Ayla Reynolds

This is a forensic astrology enquiry – astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in a court of law.  The following information is an interpretation of planetary positions and is offered as suggestion only.

18month old Ayla Reynolds is reported missing from 29 Violette Ave, Waterville, Maine – 8:51am 17th December 2011

Adult occupants of the residence in relation to the missing child:

  • Grandmother Phoebe DiPietro (owner) – POI
  • Father – Justin DiPietro – POI
  • Aunt – Elisha DiPietro
  • Father’s girlfriend – Courtney Roberts – POI

Other persons of interest:

  • Mother – Trista Reynolds – POI
  • Life Insurance salesperson


Forensic indicators are highlighted in red.

  • Sun – orange
  • Moon – blue
  • Lunar nodal axis – red
  • Mercury – yellow
  • Venus – pink
  • Mars – red
  • Jupiter – green
  • Saturn – red
  • Uranus – red
  • Neptune – turquoise
  • Pluto – red

Note the transiting Moon has two roles in this particular case – driving needs and also the missing child indicator.        

Transiting=inner wheel.  Natal=outer wheel.



click on charts for full size

911-AylaReynoldsBi-Wheel: 911- Ayla Reynolds  8:51am 17 Dec 2011 – missing child.

The inner wheel is the event and outer wheel is Ayla Reynold’s natal chart (birth time provided).

  • Transiting Sun conjunct natal Moon – self focussed.
  • Transiting Sun square natal Uranus – apart from the forensic indicator, this child’s needs are emotionally driven and subject to sudden changes.
  • Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Neptune – this aspect is to be expected due to the age of the child; confusion.
  • Transiting Uranus square natal Moon – mood changes.
  • Transiting Uranus opposite natal Saturn.  This is the forensic locator angle we will use later.
  • Transiting Moon opposite natal Jupiter – inflated self-needs.

We can suggest that this eighteen month-old child was totally involved in her own needs at the time she disappeared; as we would expect of a child of this age.

When we see that transiting Sun-natal Moon aspect, I have to ask, what event happened two days after the 911 call?  There are vital clues the little girl wants to point out here – the date is the 19th December.  Does something need to be checked?


Event.911-DiPietroBi-Wheel: 911- Phoebe DiPietro       8:51am 17 Dec 2011 – grandmother.

The inner wheel is the event and outer wheel is Phoebe DiPietro’s natal chart (sunrise).

Starting the interpretation from this woman’s power base, Pluto – the matriarch,

  • Transiting Moon-Mars conjunct natal Pluto-Uranus – driving need to direct the action from the 8th house of death and transformation.  This woman is calling the shots (note natal Mars is not in the action and therefore excludes her from the deed – suggests an alibi).
  • Transiting lunar nodal axis square natal Uranus in 8th house – again this is the forensic indication of controlling the action – from the 5-11 axis ‘false-love’.
  •  Transiting Jupiter quindecile natal Sun– obsessive controller.
  • Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Sun – this person is the communicator; obsessively so.
  • Transiting Sun conjunct natal Mercury – this person chose the date on the calendar.
  • Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Saturn – this person is the authority behind the subterfuge/disappearance story.
  • Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Venus – highly inflated opinion in relation to money.


911- Justin DiPietro – father      8:51am 17 Dec 2011.

event-dipietroThe inner wheel is the event and outer wheel is Ayla’s father, Justin DiPietro’s natal chart (sunrise time used).  Ayla’s blood was found in the bedroom he shared with his girlfriend.

  • Transiting Moon square natal Saturn – Moon represents the child in this case due to her young age.  If she were older the child-indicator would be more likely to be Mercury.   This is the 1st forensic indicator that the child is already dead – father responsible.   Saturn in the 11th house – authoritarian ‘love’.
  • Transiting Sun conjunct natal Uranus. 2nd forensic indicator Uranus in the spotlight on the calendar. Uranus in 11th house – sudden changes in ‘love’.
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Neptune ‘Disappearance’ factor actually subterfuge 3rd forensic indicator. Neptune in 12th house – abduction story concocted in the mind.  Neptune in the 12th also indicates future incarceration relating to this event.
  • Transiting lunar nodal axis square natal Sun. Ego experiences a traumatic event. Sun in 2nd house – self-worth/value trauma (nodal axis on the 5-11th house axis love given-love received).
  • Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter – sudden changes inflated.
  • Transiting Saturn quindecile LINKnatal Lunar nodal axis. Obsessive/compulsive need for authority again relating to 2nd house issues.
  • Transiting Jupiter square natal 1st house Venus.  Transiting Jupiter is in the 3rd/house of communicationhas there been a series of phone calls from child’s mother?
  • Transiting Moon opposite natal Sun – highlighting driving needs.
  • Transiting Mars quindecile natal Jupiter  – inflated excessive action.

Notes from natal planetary aspects:

We do not have the birth time so no chart reproduced, however we have the planetary aspects to share.

  • Sun in Pisces with a Moon in Taurus – likes the comforts money can buy
  • Mars conjunct Moon – driving needs never ease off
  • Mars-Moon opposite Pluto – masculine power uppermost.

With the Moon-Mars-Pluto configuration we can suggest that this man is bully and the reverse of the coin; a coward.  The Moon symbolism binds him to “the mother” and the coward would ‘run home’ when threatened.

Notes from Solar Arc progression:

We do not have the birth time so no chart reproduced, however we have the planetary aspects to share.

  • Neptune brought the fog down about a year previously to the disappearance of his daughter. Around that time, Pluto also progressed to square natal Mercury – indicating overpowering by verbal abuse.

This male just doesn’t ‘get it’, that kindergarten bullying doesn’t get you anywhere in a romantic relationship.

P.S. – In July 2013 when Justin DiPietro was arrested for domestic violence, we again generate his solar arc progressions – Mercury was by then conjunct natal Jupiter at 00° Aries (excessive bullying) and Lunar nodal axis had moved forward to conjunct natal Mars 08°Taurus (physical violence in a public place).


911-tristareynoldsBi-Wheel: 911- Trista Reynolds 8:51am 17 Dec 2011 – mother (does not reside at the same address). Birth time provided.

The inner wheel is the event and outer wheel is Trista Reynold’s natal chart (sunrise).     Transiting=inner wheel.  Natal=outer wheel.

The first point is what is missing… transiting Moon (the child) is not in hard aspect with the natal chart of the mother.  The mother is not on the scene at the time of the crime.

  • Transiting ascendant conjunct natal MC/IC – low point (needs further interpretation).
  • Transiting Venus square natal Jupiter – possibly inflated financial situation
  • Transiting Neptune conjunct 1st house natal Sun – this person is aware of the subterfuge.
  • Transiting Uranus square natal Uranus-Saturn conjunction – excessive prevarication.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis square natal Moon – emotional needs traumatized.
  • Transiting Mars opposite natal Moon – driving needs prioritized.
  • Transiting Saturn opposite natal Jupiter  – sense of authority inflates this person.
  • Transiting Sun conjunct natal Mars – this is two degrees off exact – check what interaction there was two days earlier.

This person’s natal chart needs to be interpreted to get a sense of her motivation, needs etc.  We can then get a clearer picture and change interpretations of the above.


911-courtneyrobertsBi-Wheel: 911- Courtney Roberts       8:51am 17 Dec 2011 – father’s girlfriend.

The inner wheel is the event and outer wheel is Courtney Robert’s natal chart (sunrise).

  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Saturn – the grim reaper accompanies this person – they are involved.
  • Transiting Sun conjunct natal Uranus – forensic indication that this person was on the scene.
  • Transiting Uranus opposite natal Sun – ditto
  • Transiting Mars square natal Saturn – this person is actively involved in some way.
  • Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Mercury and opposite natal Jupiter – this person knows what happened, has an opinion about the matter and would be likely to communicate what they know.

I would suggest that this person is the most likely to speak up about what she knows.


911-InsurancesalesmanBi-Wheel: 911- X  8:51am 17 Dec 2011 – insurance salesperson.

The inner wheel is the event and outer wheel is natal chart (sunrise).

We have been asked to interpret as to whether there is any suggested collusion by this person.

  • Transiting ascendant conjunct natal Mars – cutting of ties.
  • Transiting Moon square natal 5th house Venus – financial favour.
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Neptune – suggests knowledge of ‘the aftermath/the story’.

I would suggest that this event has severed a relationship between this person and their ‘friend’.


That’s the end of the initial charts that I’ll generate.   The next set of charts will be of the personalities – natal charts and interactive bi-wheels.

Phoebe DiPietro – natal chart  (grandmother of missing child)  I won’t reproduce her natal chart as we don’t have a time of birth.  The bi-wheel 911-PhoebeDiPietro reveals the natal planetary positions in the outer wheel if anyone wants to check.

Points of note in her natal chart (ignoring angles and houses):

  • Saturn Rx not present.
  • Sun – Sagittarius – opinionated
  • Moon – Leo or very early degrees of Virgo – I’d suggest probably Leo considering the matriarchal indications present in bi-wheels.
  • Mercury exact conjunct Lunar South Node – her lies will most likely be her downfall.  This also suggests psychological issues in relation to the role of a matriarch; stemming from her mother-daughter relationship as a child.  The cycle perpetuated perhaps?
  • Jupiter opposite Neptune and both square natal Moon – inflated secrecy (probably the fantasy that lots of money=success).

When we generate a solar arc progressed chart we can see that Phobe DiPietro’s financial situation became more solid about three and a half years earlier to the disappearance of Ayla and changed again two years later, however that information doesn’t directly affect our enquiry.


Trista Reynolds – natal chart and Solar Arc progressed chart to 17th Dec, 2011 (mother of missing child)  The birth time of Trista Reynolds has been provided and so we reproduce a natal chart here.  As is our method with forensic astrology, we are only looking at interpreting the hard aspects.

The first chart is the natal chart and the second a bi-wheel of natal chart on the inner wheel and solar-arc progression on the outer wheel.

Trista_Reynolds_duoThe natal chart reveals that the hemisphere has all planets weighted above the line, in the open; what you see should be what you get.

However there are always exceptions – house 6 and 12 have the hidden aspect (what is inside the house is a different zodiac from the cusp).

Of these the 12th house has Jupiter and Venus in a sign other than the Pisces cusp; Aries.  This person appears malleable, however the mind is like a steel trap – both with money (Venus) and excesses (Jupiter).

The mind:  Pisces is like the ocean, easily ruffled by winds but with a dark, cold unfathomable depth.

  • Venus square Neptune – money and drugs.  I suggest that you can buy this person’s secrecy with money.
  • Mercury in the 11th is a communicator of love, however with the tension of a square to Pluto in the 7th, again there is a trade off; a power struggle in relationships.  You give me money, I give you love.

When we progress (solar arc) her natal chart to the time of the disappearance of her daughter, we can see that Jupiter and Venus have crossed the ascendant and into the 1st house of life’s expression.   Jupiter first; testing limits spreading her wings and then in more recent years Venus crossed the ascendant; becoming a mother.

As at the time of Ayla’s disappearance, Trista’s natal Sun has progressed to exact conjunct her natal Lunar nodal axis; the most traumatic event of her life. This is the point where karma comes into play; ‘this is it’.

The second planet with a signifcant input is Mercury (communication).  This natal planet has progressed to quindecile the Lunar south node – obsessional communication is part of the unfolding of this event.

  • I suggest that this mother has failed in her karmic contract.
  • I further suggest that this mother had the opportunity to prevent (by communication) this traumatic event from happening.


Trista Reynolds – DiPietro relationships.  As we have the birth time for Trista we can generate bi-wheels between the father of her child and the grandmother of her child, Justin’s mother.  Again we only consider the tension aspects.

trista-duo-dipietroTrista’s relationship with Justin:

Cusp of the 12th house and the 12th house explains this relationship – it’s all in the mind and not communicated.

Note the cusp is Pisces however Aries is disguised in the 12th – strong-minded; a battle of wills.

  • Natal Moon conjunct Justin Sun.  We could get all romantic here and suggest the feminine Moon and masculine Sun balance, however without a method of communicating, this is lost.
  • The challenging Saturn-Uranus hot/cold dichotomy in Trista’s natal chart is aggravated/inflated by Justin’s Jupiter.
  • Natal Venus conjunct Justin’s Lunar north node indicates a karmic life-struggle together before.
  • Natal Jupiter quindecile Justin’s South Node.  Is there a mis-guided sense of the couple being ‘soul-mates’ in Trista’s mind?

There is a power struggle between these two but communication is lacking – too much is assumed.

Trista’s interaction with Phoebe, Justin’s mother reveals a much more strained relationship. The square is a giveaway for a start.  Their Lunar nodal axis are not ‘eye to eye’.  There may be a karmic connection between them, however it is not a friendly one.

Both females would feel ‘boxed in’ in this relationship and we all know that an emotionally insecure son will turn to his mother, before his partner.

Indications are that Trista bowed to The Matriarch. Phoebe’s Saturn (authority) is conjunct Trista’s very being, her Sun. Again we are in the 11th house.  Manipulation is the name of the game.

Mother-child relationship, Trista and Ayla.  We have both birthdates, however we will only enquire of mother to daughter as it is of no value to reverse the question; the need is innate in a small child.


  • Mother’s Sun conjunct child’s Neptune is an intangible question.  Mother’s need for emotional love is not just unfulfilled, it is unfathomable (Neptune) for the child to comprehend the nature of the mother’s ego expression.

Mother expects the child to respond.  There is likely a communication loop not happening here.  Bonding is missing.

  • Child’s Mercury (voice) is on the mother’s ascendant.  The child is demanding her mother’s attention.  Again the communication is not happening.
  • Mother’s Mars is square child’s 12th house Uranus.  Mother’s erratic actions are throwing this child off balance mentally (12th house).
  • Mother’s Mars conjunct child’s Moon acerbates this even more as the child’s Moon is Ayla’s emotional driving need.  She needs her mother to be constant and the child is not getting her needs fulfilled; mothering is lacking.

What we can note from this bi-wheel is the weakness of Neptune (addiction) building up to a conjunction in Trista’s natal chart.  I suggest that this 11th house void in Trista’s life was filled by an addiction; either alcohol or drugs.

As the child’s father was absent, I would further suggest that the child was in all likelihood, neglected.


There is one last chart I wish to generate before we turn to location angles.  Trista Reynolds stated that the last time she saw her daughter was at a medical appointment when Justin-Trista-Ayla were together.  This is Trista’s perspective of the event.

Medical appointment-Trista Reynolds.  Transiting planets are the inner wheel and Trista’s natal chart is the outer wheel.


  • Venus is at the ascendant.  Money or the lack of it is on the agenda – if the parents are on medical insurance of some sort then why is money on the agenda?
  • Moon is at the descendant; the child indicator and opposite Venus position.  What other reason could there be?  Is a price being put on this child’s head?  (life insurance has recently been taken out)
  • Transiting Neptune conjunct Trista’s Sun (addiction affecting her mental state).  Is Trista under the influence of some addiction or heavy medication?  Is this why she needs her family to be present with her?

Apart from discussion of a price on this child’s head and probable argument about who was paying premiums, the planetary tension reveals Trista in a highly agitated state. Is her family pressing Trista to apply for custody?

I suggest that at the time of the medical appointment, Tricia Reynolds was probably not in a positive frame of mind to take care of her daughter let alone consider applying for custody.

I doubt very much if I were to generate a bi-wheel of the father at this medical appointment, we would get anything positive out of it.


Locator angles …

Because astrology is a topsy-turvy world in order to get a conversation between a horoscope chart and a map of the land we need to reverse one of the methods.  We choose astrology in order for the layman to be able to fathom the result.  Methodology

From experience I have found that Saturn in the chart of a victim represents the locator of a deceased person. I also suggest that astrology indications are that Ayla Reynolds is deceased.

When you refer back to the chart 911-Ayla you will see that I have a red line running right through the chart from Ayla’s natal planet  Saturn and intersecting transiting Uranus on the opposite side of the bi-wheel.  This is the locator angle we will use for this enquiry, once the biwheel is flipped vertically and centred over the address where she lived in Waterville, Maine.

We now turn to who might be involved in the disposal of a body.

When we refer to the persons of interest in this case, there are two persons who have particular tension in this area.

Justin has natal Jupiter conjunct Uranus (losing the plot) and his girlfriend Courtney Roberts has Sun opposite this Uranus position and conjunct the victim’s Saturn.  Her Lunar nodal axis is also in the actionDoes Courtney need to clean up after this man/child?

But first we turn to the maps…   Methodology

MAP#3-Reynoldsclick on image for full size

Note that we are following a cardinal line and Aries point in this particular case. (A flipped chart means that the angles reverse – see methodology).

The victim has Saturn at 00° Libra and the opposite is therefore 00° Aries, which is where Uranus was transiting at the time of the 911 call.

It may be folly to jump onto the symbolism of such and look for ‘signs’ like mental institutions at the China Lake area – the whole matter is in the realm of madness, so I am not one to go down that path.

As for signs I’ll stick to astrology.  I must point out that Mercury transiting at the time of the Justin DiPietro-Courtney Roberts confrontation in July 2013 was also at 00° Aries.  I would start flagging the Aries point and make a note of where it comes up in this case.

Whether the body lies in water, buried in hallowed ground, or under rocks, I cannot say.  What I can suggest is that this locator angle gives a range of where the body lies.  Nothing more nothing less.

I also suggest that Courtney Roberts would be the person most likely to fess up, if she can be extracted from her relationship with the DiPietro family.

I also have to question as the whether the grandmother Phoebe DiPietro acted as matriarch; whether Ayla’s father Justin DiPietro is responsible for the child’s demise and whether his girlfriend Courtney Roberts is responsible for disposing of the body.

I trust that it might bring peace to those who are troubled by this crime, if they were to read my post on Lots of Life. It is based on a story told by Socrates and relayed by Plato 1500 or more years ago – The Myth of Er.


3 thoughts on “Ayla Reynolds”

  1. Justin has the asteroid Agamemnon (911) (http://markandrewholmes.com/agamemnon.html) and Amata (http://markandrewholmes.com/amata.html) conjunct his Chiron in his 3rd house, and they are square the 911 call’s Moon/Mars conjunction in it’s 8th house of death. They (m/M) in turn are square Justin’s Saturn, which is on his MC. This suggests Justin’s wound will be because of “senseless violence” His own Moon/Mars conjunction is also conjunct the 911’s asteroid “Reynolds”. (Trista’s last name).
    There is a fixed star “Alya”, which is Ayla spelled backwards. For fun I added it to my Ayla charts, and Justin has Alya conjunct his POF in his 11th house.

    The 911 chart’s Jupiter/Black Moon Lilith conjuntion is also conjunct an asteroid named Alu (http://markandrewholmes.com/alu.html)

  2. re 911-Trista Reynolds – transit sun conjunct natal mars, check what happened two days earlier… Two days earlier, Dec. 15 at approx 10am, Trista filed for parental rights and responsibilities (custody) of Ayla in Portland, ME.

  3. I don’t think Ayla was murdered. I think she was sold for money. To collect on Life Insurance would need a body and this would take years if someone needed instant money. Life Insurance was probably a well thought out plan to send investigators down that path. My thoughts on this case.


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