Searching for Christina

The following has been generated as per astrology/celestial navigation guidelines.

  • 12th March 1990, San Luis Potosi, Mexico (date of birth Enrique Arochi)
  • 25th July 1991, CDT TX (date of birth Christina Morris)
  • 30th August 2014, Plano, TX (date of Christina’s alleged kidnapping)
  • 30th November 2015, McKinney, TX (date of upcoming trial of Enrique Arochi)

Directions to Lavon Beach Estates (suggested ‘astrological’ search area)

MAP1CMclick on all images for full size

Leaving from Plano or Allen in Collin County, if you drive around the southerly edge of Lake Lavon, via the town of Lavon and continue on Hway 78…





Heading north from Copeville on Hway 78, take the exit left into RD550 — there is a brown coloured sign “Lakeland Park” at that turnoff.





MAP2CMDrive west on 550 to Lakeland Park before the road turns north at the park.  Continue on RD550 until the red stop sign at the intersection with RD1049.

Turn left into 1049.

Continue on RD1049 until reaching Shorecrest Drive RD1053 (the house on the corner has a lattice fence or does on my version of google maps).

Turn left into 1053.

This road appears to be gravel rather than asphalt.



1053-trackDrive to the end of this road there is a fence in front of you with a pedestrian gate – you will see a vehicular track off to the left (an unofficial extension of 1053 that reconnects further west).  This may be a flood prone area as is on the edge of the lake.

Drive onto the track and follow the arrows on the next map….




satelliteTop right hand corner is where the track (above starts) By following the direction of the arrows it continues right through to reconnect.

I’ve highlighted the search areas. Conifers line RD1049 providing plenty of privacy.

What species are the conifers/pine trees growing in this area?  Likely Spruce I should think.



In search of Christina; the astrology

In classic forensic astrology, where Saturn is located in the chart of a victim is the norm for tracking a location of where a body may be found.  This is our first step with a fresh perspective here on this page.  We used 3 charts 3:57am. 4:08am and 5:32am and their locations.

saturn-locator-regionThe eastern side of Lake Lavon is the intersecting of angles.  Due to the distance from origin, they can only be accepted as a regional proximity.

These gives us the region where we need to focus our attention according to Christina’s natal horoscope.  From here we revert to the horoscope of Arochi due to the fact that Christina was likely moved after death.

 Input from ancestry

The accused, Enrique Guitierrez Arochi has interchanged the family name for himself (a cultural tradition) as Arochi, or Guitierrez and if I remember correctly, he even referred to himself as ‘Guti’ at one stage, on social media.

We know that he was born in Mexico and likely has a name with Spanish roots due to the fact that Enrique is the Spanish derivative of the German, Heinreich. (English – Henry).

‘Guitierrez’ is a little more complicated and we need to step back in time.   It is not an uncommon name in Spanish. Discussion in social media suggested Philippino, however a little history reveals that the Philippines was a Spanish colony in the 16th century, so the name travelled from Spain to the Philippines, not the other way around.

That aside, we go back to the early years of the common era 300+AD. There were many wandering tribes in Europe and among them were the Gothic tribes (Germanic and Norse) some of whom settled in Italy (where many became Christians) before they went on to invade the Iberian peninsular; Spain.

These peoples are the prominent forebears of modern Spanish Christians. I’ve skipped a lot of history in order to get to the ‘Gutierrez’ name. The last part of ‘Gutierrez’ identifies the word as being a patriarchal name ‘son of’ while the first part of the name means ‘he whom rules’.  We know that the Visigoths ruled Spain in earlier times. The etymology (origin of the word) of ‘Guti’ is ‘Goth’ aka Gothic.

The name Arochi is also Gothic with origins in Scandia (Norway). When we turn to etymology the suggestion is that the name originates from the Indo-European root name for a dwelling built from a conifer (Plant kingdom conifer; order Pinales), so when we revisit the Spanish language and Latin roots – a pine forest is known as ‘Pineda’; i.e. a place name, rather than patriarchal in origin. We now have three asteroids that comprise the Enrique Gutierrez Arochi name.

  • Heinrich#2943
  • Gotho#1049
  • Pineda#19497

The name Christina Morris is not so difficult to research for asteroids.

  • Christine #628 and Morris #3783

Regional and Crime asteroids of choice:

As for other asteroids, we even have Lavonne#1401. This could refer to Lake Lavon itself, the town of Lavon, or the surrounding district. We know that Lavon Beach Estates is on this peninsular; our focus.

We can also use the standard asteroids in crime, taken from mythology; Ixion, Tantalus, Eris, Pholus as well as Flora in our case. Plus for a wild-card, Vigdis (Norse warrior-woman).

As for interpretation of the symbolism of a snapshot in time (an incident), we have the planetary names Mercury, Venus, Mars etc as well as many asteroids; all named after Greco/Roman mythological characters. The symbolism comes from the myths/fables of each character.  This method of profiling was accepted as ‘scientific’ in the times before literacy of the masses.

The astrology text-book rule for incorporating asteroids into an enquiry of a crime, is that the asteroids must be in direct tension with another cosmic body in order to be included. The other given rule is that if the tension is not generated directly with a natal horoscope then it does not hold true. The aim is to avoid the slippery-slope of making the crime fit the astrology.

As we are not privy to the time of birth of the accused, we need to view his natal horoscope through the perspective of the timed incidents/events that we have to hand; Plano/Allen TX, August 2014 plus the trial ahead in time, November 2015.

The synchronicities/hard aspects in the search for Christina.

There is an hierarchy in interpretation – the four main angles take precedence; the horizon line of Ascendant and Descendant and the IC/MC axis determined by the physical location on the ground.

court copyStepping forward in time, to the trial date as announced, we can generate a snapshot of what the heavenly picture will look like on that date.  We have several hard aspects by quindecile aspect (obsessive behaviour) as a focus of the trial; time and place.

Note: This is the trial as an event.  We do not include any characters at this stage of interpretation.  We can expect to see quindecile aspects as the legal teams continue to press their agenda again and again.

On the horizon line we have the asteroid #1401Lavon exact the descendant  as our primary indicator PLUS…

  • Asteroid Lavon 0:17°Cancer in hard aspect by quindecile to the planet Pluto (mythological god of the Underworld; Tartarus) at 14°Capricorn.  Pluto represents the ultimate loss of power/death.
  • Asteroid Lavon 0:17°Cancer quindecile to the planet Mercury (messenger of the mythological gods) at 15°Sagittarius.  Mercury represents communication.
  • Asteroid Lavon 0:17°Cancer quindecile to the asteroid Tantalus#2102; character expelled to eternal fire by the mythological gods for his murderous deeds – at 15°Sagittarius.
  • Asteroid Gotho 1:49°Scorpio quindecile the planet Uranus 16:50°Aries – an ancestral obsession/divine wake-up call.
  • Asteroid Pineda 5:35°Libra quindecile the IC; cusp of the 4th house – obsessed with making a nest away from public eyes; in the pines/conifers.

Note there are a myriad of other indicators and their interpretation in this chart, however our focus is on searching for Christina at this stage.

From here in the future, we generate our charts; bi-wheels (method). The inner wheel is in blue text (our perspective/incident/event). The outer wheel is in red text – a snapshot of the heavenly positions on the date of birth of the accused, Enrique Arochi.

court-arochi copyIt is the above chart with the addition of Arochi’s natal horoscope; aligned to the same positions in the zodiac in order to reveal the tension.  We see quindecile aspects in-common with the above chart, as we would expect at a trial of the accused.

It is as if we expose the accused for the nature of the man.

  • Natal Jupiter (inflated by what it touches) 1:14°Cancer under direct tension by conjunction with transiting asteroid Lavonany mention of Lavon will bring a behavioural reaction in the accused; testing him…
  • Natal asteroid Heinrich quindecile transiting asteroid Lavona personal obsession likely identifies the resting place of the victim.  What is it about Lavon that holds his obsession?
  • Natal Mean apogee/BML 14:20°Scorpio conjunct transiting Flora#6 – will traces of plants be found in Arochi’s vehicle that link him to our search area?
  • Natal mid-range Moon conjunct transiting Pineda 5:35°Libra –  mention of conifers/pines also should generate an emotive reaction in the accused  PLUS
  • Natal mid-range Moon quindecile cusp of the 4th house – making a nest among the pine needles.  PLUS
  • Natal Eris#136199 (making trouble) conjunct transiting Uranus – a driving personal need to make trouble is part of this rebellious obsession.
  • Natal Gotho 6:01°opposite transiting Moon – needs of the trial are to address this asteroid’s symbolism.

Natal chart also holds a personal obsession that is NOT under tension in this bi-wheel, however is worthy of note because it involves the asteroids we are working with.

  • Natal Pineda 22:31°Cancer quindecile Gotho  6:01°Aquarius PLUS
  • Natal Pineda quindecile the natal planet Venus 6:50°Aquarius (family/female/peer group symbol)  Therefore we also have…
  • Natal Gotho conjunct natal planet Venus.

Note: There will be an unfulfilled memory of this place with the accused; either with another female in his youth, his peers, or family – i.e. one of the symbols for Venus.  A psychologist could ‘winkle’ this out of him with leverage.

We can now take a step back into the past and the incident of the accused’s phone-ping in the vicinity of his home at 5:32am 30th August 2014. It is still more than an hour and a half before sunrise. What can the asteroid positions share with us this time?

532incidentAgain note that this is an incident chart together with the asteroids of our choice revealing tension that is present.  There is no interaction with the accused in this chart, just the opportunity for criminal activity. It is when we bring in his natal chart that we see where he interacts with the tension present.

The two sets of quindecile aspects are in relation to the planet Neptune (subterfuge/cover-up) in the 7th house and Vesta at the IC (hidden space/trunk of a vehicle).

  • Neptune opposite 1st house Sun – utilising the undercover of darkness.
  • Neptune quindecile Venus – subterfuge to hide from peers, family
  • Neptune quindecile Mean apogee/BMLa gap in the cosmos for growth, or misdeed
  • Gotho conjunct Mean apogee/BML – Gothic attire is black; black of night.  PLUS
  • Neptune quindecile Gotho survival mode likely
  • Juno#3 opposite Pluto – relates to a member of the opposite sex; overpowered.
  • Ixion#28978 conjunct Pholus#5145 – second chance (possibly Plan B) will result in shooting oneself in the foot; ‘shoulda coulda’ opportunity.
  • Lavon conjunct Tantalus choice of Lavon can only lead to eternal banishment
  • Lavon-Tantalus opposite Vignis#1053 at 27:08°Taurus – our wild card joins the fray.
  • Asteroid Vesta#4 conjunct IC at the midnight position – hidden from public view (opposite MC)
  • Vesta quindecile Vignis the wild card is an opportunity for exposure
  • Vesta quindecile Pineda again we get the hint of plant matter in the trunk of a vehicle

532-EAThe natal chart for the accused confirms this plant matter with transiting Flora at 22:51°Cancer EXACT the accused’s natal asteroid Pineda 22:31°Cancer.

  • Flora-Pineda opposite natal Saturn (self-control) – a purposeful placement among the pine-trees.
  • transiting asteroid Christina conjunct Jupiter opposite natal Venus-Gothosuggestion of rape and pillage by the Visigoths. Bizarre…
  • transiting Juno 11:30° Cancer opposite natal planet Uranus – rebellious attitude/action with a member of the opposite sex PLUS
  • transiting Juno conjunct natal Vigdis 11:45°Cancer – our wild card as female form PLUS
  • transiting Juno conjunct natal Chiron#2060 – an open wound in this man’s psyche in relation to members of the opposite sex.

Note Chiron in Cancer individuals tend to feel like an outsider. They may feel unwanted, un-nurtured and unloved. As the accused has Vigdis conjunct Chiron strong women would both attract him and repel him.  He would approach such members of the opposite sex in order to keep the wound seeping; ie justify his ‘outsider ‘status.

  • Ascendant shares the cosmic Mean apogee/BML (opportunity for good/evil) and transiting Gotho conjunct natal asteroid Christina 22:09°Leo   PLUS
  • Transiting Mars 20:35°Scorpio is EXACT square Gotho 20:48°Leo AND BML 20:01°Leo –  action takes place in a secret lair.
  • Transiting asteroid Lavon 26:02°Scorpio conjunct natal Ixion-Juno 25:06°Scorpio – the Lavon area certainly holds a strong attraction for the accused.

As this area we have nominated from the intersection of locator angles on the eastern side of Lake Lavon has more roads that are identified by numbers rather than names, we draw up a list.  From these we have two with a recurring theme and one in particular…

1049-1053In the Lavon Beach Estates, RD1049 shares the asteroid number with Gotho i.e.#1049 and when we take a ‘google walk’ along this road, we note that it has many conifers on the southern side, most of which are accessible from the vehicular track behind the trees; unofficial RD1053.  This is where we find our Norse female warrior, Vigdis#1053 waiting for us.

This part of our research is certainly speculative, however it cannot be easily overlooked in the search for Christina.


3 thoughts on “Searching for Christina

  1. I read today, in a not-so-new but not-so-old article re the case (there are a shortage of them here in North Texas, which bothers me – maybe LE is holding cards close to the vest; hope there are cards to hold) that it is suspected by LE that Arochi originally left the Legacy Shops with Christina in his car, but then returned to the parking garage. No detail given of whether he met with someone else at that time, transferred her, etc. And no CCTV that I have seen proving he returned to the Parking Garage. Might have something to do with the Plan B you mention. Anyway, just wanted to be sure you had this info – I do not recall seeing it in your investigation log.


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