Springfield Three

A cold case……

work in progress

Notes to self that appear to possibly be significant:

  • A man well known to law enforcement agencies in multiple jurisdictions across the United States. Robert Cox is an trained Army Ranger who had been arrested and tried in Florida for the murder of Sharon Zellers but had the conviction overturned due to insignificant evidence. Insignificant evidence one might say was the reason that Robert Cox may have avoided prosecution and conviction time after time.
  • Cox is a man who had continually managed to evade conviction for a variety of offences that range from kidnapping to burglary. He was however convicted of murder in Florida and placed on death row until the State Supreme Court. Despite every juror being convinced of his guilt, the conviction was overturned on the grounds of insufficient evidence. After being released, Cox was returned to California to finish serving his sentence for another offence.
  • Upon completion of his prison term in California, Mr. Cox moved home to his parents in Springfield. Investigators would soon discover that he was employed at a Car Dealership where Stacy McCall’s father was also employed as a salesman. However as they continued to investigate this suspect, he was able to provide an alibi for the time in question that was confirmed by his girlfriend at the time. This statement was later withdrawn claiming that she was told what to tell police by Cox.
  • Among articles of clothing unaccounted for at the house was McCall’s Yellow t-shirt.
  • A witness said that at 6:30 to 7am on June 7th,she saw a dusty grey-green van driven by someone who looked like Streeter. The witness said she heard a male voice say, “OK,don’t make any silly moves, back up slowly and turn around.” She was wearing a yellow t-shirt.

MM:  All three handbags were lined up. …   Virgo-Taurus…..  Stacy McCall clothes neatly folded – Virgo  (Stacy has no Virgo in her chart  – unless it’s the ascendant – she has Sun-Moon in Taurus)  Likely anal retentive and cautious which can appear possible victim.

COX: If the purse line-up was done by the killer (I’d say yes) then we get a bingo – Cox has Venus in Virgo.  PLUS his Virgo Venus is peregrine!   This male has to have fetishes in relation to females.  cross dresser? cross gender?  He appears to have a number of planets peregrine… check Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn  If this is correct that would explain his elusiveness – flying under the radar.   Libra Sun and Sag Moon.

POI: Robert Craig Cox, 39
Convicted 1988; released from death row 1990

  • THE CRIME: An Orange County jury convicted Cox, a onetime Army Ranger, of the 1978 beating death of Sharon Zellers, 19, a Walt Disney World clerk. The case was weak, and Cox was not charged until eight years after the murder. Cox and his family were staying at a motel in Orlando where the victim’s body was found. He had a cut on his tongue, and hair and blood samples found near the victim were compatible with his. Cox testified he bit through his tongue during a fight.
    HOW HE GOT OUT: The Florida Supreme Court reversed Cox’s conviction, ruling that, at best, the evidence created “only a suspicion” of guilt. The court ordered his acquittal and release.
  • WHERE HE IS NOW: He was immediately taken into custody to complete a prison sentence in California for an unrelated 1985 kidnapping. Then he returned to his boyhood home of Springfield, Mo., where he came under suspicion — but was never charged — in the 1992 disappearance of a mother and two teenage girls. Texas police also questioned him about an abduction in Plano. In 1995, Cox was arrested for holding a gun on a 12-year-old girl during a robbery in Decatur, Texas. He is serving a life sentence for that robbery and is not eligible for parole until 2025.
  • When Cox was asked how such a crime could be carried out, Cox answered, “If I were going to do it, I’d knock on the door and say there was a utility emergency.”    In the summer of 1992 Cox worked as a utility locator in south-central Springfield.

So which is it – worked with Stacy’s father at the car dealership, or as a utility locator? More likely the latter, I am told.