Trial of Antolin Garcia-Torres

We originally approached this case with an astrology enquiry back in April 2013:

Sierra La Mar caseApril 2016 brings the hope for resolution for the family of missing Sierra LaMar.  To date, her body has still not been recovered.   Antolin Garcia-Torres is to face trial 25th April 2016; four years later with the death-penalty on the table.

San Jose, Santa Clara County in the US state of California

Pretrial hearing 1:30pm 12th April 2016, as per DPP court document.

This gives us a bit of a warm up to what’s ahead as the tension builds. We stand in the court-room on 12th April at 1:30pm in the afternoon with a snapshot of the current heavens in our computer. We look back at the time when Sierra LaMar sent her last SMS message at 7:11am 12th April 2012.  The following is the tension in relation to these two points in time.

trial-eventLamarNote: the inner wheel is 2016. and the outer wheel 2012 – transiting is the inner wheel. Click on chart for full size.

  • We go to trial with no body – note 2012 Neptune (turquoise) at the cusp of the 8th house (death and transformation); looking for resolution of that which is hidden at this time; Sierra’s remains.
  • 2016 Lunar South Node conjunct the ascendant in the outer wheel – what is put out, returns; i.e. karma.  There are always likely to be synchronicities of patterns between incidents of this magnitude and trials.
  • 2012 Sun (orange) is conjunct the 9th house cusp – date on the calendar (Sun) is in the realm of 9th house legal procedures.
  • 2012 Mercury (yellow) squared earlier in the 2016 day – again legal discussion in relation to 2012.
  • 2016 Mercury conjunct 2012 Jupiter (green) and 2012 Venus (pink) in 10th house – public announcement likely, in relation in relation to legal system being able to be accessed by media.  Possible concerns re jury exposure.
  • Saturn (grim reaper) is at the IC – ready to walk onto the public stage.

There is more, however I leave that to others to discuss.

Pretrial hearing 8:30am 25th April 2016

Trial GarciaA snapshot of the heavens over San Jose reveals the Arabian Part of Fortuna at 22°Capricorn in the grim reaper’s realm.  Note: Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn, plus the AP is in the 8th house of death/transformation.

  • AP Fortuna indicates the destiny of anything started at this time and place.  I would suggest that it is not looking good for the man accused; Antolin Garcia Torres.  At least with a possible guilty result to this trial, he may give-up the whereabouts of Sierra’s remains.
  • Moon (blue) is on the horizon line 13:27°Sagittarius and square to 11:24°Pisces, Neptune (turquoise).  In horary astrology the Moon is representative of a missing person.  Giving up the location will certainly be on the table for negotiation.
  • 15:38°Sagittarius retrograde Saturn (red) straddles the horizon line with the Moon.  Saturn represents a physical body in our method of interpretation. This is further confirmation that we are on the right track with this suggestion of a deal on the table.
  • Retrograde Mars at 8:29°Sagittarius quindecile 12th house Mercury (yellow) 23:10°Taurus –   the accused will likely be offered a deal at the beginning of the trial.  With Mars in the 12th it will be under consideration.  We will need to check the accused’s chart in relation to this tension in order to endeavour to check the outcome to any offer; pre-trial.
  • 21:21°Aries, Uranus square AP Fortuna is indicative of a strong ‘buzz’ and possible rebellion in relation to the above. I would likely expect a not-guilty plea by the accused.
  • Justice holds the midpoint of the horizon line; retrograde Jupiter 13:33°Virgo.  Court is in session.

 Trial in progress March 2017…