An opposition is, as it suggests, on the opposite side of the wheel.  180degrees of the 360degree circle.

I like to think of an opposition as being a lot like someone holding up a mirror for me.  I may not like the image I’m getting back, but it’ll be giving me a fair idea of how I look.

The astrology classicists tell us that the opposition aspect is considered a negative or stressful aspect, since it’s a challenge of two opposing forces. But sometimes, like with any tense stand-off, opposing planets draw out the cumulative strengths. Perhaps two heads are better than one after all, eh.

The moon nodes (north and south) are always in opposition and so the north (public persona) and south (karma) balance each other, mirror each other or strengthen each other depending on what their role is at any given time throughout our lives.

Gerard Robert Baden Clay has three opposition aspects in his birth wheel.

Mars opposite his North Node

Venus is in opposition to his MC (12 o’clock high, midday, top of the wheel.)

Uranus opposite the minor planet of Chiron.  Again we have Chiron coming into play opening more wounds  This is not a place I go exploring without trepidation.

I shall share the detail of what these aspects mean to us here a little later, as I need to consider, among other things, as to whether this Mars opposition to the North Node involves more than his public persona and takes us into the realm of the child’s relationship with his mother.

Again I remind you that I am only considering the hard aspects in this character’s horoscope.  All the ‘good’ character building stuff is not in my interest here. My focus is to explore what’s going on ‘behind the scenes’ which led this person to be an accused murderer, not to advertise his charming bits.