Apryl Foster

Peggy Beman knew something was wrong when she didn’t receive a “good morning” message from her daughter. Apryl Foster always talked to her mom at least every morning and evening; never missing a day. Apryl may have been in Florida, however she still kept close to her parents in Texas.  Just four days after she last heard from her daughter, Apryl’s mom stood with her husband in front of a line of television cameras at the Tampa Florida PD with a plea for help from the public.

AprylandShawnApryl had worked for more than 10 years for a resort at Fort Myers Beach, marrying Shawn Foster during that time.  Despite separating from her husband of four years in late 2014 – moving north and a fresh start, he followed at the end of December.

The both lived separate lives in Tampa and Brandon. Shawn Foster claims they remained best friends and yet he is not listed on her Facebook as a ‘friend’.   He also claims to be totally devastated by her disappearance. Police have cleared him, however we can undertake a forensic astrology enquiry given the information we need and we have it.

The birth data is available from the public record for the couple, together with video footage of Apryl setting off alone, presumably heading for her parked car, some several hours after she had finished work.  She had been socialising with friends at a couple of bars; having a few drinks after work.

Shawn had not been in her company that evening; they lived separate lives. Apryl had told her family and friends more than a month previously that she was getting a divorce. She was dating again and to all accounts, enjoying life in Tampa.

  • Event: video footage 2:20am, 12th February 2015
  • Missing person: Apryl Natalie Shakelford Foster DOB 1st March 1981
  • POI: Estranged husband Shawn Foster DOB 14 July 1977

We undertake an astrology enquiry into this disappearance without prejudice.  Please note that no astrology enquiry is acceptable in a court of law; it is a pseudo science and so a skeptical perspective is always advisable.

Generating a bi-wheel (method) firstly of the interplanetary tension plus the asteroids present in the skies, we can interpret what the heavens have to tell us from classic texts in relation to these two persons as individuals. The perspective is from the timed event as we do not have the birth times of either individual.

AprilFoster-duoApryl Foster

click on image for full size.

Natal Jupiter conjunct a Saturn retrograde does tend to give us a hint of inflated control issues in this woman’s life.  A remote. or absent father in her formative years has likely left her with a confusion in relation to male-female boundaries in relationships particularly in social situations with both planets at 8°Libra in her natal chart.

At 2:20am Apryl’s focus was on herself; note all the activity is on the left-hand-side of the chart. The transiting Sun/Moon midpoint is equidistant from her natal mid-range Moon.  That focus is about to enter the 1st house; the needs of her ego. This suggests that Apryl is not ready to go home, just yet. Something needs addressing first.

  • transiting Jupiter (green) in the inner wheel is in quindecile aspect with natal Venus (pink).  Is Apryl a hopeless romantic? This aspect is OTT and compulsive in origin. PLUS
  • tr Jupiter is close to opposition to Mercury – Apryl is wanting to communicate (3rd house) with someone to fulfill her needs to communicate, however the aspect indicates that she has been unsuccessful if she did indeed endeavour to place a call.  Did someone receive a missed call from Apryl that night?
  • tr Jupiter at 16:44°Leo is opposite natal asteroid Nemesis#128 at 16:17°Aquarius.  Did ‘her nemesis’ call her back?
  • Natal Mars is at the IC – her nemesis is at a home address?
  • tr Lunar nodal axis square Moon – Apryl’s personal needs are creating a traumatic situation in a public place.  Are we still in the street?  Why is she not indoors?
  • tr Uranus square Moon – behaviour is certainly awry; impulsively expecting needs be met. (in hindsight the autopsy reveals that she was well over the limit with alcohol in her system plus THS – she’d been smoking marijuana).
  • tr Mars square natal Neptune (turquoise) – a deception by a male is likely when we consider this aspect in FA terms, or at least intense confusion.  PLUS
  • tr Mars conjunct natal asteroid Shawn#4510 at 25:01°Pisces. Her nemesis is identified by the heavens as being Shawn.

When we turn to asteroids for clarity, we note that transiting Pholus#5145 at 25:34°Sagittarius is conjunct natal Neptune. Has Apryl ‘shot herself in the foot’ by contacting her ex-husband?  Is she regretting her actions thinking I shoulda-coulda done things differently.

That Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in her natal chart reveals its weakness if he did in fact call her back.  We’ve read that she didn’t make any calls/succeed in making any calls, but did she receive one?  The astrology indicates that she did…

ShawnFoster-duoShawn Foster

Apryl’s estranged husband has natal Vesta#4 at 22°Leo opposite his asteroid April#25714 at 22°Aquarius.  Does he keep the home fires burning in his heart for Apryl?   We know that 22 degrees is a dangerous degree in any zodiac sign and when we look at the natal chart for Shawn – this asteroid April holds the rudder of his ship.  He’s likely feeling lost without her.

  • transiting Sun (date on the calendar) is at 23°Aquarius conjunct this point and therefore asteroid April. I would suggest that they made contact in the early hours of that morning, 12th February 2015.  As to when it doesn’t fit with the astrology for 2:20am.
  • tr Descendant and cusp of the 7th house at 9°Gemini, we note his natal highlighted in pink, Venus  (the wife) is in conjunction – confirming the contact PLUS
  • Asteroid Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee is also exact 9°Gemini (his personal weakest point) I’m sure if we were to seek out the asteroid Achilles, it would also be present.

Putting the asteroids aside for a moment, we address the first chart on the LHS for Shawn Foster. This man has obsessions we must interpret. But first the focus of a midpoint – transiting Jupiter (green) and Saturn in the heavens = natal Pluto.  This identifies a tremendous perseverance; a dramatic thrust of self creating a major change of a situation.  This would suggest that an ultimatum has been building in this man’s psyche and the need to confront Apryl about the matter of their relationship.

  • tr Mercury (yellow in the inner wheel) quindecile transiting Jupiter (green) and natal Saturn.  The planet Mercury represents communication and Jupiter inflates whatever it is in contact with – this is an intense conversation. Is it face-to-face?
  • tr Sun quindecile natal Mercury (yellow in the outer wheel) in the 8th house of endings/transformation –  today is THE day we have to talk.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Pluto – this is a life significant relationship that he is unable to control; either the wife’s, or his self-control, I would suggest.
  • tr Moon (blue) quindecile natal Venus (pink) – his personal needs are an obsession with his wife.
  • tr Moon opposite natal Mars – he needs to be THE man in her life.
  • Apryl’s natal Phaeton is at 18:27°Aries. She’s not at home.

22nd February update.

Security footage of Apryl still in her vehicle entering the water at the Mango Lake boat ramp via a private access (normally padlocked) leads to her recovery; still in her submerged vehicle. The time on the surveillance video is ~3:30am, 12th February. Apart from travelling time, that’s a lot of missing time.

A resident reported that Apryl was parked outside his home for a long time before heading into the gated boat ramp. Had Apryl stopped to continue a phone call?

When we turn to the heavens, between 2:20am and 3:30am the astrology wheel, along with the planet, had rotated 15:30° and so any change in the astrology story will be in the houses.  As we are proposing that a phone conversation was possibly taking place, we need the tension to be in the 3rd house (communication) and it is.

Transiting Mars at 24:03°Pisces crosses the IC and into the 3rd house at 2:40am.  Was Apryl still en-route home when she took the call and distracted, took the wrong turn into an unfamiliar residential area?  Then when the transiting Sun crossed the cusp of the 2nd house at 2:53am, did Apryl pull over to the kerb and continue the conversation?

330-Apryl-astroWe generate a fresh chart for 3:30am at Mango Lake together with Apryl’s natal horoscope plus a selection of asteroids.The blue text are the transiting planets and asteroids, while red is Apryl’s natal horoscope.

We only really need to address the changes from the above chart at 2:20am – i.e. the angles of Ascendant and MC; the 3rd house of communication, plus the 8th house of endings.

Angle changes – personal and status:

  • Transiting Pholus 25:34°Sagittarius at the ascendant – personal ‘shoulda-coulda’ items will be on the agenda
  • Natal Neptune 24:41°Sagittarius at the ascendant – devastation and loss; not wanting to be found; stoned.
  • Mid-heaven at 7:56°Libra (public image) conjunct natal Saturn (self-control) – likely a self-judgement of her personal status. Likely questioning how she can control the situation. Losing face…

3rd House changes – communication:

  • transiting Neptune, Chiron, Venus and Mars – confusion, one crisis after another, women and men
  • Natal Sun, Mars, asteroid Shawn, Moirea and Pholus – ego, action, Shawn, fated event and personal ‘shoulda-coulda’ i.e. shooting herself in the foot. There are a multitude of regrets in this communication.  We need to turn to the 8th house for clarity.

8th House changes – endings:

This is where we see why the need for Shawn to deliver his ultimatum. The transiting Vertex appears when there is a ‘significant other’ entering someone’s life.  It is also known as Destiny’s Gate; a turning point.  The only change to the house is that transiting Jupiter is now inflating the issue of the endings of the relationship with Shawn; her husband.

When we note the transiting Vertex at 11:08° Leo is exact asteroid Shawn 11:46°Leo, we have to ask ourselves, “Has Shawn met a new significant-other, or is the transformation Apryl’s; that it really is over between them?”

  • Apryl’s natal Lunar South Node at 10:35°Aquarius is conjunct both these important points in the heavens on this date.  It is both a karmic and traumatic realisation.
  • Natal Eros#433 is also in conjunction 10:50°Aquarius.  Did Apryl realise, too late, that she still loved Shawn? 

apryl-hairbangsThis would have been obvious to an astute observer – Apryl was still wearing her hair in Princess Leia bangs.

What transpired at the end of our astrology interpretation’s suggested phone-call, is left to time and history to determine.

The autopsy report indicated double the alcohol limit for driving a car in her system, plus THS – she’d been smoking’. This was not one chirpy bird…

RIP now Apryl.




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