The Arochi trial under the stars

New trial date set for 12th 6th September 2016  – start time 9am.

Christina Morris was last seen on CCTV 3:57am on Saturday 30th August, 2014 in the company of Enrique Arochi.  He was supposedly escorting her to her vehicle after a night out with friends.  She didn’t make it to her car.

We have followed this case from the beginning and we will be there for the trial as well. Sleuthing is a commitment to justice.

District Judge Mark Rusch said he has no problem with the media reporting on the case as long as the defendant’s 6th Amendment rights aren’t trumped by anyone’s 1st Amendment rights. “I don’t need press conferences on the courthouse steps,” he said.

I know that the comment by the heavens doesn’t fit into that category, as our astrology interpretation is not accepted in a court of law.  So let’s step into the future and may the force be with us, but first for those whom are not familiar with the case here’s a bit of light reading.

Please note that astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in a court of law, we ask that those whom read this page do so with a skeptic’s hat firmly planted on their head.  The charts are maps of reality.  Please don’t confuse the map, with the territory.

12th September 2016 9am, McKinney, Texas

The basic trial opening chart for 9am 12th September 2016 (since changed), reveals no more than we would expect. The trial is impartial and is an event chart.

12Sept-trialWhat a chart such as this can identify, is the agenda of the trial.  On this date the planet Mercury will be in retrograde motion, plus in bombast with the Sun.

Note: This would identify considerable hiccups with this date; technical as well as with paperwork, I would suggest.  This can create considerable frustration;  transport difficulties etc.  Double check your bookings, folks.

  • (red) 10:30ºSagittarius; (red) Saturn; a body, is square (turquoise) Neptune; subversive event/kidnapping – 10:21ºPisces.
  • 14:59º Capricorn (red) Pluto is EXACT the IC.  Note: The IC, in horary terms, reveals the ‘end of the matter’ i.e. the outcome of the trial.
    • In Greco/Roman mythology, Pluto is the Guardian to the Underworld.  This mythological Olympian God guards the gates to the underworld (hell) at the River Styx; eternal damnation for the soul.
  • 20:42ºSagittarius; (red) Mars is square (orange) Sun/Lunar North Node=12th house cusp.  This identifies the public interest in this date; the frustration and technicalities will ensue as a result of the Mercury Rx.  Being at the cusp of the 12th brings it into the realm of the unknown; unexpected difficulties.  However there is nothing that can’t be overcome.  As with all things, time marches on.

Jury selection brought forward to 6th September 2016 – not a surprise that things change; when we consider that Mercury is in retrograde motion during this period.

Note: The venue still may still be moved, which will affect the chart minutes slightly, however we can see from the 12th September chart above – that before we even generate a fresh chart, there will be a build-up of tension, not a relief FROM the tension.  This trial will be a rough ride for any cowboy.

6Sept EAtrialAces and Eights are a dead-man’s hand in the wild west. We have Eights at every angle….  Serbian astrologers would tell you that the threat of death looms large.  Perhaps more than just the accused will experience a life-threatening situation with this start date and venue.

The overall chart has much of the action in the lower-hemisphere and in the 12th house (hidden).  This does not open Pandora’s box; much appears to be smoke and mirrors.

  • 9:11ºLibra, Venus (pink) at the ascendant and under intense pressure is indicative of problems with the jury. Firstly quindecile 23:56ºAries, Uranus – public outcry.  Then secondly, with 23:20ºChiron in the 5th house – health issues are likely during the trial.
  • 12th house 26:33ºVirgo, Mercury Rx (yellow) is quindecile 10:31ºPisces, Neptune Rx (turquoise) – Lunar South Node.  Both Neptune and South Node straddle the 5th house cusp.  Much upheaval and argument about morals and ethics I would expect; legal argument will appear to be going backwards, rather than progressing the case.
  • Neptune is square Saturn in the heavens – the appearance of martyrdom, denial and the desire to give-up is in the heavens for all of us at this time.  As the tension is from the 3rd house to the cusp of the 5th – the sense of ‘this is not getting anywhere’ will be on many lips.  Trust in the justice system will be sorely needed.
  • Arabian Part Fortune/destiny exact the 3rd house cusp 6:23ºSagittarius –  this is how the trial is destined to unfold (not the destiny for the accused).  As it is at the 3rd house cusp, the trial’s destiny will rely on keeping the communication flowing.
  • Juno 11:11ºScorpio conjunct the Moon 12:33ºScorpio will put a lot of pressure on spousal relationships – questioning whether ‘this is all worth it’.  Expect drama in this area of people’s lives as well.

Note:   Subpoena list by defense as at 23Sept2015

1 2 3 4



7th September 2:12pm ‘not guilty plea’ by Enrique Arochi

arochi-pleaFor us, the plea is the beginning of the trial ‘proper’. 2:12pm CDT.

  • The ascendant is 14°Sagittarius – Sagittarius is the element of fire, however is more related to opinion, rather than action.
  • The Sabian symbol is Pyramid and Sphinx = indicates wisdom of the ancients, however fiery opinion will resist change. Expect tamper tantrums by those who are not emotively mature (ego takes precedence to justice).  This is a case where detachment is very important.
  • The ascendant also is the midpoint for Mars/Saturn = expect things to run hot and cold (feverish) Mars is hot and Saturn cold. Could even get health issues come up by those in the courtroom.
  • The jury (Moon) is in the 12th house, so we know that EA won’t get out of jail. The cusp of the 12th is even at 22Scorpio – kill or be killed. Moon is also square AP Fortuna (destiny) so we know that the trial will get to the jury’s decision.
  • Moon continues to square asteroid Pallas – jury members at odds with inner resolve.
  • Mercury is at the MC and quindecile Neptune – damnit – that’s likely that he won’t give the victim’s location. I keep asking if EA has psychologically blocked it out? Would be nice if the court could order a hypnosis session, although I guess that’s out of the question.

8th September 2016 (Day 2 in court)

8septemberAm told that Day 2 commences at 8:30am. This gives us 3ºLibra as the ascendant; Dane Rudhyar’s  “THE DAWN OF A NEW DAY REVEALS EVERYTHING CHANGED”. I would expect that a lot of people who chose to ignore the drug situation in this case will have their eyes well and truly opened to the enormity of the situation in relation to not just Enrique Arochi and Hunter Foster, but the victim as well. Many have been in self-denial of Christina’s involvement. with her dealer boyfriend, Hunter Foster.

  • Moon (jury) will line up exactly with Saturn – needs of the times (social drugs) will be discussed during the court session.
  • Hunter Foster (victim’s boyfriend) due in court. Immunity is on the table
  • Watch the strategy used in court by the defense and prosecution (Moon-Saturn in the 3rd house). Ambitious needs to be addressed.  A request out of the ordinary.

15th September 2016 – Center for Human Identification scientists take the stand.  (DNA lab)

  • 11: 22am the DNA match with Christina Morris – trunk rim, announced.
  • 11:34am the DNA match for body fluids (not blood) of Christina Morris – trunk mat, announced

dnamatch-arochi 1134-eaThese two bi-wheels are snapshots of the heavens at these two times in McKinney, Texas.  The outer wheel in each case is the natal chart for the accused, Enrique Arochi.  The trauma for Arochi started when the vertical axis crossed his Lunar Nodal Axis 16:04ºAquarius-Leo. Likely anticipation of the evidence to follow.

It is the second time that his goose is cooked. Pluto is exact the ascendant.

Natal Mercury is quindecile by transiting Jupiter – he’s likely to have panic attacks later today when the wheel aligns.  That should bring on some medication to carry him over the trial process.


20th September 2016; 2:08pm – Jury retires to consider its verdict

jury-outWhen there is a trial in progress, we must always look to the IC first – 11ºAries. The heavenly message is certainly that one should aspire to mastery over self (11) and take responsibility for actions (Aries) Mars is at the ascendant also indicating that this is what likely followed the judge’s direction to the jury.

11ºAries is the Sabian symbol for the centralisation of power – apt I would suggest, as the jury now need to ‘centralise their power’.

  • Arabian Part Fortuna 19ºLeo (intercepted 8th house) mirrors Pallas 20ºAquarius (intercepted 2nd house)
  • Again we have Mars-Saturn straddling the ascendant suggesting health issues once more, however Mars is conjunct the ascendant indicating ‘cutting the liver’.
  • Mercury is now retrograde suggesting hiccups with technology and communication.
  • Sun (date on the calendar) quindecile Lunar South Node.

There is plenty of tension in this chart; I leave for others to interpret.

6:54pm, 21st September 2016 – Guilty verdict delivered by jury

guilty-arochiA bi-wheel with the reaction to hard aspects by Enrique Arochi reveals natal Sun-Venus straddling the ascendant.  He’s likely pretty heavily sedated, I would suggest; ‘away with the pixies’. What is interesting is that the zodiac sign of Aries reveals the first house intercepted; weakens the aftermath of the guilty verdict.  This will bring delays in sentencing most likely.

Transiting Moon mirrored transiting Saturn at the time of the announcement – a vacant 3rd-9th house natal chart response from Enrique Arochi.  I would expect he had an equally vacant expression on his face.

Natal mid-range Moon at 6:35ºLibra is in the intercepted sign within the 7th house – supports our interpretation

Transiting Lunar Nodal axis will conjunct Neptune soon enough; sentencing will likely bring tension that we will be able to interpret.

When I wind the clock forward during the sentencing phase, Wednesday afternoon will bring a strong response from EA.

10:11am, 30th September 2016 – Life sentence delivered by judge

sentencingeaPerhaps it might be easier to look for what is not under tension on this occasion.

  • Mercury in the 11th house – communication
  • Neptune in the 5th house – mystery involving a child

This suggests that the location of Christina will not be revealed at this time.


4 thoughts on “The Arochi trial under the stars”

  1. I am from Dallas and I have been following this case very closely. Yesterday 09/14 prosecution brought in an olive jar with water, oil, cinnamon and written scraps of paper. Judge denied that as evidence since no expert testimony to corroborate what it is for. Today was the DNA evidence. The DNA swabs taken from the EA’s trunk liner matches DNA found on a soda can in Christina Morris’s car AND from DNA taken from her parents.

  2. What do you think will happen next? You were spot on with all the illness. Arochi got sick after his ex-girlfriend testified. According to reporters in the court room on twitter he is on high blood pressure, allergy and anti-anxiety meds. Monday they ended court early for a jurors request the previous Friday to see a doctor. Then tonight the same juror fell ill and the judge said she looked like death warmed over according to at least 2 tweets. The reporters said another juror had to help her walk in and she could barely lift her head. If it was rhat bad I think they should have called 911. She did end up being replaced. I bet there are more illnesses than we know.

    One reported tweeted the jury went out at 2:10 pm to deliberate. That time stuck in my mind because I thought of you. Do you have any new insighta to report?

  3. They brought in one of the alternate jurors – a male to replace a female. I think that is significant in how these deliberations will change. There is not much we know about the demographics of the jury pool. That Aries and Mars action is significant to me. What I thought was also interesting yesterday was in closing statements the Defense called the judge the “Drill Sergeant.” That is a very Saturnian and Capricorn statement to me (shout out to Pluto in Cap transit maybe which by the way is coming out of Retrograde).


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