A square is, as it suggests, a 90 degree angle within the 360 degree wheel. I’ll give you a hint, “A square is very uncool, is it not?”  For a classical explanation see wikipedia.

Think in psychological terms – if someone is off to your side they can be in a supporting role, if you like them, or a constant annoyance in your peripheral vision if you don’t. That’s basically what a square aspect is.  It’s one of the hard ones (aspects that is).

Example: Gerard Robert Baden-Clay has two square aspects in his birth chart and both are to his Moon so it’s emotional stuff sitting right on his shoulder and in his ear. The first is the Sun and I have written about the combination of these two signs elsewhere, however not this niggley, annoying square aspect. The second square aspect is Moon square Mercury.

Sun in Virgo square Moon in Sagittarius

Born with Sun square Moon in his natal chart, means – what he wants (Virgo, it’s all in the details, man) and what he needs (Sagittarius – happy go lucky – it’s cool, man) – are in conflict. Sun square Moon people tend to confront obstacles that come from the outside, projecting the cause of the struggle onto others. In truth, the struggle is within the individual. It is a case of being one’s own worst enemy.

This mix reveals a need to achieve and accomplish something important, and a person with this hard aspect would act out their internal struggle throughout their life. For whatever reason, as a young child they would likely not have felt needed or accepted.  In some cases, they literally felt unwanted by one or both parents.

Due to the hyper-sensitivity of this child, there can be a very real drive to prove to the world (and/or to the parents) their worthiness.  Sun square Moon individuals internalise any tension between the two symbolic characters of Sun and Moon in their life (usually their father and mother).  Even if the parents didn’t clash, the early life was likely to have been over-stimulating and tense, causing the child to feel insecure.

The adult would experience a struggle between his need for nurture and acceptance for his opinions (another Sagittarius trait) and his need for independence of thought words and ideas (the Virgo input).

Moon in Sagittarius square to Mercury in Virgo

There is a conflict between the head and the heart here. The emotions (Sagittarius – it’s all cool, man) tells him one thing and the mind (Virgo – get the details right) tells him something else. They are at odds (90degrees off) to the point of irrationality at one moment and logical the next. How to blend the head and the heart is a constant struggle for such an individual.

You can usually pick their moods by how much they’re talking. When nervous or excitable, they talk incessantly. Moodiness is a true characteristic and having an especially subjective nature makes them prone to hyper-sensitivity. This is where the above Sun and Moon square fits in. The hyper-sensitive child.

The hard aspect of a square of Moon and Mercury generates irrational and rational thoughts and feelings. This may not be obvious to anyone who doesn’t have an intimate knowledge of the person as it’s pretty much something that takes place “upstairs” in the mind.