Baden-Clay trial – family charts

ringsThis is no way to end a marriage – two rings removed at a crime-scene; muddied, lying on a fibreglass tarpaulin.

By request, we generate astrology charts of blood relatives of the immediate family of Gerard Baden-Clay, accused wife murderer.  Gerard Robert Baden-Clay is currently facing a trial by jury in Brisbane, Australia in June 2014.  (Previous posts and astrological background to this case)

The accused’s parents are Elaine and Nigel Baden-Clay.  They like to refer to themselves as Nigelaine, residing in Kenmore, a Brisbane suburb.  His younger sister Olivia Walton, is married and lives in Townsville, North Queensland with her husband and children.  The youngest sibling, Adam, now thirty-nine years old, is married to a Canadian and currently following an academic career in that country.

Note:  This page will be work in progress with changes made as added information comes to hand

On the opening day of the trial, the accused’s brother, Adam Paul Baden-Clay was absent from court and so we address his situation first (also see natal chart).  We will use our tried-and-true method of generating a bi-wheel (method) and remind all whom read this page that astrology is a pseudo-science, not accepted in a court of law and is no more than a subjective view of planetary tension in horary charts.  All interpretation is readily available from classic texts and the birth data, from the public record; freely available to all whom wish to research same.

Chart #1 is from the perspective of the opening date of the trial 10am on Tuesday 10th June, 2014.  The trial is expected to take 3-4 weeks and so Chart #2 is from the perspective of a month later, Thursday 10th July 2014.

Adam-duoclick on charts for full size

Adam Baden-Clay may not be in Brisbane, however we know that he keeps in regular contact with his parents via Skype. We can view his emotive reaction to matters in Brisbane and there are a-plenty – I’d say Christmas in July, but it’s only June.

I expected to find a calm, collected ex military man whom had served his country, to be stoic under fire, however that is not the case.  There is an undercurrent of highly emotive reaction to this trial.  We note that the tension is mostly by conjunction where the energies swirl together generating a confusion as to any separation of urges.  The pendulum can swing either way; good or bad depending on the combination of planets.

We know that Adam’s natal Moon is in Leo, needing recognition, appreciation and honour, however there’s no honour to be won in Brisbane for this thirty-nine year old.  With a very busy third house in the first chart, apart from the communication realm, we know that this house also relates to one’s siblings.  We also know from previous analysis of individual charts, that this family have a very much ‘us versus them attitude’ to their place in the world; closing ranks.  The trouble with this attitude is that they’ll not likely take direction from legal counsel and are a law unto themselves.

As at 10th June 2014:

  • Natal Moon (blue) in the outer wheel is in the 1st house – we can expect a highly emotive interpretation.
  • Tr Mars in 2nd house conjunct natal Pluto – extreme force being used in relation to protecting (family) assets; position in society ie the family ‘name’.
  • Tr Moon conjunct natal Uranus – intensified drive to fulfill personal needs as well as siblings (the accused)
  • Tr Saturn conjunct ascendant – putting self aside as a measure of control, resulting in possible health breakdown
  • Tr Saturn conjunct Venus (pink) – fear of not being accepted is driving this conjunction
  • Tr Pluto in 6th house conjunct Mercury (yellow) – in communication with brother’s legal team probably in an effort to persuade, even demanding new perspectives be undertaken.
  • Tr Uranus conjunct Jupiter (green) in 8th house – boundless optimism in relation to his influence generating a transformation of the trial
  • Tr Sun (orange) conjunct natal Mars – actively supportive of family on opening day and during the trial. 
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) in the inner wheel opposite natal Sun (orange) – communication between Brisbane and Canada is likely using up the data big-time.

As at 10th July 2014:

The second chart is a different story, a month later. Obsessive activity has taken over the focused energy during the opening stages of the trial of his brother.  with natal Mars at the mid-heaven, there is a change of status within the family

  • Tr Venus conjunct natal Mars at mid-heaven – I would suggest that this is an intensification of a relationship within his family.  Is he now Nigelaine’s #1 son?
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) quindecile natal Neptune (turquoise) in 3rd house – any obsessive childhood sibling rivalry is finally absolved; honour of self, uppermost.
  • Tr Moon is also conjunct natal Neptune – self delusion likely
  • Tr Sun (orange) opposite natal Mercury (4th house) – date on the calendar also intersects with tr Pluto to oppose natal Mercury, bringing his focus back to his domestic situation.  Note – this energy is waning – it would have been stronger about 5 days earlier.
  • Tr Jupiter quindecile natal Mercury – hopefully common sense prevails, demanding new perspectives to get him past this obsessive focus.
  • Tr Pluto is also square natal Pluto – likely drawing him back to his own domestic family situation in Canada.

Gerard Baden-Clay’s other sibling is a middle child and only daughter of Nigel and Elaine Baden-Clay; Olivia Isobel Walton nee Baden-Clay. With a Libra Sun and a Virgo Moon, we know that this produces a personality that is very self-sufficient, analytical and critical. Olivia would reason things out and is not likely to be swept off her feet by anything emotional that doesn’t fit her needs; there is little that escapes her perceptive and meticulous attention. Highly reactive by nature, there is absolutely no reluctance to get things off her chest.

At times, this combination of the luminaries reveals one whom would be overly vocal in expressing their views.  ( Natal chart and interpretation )  There is also that socially dangerous aspect – Sun conjunct Pluto in her natal chart – i.e. a blanket over a hand-grenade; likely to get tossed into the fray unless she is not under strict supervision within a social environment.

Olivia-duoAgain we use the same date for our perspective.  The first bi-wheel is opening day at the Supreme Court, Brisbane sees Olivia accompanied by her husband Ian Walton plus in the company of her mother and father; family support for the accused.

While her husband is by her side, this woman will be able to restrain any outbursts during the trial, however should Ian Walton return to ‘his flock’ in Townsville, we will likely see an out-of-control Livvy tossing hand-grenades.

10th June 2014:

  • Tr Moon (blue) in the inner wheel opposite natal Mars – emotional conviction
  • Tr Venus opposite natal Venus (both pink) 3rd-9th axis – ‘family first’ offered up to a higher power
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) conjunct/intersecting Lunar nodal axis – evidence shared from the witness box.
  • ditto natal Saturn – see notes above and add the communication in the witness box of the Mercury aspect.
  • Tr Mercury is also square natal Sun (orange) – highlighting her performance in the witness box.
  • Tr Jupiter (green) square natal Uranus – again boundless optimism, as shared with her younger brother.

10th July 2014:

Similarly to her younger brother, Olivia now reveals compulsion to the point of being obsessive – by quindecile aspects revealed in the tension of the second chart; a month later.  Her natal Moon is also in the first house; highly emotional.  We note a very busy first house – focused on own needs.

  • Tr Sun (date on the calendar) is exact by conjunction with Olivia’s ascendant plus quindecile natal Jupiter – taking a ‘philanthropic’ view.  Does this mean that she can now be the martyr to the cause of her brother?
  • Tr Sun square natal Mercury (yellow) in 1st house – likely communication of new ideas for herself. Are we to see a reinvention of Olivia?
  • Tr Venus quindecile natal Neptune (turquoise) is a shared opinion with her younger brother; equally deluded.  Where her young brother was vocal in his opinions, Olivia closes into the bosom of the family; unrequited love.
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) square natal Moon – emotional perception; mental stimulation about personal needs.
  • Tr Sun conjunct ascendant is also quindecile natal Jupiter – that obsessive personality reveals that recognition has brought its own rewards.  Is this an aspect of the martyr?
  • Tr Mars conjunct natal Uranus – intense self-awareness.

Elaine Isobel Nora Baden-Clay nee Hughes was born in the outskirts of Liverpool, England during WWII.  She married Nigel Clay in 1969, falling pregnant with Gerard (the accused) some four months into the marriage. Her natal chart reveals a rather complex character; a bull(y) in a china shop, with a Taurus Sun and Cancer Moon.

Elaine-duoThe combination of this Sun and Moon is somewhat contradictory and confusing. The Moon placement suggests that someone with such a mix would be sensitive, easily hurt and often-times, resentful. The Sun conversely, shows that she is not one to be pushed around easily and at times this woman could be downright stubborn.

Self-assurance, that may seem strong in her nature, is really only skin deep. Ambition usually rules the day, yet there is a tendency to be negative and pessimistic when things don’t go the way someone with this Sun-Moon combo would think they should.

10th June 2014:

Mother of the accused attended court with her husband, daughter, son-in-law and supporters; no doubt enjoying the attention. I can never get the memory of that granny-pash from the television news coverage out of my head.  There’s no humility with this woman.

  • Tr Moon opposite natal Sun – driving need for attention.
  • Tr Moon square natal Pluto in 12th house – intensity of self-application contained within the mind; a steel trap.
  • Tr Saturn square natal 1st house Jupiter (green) – self control of temper; having a ‘make it happen’ strategy.
  • Tr Neptune square natal Uranus –  irritability likely with court process of the trial.
  • Tr Uranus square natal Mars in 12th – a dominant will; again the steel trap. This can only lead to denial; a dangerous reaction.
  • Tr Venus conjunct natal Mercury – communion (in a religious sense) with family
  • Tr Mercury conjunct Moon – attention to personal needs; emotional support for HER.
  • Tr Mercury square natal Neptune (turquoise) – fantasizing an outcome to HER advantage.

There’s not a lot going on in that chart that reveals any support for her son in the dock.  It’s all about me, me, me.

10th July 2014:

The outer planet tensions continue with this woman under constant pressure. The stubbornness and dominance of will would certainly affect blood pressure, if nothing else.  Her health is likely fragile at this time.

  • Tr Mars quindecile natal Sun in 8th house.  If that’s not a self-obsession I don’t know what is… A demand for ego attention; temper tantrum; feeling under attack.
  • Tr Saturn square natal 1st house Jupiter (green) – self control of temper continues to be an everyday challenge.
  • Tr Neptune square natal Uranus –  irritability continues, however the focus changes from the court process, to ‘ethics and morals’ matters.
  • Tr Uranus square natal Mars in 12th – a dominant will; shut down. This can only lead to denial; a dangerous reaction.
  • Tr Sun (orange) in the inner wheel conjunct natal Mars (exact would have been a couple of days earlier) – the date on the calendar reveals the matriarch in her element, demanding attention.

Nigel-duoThe first thing that Nigel Baden-Clay had to say when he took to the witness box, was to correct the prosecutor as to the pronunciation of his son’s name “We christened him ‘Jerred’.”  Initially this appears to be an Aries Moon move to throw the wigs off balance and take control of the courtroom, however there is a deeper meaning to this.  Father of the accused’s pedant outrage is actually referring to himself, not his son.  It’s all about me, for Nigel.  Note his own christened name is Nigel Gerard Arden Clay.

Nigel took the perceived pronunciation error as a personal attack.  And how would a narcissist respond, but by using attack as a form of defense – although not wise in the courtroom where the presiding judge is also an Aries Moon. Nigel would have been instructed to defer to the court, so immediately we can see that this family does not take advice from counsel; they are a law unto themselves.

I’ve banged on about an Aries Moon elsewhere and a full description of this man’s wants and needs accompany his natal chart and interpretation. He’s the narcissist, when it all comes to the pointy end; 1st house Sun with an Aries Moon – ugh.  So from interpreting both Nigelaine’s charts, we can surmise that neither parent really ever held their eldest child up for recognition; actually none of their children, when push comes to shove.  Both parents are egotists.

When we take a look at the charts for the court case; the trial of his eldest child for the crime of murdering his wife, there’s not a whole lot of emotion present.  It’s business as usual; emotions lacking.

10th June 2014:

  • Tr Moon square natal Pluto in the 12th house of the steel-trap (the mind) – exaggerated mind control – this reveals the opening challenge to the court from the witness box.
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis intersects natal Moon (blue) in the outer wheel – emotionally based public appearance
  • Tr Uranus square natal Jupiter (green) – boundless optimism; in common with his other children

10th July 2014:

  • Tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Moon – indicates a level of personal emotionally based trauma; 1st-8th house axis self v death/transformation.
  • Tr Moon square natal Venus (pink) – needs support/cooperation from family (a continuation of his turning to women for advice)
  • Tr Uranus quindecile natal Neptune (turquoise) – the obsessive element involving delusion (as appears in other family members charts) including a possible underhanded means used to do the job.  So what is the job for Nigel – it’ll be about himself not his son.
  • Tr Uranus square Jupiter in the outer wheel (green) – optimism would be turning to delusion I would have thought, at this point in the game.
  • Tr Sun (orange) conjunct natal Jupiter in the outer wheel – date on the calendar is waning by one day, however the inflation of his ego continues.
  • Tr Jupiter (green) in the inner wheel square natal Moon – inflated personal needs that he is, above all, ‘bwana’.  Another interpretation of this aspect can be ‘hanging out waiting on the judiciary’ – pronouncement of a sentence perhaps?

Many like to think that Nigel Baden-Clay was involved in the disposal of Allison’s body, but these charts don’t support that theory. If there had been a phone-call for assistance, Nigel would’ve been more likely to have handed the phone over to his wife, or daughter to direct operations; if anyone.

When we check the chart of the accused, with that same deference to women for decision making, Gerard Baden-Clay would have likely asked to speak to his mother, or sister if he had made the call. Both men defer to women, by choice – they do this as an avoidance technique – poor self image.  (Note in the testimony of psychiatrists and counsellors how the accused was annoyed because his wife deferred to him.  Both avoiders…)

10July-GBC10th July, 2014 – Gerard Robert Baden-Clay would be happy in Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre as it gives him plenty of time for his daydreaming (see natal chart).

Interpretation of astrology aspects is subjective to say the least and I have to admit that it’s practically impossible for me to remain objective at this late stage ‘in the game’, however here goes…

The transiting planets in the inner wheel are well spread; objective, as we would hope to see, however the natal planets on the outside are very much focused on the 12th house (incarceration) and 1st house (self).  A heavy weight of natal planets on the left-hand side tells us that ‘defence as a form of attack’ is likely – as opposed to consideration/caring of others.  The accused is totally self-focused.

If this case is still before the courts on 10th July, then interpretation of the midpoints is crucial.  We have transiting (pink) Venus in 9th house (the jury I would think) plus 2nd house Saturn (authority) = natal 12th house Mars.

Venus/Saturn=Mars – driving a wedge into relationship harmony; wanting more than is there; disputes; possible separation.  Is the defence attempting to drive a wedge between jurors?

  • Ascendant conjunct natal Sun (orange) – recognition; being seen for whom he is
  • Tr Uranus quindecile natal 2nd house Venus – obsessively emotional; value of self under intense tension.
  • Tr Venus (pink) opposite natal Moon (blue) – emotions at lowest point; now likely co-operating
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) square natal Pluto – is the accused attempting to plea bargain?

 … to be continued with further charts to be added as need be.

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