Antimony Belles

Toll for three wives…

We are told that Polish-born Seweryn Antonowicz Klosowski used the alias George Chapman when he arrived in English-speaking London.

Klosowski/Chapman came to our attention during the Whitechapel murder enquiry on a separate blog we created a year ago;  Jack the Ripper.

  • Familiar with a scalpel as well as a barber’s blade, Klosowski trained as a feldspar (doctor’s assistant) in Poland then worked as a barber in London.  It is also unknown as to whether he had arrived in London by the last quarter of 1888 in time to have committed the Ripper murders or not.  Following our interpretation of his astrology, we discounted him from our list of contenders.

When we check the heavens on the day Klosowski was born, Jupiter was nudging Mercury, fanning the fantastical of Neptune by square aspect. Neptune can be such an elusive planet with all things hidden.  I wouldn’t recommend that anyone buy anything that this male had to sell.

GC-duoKnowing that the Polish birth was in the a.m., we generate his natal chart at sunrise; Sun conjunct ascendant.

There is that ominous 22° that we see so often in the charts; take note. With the ascendant in Sagittarius and Gemini descendant, we are bound to witness  a barbed tongue.

The Sun Moon combination is the ‘go-getter’ and if combined with a criminal mind, then a life of crime likely started early. Highly opinionated, a damaged individual with this combination would likely attack, as a form of defense.

  • Assertive character; with the planets on the LHS of the chart, with a morning birth.
  • Jupiter (green) square Neptune (turquoise) – inflates a sense of fantasy. Note that the fantasy/hidden element is in the 3rd house (communication)
  • Mercury (yellow) square Neptune – communicating (Mercury) from the 1st house; truth and fantasy likely blur in his personality.
  • Mars (red) in the 12th house – operates from a narrow field in the mind.
  • Moon (blue) conjunct Saturn in 10th house – driving need is authoritarian; a dangerous mix in a criminal mind; needs and the grim reaper keeping company.  PLUS opposite Pluto – the power symbol.
  • Pluto in the 4th house, power/powerlessness struggle in the home. This can also refer to the home being the inner heart.  Was he afraid to love?
  • Jupiter quindecile descendant, cusp of the 7th house – an obsession with being in the public eye.  This is not a man who would settle for a reclusive life; nor one life-partner when we look into his 7th house.

If we were to include the main asteroids in this interpretation, Ceres is square Moon-Saturn suggesting a lack of nurturing in his early life and Juno square Vesta; spousal abuse was learned in the home.

Hiding behind an alias is a good way to disengage from any responsibility for one’s actions; take a step away from those frightening childhood memories. The twisted mind can abrogate responsibility for any anti-social behaviour, yet protect an image of themselves as upstanding citizens in a community.

I wonder if Klosowski’s partners who used the alias-surname Chapman, weren’t considered to be committed relationships by Klosowski and therefore dispensable.  That’s one way of de-humanising your victim.

Murderers concoct the darnest excuses for their aberrant behaviour.  They can even put up an argument as to which name the justice system should use when they are in the dock. Chapman or Klosowski, makes no difference to the heavens.

A serial killer is someone who kills a series of victims, usually with a similar modus operandi.  Jack the Ripper had a lust for dismembering females and taking trophies of body parts.  Apart from the results of a forensic astrology enquiry, we surmised that the fact all the victims were prostitutes and in their cups, was more a case of easy pickings and a quick getaway, rather than a particular type of victim.

Apart from the astrology result exonerating George Chapman in that case, his victims – the ones we know of anyway, were his female companions in life; poisoned over a period of time with the motive, as yet undetermined.

AntimonyMrs. Moffat’s Shoo-Fly Powders for Drunkenness, aka Tartar Emetic was a remedy for alcohol intoxication; supposedly to sober someone up.  George Chapman had a better use for the patent medicine; murder.

If we look at events from the perspective of Chapman as a murderer, we can view through the lens of astrology and get an idea of where the killer is coming from.  Well, as much as we can walk in a madman’s shoes anyway.  We have the data for the time of death of three victims.

Generating bi-wheels (method) we have George Chapman’s natal chart as the inner wheel and the outer wheel on each occasion is the death of one of his London Belles.

GC-1230SpinkYorkshire born, Mary Isabella Renton Spink (Isabella) was his first victim, that we know of.  He got away with that murder for five years.  Isabella’s body was exhumed and following tests, it was determined that she had been poisoned similarly to his other victims.

Although charged, Chapman never stood trial for the murder of Isabella Spink. Her manner of death and that of Bessie Taylor were included in the evidence in the trial of his third victim; contributing to the guilty verdict as Chapman stood in the dock in 1903.

  • Hemisphere analysis reveals a weight of planets on the LHS – assertive.
  • The time of death is recorded with the ascendant at 26°Aries (ASC in the outer wheel) conjunct I.C., cusp of the 4th house – regaining control of his domain, moving on.
  • Midheaven conjunct natal l Mercury in the inner wheel (yellow) – a career move.
  • 22°Sagittarius the ascendant of the bi-wheel belongs to Chapman, so for him Venus (pink) is what the death of Isabella brought him personally.  As there is no peer group in this enquiry, Venus would likely represent the coin of the realm.
  • Transiting Venus/Mars=natal Sun – conception. I have to consider that this is the conception of an idea rather than a pregnancy, as the aspect is at the ascendant – ominous and opinionated.

Despite the fact that our belle had handed over her money to this man previously, there was likely always the yours and mine struggle going on;  if not between the couple then internal power struggle –  “Your money is mine… Mine , do you hear… mine…”  

  • Transiting Mars in the 1st house conjunct natal Sun gave him freedom of action and the Sun (orange) being the date on the calendar intersects natal Jupiter on it’s way to mirror Uranus (sudden changes) on the opposite side of the bi-wheel.  Isabella’s contribution to the coffers certainly changed his situation, I would imagine.
  • This transiting Mars is also at the midpoint of Chapman’s natal Mercury/Venus – the act is an emotional statement.  That’s about as close as Klosowski can get; to being in-touch with his emotions.  The crime is not emotionally driven.
  • The planet Mercury (yellow) represents communication and being square Jupiter (green) transiting above on that day indicates an inflated confidence in his manner of communication as a result of Isabella’s death; cocky I should imagine.
  • Natal Mars in the inner wheel and in the 12th house opposite transiting Pluto – the mind holding up the mirror of his actions.  Pluto is a forensic indicator.  The perpetrator knows in his mind, that he has committed murder.

GC-event-TaylorA Cheshire belle, far from home.  Bessie Taylor didn’t get to celebrate Valentine’s Day, 1901.  She succumbed to Chapman’s brandy laced with poison before the cock crowed on 13th February.  We can hear Chapman’s mind ticking over, “It worked with Isabella; it’ll work again.”

Lucky?  You betcha – Jupiter transit Jupiter and in the 1st house.

  • The grim reaper; Saturn, is quindecile Neptune (turquoise) at the descendant, keeping a murderous secret.
  • Uranus opposite Pluto, transiting in the heavens; madness and power struggles. Bessie gave up her struggle to survive the madness of her chosen partner.
  • Transiting Moon/Uranus = Chapman’s natal Mars – self aggrandisement.
  • Natal Mars is also in quindecile aspect with the transiting South Node – karmic connection indicated.  If past life connection is your thing, then this aspect suggests that these pair have been down this road before, perhaps in different roles.
  • ­The same transiting Lunar nodal axis is quindecile natal Pluto – obsession with power creates trauma.

Third time wasn’t lucky for George Chapman.  Jupiter had continued on its orbit around the Sun to generate tension, square the natal conjunction Moon-Saturn; his Achilles heel.  The Moon – an individual’s driving need plus Saturn – the ultimate authority of life over death; the grim reaper.

This is yet another example of those two forensic indicators – Saturn and Pluto; authority and power.  A murderer seeks both authority and power, however which side of the coin falls, depends on the heavens.  On this occasion the hangman’s noose was to snatch back both, as Chapman departed through the trap-door.

GC-1230MarshJust nineteen, Maud Marsh was to meet her end, believing that she was the wife of George Chapman; another sham. It was her death however, that brought justice for the murders of Isabella and Bessie. The angles in the bi-wheel, tell the story.

  • Transiting midheaven, the MC is conjunct natal Moon-Saturn – the internal ‘grim reaper’ has reached his zenith.
  • Lunar South Node at the natal IC, identifying Chapman’s karmic event.
  • Sun/Mercury=MC.  This midpoint heralds the peak of a career – awareness of the ego.
  • This transiting Mercury is also quindecile natal Neptune (turquoise) in the inner wheel – heightening the communication of intrigue; subterfuge.

Note: Neptune can also be a signifier for drugs.

  • Transiting Venus conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis.  Venus on this occasion is more likely to indicate the feminine, as the event is traumatic.
  • Transit Jupiter (green) square the Moon-Saturn – inflating the driving need to kill.
  • Power ranges overhead to quindecile natal Venus – this compulsive need to overpower the feminine; a likely frustration/rage from early childhood.
  • Transit Moon (blue) holding her silver mirror to the natal Mercury communicator reveals Chapman’s evil deeds.



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