some pertinent asteroids, as suggested to us.  We cannot interpret the positions of houses or angles in this bi-wheel as no birth times are known.

The green lines reveal the “lines” that would have been easy-peasy for a possible abductor born on the same date as Bill Spedding.  What I’m most interested in, as a forensic astrologer, are the red lines as they reveal the real tension in a relationship.  The thicker the red line the greater the tension.

1st March 2015 – we have been provided with the birth data for a relative of our POI, Bill Spedding whom has NOT been named anywhere that I know of as possibly being of interest. As a result I will not be naming this person; JM. We know that sexual deviance is not inherited/genetic, however there is no reason why family traits should not be handed down during the nurturing part of someone’s upbringing.

Interpretation of this person’s horoscope in relation to the disappearance of the wee lad, William Tyrell may give us more than just a passing interest.  There is always that saying… birds of a feather.  So whom of Bill Spedding’s relatives is particularly enamoured of him?

We have to ask the obvious question, “Was this person groomed as a child and is now in-league with his relative; perpetuating a possible cycle of deviance?”

That Aries Moon I often write about is in this particular person’s natal chart – Numero Uno.  They need to be Number One in whatever they do.  Unfortunately coupled with Pisces doesn’t give us an entrepreneurial go-getter; this is more subversive.

In many ways they would appear to be assertive, competitive and determined, but in actual fact they don’t have the strength of character to back it up; not as positive, or sure of themself as they appear to be; they bluff.  A good observer would realise this.

Chiron (psychological fears) appears to run this person’s chart – they will have obvious health issues – possibly a hypochondriac, or obsessive about their health in some way.

Having Mars 6°, conjunct Saturn 5°Pisces also reveals someone whom manipulates situations for them to be in control; they have self-control issues of their own that they need to work through.  This is a very dangerous aspect in the chart of a young man particularly when we refer to his natal asteroids.

Natal 5:02°Pisces Ganymede#1036 (sexual deviance from the norm) is exact conjunct natal Saturn. He may well have experienced sexual abuse himself. That would certainly drive the need for control as an adult.

1030WT-POI-Xclick on image for full size charts.

We have generated bi-wheels with the 10:30am disappearance of William Tyrell together with the natal horoscope of this person.  They’re not sitting in a coffee shop sipping a cappuchino, either.

  • 10th house (in public), transiting 19°Virgo Sun is conjunct Child#4580 in the heavens PLUS conjunct natal asteroid William#1763 at 20° Virgo in this person’s chart…   Red Flag
  • Natal Mars-Saturn both in Pisces indicates running hot and cold – in-control/out of control – a very dangerous conjunction when we are looking at a possible POI’s chart and when we look at the transiting Neptune (turquoise) we have a deviant character looming large (see Mars-Saturn-Ganymede discussion above). According to the astrology, this is no ‘gay rights’ activist and suggests much more deviant behaviour.  Red flag

If we cut straight to the chase:

  • Natal Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee  (personal weakest point) at 27:27° is exact conjunct natal Phaeton#3200 (his vehicle) at 27:45°Aries – NSWPOL, check his vehicle for dna.  Red flag

Keeping it in the family

We finally have what hopefully is the last connection with this family.  Whether this person was groomed by his step-father, or not; we have no idea.  Again we will not name this person as there has been no mention of him in the media, although I have no doubt that NSWPOL are aware of whom I write. I must comment that this is not the openly cross-gender member of the family that we see in artistic circles.

As recently as 2010 this male, DM was on a social media site seeking, shall we say, ‘male’ company with the link for contact back to one of his FB pages. Another in this family with deviant interests.

With the pseudonym he uses on Facebook I have to ask if he has a previous criminal record.  Would #274191 mean something to the members of the constabulary? If his SM account is to be believed, he faced court in Dubbo, NSW in October 2014; just a month after William Tyrell disappeared.

This person was also known to work with Bill Spedding on occasion.  Does he also have that asteroid Hygiea in his charts; the asteroid that indicates hygiene – our area of interest; washing machines?

DanMyers-duoIn his natal chart (red in the 2nd chart) asteroid Hygiea#10 at 7:50° is conjunct another asteroid at 7:11°Libra, Myers.

Maybe DM could sell washing machines at Myers department store. 😉  It would be a possible change of career from smoking weed.  

What an example he makes for his son, JM. Too late to do anything about that now I would expect, suggested by his astrology; shared already.

We again generate bi-wheel from the perspective of the suggested time of the disappearance of William Tyrell; 10th am 12th September, 2014.  From these charts, if this man were on the scene, he is still two minutes away from the action.  Let’s see what the heavens have to say if he has an emotive reaction to this time of 10:30am.

  • transiting Sun (orange)/Neptune (turquoise)= natal Neptune in the 12th house, nudging the ascendant – a specific date of heightened deception
  • transiting Sun 19:11°Virgo plus asteroid Child#4580 20:11° are conjunct Mercury (yellow) – in an outdoor space (as opposed to indoors) communicating to a child in a deceptive manner.

As we travel anti-clockwise around the chart we cross into the 11th house of needing attention. The conversation starter appears to be washing machines; Hygiea.

  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) in the inner wheel (another child symbol) at 13:47°Libra is conjunct Atropos#273 – this is indicative of the end of the line for this child; death.  I.e. what follows will lead to the child’s death. PLUS
  • Ditto…  conjunct natal Pluto 12:30°Libra.  This child’s life-line is held within the power/powerless of control within this man.

When we turn to his mental state; the 12th house – transiting Tantalus#2102 at 3:13° is conjunct his natal Sado#118230 at 3:33°Sagittarius.  This man is sadistic by nature and with the evildoer of eternal punishment in conjunction by transit, we dare not contemplate what evil might be in his mind, particularly with Neptune keeping company. 

  • Also in the 12th house is a midpoint of transiting Saturn (grim-reaper)/Neptune – natl mid-range Moon (this man’s personal needs).  The fantasy is likely – to take the life in order to satisfy his sadistic lust.

At the ascendant and in the 1st house is the natal significator of an abductor; Dejaniera#157 at 24:05°Sagittarius opposite natal Mars at 25:40°Gemini.  This man has likely fantasized abducting a child on many previous occasions. He lives with this aspect; a predator by nature.

  • transiting Uranus in the 5th house we note transiting Uranus 15:31°Aries conjunct his natal Lunar Nodal axis – is he planning on sharing this within the family?  We ask this question as natal Venus (pink) – the peer group of a family is in quindecile aspect by transiting Pluto.  As is natal Mars.  This man keeps things within the family.  Share and share alike perhaps…

Snapshots – a box brownie or a mobile phone?

An astute astrologer has suggested that I check the asteroid Photographica#443 in relation to this case – wish I’d thought of it earlier.  At 10:30am it was transiting the heavens at 19:11°Virgo right beside the Sun at 18:55°Virgo.  Certainly had plenty of light to illuminate any photos taken.

When we checked the natal charts of all involved for where Photographic was located on the dates of their birth and we have two takers. One particularly so, DM.

DM’s natal chart reveals Photographica at 10:20°Cancer – so what’s the significance?

  • The cusp of the 8th house (endings and transformation) of an incident astrology chart at 10:30am when William disappeared was at 10:22°Cancer.
  • DM’s natal mid-range Moon is at 12:16°Capricorn and conjunct by transiting Pluto 11:02°Capricorn empowering his personal needs with both holding up the mirror on the opposite side of the chart – asteroid Photographica at 10:20°Cancer.

If DM’s collection of photographs are to be checked, particularly his mobile phone, it would appear to be a fruitful exercise.

23rd April 2015

The last of the family portraits arrived this morning.  I bet she was wriggling on her chair at the coffee shop, with Jupiter at the IC.  Jupiter is the gaseous planet and symbolically inflates whatever it comes in contact with.  Any aspect an an angle takes priority.  We need to sit up and take notice.

We also have the natal asteroid Nessus (betrayed trust) conjunct Jupiter at the IC.  So whom did she betray the trust of; and big-time??

The other planet nudging an angle of the bi-wheel is this woman’s natal Mercury (communication). Possibly even frothing at the mouth talking 10 to the dozen; unable to contain her excitement.

MargaretSpedding-duoWhat is aligned on the horizon axis in this woman’s natal chart is of the most significance.  She has natal asteroid 17:22°Sagittarius, Pallas#2 exact conjunct the ascendant 17:17°. PLUS opposed to natal asteroid 17:26°Gemini William#1763 exact at the descendant.  Note: The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury; symbolic of communication and also children – in forensic astrology.

This woman certainly is showing her dominance as matriarch by self-appointment as “the problem-solver” (Pallas in Sagittarius) in relation to a person by the name of William.  Could this be William Tyrell? The astrology suggests that this is likely.   She’ll not worry with the finer details of problems.  In Sagittarius she’ll be the overseer.

If we begin the interpretation with the obsessive emotive reaction in her chart.  I’ll work between the two charts to give one interpretation for all of the tension.  Blue text will be the transiting planets and asteroids while red will be her natal horoscope.

  • tr Uranus in Aries (5th house) quindecile natal Saturn 00°Libra in 10th obsessively dominant in relation to HER children; a controller.
  • tr asteroid Atropos 15°Libra is opposite transiting Uranus 15°Aries  – this day’s events will bring the end of family life; creating sudden changes for those whom are in tension with this aspect.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis in 5th house-11th house axis conjunct natal Neptune 18°Libra (turquoise) – subterfuge in relation to her family.
  • tr asteroid Eris 22:57°Aries (5th house) conjunct natal asteroid 24°Photographtrouble and strife (Eris) in relation to a photograph; be it video, still photo, or CCTV.

Note as we have a mid-range Moon placement (time of birth unknown) this woman’s personal needs could very well be tied up in this last tension with Eris and Photograph. All of the above ‘bullet points’ are in relation to her offspring.

  • tr asteroid 12°Scorpio Ceres#1 exact conjunct 12°Ceres natal Juno (her husband) in the 12th house – straight out of the text book…

Ceres in Scorpio tends to influence those in aspect with it while it’s transiting – to feel nurtured through sex. They could also make their sexual partners feel nurtured. This is wonderful if you are married to them, or dating – but more of a problem if the person with this placement happens to be your child.

  • Her husband has natal asteroid Nessus at 12°Taurus holding up the mirror reflecting back his betrayed trust to the above aspect in the matriarch’s chart. It would appear that there are serious trust issues between this couple.

In their synastry, his natal Saturn is conjunct her nodal axis – he plays the father role in their marriage.

16th July 2015...   Yes I am working on the missing remains found in the South Australian mallee.  Shall create a special page – LINK.

crowsNote: Info from our genealogist; that’s how we are forced to work in Australia as we don’t have an Freedom of Information act in our constitution… Both Margaret S and Julie Y claim to have been to university in South Australia, however they haven’t been within a whiff of residing in Crow country.

Margaret S and her family have lived in northern NSW since 1814. Bill Spedding’s mob are also from NSW.

…this enquiry will continue as further information comes to hand.

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  1. It sounds like banter to me. I say the same thing, “do the vacuuming, it’ll keep you out of trouble” – usually, there’s just a sneer in return. To reply would indicate one up manship. I don’t understand why he’d be at the house if the grandmother had cancelled the appt. I agree it looks bad for him. Child #4580, Melpomene # 18 are in conjunction & opposition in WT & BS’s charts.

  2. An article I read gave me the impression he was scheduled to return on the 12th to complete the repair but cancelled after William disappeared and the commotion of the search began , rather than being cancelled due to the family coming to visit. To me this makes more sense…possibly he was scheduled to do the repair, arrived, saw the boy and grabbed him as the opportunity presented itself, and vanished with him.

  3. Maybe the wife had the coffee and used the credit cards? I noted this man’s Pluto. He seems well connected possibly with others . I guess we will have to be patient
    knowing and evidence are two different things in a court room.
    I still think there is a group involved. They all know each other.

  4. You mentioned in your first charts on William that there may have been a gender issue in regards to the perpetrator and above stated that perhaps this child (William) didn’t fit his ideal in regards to age………….could the sister have been the target?

  5. Have a very good look. At Christine Spedding’s art work. It is on the internet.S/he is a local. There is a bio as well. It is on the internet.

  6. Christine Speddings username is aBOI4u…follows on Twitter Home of the Dungeon Place , for fetish, kinky and alternative sexuality. He/she has suicidal tendencies, aspergers, agrophobia, Post traumatic stress disorder and is Schizoid, in his /her own words.

  7. Dungeon themes are creepy. New news in on Re FACS and Speddings. The Speddings had foster children it seems. Model family. Pillars of the community.

  8. Read Empathy’s reading on psychic tarot on William tyrell. Just go Empathy and insights psychic tarot and go. Down the list of missing and scroll to W. Theme is raised there as well.

  9. William had been at his Grandmothers house for LESS than 24hrs! Very FEW people would have known where William was,most likely only family & perhaps relatives.In the short time William was at Kendall his mother just happened to photograph him playing in his spiderman suit & this photo would then be circulated & seen by millions! SOETHING VERY FISHY GOING ON HERE!

  10. William had been at his Grandmothers house for LESS than 24hrs! Very FEW people would have known where William was,most likely only family & perhaps relatives.In the short time William was at Kendall his mother just happened to photograph him playing in his spiderman suit & this photo would then be circulated & seen by millions! SOMETHING VERY FISHY GOING ON HERE!

  11. Odd that a legality protecting the entire family of William’s foster carers from showing their faces was enforced – obviously at their request. Perhaps I would myself tend to put my face in front of all and any cameras and plead for the child to be returned unharmed, without even considering any consequences for my own safety, or anyone else’s safety for that matter, especially in the first agonizing hours, and then again during the days of futile searching.
    The public need to see pics of these people as well, not just William, for no other reason than to confirm EVERYONE, not just Bill Spedding, was where they said they were, before, during and after little William’s disappearance.

  12. Its all very strange, i had a dream william was sitting in a corner he looked at me and said there us nothing you can do to help me, there was a large blonde haired woman sitting next to him, i was shocked to see speddings wife…

  13. It’s not unusual for parents to take photos of their children in costumes. As a mother myself, it’s seriously cute seeing children in costumes. I take lots of photos and even videos daily. Especially if Williams mother hadn’t see him for a while, she would want to take photos of him.

  14. I had a vision when he went missing of a flat above a shop…and seen a man with light blonde hair. I was shocked when I heard on the media that Spedding has a pawn shop with a flat above.

  15. I do understand the Neptune Venus opposition significance but am less versed on other stuff. Very interesting though and the charts are really good. There are some other comments online currently about where little William might be. I hope they find him. Some things stand out more than others. This is great page though and nice to learn things like this. I like this web site as it can throw a light on things not visible elsewhere. Being a skeptic the whole time of course.

  16. lthough not an expert myself and Im sure that you have seen but havent mentioned this in your article. I find it very interesting that Bill has a natal sun square pluto & mars square pluto, sun and mars being conjunct, the midpoint of these aspects conjunct William’s sun. William has also a sun pluto aspect being the opposition.

    As you have mentioned at the time of the disapperance Bill had the transiting saturn opposition to his sun, and the transiting saturn also squared his pluto, so the transiting saturn has actually highlighted his square’s.

    In Bills chart the smaller transiting activity is only a transit sun trine his mars on that day, although transiting mars is opposite his mercury/venus midpoint. If I go back to the end of aug and early sep I can see that transiting mars would have been opposite his sun and mars, so maybe something started then….

    After the 12th of September whats again interesting if we follow the movement of transiting mercury aspecting Bill’s chart, highlights his squares (sun square pluto and mars square pluto, as well as conjuncting his neptune).

    Straight after that transiting Mercury finished up his role by squaring Williams mercury and at the same time transiting mars is oppositon williams natal mars around around the 16/17th of September.

    So I think if something happened to William thats resulted in physical injury and movement it would have been around the last transit 16/17th of september, and I should say for readers mercury aspecting those nasty squares wouldnt be not very nice at all for William.

    So where was Bill over the 16/17th of September, and his movements after the 12th. Who was he lying to when Mercury conjuncted his Neptune. Is this when the police first contacted him which would have been the 15th?

    Love to hear others comments astrology wise 🙂 Williams moon conjuncts my sons moon and would be very close to my own moon depending on time of birth, so I feel very sad for what happened to william.

    Just quickly because this is turned into a little essay, lol. Transitting Moon was conjunct Williams on 29 degrees aries around 10.30am of the 12th, and bills mercury is at 28 aries. We could prob move back williams moon to be about 6am I think, but of couse thats guessing.

  17. Not only am I an astrologer but a foster carer myself, so i understand why the foster carers are not coming forward and why his birth parent/s are not coming forward if they are innocent. William entered foster care for a reason and I have even heard of horrible foster carers, but the police would be searching their house and digging up their yard if they were a suspect.

    The birthdate that we have of Bill, although he looks like an everyday man on his facebook profile, we can see by looking at his astrology chart of his pluto squares that all is not what it seems, a completely good manipulator.

  18. Thanks heaps Kerrie for your interest and astrological input. Much appreciated, I can assure you.
    There’s not many criminal cases we get to do in Aus, due to the dearth of information available on the public record.

    We mostly work the cases in a FB group which you are welcome to join if you wish (99% of cases are in the US). Plus if you want data you can always PM, or email me. cheers, Cate

  19. The person you talk about also has a dog. I believe he used the dog to lure William
    This man also has a son ?? 2 weeks ago on a Saturday I felt very ill. I have felt connected to this case on a spiritual level I am wondering if my awful feeling could of been due to Williams passing.
    For many weeks I have felt this person was involved. .I always said that bill spedding propert and business were suspicious and that it would be a family member of his responsible. Mountain mist this was the information I wanted to share with you. Feel free to contact me.

  20. The foster family is still caring for his bio sister and are therefore not allowed to speak

  21. @shellbell, it’s funny you bring up the dog, other mediums have also described a dog in the scenario and that the dog saw and knows what happened to William and where he is, the dog they described was a small lab or something similar

  22. i feel as if this man is involved police need to put him through a lie detector test or do more to make an arrest

  23. Shellbell – astrology is based on planetary positions according to the science of astronomy utilising the tools of astrology that provide a backdrop for calculation and the interpretations are classic texts originating back more than a thousand years.

    There is NO psychic phenomenon involved. I am the interpreter of the astrology, not a psychic. However, thank you for your offer.

  24. Very interesting and good work. I have now started to study the asteroid’s . These give a much fuller picture. My feeling is that the police have an idea but it will be a bit like another case which will take time. I still think more than one person is involved.

  25. What about checking Grannies chart and did the foster mum conveniently go inside and leave the child alone or it is the alleged real father take the child when he went a message. Do their charts before others. Who saw the child at Kendall.

  26. I also dreamt, a few weeks after William went missing, and before Spedding was a POI, that I pushed a grate (similar to a drain grate) to the side on the ground and saw William there looking at me with a mattress next to him. I’ll never forget the look of confusion and plead on his face. The hue tones in my dream was dirty yellow. When police raided Spedding’s home & the underground dwelling I was sure the case would be closed. I believe that Spedding’s wife is 100% involved, if not more than Bill Spedding himself…

  27. Why not check on the family at grannies. Father supposed to have gone a message at the time William disappeared. Grannie and foster mum at home and the bio sister who appears to know nothing. No one knew William was at the house or saw him. The Catholic Priest friend of the families wanted his name not mentioned either. Police in charge friend of the families and cleared them immediately. Did not want name mentioned or people would be suspicious.

  28. I agree. I saw on a tv show that you can alter the time on these cameras. I do not trust the family. I noticed the OIC of the matter who cleared the family immediately has come under adverse notice for not being very honest in inquiries etc.

  29. Grannies changed her story again. I think the Police should tear grannies house apart or send I the bikies to get the truth out of her and the so called foster mum who was supposed to be caring for the child. Nan will name Speeding or anyone I still think she is the one that they should looking at.

  30. Suspicious/Digusted & Wondering.
    You appear to be somewhat privy to information that hasn’t been made known to the public (police in charge is a family friend, etc), unless I haven’t stumbled across it as yet. Rather than swing your wayward pointed finger around to & fro at Granny, Foster Family, etc, you could try obtain some birth details of whom your finger considers should be held accountable. If you can’t provide that information then an astrological profile cannot be made to include any other person/s.

  31. PS – No need to send ‘bikies’ as you suggested above, I reckon a wayward pointed finger could attempt to be as intimidating. A wayward pointed finger would be like having a cross-eyed drill sergeant screaming in your face, where does one look?!

  32. Your posts have been noted elsewhere and the things you state have already been looked into. Are you related to the POI? Perhaps? Your posts on my deathspace were were addressed by someone in detail.

  33. FYI – this is an astrology and crime blog.

    Suspicious, Wondering, Disgusted and Sue are all the same person according to their email address. (multiple personality disorder perhaps) I have blocked the person from commenting further.

    From here on in, comments that are deemed to be derogatory will be removed.

  34. On further perusing of Facebook it seems Margarets son is one Dan Myers. He appears to be a total bogan. It is amazing to me that this whole family has publicly available facebook profiles!

  35. ^ and from there apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree again (JM). It’s like a bogan babushka doll.

  36. There has been further news about the POI. You were so accurate Mountain Mist. I am blown away. It seems the POI was part of a pedo ring. He is also being investigated by the Ombudsman on how someone like him got to be a foster carer. Going to be some red faces over this when all is done and dusted.

  37. if the dog knows what happened the Police should ask animal communicator/medium Amanda De Warren to help, that lady is amazing.

  38. I cannot even profess to understand the Astrology Wheels or their meanings but it sounds as if some of you have some definite ideas about who is responsible etc. I wish that something would happen to set the wheels in motion on getting answers to what happened to little William and whoever is behind his disappearance and that those responsible for any harm which has come to him gets what is coming to them in our Prisons because I can’t honestly say that the Courts will dole out anything like the real punishment those involved deserve.

  39. Exactly what I think happened. Not to mention William was looking out for his dad to come back from the shop. His mum even said”can you see daddys car?” and she said there was no answer. I wonder if he has seen a car coming (full view blocked by trees) assumed it was Daddy and ran towards the car. Then all it would take is seconds for BS to snatch and run. Ive always gone with this theory. && what is it with Bills daughter? She fits the description down to a tee.

  40. I’m not psychic by any means… But, my deep intuitive feeling sits with the Spedding family. Especially the wife. I feel ill just looking at images of both of them!! She has a LOT to do with this. I feel deeply that she is the one in control of the whole situation. Giving out the orders etc…

  41. Hi Mountain Misst
    I was wondering if you had any birth data on the other named person of interest, Anthony Jones and if so will you be doing a chart? Also I was wondering if the tension between BS chart and WT’s chart at the time of his disappearance could be explained as the catalyst event of opening up BS’s historical allegations, which are certainly ugly and yet also there is room for doubt about at this time?

  42. Spiralquest, in answer – no I don’t have the birth data for Jones. Persons with these similar propensities appear to have some sort of radar and they all spike when one acts. Unless he were directly involved I wouldn’t be able to enlighten anyone to any great extent.
    As for your second question, any answer would be subjective; opinion. So apologies, not much help to you.

  43. Hi Mountain Misst,
    Do you think William will ever be found? I can’t begin to imagine what his family must be going through. I hope they get answers soon.
    I love reading your work.
    Thank you,
    Kind Regards,

  44. I. Personally believe every comment hits close to the actual reality of this maud and unfingerable travesty.I hit apon travelers who were visiting close.maybe visiting a acquainted or distantly acquainted or somehow secondly subjected to anyone of the perverse and defective natures of the area.i think that the sheer delusional psychological being of the perpetrators was the daring in this one off out of the blue child snatch.they were there trying to find a toilet and little William was there..they simply looked around and grasped the deluded opportunity.they were moving and kept moving keeping their heads down.going out of the way of main routes back to a larger populas area to simply blend a sense i believe that the main perpetrator thinks he is untouchable and has a close cooperative relation with the a split personality..he almost feels he has the right to get away with it.but knows that that doesnt matter much if he gets caught.i think this exactity would suggest that he has done this thing before and will do it again..i believe if this sadistic coward can be found he would certainly lead us to little william.but how do we stop a smart sicko that strives to build confidence yet at the Sametime preys apon any weakness i dout very much this person can hold a serious relationship with any person for long.and is a compulsive lier.

  45. I reckon try your charts again, this time looking to see if the boy had actually died previously to the timeslot of 10.30 am friday the 12th, maybe even the day before or earlier. Look for accidental death, or assault. The media reports seem to say the boy had a genuine sister that also lived in foster with him. If the boy had died eg at the foster family home, then the second child may have been taken away from them and placed elsewhere in a different foster home. Also, the foster parents could have been in strife. Any chance the boy died earlier, but ‘publicly died or disappeared’ on the fri the 12th at 10.30 am ?


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