Solar Arc

A solar arc is a chart/wheel produced for the purposes of calculation of ‘where a person is at’, at a given time in their life’s journey.

I have written briefly in the Action Plan regarding a solar arc progression. This method of calculation is key to predicting the expected timing of specific events in a person’s life.A time of birth is imperative in order to get a complete understanding of these progressions.

How to calculate a solar progression:

Basically my computer software does this for me, however to explain briefly.  When we say ‘ solar’ this refers to one orbit around the Sun – ie one calendar year.  We calculate one degree for each year of an individual’s age.

A rule of thumb is that if an individual was born with (for example) Mercury at 3°10″ Aries then at the age of ten, Mercury will have progressed to 13°10″ Aries; at age twenty, 23°10″ Aries etc. When it comes to refining a progression to within a month or a week of that year/within a progression, then we consider that one degree of the zodiac = 60 minutes so therefore one minute of a degree equals 1/60 of a year = ~6days.

So back to our example of age ten – Mercury will have progressed to 13°10″ Aries and so at the age of 10 years and 6 months the progression will be 13°40″Aries.  However that’s a rule of thumb.  It’s not quite so simple and celestial longitudinal math comes into play.  I leave precise calculations to the computer software.  There will no doubt be further explanations elsewhere on the internet.  Noel Tyl is the master astrologer to turn to, in this regard.

What progression are particularly useful for in my opinion, are for predicting life’s challenges.  The progressions generate tension with the natal chart planetary positions during an individual’s lifetime – predicting major life changes.  These challenges are identified by generating a bi-wheel of the two charts side by side.  Once we have this reproduced we then turn to the transiting planets in the heavens to find the actual triggers for these tensions.

We can get an idea of the type of challenges we are to expect in our future lives.  How we handle them is quite another matter.