Asteroids – Christina Morris Case

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The first chart is that of the missing person:

This chart contains a good number of asteroids  (Serennu default asteroids) with their position in the heavens for Christina Morris’ natal horoscope. DOB 6:57am 25th July 1991

Please note that the chart is derived at UT time, so I’ve converted accordingly to the correct time and place of birth so this is the only chart that is absolutely accurate for the house placements.

Also the layout is set at the Aries point and so it contains the 12 zodiac signs in their natural order, rather than the horoscope layout.

Example:  The asteroid  Narcissus 2r is in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius (near the top of the chart – pink). That position is quite apt for us with this case, so let me expound on my theory. Narcissus, in mythology, is the boy whom fell in love with his own reflection.  Quite close to the asteroid Narcissus is Hybris (vice, or hubris – self-pride), plus Eros (God of Love) at 29°Scorpio. So was Christina Morris destined to fall in love with a vain, overly-proud man whom loves himself and works in the vice trade? Makes you think of Christina’s boyfriend whom is currently incarcerated for dealing in drugs – Hunter Foster…

The second chart is that of the person currently in jail charged with the aggravated kidnap of the missing person, Christina Morris.

This second chart contains many of the asteroids in the heavens for Enrique Arochi natal horoscope.

We are not aware of his time of birth, so noon is used for a mid-range moon; UT time would then be 18:00 hours.  DOB is 12th March 1990, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

This information has come from his arrest record, plus an interview with his brother Carlos that is on the public record –

Again the layout of this chart is the natural positions for the zodiac – starting at the cardinal Aries Point at the ascendant.

The third chart is the natal horoscope for Enrique Arochi’s father; Enrique Arochi Rincon (think I got the name the right way round). DOB 26th December 1961 (as provided).

Again we do not know time of birth so the same method is followed as with his son’s chart CST and noon = 1800 UT.

I’ll not include the natal horoscope of Arochi’s mother Elizabeth Gutierrez at this stage of our enquiry.  DOB 25th August 1966.  Enrique Arochi Rincon’s Facebook page (since removed) documented the move from Mexico to the US in 2001.

The bi-wheels for the Arochi family in relation to the original disappearance of Christina Morris are on another page – LINK.

Carlos-natalThe fourth chart is the natal horoscope for Carlos Arochi, younger brother of Enrique Arochi. DOB 14 July 1996 (provided).  He was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico and moved to the US in 2001.

He was home for the holiday weekend from his college scholarship in Oklahoma.

All the family was residing at the same address 1218 Harvard Lane, Allen, TEXAS the night that Christina Morris disappeared – 30th August 2014.

Again his bi-wheel in relation to the 3:57am CCTV time is on the family page.

The original event:

It was 3:57am on 30th August, 2014 when Christina Morris and Enrique Arochi entered the carpark – Legacy Drive Plano, Texas.

This is an horary chart rather than a natal horoscope; converted to UT from CDT.

this page continues as information comes to hand

2 thoughts on “Asteroids – Christina Morris Case”

  1. I have three more asteroids to add. Heinrich, Christine & Malus. Christina’s natal, Heinrich 23TAU26, transited by Malus 23TAU26. Christine 22LEO09 in Enrique’s natal chart, transited by Venus 22LEO10. Christine & Jupiter both exactly 9LEO49.

    Enrique is a German variant of Heinrich # 2943. Malus # 11309 is Latin for evil, bad, injurious, destructive. Christine # 628 girl’s name.

    These three asteroids tie the three charts together. There seems to be more at work here than I understand.

  2. Thanks Marcy 🙂 I’ve tracked to an address – the significance is yet to be revealed. Basically Alma#390, Stacey#13389, Preston#3792, #6803.

    Here is the list of some of the asteroids I’ve used.

    Alma, Atropos, Auto-noma, Beagle, Carina, Christine, Collins, Concordia, Dionysus, Harvard, Heinrich, Hygiea, Malus, Myrrha, Ohio, Pandora, Phaeton, Preston, Stacey, 6803.

    There’s tension a-plenty with the asteroids in the charts of the original 3:57am event, Christina, Arochi or others. There will be more, I’m sure.


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