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  1. Thanks Mary.
    Have you ever heard of bi-location, or the story of Padre Pio turning back the bombers in Italy in WWII? (he’s on wiki but I don’t know if the story is or not)
    I’m not talking religion, what I am referring to is that the power of prayer can do amazing things.
    Thinking in terms of the number of people on that plane all conversing with their maker asking for help and their prayers are answered, not as they expect or as we expect.

    IMO, we will hear of a lot of sightings e.g. like the man who tracked the radar of the plane on a screen where MH370 disappeared off the coast of Vietnam (there’s more than a million views of that video on Youtube) and the people in the Maldives seeing the plane at dawn. They all did see and/or hear the plane – however the phenomenon IMO is what is known as bi-location.

  2. Yes, I truly believe in this concept, Misst. Many of the passengers, while accepting of their fate, probably prayed that someone would “see” them. This article is also going around the internet concerning how the events could have played out mechanically, most likely a fire of some type, that happened on take-off and they were fully aware of when they diverted the flight to look for a landing spot. http://www.wired.com/autopia/2014/03/mh370-electrical-fire/

  3. Yes, she talked to a male on the phone, then she and her male friend (whose brothers apartment she was at) supposedly went for a walk in the park across the street and the male friend says he left her there around 11:00 p.m. No one knows what happened after that.

  4. TKU. She is very gullible (Venus conj Neptune) and on that night the same configuration is in the heavens.

    When I generate a bi-wheel at 11pm, there are no indicators that Anne was attacked – indications are more of a ‘seduction’ (gullibility) rather than an abduction.

    She likely knew the person she went with (college student?) as natal Venus (peer group) is in the action.

    Forensic indicators are present in the chart with Lunar nodal axis at the MC/IC axis for 11pm. That’s her out in the public arena. As to her demise – the chart is troubling but not definitive.

    I’ve sent a request to FB page to ask Lori for her daughter’s birth time. Bi-wheel is not clear enough to call a locator angle, but given a birth time we may get lucky.
    I’ve started a page for us to work the case if you want to share… http://wp.me/P2Cfe3-2h0

  5. Tara’s last known contact Oct 22, 2005 11:00pm.. Native of Hawkinsville, Ga. Probably you already have!

  6. I posted a request for help in attaining the needed info for Tara Grinstead on her guestbook page. It looks like her stepmother frequents it and replies so maybe she or someone can provide the birth date info. I’m anxiously to read the analysis!

  7. Hi MM
    I’ve got some details for you. Shall I email with confirmation of source or just put on here the birth dates?

  8. Hi MM! If you can look I sent you a message on websleuths asking for help in an active search for a missing (possibly injured) firefighter/paramedic and his dog. Pls take a look if you have a chance. There will be a presser in an hour so you may want to wait…scheduled for 2:00 pm and it’s now 1 pm here (California, USA).

    TIA and Regards!
    twocuriouscats (W/S)

  9. PM sent via WS. That’s great news re Duke. Can’t find Mike’s birth data – not a Ca birth and not on national register that I have access to. Some media say he’s aged 34 others 38.

  10. Marcus T. Harper (16 Jul 1975)
    Larry Harper (marcus harper father and paralegal to Tom Pajadas) 01-07-1945
    Anita H Grinstead, Tara’s sister aka Anita Gattis 12/14/60
    Brother in law – Larry Gattis 11/22/51
    Heath Dykes 11-20-1969
    Anthony Vickers (born 1985 maybe)
    Bennie Merritt (neighbour)06-03-1946
    Michael Lankford (ex police officer)
    Joe Portier 06/14/1942 Wife Myrtle born 1943
    Suzanne Conner 10/30/1955 close friend and wife of taras boss Robbie Conner 9/25/1953
    Rhett Roberts 10/3/1978
    Sean Fletcher ex police officer 07-01-1966
    Maria Woods (Hulett) Tara’s Best Friend 11-18-1976
    All of these names come from the link below.
    I have been working for weeks on this info. These are correct dates,
    I can find no dob on A Vickers – not on his facebook myspace or Michael Lankford All others should be 100% accurate

  11. aah, that worked. I couldn’t post for some reason on the Novy Chardon thread.
    Would it be of any relevance that, before it’s move to the loganholme premises in 2004, Chardon’s business was located in an industrial estate in Nerang for 10 years. The address was a unit at 23 Keller Court Carrara. The surroundingn businesses are very much those involved in recycling – drums, rubbish, compacting, crushing, old car bodies. It would be more than a 6 minute return trip from where her car was located, but there are service roads that link both sides of Nerang as well as the M1

  12. Anyway you could do a chart on William Tyrell he is 3 years old. William was last seen wearing a Spiderman suit in the front yard of his grandmother’s home on Benaroon Drive in Kendall, south of Port Macquarie, on Friday, September 12.His grandmother and mother went inside the home at about 10.30am and within five minute he was gone.

  13. Thanks Ozzygirl. I’ve got the time he disappeared from a previous comment, although I think it is a little later than 10:30am. Will do a chart asap. If there is any way to get the birth time – that would be very useful. Is there a POI? If so I need their birth data.

    Thank you.

    Post on the front page 17th October 2014: William Tyrell

  14. Hi MM. I was wondering whether you have ever looked at the chart for Steven Koecher or whether you would be interested in taking a look:

    He was last seen on December 13, 2009.
    His DOB is: 11-1-1979 according to Utah’s Missing Persons Webpage (see here:http://publicsafety.utah.gov/bci/UTAHmissingpersons.html#koecher)

    Recently read about it and thought it would be an interesting case to look into.


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