This page is for astrology charts that need to remain anonymous; ID withheld for various reasons.  It remains work in progress…

Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in a court of law.  We generate charts from information provided to us and do not accept responsibility for their accuracy.

The charts are generated by the use of software technology and all interpretation is classic astrology;  all of which is on the public record for those whom wish to check. How the fabric of the space-time continuum is bent, is unique to this astrologer’s knowledge and experience.

As is our usual method, the inner wheel is an event and the outer wheel a natal chart. (method)  Click on charts for full sized images.

The first chart “X” is a person of interest to the public.  He has a peer group connection to the victim in the Heather Elvis case – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


341-XThis particular bi-wheel is from the perspective of 3:41am on 18th December 2013; the last confirmed use of Heather Elvis’ phone. The outer chart is a snapshot in time of a birth. This person is a member of Heather Elvis’ social group, however he is not a member of the Caison or Moorer families, that I know of.

We can only generate charts revealing tension at a particular time in space.  I’m sure that this is a person of interest to friends and family who wish to look-out for their daughters and so we continue with an enquiry.

criminal record“X” has a criminal record.  This is an image (cropped for anonymity) of one report from the public record, I am led to believe that there are others.

  • A quick look at his natal chart (the outer wheel) we can see Sun-Moon conjunct (on this occasion in the 10th house).  In FA terms that indicates that the Sun outshines the Moon – ego dominates over emotions.  This is the sort of man whom would say that if a woman was wearing a skimpy outfit, she is asking for it.  It pains me to write that, however such neanderthals exist, unfortunately.
  • He also has natal Saturn retrograde conjunct Uranus (in the 2nd house) – potentially dangerous behaviour if his self-worth is challenged.  We question as to whether his upbringing was violent?

Directing our attention to the bi-wheel, immediately we have natal Pluto at the ascendant.  Power/powerlessness of this individual is at the door. Does this male have an interest in physical interaction in relation to power – ie wrestling perhaps?

Note: To possibly commit a murder, puts a perpetrator on both sides of this coin.  He is powerless to his weakness and uses power to overpower his victim. 

  • Transit Sun (orange) is the date on the calendar; conjunct the natal struggle of Saturn-Uranus indicates rebellious behaviour.  For someone who is unemotional, I call it; rage.
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Neptune – subterfuge, removing someone against their will is possibly on the agenda here.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) in the inner wheel square natal Jupiter – Jupiter inflates what it touches and it is in the 7th house of public relationships.  Is he scheming with someone else?
  • Transiting Uranus (sudden changes) square natal Neptune – when we interpret this from a forensic perspective, as if the person is a suspect of criminal activity, then plans are already afoot and when we see that:
  • Transit Uranus conjunct natal Mars in the 5th – action is not far away.
  • Transit Moon (our Heather identifier for this case) is coloured blue in the inner wheel and conjunct natal Venus (pink) for this person “X”.  Venus often represents a peer group and so I would suggest that this has been used as part of the subterfuge (see next interpretation).
  • Transit Moon is also exact opposite natal Neptune – subterfuge.  This is likely the fantasy this male is emoting, plus:
  • Moon is square Mars in the heavens accentuating that peer group tension.  Is this male endeavouring to lean on other members of the group to give him an alibi?

When we consider the leading midpoints in this bi-wheel, the first one is where we have this POI “X” – natal Mercury/Pluto=transiting Mars.  That’s taking persuasive action – to you and I; taking advantage of a situation.

The second midpoint is natal Mars/Jupiter=Lunar south node. Excessive force is used in a traumatic situation, with the support of others.  This suggests that POI “X” is not operating alone wherever he is. 

So whatever this neanderthal, ‘X’ was up to and whether he was in Myrtle Beach or not at the time, we can suggest that whatever he was doing wasn’t for ‘the good of humanity’.  


As this is a case currently under investigation, this person will not be identified. Their chart and interpretation is included in the public’s interest.

POI “A” Time of birth not known – natal Moon is therefore mid-range.  Note that this chart is timed for reaction to an event that they are not directly involved in.  The event is the arrest of a third party.

850-ANatal chart reveals the character’s dominance/their voice: Natal Sun (orange) conjunct Mercury (yellow) in the outer chart.  Both planets are in Taurus – a very strong mix; the result is much interest in material matters plus a lot of ego invested in voicing their social position within the extended family.

At the time of this event, their interest is focused in the 1st house/themselves (how they will be seen by the public as a result of this event).

  • Transit Pluto (power symbol) quindecile natal Uranus in 3rd house (communication) – obsessively following media as an effort of ego recognition.
  • Transit Pluto square natal Neptune (turquoise) – turns to drugs/alcohol; depression likely.
  • Transit Mercury (yellow) conjunct natal Moon – reaching out; needing emotive support
  • Transit Moon (blue) square natal Moon – emotional neediness to the max
  • Transit Uranus (12th house) quindecile karmic point; Lunar South Node – family matters brought forward into this life.
  • Midpoint transiting Mars/Node = natal Node – drawing the family knot tighter


As this is a case currently under investigation, this person will not be identified. Their charts and interpretation are included in the public’s interest

POI “B”  Time of birth not known and so mid-range Moon is used.  The first bi-wheel is timed for reaction to the arrest of a third party and the second chart is the date of said crime.

duo-BNote that the first bi-wheel has one and only one, hard aspect.  Natal Sun is at the ascendant.  They (and their ego) are in the picture, however as a convicted felon we would expect them to remain aloof from any emotive reaction to this particular event.

The second bi-wheel is another story altogether as they did not have the opportunity to steel themselves from an emotive response. Uranus in Gemini is exact the descendant. Lies and alibis, in the light of the natal Moon.

  • Transit Sun (orange)/Mercury (yellow) = natal South Node – been down this road before; Déjà vu…  Another family member perhaps?
  • Transit Uranus in the 4th house quindecile natal Jupiter (green) – this is too close to home for his liking.
  • Transit Moon (blue) square natal Neptune (turquoise) – is our Moonchild indicating subterfuge?
  • Transit Jupiter (green) conjunct natal Saturn – likely closing of ranks.

With the majority of action on the right-hand side of the chart we can suggest that POI “B” was supporting others, rather than in the action.


As this is a case currently under investigation, this person will not be identified. Their chart and interpretation is included in the public’s interest.

POI “C”  Time of birth not known – natal Moon is therefore mid-range.  Note that this chart is timed for reaction to the arrest of a third party known to this person.

850-CNatal Sun-Mercury conjunction and square to Saturn.  This person has a lot of trouble with self-control in relation to mouthing-off. There’s no on-off button. The Sun-Mercury communication conjunction is in Capricorn (Saturn’s realm). How’s his knee joints?

  • Transit Uranus quindecile natal Lunar node (similar to POI “A” and yet a very different birth year – are they related?) – family matters brought forward into this life.
  • Midpoint transiting Mars/Node = natal Node – combined efforts/closing ranks.
  • Transit Mercury (yellow) conjunct natal Mars (red) – verbal input
  • Transit Mercury quindecile natal Jupiter (green) – this doesn’t surprise us, considering the Sun-Mercury in the natal chart.  Big mouth; big man.
  • Transit Neptune (turquoise) opposite natal Jupiter – fantasizing big time.


27June-MoorerfamilySuggested:  9:30am 27th June 2014 court appearance – extended family of SM.   Highly emotive charts, so I’d suggest that SM will be in court.

LM: Am not privy to this man’s character, although I’d suggest that he’s big on family. Likely highly emotive/soft/reclusive.  Sun in Sag and Moon in Cancer: Because of the nature of Sun and Moon polarity, it is likely that emotional extremes or a tendency toward sensationalism can be a problem for LM. He’ll retreat into his ‘crab-shell’.

Note all the action in the chart leading to the natal Moon (blue) in 11th house (love received) He’s needing support, feeling under attack.

  • Tr Lunar South Node in 9th quindecile natal Neptune – obsessive/compulsive breakdown in relationship; l(karmic content)  Has he lost faith in God?
  • Trans Pluto in 5th opposite natal mid-range Moon – powerless to do anything for his son/shattered emotionally
  • Tr Saturn in 4th conjunct natal Jupiter-Venus – sobering, likely embarrassed for the public disgrace of family name.
  • Tr Mars in 3rd square natal Moon – verbalising emotions
  • Tr Uranus square natal Moon – likely communing with a higher power/spiritual content.
  • Tr Mercury in 11th opposite natal Mars – making plans (?to attend court/make a statement)
  • Tr Sun-Moon conjunct natal mid-range Moon – more of that highly emotive state.

TM: Very different from his father, TM does have one aspect of his character that is of interest to us, as we seek out weak links.  Mercury (yellow) conjunct Jupiter (green) plus in Sag = highly opinionated character.  Perhaps he is the reason SM was so keen to get away from family; sibling rivalry may have been fierce.  (note to check their synastry at some stage)

  • Tr Sun-Moon (date on the calendar) quindecile natal Mercury and Jupiter in 5th – he’s going to be shouting his opinion from the rooftops.  Will it be in defense of his brother?
  • Tr Sun-Moon square natal Mars – agitation, upsetting relationships
  • Tr Venus in 10th opposite natal Neptune – that’s delusion in any language.  He’s in denial.
  • Tr Pluto conjunct natal Sun (orange) in 5th – ego rendered powerless; likely to lead to change in family dynamics.

6 thoughts on “Anonymous”

  1. Puzzled, as you have probably realised, the FA method relies heavily on emotional reaction by a victim and/or a perpetrator.

    Amber’s case and her chart lack ‘an astrological story’ apart from the fact that she died and a possible motive. The window of opportunity (2:30-4:30pm) is too wide to generate a reliable event time to work with and without any suspect, I’m stymied.

    Nevertheless, I have made a habit to check every POI in Heather’s case against the date that Amber was murdered. Even if I were to get a strong reaction that still doesn’t tie anyone to the murder of Amber. The most I could do, would be to suggest that this person or that person be checked for there whereabouts on that date.

    I don’t have enough in the chart of ‘X’ on 3rd May 2013 to point the finger in his direction, however I betcha LE have checked.

  2. So Mountain Misst, I got a question for you. What would happen if all, well most of your times given were off by say hours? Poss one or more of these “Poi” or even some from your other page? Would that change things a little? A lot? Not at all? Was just curious with your readings, well astrology readings all together not just yours I mean. Thank you.

  3. Sure Puzzled. I’ll endeavour to explain without too fine a brush….

    The Earth revolves every 24 hours which explains why an astrology wheel covers the time period that it does; it turns full circle every day.

    There are 12 zodiac signs, so roughly every couple of hours every planet moves through a new zodiac sign of experience (the amount of time in each sign also depends on where in the world you are situated). The planets don’t move through new zodiac signs every two hours, the Earth’s revolution does (our perspective). That revolution gives us a whole new area of symbolic activity for each of the planets (and their unique meanings) every couple of hours.

    But of course it doesn’t stop there, the planets are all in different degrees within their own zodiac sign and so they change at differing times within that 2 hour period – an unfolding process. So in answer to your question – YES it depends on how much time difference as to how different things get. I’ll add at this point – thank goodness for computer software for generating charts, or I’d go nuts.

    When it comes to locator angles i.e. where I endeavour to locate someone, then I usually have my angle already fixed due to planetary positions that I fix in time – i.e. a time given to me that is reliable with the facts in a case. (I can’t answer how I do that in a comment here). So when I turn the clock backwards or forwards in the computer software, the angle doesn’t change it is the wheel that changes.

    E.g. in Heather’s case, if I knew the precise location where that phone pinged from at 6am (the precise time) and that it was Heather who was using the phone, then yes I could provide a locator angle for where she would likely be found. If I don’t have accurate information, I can only give a general direction of where to look and as you will have now noted, the time difference is crucial.

    That’s why you haven’t seen me come up with a map and location of where Heather might be found. If she died around 3:41am and she was at PTL at the time, then her body is local to the scene of PTL. Other than that, I am not prepared to speculate without factual information.

  4. This is a heads up for Heather Elvis followers – Moorer family charts are here to read. I’ll not put them on the main page until we get confirmation of the hearing time and date 27th June 2014.


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