A conjunction is when two planets/nodes are within immediate range of each other i.e. the same sign of the zodiac and within a specified measurement in degrees of each other.

Thinking in psychological terms, if A and B are con-joined at the hip, so to speak,  unless they are surgically separated, they will continue to have difficulty in understanding the concept of independence. (I don’t mean to be disrespectful here – it’s an analogy). So, if an individual has two or even more planets in conjunction at the time of their birth, they are not going to have the opportunity of surgery, it’s going to be a fact of life for their entire lives.  That’s how a conjunction becomes labelled as a hard aspect.

My method of  measurement of a conjunction is pretty standard, if leaning towards conservative. Any body within 5degrees of either the Sun or the Moon is considered a conjunction and any other bodies interacting as a conjunction are within 2degrees of each other.

For example: Gerard Baden Clay natal chart reveals Mars at 03degrees Virgo 46″ and South Node at 02degrees Virgo 44″. That is a conjunction.

If a planet in the heavens at any given moment (real time fact) within the range specified above then this is also considered as a transiting conjunction.

For example, on 19 April, 2012 (the date of the crime) the Sun was at 29degrees Aries 53″. See the third chart in the GBC series Gerard Baden Clay bi-wheel. 

If we look for the position of 29degrees Aries 53″ on his horoscope wheel we find that this is a transiting conjunction to his  MC (top of the wheel) 01degrees Taurus 46″. The allowance for the Sun is 5degrees and this is just under 2degrees of separation. We can consider this a solid conjunction.

You can say, “Yes well as the Sun travels around the wheel every year so the Sun is at this point every year. What’s the big deal?”

Well for now it is an example of a transiting conjunction, however it has great significance later when I get to pull all this together.