Batman’s Mommy

532-statementThis statement appears to indicate that CM was still in the trunk when EA got home at 5:32am. I think i read this the first time as that it was referring to the first trip from the carpark at 3:57am, when it fact it could very well be the 4:56am trip that we have been tracking…

The following is a bi-wheel is centered over 1218 Harvard Lane when we view from the perspective of 5:32am and the outer wheel is Christina’s natal chart.

532-Harvard-CMclick on map for full size

Scenario: EA is home… running to daddy – what can we do daddy? I’ve got a body in the trunk…

  • The arrow pointing north is still directing to where the likely assault/death took place. It looks like a continuation of Jupiter Rd that goes north; Route #5 – however this is only relevant IF Christina is still in the truck of EA’s vehicle.
  • The arrow pointing east is CM’s natal Saturn indicating that a body is down the direction of possibly W.Lucas Rd.

Now when I look at EA’s chart he has Pluto at 17°Scorpio exactly the same as Christina so his angle is exactly the same as on this map – the one pointing north. There is no need to do another map, the angle is identical – NORTH (not east).

This just keeps taking me back to the same original angle I made – north side of of Sam Rayburn. I just don’t know how far north – could be just a couple of miles although I expect Alma Rd is involved…

I don’t know if you read the bit I posted in the thread – refers to Arochi and his father.  You may have just skimmed over it, but I was deadly serious – here it is again.

“…….. there may well have been born a child whose luckless parent caught sight of a serpent couched upon his son’s face and sapping the life-blood of the sleeping child, but nerved himself to let fly a shaft at it and succeeded in killing the reptile. Fatherhood (EA’s father) supplied his skill; a natural instinct overcame the danger and delivered the boy from sleep and death alike, given then a second life and snatched whilst dreaming from the grave.” 

Did he run home to daddy?  As I suggested in the thread – daddy was awake when his son came home and he knows after the event…  This is a bi-wheel at 5:32am with Enrique Arochi’s FATHER not the son.

532-EAdaddyDon’t think I need to interpret for you, do I…  All the action is in the bottom of the chart (hiding from view).

Arochi Senior is telling EA what to do – is this the clean up lesson, or what to do next…

There is no locator angle with this chart – this is to show the angles are on fire – that he is in the know…

I’ve just found another asteroid that ties in with 5:32am ascendant (the Argo). Did you notice that when I was writing about the Argo constellation, I rattled on about EA was not going to get the golden fleece. Well I got to thinking and went looking again….

The asteroid Jason #6063 (Jason and the Argonauts mythology) was overhead that night – transiting at 14°Capricorn – conjunct CM’s natal Neptune and our favourite asteroid of the moment – Ohio#439.

Is Christina indeed still in the trunk of his Camaro at 5:32am?  If she was still in the trunk I doubt he went to bed. So he had until about 10am to do something.  Where was that place he got gas?


FYI:   Fixed stars – am gradually building the case behind the scenes…


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