Progressions are an important part of the astrologer’s toolkit.  This is what people seek – fortune telling. Skeptics and disclaimers have a field day as it is a pseudo science, however for those who do seek out the advice of an astrologer there can be some uncanny, unexplainable coincidences. It is not my place to defend astrology. I am not a consultant astrologer.

A progression is a projection basically. A projection into the future or the past.  All you need is the date of birth, place and time (or rectify the time) together with the date to which the projection is required.

Having a particular interest in the concept of karma, as you share this journey with me, you will no doubt ‘get’ why I explore this method of profiling.

We carry our lives with us (our birth chart stays the same) and year by year our lives progress. Not only with the calendar years as well as our age, but also with the planets in the heavens above us, so we actually have a tri-wheel of aspects going on at any one time – our birth wheel, ‘where we are at in our lives at any one time’ wheel and the planetary influences that are happening in ‘real time’.

All three wheels are used by an astrologer. I’ll stick to two.