Quindecile-symbolThe latin word, Quindecile  means 15 – fifteen degrees away from the opposition aspect – 180 minus 15=165 – that is  165degrees.  When one planet is 165degrees from another planet it is said to be in quindecile aspect.  If you have a quindecile aspect in your chart or in synastry with an other, you’ll recognise it.  Read on.

Seat yourself opposite someone in a circle and you are said to be opposite to that person.  Move a couple of seats away from that original position and you are in quindecile aspect to that ‘other’.  The person in quindecile aspect to you will get much more of your attention than the person seated opposite to you and vice-versa. Believe me, it works. I’ve tested it many times.

Astrologically speaking, the quindecile aspect denotes disruption and upheaval which create an imbalance in a person’s life.

Most of us have some degree of obsessive/compulsive tendency towards the baddies – alcoholism, drug abuse, are a workaholic, a shopaholic, a serious gambler, have eating disorders, sexual addictions, body image concerns, perfectionism, idealism, use of manipulation and/or control etc, etc.

One of the benefits experienced during times of obsession is a temporary escape from feeling the emotional pain connected with fear, disappointment, anger, low self-esteem, or difficult memories. This escape can become addictive, particularly when a quindecile aspect is around and  this escape may become our means of coping with stress we can’t or don’t want to deal with, or simply don’t have the tools to handle.

Gerard Robert Baden-Clay has two quindeciles in his birth chart, his wheel:

Firstly – his North Node (public persona) quindecile his Ascendant (face to the world). Reading this in the quindecile sense as an obsessive behaviour, he would have an unrelenting need to be ‘seen in public’.  Every opportunity would not only be sought out, but taken to be the public eye.

Unfortunately this can also mean that he might, in my opinion, opt to go to trial rather than plead guilty to any charge in order to fulfil this obsession with being ‘seen in public’.

His second quindecile is Mercury quindecile to Chiron, a minor planet.  I would not normally bring the minor planets into a profile unless it were in such a position as this.  Chiron is recognised as ‘the wounded healer’ and in astrological terms has strong karmic meaning in that it is the place where we can heal our wounded selves.

Chiron shakes us according to our character, as revealed through the symbols of the natal chart. A person with strong Mars will turn to violent action, or aggressive behaviour to avoid the truth; someone with strong Venus will smother in pleasure; one who has a powerful Moon may become drug or alcohol affected; Jupiter will turn to gambling; Saturn to overwork and so on for all the planetary types.

The quindecile of Mercury can be obsessive to the point of neurotic. Mercury is in Virgo so the detail of ideas and thoughts would be compulsive. The determined, obsessive or disruptive quality enters the mind potentially creating great anxiety fueled by his Aries Chiron.